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					              Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
    Preamble to Constitution of the People’s Republic of China

                                    Rosanne Wilson

                            Comparison & Contrast Chart
                            Civics/Government: Middle School
                                    (adaptable to high school)

This Spring 2002 East Asia Institute for teachers was a catalyst for this project. One
particular class presentation of Columbia University’s Asia for Educators offered many
possibilities for class units including a glimpse of the Chinese Preamble. During class
discussions concerning varied topics, several teachers suggested ways to use materials
with political/government units. The glimpse of the Preamble and class discussion
suggested a possible dovetailing with my current curriculum.

                                    Goals and Objectives
•    Introduce students to a “real” government in today’s world different from their own

•    Compare/contrast basic ideals of 2 different governments-China and the U.S.

•    Identify characteristics of both Preambles

•    Analyze both Preambles in order to draw information from them

•    Reorganize information drawn from Preambles into chart form

•    Draw conclusions based upon information from charts

                     Kansas Curriculum Standards Addressed
Civics-Government Standard: The student uses a working knowledge and
                            understanding of governmental systems of the U.S. and
                            other nations with an emphasis on the U.S.
                            Constitution, the necessity for the rule of law, the civic
                            values of the American Constitutional government, and
                            the rights, privileges, and responsibilities to become
                            active participants in the democratic process.

                                 Benchmarks 3,5

                                                                         Rosanne Wilson, Pg. 1
                                       Time Allotted
1-2 class periods for actual presentation of Preambles and creating chart with

Variable amounts of previous class periods for presentations about basic
government/civics terms that would lay a foundation for work with Preambles

                                   Resources Needed
•   Copies of both Preambles

•   Graphic Organizer worksheet setting up a list of characteristics to compare/contrast
    the two Preambles

•   Access to Columbia website for China Teaching Workbook: Government & Politics
    in order to consult Chinese perspectives about government/human rights, etc.

•   Encyclopedia of the Second World by George Thomas Kurian & John J. Karch

Meaning of democracy, human rights, and democratic dictatorship from the Chinese

Following terms:     Nationalities              socialist society           semi-colonial
                     Communism                  Communist Party             semi-feudal
                     Imperialism                feudalism                   culture
                     Bureaucratic capitalism    economic development

Lay the groundwork for the students’s understanding of what government is, the need
for it, the existence of more than one type of government, the development of our
democracy, the concept of individual rights, and the needs for rights.

Present Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, discuss parts of it, and brainstorm how the
parts of it work within our society.

Discuss/explain some or all of the vocabulary and concepts listed above.

Explain the students’s task of comparing/contrasting the Preambles and drawing a

Read/introduce the Chinese Preamble with vocabulary/concepts as needed.

                                                                        Rosanne Wilson, Pg. 2
Do the compare/contrast chart. With group discussion, point out characteristics of both
Preambles and finally lead students to draw their individual conclusion based on

A teacher assessment of the activity can be done during the students’ oral responses
throughout the exercise.

Assessment of individual student work can be done by evaluating the amount of chart
completion and quality of chart completion as well as conclusion(s).

                                Extension and/or Enrichment
This activity could easily be followed by a comparison/contrast activitiy including
development of timelines of Mao and George Washington. Both men were part of a
revolution bringing about the present governments. Both were strong, capable leaders
who left living legacies. Both have had impacts upon the present governments.

                                                                       Rosanne Wilson, Pg. 3