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					                           GIRLS YOUTH BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (GYBA)
                                     2011 League Registration

Player Information (please print):

First Name: __________________ Family (Last) Name: ____________________

JIS Student? _____ School (if not JIS): _________________________________

Grade: (as per Sept 2011) _____ Date of Birth (Month/Year): _________________

Height: ________ (cm)        Years of Basketball Team Experience: _______________

Self evaluation on basketball skills (optional):   (Beginner) 1 2 3 4 5 (Expert)

Contact Information:

Mother’s Name: ____________________ Mother’s Hand Phone:______________

Father’s Name: ____________________ Father’s Hand Phone: ______________

Home Phone: __________________________________

Email 1 (primary contact): ______________________________________________

Email 2 (if applicable): _________________________________________________

Parent Volunteers:

I am willing to help as:

Coach _______          Assistant Coach ________         Practice Supervisor ________

Team Organizer _______            Referee _________     Scorer/Timer _____________

Day(s) you cannot practice: __________________________________________

I hereby release and hold harmless the Girls Youth Basketball Association (GYBA), its officials, coaches,
and other associates, and JIS from any claims that may result from my child participating in any GYBA

Signed (Parent or Guardian) _____________________________ Date __________


____ Rp. 600,000
                                 Jakarta International School
                                    Youth Sports Council
                                               Code of Conduct
As the governing body of leagues affiliated with community youth sport at Jakarta International School, the
Youth Sports Council aspires to six core principles associated with sportsmanship: trustworthiness, respect,
responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship. We believe these principles are essential to the
successful operation of our sports leagues. They work to establish enjoyment, camaraderie and safety by and
for all members of our community and help create the best possible recreational environment for our children.
This Code of Conduct is essentially an agreement that the signatory pledges to abide by and uphold the Code of
Conduct as described in this document.

As a parent or spectator of children participating in Jakarta Community Youth Sports, I agree to:
    1. Act as a positive role model, encouraging good sportsmanship at all times.
    2. Demonstrate respect and courtesy when interacting with coaches, officials, parents and children.
    3. Work to become familiar with game rules and policies of the sports league.
    4. Control my emotions and verbal comments and refrain from criticism of coaches, officials, parents or players,
        limiting my participation to viewing and applauding good play.
    5. Actively contribute to a safe playing environment by offering praise or shaking hands and refraining from
        touching any coach, official, parent or player in a threatening or harmful manner.
    6. Endeavor to make sport a positive experience for my child by offering assistance whenever I can, and by focusing
        on fun, effort and skill development without undue pressure or ridicule.
    7. Discuss any concerns I have in private with the appropriate person and in a courteous and respectful manner.

As a player, I agree to:
    1. Respect the authority of all officials and coaches and therefore abide by and respect their decisions and judgments
        at all times, without dissent, open profanity or emotional outbursts
    2. Respect and play by the rules of the game and demonstrate fairness at all times.
    3. Participate in a safe and considerate manner by displaying good sportsmanship and not abusing, pushing, hitting
        or threatening a teammate, another player, official, coach or parent.

As a coach, I agree to:
    1. Respect and honor the decisions of officials and demonstrate understanding and support for their role in any
    2. Encourage all my players in a fair and sincere manner and refrain from yelling negative comments from the
    3. Offer equal opportunities for my players to experience success, develop their skills, and experience a sense of
        belonging within my team.
    4. Model respect, support and collegiality with other coaches and strive to maintain focus on positive experiences for
        children rather than over-emphasis on winning.

By signing this document, I agree to abide by and uphold the above stated ‘Code of Conduct’ and understand
that by violating this code either by action or neglect, I may be subject to intervention and possible disciplinary
action from the Youth Sports Council or School Board.

Parent signature: ____________ Player signature: ______________ Coach signature: __________

Date: _____________