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Date: 2001/07/05
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Now anyone can fly
Comair Limited today (5 July, 2001) launched a new, no frills domestic
airline, kulula.com, that will service the Johannesburg / Cape Town route
from only R400 one way, bringing affordable, easy air travel to South
Announcing the venture, Comair Limited managing director, Piet van Hoven,
said kulula.com would target a new market of air travellers looking for
simple and affordable - yet reliable - air travel.
"We have done our homework and are confident that our new venture will grow
the existing air travel market," said van Hoven. "We are targeting a new
client base, one that is interested in the ease and affordability of air
travel so they can make those trips that they previously could not afford,
for example, flying home during university vacations or perhaps visiting a
"In some parts of the world, namely Europe and Australia, no frills airlines
have been successful in growing the domestic airline industry by up to 30%.
We are starting out with three return flights every weekday and will expand
in time to accommodate our customers," added van Hoven.
The new airline will be run by Comair Limited, which has a proven 55-year
track record in the South African domestic airline industry. With its
emphasis on safety, affordability and simplicity, kulula.com has focused on
providing a service where `anyone can fly' - from a simple on-line booking
system to very low fares and comfortable but basic onboard facilities.
There will be no free food, no Business Class, no preseating, no frequent
flyer facility and no refunds on cancellations or flight changes once a
booking is made. However, kulula.com will offer easy travel; consumers
will find it easy to afford, easy to book and ultimately, easy to fly.
Revealing the new name and logo, Stuart Cochrane, who will head up
kulula.com said: "Everything about kulula.com is fresh, young, new and
exciting. The on-line booking system - developed by Aqua Online - allows
passengers to book and confirm online immediately, in a few simple steps.
The logo, advertising campaign, uniforms, livery and identity are simple,
functional, modern and fun - mirroring the philosophy behind the idea that
kulula.com really is doing things differently.
"Even the boarding system has been simplified, and passengers who book
online will simply present their ID when checking in. In short, we have
streamlined the basic process in order to provide our customers with an easy
flying experience," said Cochrane.
`kulula' is Zulu for `easy', which is the key focus of kulula.com. "The
whole concept of kulula.com is a departure from the norm in South Africa's
airline industry," says Gidon Novick, marketing manager for Comair Limited.
"To reinforce the fun, easy aspects of the new airline, we have opted for a
young, modern look and feel throughout our marketing campaign. In order to
create the ideal image, we felt it appropriate to appoint M&C Saatchi, a new
creative advertising agency, to come up with the name, logo and identity of
the brand.
"The result is a campaign that truly embodies the idea of `anyone can fly'
and brings in elements of ordinary people becoming superheroes who can fly,"
he concludes.
The launch of kulula.com will have no material impact on Comair's earnings
in the short term.
Booking for kulula.com opens Monday, 9 July for flights commencing on
Wednesday 1st August. Go to www.kulula.com, or call 0861-K-U-L-U-L-A
(585852), or book through your travel agent.
Prepared by Meropa Communications on behalf of Comair Limited
Contact: Kim Bennett      784-1008 / 082 460 3655
Date: 05/07/2001 07:38:44 AM Produced by the SENS Department