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Bobcat Basketball

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Bobcat Basketball
  Wanna be                                              Come visit
                                                        and find out
                                                        why more
                                                                     Student Success Services (a federally funded TRiO program).
                                                                        Our state-of-the-art library offers many resources for students
                                                                     as well as a computer lab and wireless laptops. We have several

  a Bobcat?
                                                        students are computer labs located throughout campus for student use,
                                                        choosing to  including one Macintosh lab used primarily for our graphic design
                                                        be a Bobcat! program.
                                                        The college
                                                        is small but Campus Clubs & Organizations
                             mighty with 13 bachelor’s degrees with     PSC has more than 40 campus clubs and organizations,
                             39 options, 22 teaching endorsements, including academic groups, honor societies, special interest
                             14 minors, 19 pre-professional          organizations, music organizations (Concert Band, Concert Choir,
                             programs. PSC also offers 9 bachelor’s Jazz Band, Pep Band, Misty Blues Show Choir, Madrigal Singers),
                             degrees and 2 master’s degrees          intramural sports and religious groups.
                                          entirely online.
                                          Academics                     PSC is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate
                                             PSC has many            Athletics (NAIA) Division II and the Midlands Collegiate Athletics
                                           services available for    Conference (MCAC). We have varsity football, basketball and
                                           students through our      baseball for men, and volleyball, basketball, softball, golf, cross-
                                           Academic Resource         country and cheerleading for women.
                                           Center (ARC). We             Recreational facilities include the newly renovated Al Wheeler
                                            offer free tutoring      Activity Center with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, three
                                            in all subject areas,    basketball courts, a fully-            2007-2008 Enrollment – 2,307
                                            mentoring, academic      equipped weight room, intramural Average Class Size – Under 20
                                             advising, transition    field and sports equipment             Faculty/Student Ratio – 1:20
                                             services, career        checkout. We also have a fitness
                                             services, academic      facility equipped with exercise equipment in the Student Center,
                                             testing, learning       as well as a game room for students to relax and hang out with
                                              accommodations and     friends.

                          For details about setting up a campus visit, please call the Office of Admissions at 800-742-4412
                          or schedule a visit online at www.peru.edu/admissions.
                                                                                 ^ - denotes programs that are         BA - Bachelor of Arts
Programs and Majors at Peru State                                                  also available online
                                                                                 BS - Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                                       BAS - Bachelor of Applied Science
                                                                                                                       Undergraduate Programs / Majors

School of Arts & Sciences             Biology (7-12)                 Pre-Osteopathic Medicine                 Basic Business Subject
Art - BS/BA                           Biological Science             Pre-Optometry                            Endorsement
  Art (K-12)                          Chemistry (7-12)               Pre-Physician Assistant                  Computer & Management
  Fine Arts                           Natural Science                Pre-Pharmacology                         Information Systems ^
  Graphic Design                      Natural Science (7-12)         Pre-Podiatric Medicine                   Marketing ^
  (Minor) Art                         Physical Science (7-12)        Pre-Physical Therapy                   (minor) Business Administration ^
  (Minor) Graphic Design              Nuclear Technology             Pre-Radiation Science Technology        Business Administration - B.A.S.
English - BS/BA                       Wildlife Ecology               Pre-Respiratory Therapy
                                                                                                              Management ^
  English                             (Minor) Biology                Pre-Veterinary Medicine                      *A degree completion program
  English (7-12)                      (Minor) Chemistry              School of Education                         for those with technical associate
  Language Arts                     Social Science - BS/BA           Education - B.S.                            (AAS) degrees or the equivalent in
  Language Arts (7-12)                History                          Early Childhood                           academic credits and life experience.
  (Minor) Speech/Drama                History (7-12)                   Elementary                           Criminal Justice - B.S.
  Liberal Arts - BA                   Social Science                   Middle Grades                          Administration ^
  Liberal Arts                        Social Science (7-12)            Secondary & K-12                       Counseling ^
  Mathematics - BS/BA                 (Minor) History                  Elementary Special Education
                                                                                                              (minor) Criminal Justice ^
  Mathematics (7-12)                  (Minor) Political Science        Secondary Special Education
                                                                                                              Psychology - B.S.
  Mathematics                         (Minor) Social Science           Preschool Disabilities
                                                                                                               Psychology ^
  (Minor) Mathematics               Pre-Professional Programs        Physical Education - BS/BA
Music BS/BA                         Pre-Dental Hygiene                 Physical Education (K-6)               (minor) Psychology ^
  Community Music &                 Pre-Dentistry                      Physical Education (7-12)            Graduate Programs / Majors
  Private Studio                    Pre-Engineering                    Physical Education (K-12)            Master of Science in Education -
  Music Marketing                   Pre-Forestry                       Athletic Coaching Endorsement        Curriculum and Instruction
  Music Performance                 Pre-Law                            Sports Management                      Cohort Online Program
  Vocal Music (K-6)                 Pre-Medicine                     School of Professional Studies           Online Program ^
  Vocal/Instrumental Music (K-12)   Pre-Medical Technology           Business Administration - B.S.         Master of Science in Organizational
  (Minor) Music                     Pre-Mortuary                       Human Performance and                Management
Natural Science - BS/BA -           Pre-Natural Resources              Systems Management ^                    Entrepreneurial and Economic
  Biochemical Science               Pre-Nursing                        Accounting ^                            Development ^
Contents                                                                  Bobcat Facts
Pg 2 .................... Athletic Schedule                               Location - Peru, Nebraska
Pg 3 .................... Media Outlets                                   Founded -1867
Pg 3 .................... About Peru State                                Enrollment - 2,100
Pg 4 .................... Facilities                                      Mascot - Bobcats
Pg 5 .................... Messages from Peru State                        Basketball Arena - Al Wheeler Activity Center (AWAC)
Pg 6 .................... Athletic Hall of Fame                           Capacity, 2,200 / Surface, Wood
Pg 7 .................... Bert Swenson Award                              Basketball Conference - Midlands Collegiate Athletics Conference (MCAC)
Pg 8 .................... Cheerleading                                    Affiliation - NAIA II
Pg 9 .................... Women’s Basketball                              Athletic Department Phone- (402) 872-2350
Pg 10........................ Coaches                                     Sports Information Phone - (402) 872-2344
Pg 11........................ Preview & Roster                            Athletic Department Fax- (402) 872-2302
Pg 12........................ Player Profiles
Pg 14........................ Records

                                                                          Athletic Staff
Pg 17 .................. Men’s Basketball
Pg 18........................ Coaches
Pg 19........................ Preview
Pg 20........................ Roster
Pg 21........................ Player Profiles
Pg 24 ........................ Records

                                                                             Stan          Ellie Kunkel
                                                                           Carpenter       Director of
                                                                           President         Athletics
Compiled by:
        Troy Katen, Sports Information Director
Graphic Design/Layout:
        Rebecca Johnson,
        Chelsea Allgood, Kellen Sailors
                                                                          Terry Clark     Jason Cronin     Maurtice Ivy    Troy Katen
        PEC Sports (team and individuals),                                 Football         Baseball        Women’s          Men’s
        Rebecca Johnson, Troy Katen                                                                        Basketball      Basketball
Cover Art:                                                                                                   & Golf           & SID
        Rebecca Johnson

        600 Hoyt Street • P.O. Box 10
        Peru, NE 68421-0010                                                 Mark          Johann Murray       Lexie       Jari Wehmeier
        1-800-742-4412 • www.peru.edu                                      Mathews           Women’s         Turnbull          Head
                                                                           Women’s         Cross Country    Women’s        Cheerleading
                                                                           Softball                         Volleyball         Coach

Peru State College is an equal opportunity institution. PSC does
not discriminate against any student, employee or applicant on
the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or
age in employment and education opportunities, including but not
limited to admission decisions. The College has designated an
individual to coordinate the College’s nondiscrimination efforts to
comply with regulations implementing Title VI, VII, IX and Section        Brent Melvin     Vickie Melvin     Angela       Judy Grotrian
504. Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies and practices         Head Athletic      Assistant       Allgood        Academic
may be directed to Eulanda Cade, Director of Human Resources,                Trainer          Athletic       Athletic        Advisor
Title VI, VII, IX Compliance Coordinator, Peru State College, PO Box                          Trainer       Secretary
10, Peru, NE 68421-0010, (402) 872-2230.

2008/09 Winter Sports Schedules
Women’s Basketball
Date     Opponent                     Location         Time              Jan 5     Kansas Wesleyan          Salina, KS         6:00 p.m.
Nov 1    Valley City State Univ.      Peru, NE         1:00 p.m.         Jan 8     Park University          Peru, NE           6:00 p.m.
Nov 4    Kansas Wesleyan              Peru, NE         5:00 p.m.         Jan 10    Johnson & Wales          Peru, NE           2:00 p.m.
Nov 7    Grandview Tournament         Des Moines, IA   7:30 p.m.         Jan 13    College of St. Mary      Peru, NE           5:30 p.m.
Nov 8    Grandview Tournament         Des Moines, IA   TBA               Jan 16    York College             York, NE           5:30 p.m.
Nov 12   Southwestern College         Peru, NE         6:00 p.m.         Jan 23    Haskell Indian Nations   Peru, NE           5:30 p.m.
Nov 19   Midland College              Fremont, NE      7:30 p.m.         Jan 24    Central Christian
Nov 22   Dana College                 Peru, NE         2:00 p.m.                   College                  Peru, NE           3:00 p.m.
Nov 25   Bethel College               Peru, NE         6:00 p.m.         Jan 30    College of the Ozarks    Pt. Lookout, MO    5:30 p.m.
Nov 29   Tabor College                Peru, NE         2:00 p.m.         Jan 31    OK Wesleyan Univ.        Bartlesville, OK   3:00 p.m.
Dec 2    Nebraska Christian           Peru, NE         5:00 p.m.         Feb 6     College of the Ozarks    Peru, NE           5:30 p.m.
Dec 9    Benedictine                  Peru, NE         6:00 p.m.         Feb 7     OK Wesleyan Univ.        Peru, NE           3:00 p.m.
Dec 12   Dakota Wesleyan              Mitchell, SD     7:00 p.m.         Feb 13    Haskell Indian Nations   Lawrence, KS       5:30 p.m.
Dec 13   Dakota State                 Madison, SD      4:00 p.m.         Feb 14    Central Christian
Dec 18   William Penn                 Oskaloosa, IA    3:00 p.m.                   College                  McPherson, KS      3:00 p.m.
Dec 29   OK Baptist Univ.             Shawnee, OK      2:00 p.m.         Feb 17    College of St. Mary      Omaha, NE          5:30 p.m.
                                                                         Feb 20    York College             Peru, NE           5:30 p.m.
                                                                         Feb 27    MCAC Tournament          TBA                TBA
                                                                         Feb 28    MCAC Tournament          TBA                TBA

Men’s Basketball
Date     Opponent                     Location         Time               Jan 3    Johnson and Wales         Denver, CO         3:00 p.m.
Oct 31   Jamestown College            Peru, NE         7:00 p.m.          Jan 4    Regis Univ.*              Denver, CO         2:00 p.m.
Nov 1    Valley City State Univ.      Peru, NE         3:00 p.m.          Jan 8    Dana College              Peru, NE           8:00 p.m.
Nov 4    Hastings College             Hastings, NE     7:30 p.m.          Jan 13   Bellevue Univ.            Peru, NE           7:30 p.m.
Nov 7    PSC-Classic                  Peru, NE                            Jan 16   York College              York, NE           7:30 p.m.
         Briar Cliff                                   5:00 p.m.          Jan 20   Park Univ.                Peru, NE           7:00 p.m.
         Park Univ. vs. Doane                          3:00 p.m.          Jan 23   Haskell Univ.             Peru, NE           7:30 p.m.
Nov 8    PSC-Classic                  Peru, NE                            Jan 24   Central Christian         Peru, NE           5:00 p.m.
         Doane College                                 7:00 p.m.          Jan 30   College of the Ozarks     Pt. Lookout, MO    7:30 p.m.
         Park Univ. vs. Briar Cliff                    5:00 p.m.          Jan 31   Oklahoma Wesleyan         Bartlesville, OK   5:00 p.m.
Nov 11   Dana College                 Blair, NE        7:00 p.m.          Feb 6    College of the Ozarks     Peru, NE           7:30 p.m.
Nov 14   Tabor College                Tabor, KS        7:30 p.m.          Feb 7    Oklahoma Wesleyan         Peru, NE           5:00 p.m.
Nov 15   Sterling College             Sterling, KS     7:00 p.m.          Feb 9    Park University           Parkville, MO      7:00 p.m.
Nov 18   N.W. Missouri State*         Maryville, MO    7:00 p.m.          Feb 13   Haskell University        Lawrence, KS       7:30 p.m.
Nov 21   Dakota State                 Peru, NE         7:00 p.m.          Feb 14   Central Christian
Nov 25   Avila Univ.                  KS City, KS      7:00 p.m.                   College                   McPherson, KS      5:00 p.m.
Nov 28   S. Dakota Tech Classic       Rapid City, SD                      Feb 17 Bellevue University         Bellevue, NE       7:30 p.m.
         South Dakota Tech                             5:00 p.m.          Feb 20 York College                Peru, NE           7:30 p.m.
Nov 29   S. Dakota Tech Classic       Rapid City, SD                      Feb 27 MCAC Tournament             TBA                TBA
         Black Hills State Univ.                       5:00 p.m.          Feb 28 MCAC Tournament             TBA                TBA
Dec 2    Nebraska Christian           Peru, NE         7:30 p.m.         *Exhibition Game
Dec 13   Dakota State Univ.           Madison, SD      6:00 p.m.

 Media Outlets
 Associated Press                   Fall City Journal                        KTNC-AM                           Nebraska City
 Tim Korte                          Jason Schock                             Sports Director                   News Press
 Suite 104                          PO Box 128                               PO Box 589                        Kirt Manion
 909 N 96th Street                  Falls City, NE 68355                     Fall City, NE 68355               PO Box 746
 Omaha, NE 68114                    (402) 245-2431                           (402) 245-2353                    Nebraska City, NE 68410

 Nemaha County Herald               KLZA-FM                                  Syracuse Journal Democrat         Omaha World Herald
 Darrell Wellman                    John Nixon                               David Swanson                     Marjie Ducey
 830 Central Ave.                   PO Box 101                               PO Box O                          World Herald Square
 Auburn, NE 68305                   Falls City, NE 68355                     Syracuse, NE 68446                Omaha, NE 68102
 (402) 274-3185                     (402) 245-6010                           (402) 742-7662                    (402) 444-1000

 Beatrice Daily Sun                 KNCY-AM &FM                              Lincoln Journal Star              KWBE-AM
 Jane White                         PO Box 278                               Mark Derowitsch                   Jay Stalder
 PO Box 847                         Nebraska City, NE 68410                  PO Box 81609                      PO Box 10
 Beatrice, NE 68310                 (402) 873-3348                           Lincoln, NE 68501                 Beatrice, NE 68310
 (402-) 223-5233                                                             (402) 473-7431                    (402) 228-5923

About Peru State
An Introduction to Peru State College History
                                                Peru State                    In 1867, the same year Nebraska became a state, the new
                                             College was                  Legislature established a training school for teachers at Peru.
                                             founded in 1867              The school opened on Dec. 2, 1865, when its predecessor,
                                             as Nebraska’s                Mount Vernon College, was organized by a group of early
                                             first college and            settlers who resolved to place the school under the “care and
                                             was the third                management of the Methodist Episcopal Church.”
                                             teacher education                Colonel T.J. Majors, Civil War veteran and state legislator,
                                             institution                  proposed that the school be made into a state university.
                                             established west of          Although the offer was rejected on June 20, 1867, the
                                             the Missouri River.          Legislature accepted the college as a “normal school” several
                                             For 141 years,               months before the state university was established. For the
                                             thousands of young           next 38 years, the Peru school was the only teacher education
people have crossed the “Campus of a Thousand Oaks” to                    institution in the state.
become teachers and leaders in Nebraska and throughout the                    As Nebraska’s population increased, the Legislature
nation.                                                                   extended normal schools from two-year to four-year institutions
   Peru State College admits all graduates of accredited                  and authorized them to grant the degrees of Bachelor of Arts
Nebraska High Schools and qualified out-of-state and                      in education, Bachelor of Science in education and Bachelor
international students. The philosophy of the College is that             of Fine Arts in education. At the same time, the name of
everyone is entitled to the opportunity to succeed at the                 the school was changed from State Normal School to State
collegiate level. All who have the ability and the willingness to         Teachers College. When the United States entered World War
work will have the chance to succeed at Peru State.                       II, the College trained officers for the armed forces. The first
   The College believes in academic excellence, opportunities             of an eventual 500 men in the Navy’s V-12 program arrived on
for personal growth and student self-determination consistent             campus July 1, 1943. The College operated an accelerated
with the principles of a democratic society. Administrative               program for both civilian students and naval trainees.
intent is to involve students in decisions that affect them. The              In 1963, the school’s name was officially changed to
College’s educational structure is designed to enable students            Peru State College, and the Bachelor of Science degree
to learn, equip themselves for meaningful careers, and have               was authorized in 1965. Emerging from its role as a single-
the opportunity to know their instructors and be working                  purpose teachers college, the College is now a fully accredited
partners with staff and other students. Living and working                state college offering a wide variety of programs to meet the
with others offers boundless opportunities for friendship,                changing needs of southeast Nebraska and beyond.
growth and personal development.
   The College faculty and staff are here to serve our students.
We welcome the opportunity to assist everyone in realizing
their personal, educational and career objectives.

    Facilities at Peru State

                                                                            Al Wheeler Activity Center
                                                                              The Al Wheeler Activity Center (AWAC) is a hub for
                                                                            athletics, recreation, academics, and student life on
                                                                            the Peru State College campus. The six million dollar
                                                                            renovation of the AWAC was completed in August
                                                                            2008 and has generated excitement for the campus
                                                                              In addition to athletic competitions, the facility
                                                                                         houses athletic offices, the campus health
                                                                                         clinic, offers intramurals, and provides
                                                                                         opportunities for open recreation in the
                                                                                         state-of-the-art weight room and Olympic
                                                                                         size pool. In addition it is utilized for
                                                                                         academic classes and other campus

Academic Resource Center (ARC)
   The Academic Resource Center, or ARC, is a central location where
PSC students can find free workshops, tutoring, testing services,
career services, academic guidance, campus information, leadership
opportunities and disability accommodations. With its lounge area,
tutoring lab, computer lab, open study tables, quiet study rooms
and direct access to the library, the ARC is the perfect place to study
between classes. The ARC facilities and dedicated staff members are
great resources for enriching your academic experience.
   Transition and Career Services in the ARC offer a wealth of career-
related resources and services for PSC students. Whether seeking
a life direction, guidance for adjusting to college life, specific career
information, application/interview skill development, internship
opportunities or employment, all students can benefit from Transition
Services in the ARC.
   Student Assessment and Support offers a wide range of academic
support services and includes opportunity for membership in Student
Success Services, a federally funded TRIO program. Whether seeking
guidance, assistance, or learning communities, students will find
relevant services through the Student Assessment and Support
programs in the ARC.

Web site: http://www.peru.edu/arc/
Phone: (402) 872 - 2425
E-mail: arc@oakmail.peru.edu

Messages from Peru State
Message from the President
                     Dear Bobcat Fans,
                        At Peru State College, education is about more than just books, classes and
                     studying. It involves a journey of personal growth that students begin the first day they
                     set foot on campus and continues until they cross the stage to accept their diploma.
                     Perhaps the greatest development a student experiences during that journey is that of
                     personal character.
                        Peru State College subscribes to the NAIA Champions of Character Program,
                     which creates an environment in which every NAIA student-athlete, coach, official
                     and spectator is committed to the true spirit of competition through respect, integrity,
                     responsibility, servant leadership and sportsmanship. That means Bobcat athletes
                     are scholars who contribute to the betterment of their college, community, charitable
                     causes and their fellow students.
                        Yes, winning games is important. But the most important aspect of Bobcat
                     athletics is our commitment to the enrichment and growth of our students.
                        I know you join me in looking forward to a winning year for all of our Bobcat teams.
                     Go Bobcats!

                     Stan Carpenter,

Message from the Director of Athletics
                     Welcome to a brand new season of Bobcat Basketball! This year, we are
                  celebrating a new era at Peru State College. With the newly renovated Al Wheeler
                  Activities Center and a new vision for PSC athletics, we are excited about our
                  future! Through advanced education and skill development, our mission is to
                  prepare PSC Student Athletes to excel, both academically and athletically, while
                  exemplifying effective leadership traits in the PSC Community as they work as a
                  cohesive group to compete at the highest level. We invite you to come along with
                  us as we travel down this new and exciting path toward excellence!

                  Ellie Kunkel,
                  Director of Athletics

Al Wheeler • Athletic Hall of Fame                                                           Peru State College
                        When the Al Wheeler Activity
                     Center was dedicated in 1986, so
                                                                                            Athletic Hall of Fame
                     was the Peru State College Athletic                      Name                          Years at PSC           Year Inducted
                     “Hall of Fame.” The purpose of                           Roosevelt Brown               1977-80                1995
                     the Hall of Fame is to recognize,                        Walter “Blitze” Buettengach   1922-25                1987
                                                                              Ken Clark                     1951-55                1999
                     honor and preserve the memory of                         Burdette “Bo” Cowel           1930-34                1988
                     those individuals and teams whose                        Phyllis Davidson              1927-59                1988
                     contributions have greatly enhanced                      Dr. Wayne Davidson            1985-94                2004
                     Nebraska’s first college.                                Ned Eckman                    1952-53                2002
                                                                              Elaine Banks Ferin            1987-89                2000
                        The Hall of Fame gallery resides                      Rex Floyd                     1938-41                1992
                     in the lobby of the Wheeler Center,                      Louis “Lou” Fritz             1962-66                2001
named after the first inductee into the Hall of Fame, Alfred                  Kristi (Olberding) George     1986-90                1998
G. Wheeler. A candidate can be nominated in one of four                       Douglas “Hoot” Gibson         1955-58                2000
                                                                              Lon Graf                      1922-29                1987
categories: coach, player, team or meritorious service.                       Lora White Gulley             1990-94                2007
   Nominations are welcome and can be submitted by                            Mick Haney                    1980-81                2004
writing the PSC Hall of Fame, c/o Alumni Office, Peru State                   Homer Hatcher                 1929-33                1991
College, Peru NE 68421. For additional information, call                      Alvin Holder                  1978-81                1993
                                                                              Jerry Joy                     1975-83                1999
(402) 872-2225.                                                               Chet Korber                   1929-32                1992
                                                                              Tim Hendricks                 1964-68                2007
                                                                              Paul “Swede” Hertz            1925-29                1987
The Bobcats                                                                   Newt Kyle                     1947-52                1986
            Peru State athletic teams did not have a mascot                   Joe Krejci                    1925-29                1987
                                                                              Pat Krzycki                   1985-88                2001
             until 1921. It was then that “Baldy” Wilcox,                     Robert “Bob” Lade             1950-54                1988
              the sports editor of the school’s newspaper                     Melvin Larsen                 1942-43                2007
                 the Pedagogian, and Dean W.N. Delzell                        Earnest L. “Dutch” Lorbeer    1928-36                1994
                  decided the pseudo-nickname given to                        Jim Mather                    1938-40                1989
                                                                              Ollie Mayfield                Meritorious Service    1998
                   Peru’s teams, “The Teachers,” just didn’t                  Jack McIntire                 1956-73                1986
                   fit. Wilcox wanted something a little more                 Omer Meeker                   1947-51                1986
                intimidating for the school.                                  Darrell Mudra                 1947-48                1989
                After a great deal of thought, it came to him                 Mike Mulvaney                 1968-71                1995
                                                                              Dr. James Pilkington          1962-69                1995
           one night: “Fight like a Bobcat.” Wilcox proposed                  Harley Rector                 1951-52                2002
the mascot to the athletes, who immediately agreed, and                       Arlene “A.B.” Ritchie          Meritorious Service   1987
the Peru State College Bobcats were born.                                     Wayne Riggs                   1933-37                1988
    On October 27, 1927, Peru received a live bobcat.                         Erin O”Grady Sayer            1987-90                2002
                                                                              Danny Shouse                  1977-79                1998
According to the Pedagogian, Peru State was the first team                    Connie Viner-Blank            1984-89                1999
in the conference to actually have a live mascot. The animal                  Jack Weyers                   1966-70                1990
was a gift from George Hansen, class of 1912. He offered                      Alfred G. Wheeler             1938-65                1986
the bobcat to Dean Delzell who accepted the gift on behalf                    Whip Wilson                   1977-80                1993
                                                                              Wilbert “Dutch” Zora          1924-28                1987
of the school.
    “Bob” the Bobcat lived in a cage south of the Peru State                  Teams (Record)                                       Year Inducted
                                                                              1927 Football (8-0)                                  1994
Auditorium until his death in 1938. He was then preserved
                                                                              1938-39 Men’s Basketball (20-6)                      1989
and has resided in the student center for years.                              1940 Football (7-0-2)                                1990
                                                                              1943-45 Navy V5/V12 Teams                            1999
* Information from “The Normal on the Hill” by Ernest Longfellow.             1948-49 Men’s Basketball (20-3)                      1991
                                                                              1952 Football (10-0)                                 1987
* The current Bobcat logo evolved in 2004 and was designed by PSC Art         1953 Football (8-0)                                  1996
  Professor Randy Waln.                                                       1965 Cross Country (#3 in national poll)             1990
                                                                              1980 Football                                        2002
                                                                              1988 Women’s Basketball                              2001
                                                                              1990 Football (12-0-1) NAIA II Nat’l Champs          2000
                                                                              1991Football (7-4)                                   2004
                                                                              1992-93 Men’s Basketball (27-?)                      2007

Bert Swenson Award
The Bert Swenson Award was first presented in 1925. Winners are selected on the basis of character, personality,
scholarship, loyalty to school traditions and participation in athletics. In the beginning, candidates were required to have
lettered in two different sports. In later years, when sports became more specialized, the award was presented to the
outstanding male and female athletes of the year.

1925    Mark W. Delzell                      1960    Charles Francis                      1990    Kaylee Michalski
1926    Earl L. Craig                        1961    Richard Gerber                       1991    Dianne Pokorny Daro
1927    Glenn H. Frary                               Darin Garfield                       1992    Beverly Wedding
1928    Arthur D. Bell                       1962    Bob Gibson                           1993    Steven Gaines
1929    James Delzell                        1963    Ronald F. Kelley                     1994    Tamir Anderson Riley
                                                     Monte Scott                          1995    Alex Malcom
1930    Helmut F. Brockman                   1964    Roger Noel                           1996    Nick Maher
1931    Earl Hurst                           1965    William Witty                        1997    Kerry Brandt Evens
1932    Bernard Galloway                             Steve Winton                         1998    Jamie Stinson
1933    Roscoe Tolly                         1966    Jack Rinne                           1999    Kendra Jacobsen Craven
1934    Robert Pate                          1967    Ray Dean Cain
1935    Robert J. Punches                            Tim Clemenger                        2000    DeeAnn Richardson
1936    Lowell Lewis                         1968    Bruce Vickery                        2001    Tonya Volk
1937    Wayne Riggs                          1969    John Creamer                         2002    Janelle Findlay Kippelmeyer
1938    Dean McCormick                                                                    2003    Sara Craven
1939    Lester Mosley                        1970    Mike Mulvaney                        2004    Anna Tennal
                                             1971    Jack Weyers                          2005    Sarah Jones
1940    Leonard Greathouse                   1972    James L. Desbien                             Chris Lindner
1941    Jack McIntire                        1973    John H. Winke                        2006    Karla Harpenau
1942    Robert L. Henderson                  1974    Barry W. Reed                                Rusty Fuller
1943    Luther Hutton                        1975    David McDaniel                       2007    Tabitha Foster
1944    Wendell Handley                      1976    no award                                     Joel Molina
1945    Patrick O. Rooney                    1977    John Whisler                         2008    Leisha Tennal
1946    Rex W. Floyd                         1978    no award                                     Jesse Haynes
1947    James Mather                         1979    Bob Hruby
1948    Wayne Linder
1949    Allen G. Powers                      1980    no award
                                             1981    Bill Bruhn
1950    Lyle Meier                           1982    Alvin Holder
1951    Omar Meeker                          1983    Glevon Covault Stephenson
1952    Dean Thiesfeld                       1984    Doug Barlow
1953    Sharon Ocker                         1985    Linda Shepard
1954    Robert Lade                          1986    Patrick Mertens
1955    Ned Eckman                           1987    Sue Schroeder Violes
1956    Richard Adams                        1988    Mike Yates
1957    Delbert Stoltenberg                  1989    Brad Smith
        Celeste Nolte Jones
1958    Ray Ehlers
1959    Gary Adams
        Brendan Rayburn

2008-09 Bobcat Cheer Squad
                  Jari Wehmeier is a 2007 graduate of Peru                             Glenda Haley begins her fourth
                State College. Wehmeier, a native of Hampton,                       season with the Bobcat cheer squad.
                works on campus in the Office of Admissions                         Glenda is no stranger on the Peru State
                as an admissions representative. This year will                     campus as she also works with Creative
                be Jari’s first season as coach for the Bobcat                      Dining Services, a position she has held
                Cheerleaders. She was also a member of the                          for the past seven years.
Jari Wehmeier                                                       Glenda Haley
 Cheerleading   squad during her college career. Wehmeier                              Haley, a native of Texas, resides in
     Coach      resides in Johnson, Neb.                                            Peru with her husband, Mike. They have
                                                                    Cheer Coach
                                                                                    a son, Pat, who lives in Arkansas.

Meet the Squad
            Samantha Meyer                                  Becca Holmes                               Janer Vaher
            Captain                                         Freshman                                   Senior
            Junior                                          Woodbine, IA                               Denver, CO
            Fairbury, NE                                    Pre Radiation Science                      Psychology

            Lisa White                                      Jessica Clifton                            Kendra Kratz
            Junior                                          Sophomore                                  Sophomore
            Plattsmouth, NE                                 Auburn, NE                                 Auburn, NE
            Elementary Education                            Pre-Nursing                                Sports Management

            Katelyn Bock                                    Kimberly Sohm                              Becky Colling
            Freshman                                        Freshman                                   Freshman
            Waverly, NE                                     Omaha, NE                                  Omaha, NE
            Elementary Education                            Elementary Education                       Business

            Ashley Goodrich
            Waverly, NE
            Elementary Education

Women’s Bobcat Basketball 2008

2008 Peru State Lady Bobcats

 Head Coach Maurtice Ivy
                      Maurtice Ivy enters her second season            1980s. She was a three-time All Big Eight first team selection
                   at the helm for the Peru State College Lady         while at Nebraska, and was also named as the Big Eight
                   Bobcats. Coming off a testing first season,         “Player of the Year” for Nebraska in 1988 while leading the
                   Ivy is ready to start building the foundation       team to the conference championship.
                   for the Lady Bobcats Women’s Basketball                Ivy was a two-time Kodak second-team All-American for
                   Program.                                            the Huskers and later went on to play professionally in the
          Before coming to Peru, Ivy spent three years as an           Women’s Basketball Association for five seasons. She was a
assistant coach at the University of Nebraska - Omaha where            two-time MVP in the league. Ivy also led her Hoop It Up 3-on-3
they compiled three successful winning seasons.                        team to four national championships. Ivy was inducted into
   A prep standout at Omaha Central (1980-84), Ivy was a 1st           the Nebraska High School Hall of Fame in 1998, the Nebraska
team All-Metro selection for four years and was the state’s            Black Sports Hall of Fame in 2006, the Omaha Public Schools
scoring leader for three years. She starred on two state               Athletic Hall of Fame in 2006, and recently her Omaha Central
championship teams while at Central before she went on to              High School Team (50-0) was inducted into the Nebraska High
a prolific career at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Ivy         School Sports Hall of Fame.
was the first player to score 2,000 points during her career              Ivy earned her bachelor’s degree in communications
at Nebraska. She reached that total, appropriately enough,             from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and completed her
at the Bob Devaney Sports Center on “Maurtice Ivy Night’’ in           master’s degree in physical education at the University of
February of 1988. Ivy led the Huskers to the best record in            Nebraska - Omaha.
school history and the Husker’s first NCAA tournament bid in              Ivy is looking to start a new tradition at Peru State College —
1988. Ivy, whose career point total reached 2,131, was named           “The New Peru.”
to the Big Eight’s all-decade women’s basketball team for the

Bobcat Assistant Coaches
Assistant Coach - Dana Long
                  Coach Long begins his first season of coaching at Peru State with the Women’s Basketball Program. Coach
               Long comes to the Bobcats from Pensacola, FL where he spent the last 3 years in military services. During that
               time Coach Long coached three seasons for the Navy Select Team where he was nominated as JRNBA coach of
               the year. Coach Long received his degree in Business Administration-Management from Peru State College during
               his tour in the military.
                  During his tenure at Peru, Coach Long played Football & Basketball for the Bobcats. A graduate from
Plattsmouth High School in Plattsmouth, NE, Coach Long was a three-sport athlete. Coach Ivy said, “Coach Long is a going to be
a great addition to this program and I look forward to working with him on our journey to change this program around”.

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator - Travis Houck
                  Travis begins his Junior year at Peru State College where he is majoring in Sports Management, and currently
               carries a 3.6 grade point average. Prior to coming to Peru, Travis spent one year at Midland Lutheran College
               where he interned as a personal trainer under Pat Pilege. The Peru Women’s Basketball team is benefiting a
               great deal from Travis’ experience. Travis continued his internship as the strength and conditioning student
               trainer for the PSC’s women’s basketball team this summer. Travis’s duties were to oversee the strength and
               conditioning of the players, which he will continue throughout this school year. His future goals are to become a
personal trainer and some day open a gym of his own. Travis will be taking classes this summer to obtain his certification as a
personal trainer.
  A native of Omaha, Travis attended Millard North High School. Travis is the son of Greg and Theresa Houck.

Team Manager - Brad Hegemann
                 Bradley comes to the Women’s Basketball program as a Sophomore at Peru State College majoring in History
               with a minor in Social Science, Political Science, and English. A Howell, NE native, Brad brings experience from
               Howell Public Schools where he was the student manager for the Boy’s Basketball Team, gaining experience in
               record keeping and video filming games.
                 Brad comes to the women’s team with energy and motivation which will be a great fit for our program.

                                                              - 10 -
Season Preview
  The 2008 – 2009 women’s basketball season looks to be a fun and exciting one for the Lady Bobcats. The Peru State
women’s basketball team will consist of some familiar faces and a lot of new ones. Some familiar faces include Alyssa Mangum,
Emma Pedro, Brianna Triplett and P.J. Miller. An indicator of how much this team has changed this season, Alyssa played post
last season and is a perimeter player this season.

   With only four players returning from last year and only three of them with experience, the new players, consisting of three
transfer students and three freshmen, will be counted on to mature early. The young Bobcats team will have a little more size
and athleticism as well as individuals that play with intensity. In addition, there will be several players that can handle multiple
positions on the floor. The freshmen and sophomores will need to mature and adjust to the college game rapidly in order for the
Lady Bobcats to have success early in the season.

  Coach Ivy only sees opportunity when she looks at this year’s team. “We have the ability to accomplish so much this year, but
we have to lace up every game and be ready to play forty minutes of basketball.”

   The Lady Bobcats’ youthfulness and up-tempo game will be fun to watch. The coaching staff is counting on hard work,
dedication, and discipline daily from this team to succeed throughout the season. If the team buys into the system and learns
to play together, then the young Lady Bobcats team will have a very successful season on the floor and in the classroom.

  Coach Ivy and Coach Long want to see the AWAC packed with fans every home game. The coaches know that the way this
occurs is to play a hard-nosed, high-energy type of basketball that is fun to play and enjoyable to watch. Positivity, dedication,
discipline, defense, and hard work are what this team will live, eat, and breathe during the 2008-2009 season. What you see
over this season and the next few years will hopefully be history in the making—that of the “New Peru.”

Numeric Roster
Number        Name                        Position    Height    Year     Hometown
30            P.J. Miller                 G           5’9       SO       Omaha, NE
32            Emma Pedro                  F           5’9       JR       Keaukaha, HI
42            Alyssa Magnum               G           5’9       JR       Nebraska City, NE
3             Brianna Triplett            F           5’10      SO       Wahoo, NE
23            Courtney Janecek            F           6’0       FR       Omaha, NE
0             Monique McDuffie            C           5’11      FR       Dunn, NC
20            LaNora Washington           PG          5’7       JR       Apple Valley, CA
13            Britnie Garcia              G           5’8       FR       Lincoln, NE
10            Keiyana Arnold              G           5’7       SO       Canton, MI
4             Avyn Vaden                  G           5’8       SO       Brighton, CO
12            Candace Simmons             F           5’10      FR       Sargent, NE

                                                                - 11 -
                                               Brianna Triplett
 Position C                         Position F
   Height 5’11                        Height 5’10
     Year FR                            Year SO
Hometown Dunn, NC                  Hometown Wahoo, NE

             Avyn Vaden                        Keiyana Arnold
                 #4                                 #10

  PositionG                         Position PG
   Height 5’8                         Height 5’7
     Year SO                            Year SO
Hometown Brighton, CO              Hometown Canton, MI

                                               Britnie Garcia
 Position P                         Position G
   Height 5’10                        Height 5’8
     Year FR                            Year FR
Hometown Sargent, NE               Hometown Lincoln, NE

                          - 12 -
               LaNora                               Courtney
              Washington                            Janecek
                 #20                                  #23
  PositionP/SG                         Position F
   Height 5’7                            Height 6’0
     Year JR                               Year FR
Hometown Apple Valley, CA             Hometown Omaha, NE

               P.J. Miller                        Emma Pedro
                  #30                                #32

  PositionG                            Position F
   Height 5’9                            Height 5’9
     Year SO                               Year JR
Hometown Omaha, NE                    Hometown Keaukaha, HI

             Alyssa Magnum

   Height 5’9
     Year JR
Hometown Nebraska City, NE

                             - 13 -
Bobcat Career                                              All-Time Season Records -
Coaching Records                                           Women’s Basketball
Coach             Year           Record    %               Year      Record   Coach
Bonnie Rutz       1967-68        1-4       .250            1967-68   1-4      Bonnie Rutz
Don Dougherty     1968-70        13-4      .764            1968-69   4-4      Don Dougherty
Robert McLucas    1970-71        3-6       .333            1969-70   9-0      Don Dougherty
Stephen Miller    1971-72        2-4       .333            1970-71   3-6      Robert McLucas
Erv Pitts         1972-73        5-4       .555            1971-72   2-4      Stephen Miller
Mary Jo Mier      1973-74        6-8       .428            1972-73   5-4      Erv Pitt
Doug McElroy      1974-75        5-10      .333            1973-74   6-8      Mary Jo Mier
Marlene Joy       1975-78        32-35     .477            1974-75   5-10     Doug McElroy
Roger Thiemann    1978-79        4-14      .222            1975-76   11-10    Marlene Joy
Marta Crume       1979-81        3-38      .073            1976-77   10-12    Marlene Joy
Kathy O’Connor    1981-83        10-37     .212            1977-78   11-11    Marlene Joy
James Libal       1983-85        23-35     .396            1978-79   4-14     Roger Thiemann
Wayne Davidson    1985-94        163-101   .617            1979-80   1-21     Marta Crume
Tara Kreklau      1994-99        80-69     .537            1980-81   2-17     Marta Crume
Tab Jefferson     1999-03        62-59     .512            1981-82   4-17     Kathy O’Connor
Dennis Prichard   2003-06        18-74     .196            1982-83   6-20     Kathy O’Connor
Kevin Dobbs       2006-07        9-20      .310            1983-84   19-10    James Libal
Maurtice Ivy      2007-Present   8-22      .266            1984-85   4-25     James Libal
18 Coaches        41 years       447-544   .451            1985-86   7-20     Wayne Davidson
                                                           1986-87   16-10    Wayne Davidson
                                                           1987-88   23-7     Wayne Davidson
                                                           1988-89   23-9     Wayne Davidson
                                                           1989-90   20-9     Wayne Davidson
                                                           1990-91   15-16    Wayne Davidson
                                                           1991-92   19-12    Wayne Davidson
                                                           1992-93   21-10    Wayne Davidson
                                                           1993-94   21-10    Wayne Davidson
                                                           1994-95   20-12    Tara Kreklau
                                                           1995-96   8-19     Tara Kreklau
                                                           1996-97   13-16    Tara Kreklau
                                                           1997-98   20-12    Tara Kreklau
                                                           1998-99   19-10    Tara Kreklau
                                                           1999-00   21-9     Tab Jefferson
                                                           2000-01   20-10    Tab Jefferson
                                                           2001-02   11-20    Tab Jefferson
                                                           2002-03   10-20    Tab Jefferson
                                                           2003-04   6-25     Dennis Prichard
                                                           2004-05   7-25     Dennis Prichard
                                                           2005-06   5-24     Dennis Prichard
                                                           2006-07   9-20     Kevin Dobbs
                                                           2007-08   8-21     Maurtice Ivy

                                                  - 14 -
Women’s Basketball Records
TEAM SINGLE SEASON RECORDS           3-Point Field Goals Attempted            Free Throws Made
Winning Percentage                   50 vs. York College, 1999-00             20       Connie Viner vs.
1.000 1969-70, (9-0)                 Total Rebounds                                    Wayne State          1985-86
Points Scored                        70 vs. York College, 1999-00             Free Throws Attempted
2,520 1993-94                        Points for both teams                    22       Connie Viner vs.
Total Field Goals Made               180, PSC 104, Concordia 76                        Wayne State          1985-86
1,005 1993-94                        180, PSC 120, Westmar 60                 Total Rebounds
Total Field Goals Attempted          Biggest Margin of victory                26       Pattie Collins vs.
2,098 1993-94                        88 vs. Missouri Baptis, 1993-94                   Chadron State        1975-76
Total Field Goal Percentage          (115-27)                                 Total Assists
47.9% 1993-94                        Points in One Overtime Period            13       Denise Cave vs.
3-Point Field Goals Made             15 vs. Lincoln (MO), 1991-92                      Chadron State        1986-87
196      2005-06                     Overtime Periods                         13       Denise Cave vs.
3-Point Field Goal Attempted         2 vs. Briar Cliff (IA), 1999-00                   Dordt (IA)           1987-88
607      2005-06                                                              Total Steals
3-Point Field Goal Percentage        INDIVIDuAL SINGLE SEASON RECORDS         13       Cheryl Reineke vs.
38.1% 1988-89                        Total Points Scored                               Concordia (NE)       1995-96
Free Throws Made                     667      Linda Shepard    1985-86        Total Blocks
483      2007-08                     Scoring Average                          7        Tonya Volk vs.
Free Throws Attempted                23.8     Linda Shepard    1984-85                 Bethel (KS)          1999-00
724      1987-88                     Total Field Goals Scored
Free Throw Percentage                295      Linda Shepard    1984-85        INDIVIDuAL CAREER RECORDS
67.8% 2007-08                        Total Field Goals Attempted              Total Points Scored
Total Rebounds                       654      Linda Shepard    1984-85        1,905 Linda Shepard        1982-83
1,387 1993-94                        Total Field Goal Percentage              Field Goals Made
Rebound Average                      (min. 2 att./game)                       870      Linda Shepard     1982-83
44.7     1993-94                     51.2% Denise Cae          1988-89        Field Goals Attempted
Scoring Average                      Free Throws Scored                       1,936 Linda Shepard        1982-83
81.3     1993-94                     145      Calotta Watson   1990-91        Field Goal Percentage (min. 400 att.)
Scoring Defense                      Free Throw Percentage                    51.6% Carlotta Watson 1991-92
33.3     1972-73                     89.2% Allie Stoltenberg 1973-74                   (319/618)
Total Assists                        Total Rebounds                           3-Point Field Goals Made
588      1993-94                     357      Lora White       1991-92        122      Amanda Nannen 1992-94
Total Steals                         Total Assists                            3-Point Field Goals Attempted
389      1993-94                     147      Alison Hill      2006-07        338      Amanda Nannen 1992-94
Total Blocks                         Total Steals                             3-Point Field Goal Percentage
144      2000-01                     111      Lora White       1991-92        (min. one att./game)
Games Won                            Total Blocks                             44.1% Denise Cave          1986-89
23       1987-88, 1988-89            81       Tonya Volk       2000-01        Free Throws Made
Games Lost                                                                    364      Connie Viner      1986-89
25       1984-85, 2003-04, 2004-05                                            Free Throws Attempted
Games scoring 100 points plus        INDIVIDuAL SINGLE GAME RECORDS
                                     Points Scored                            502      Connie Viner      1986-89
4        1993-94                                                              Free Throw Percentage
Highest Average Margin of Victory    49       Linda Shepard vs. Tarkio (MO)
                                                                   1984-85    (min.two att./game)
20.9     1993-94                                                              80.7% Allie Stoltenberg 1972-74
                                     Total Field Goals Made
                                     22       Linda Shepard vs. Tarkio (MO)   Total Rebounds
TEAM SINGLE GAME RECORDS                                                      967      Lora White        1991-94
Points Scored                                                      1984-85
                                     Total Field Goals Attempted              Total Assists
120 vs. Westmar (IA), 1993-94                                                 366      Denise Cave       1986-89
Field Goals Scored                   41       Deana Christenson vs.
                                              Ozarks (MO)          1995-96    Total Steals
53 vs. Dubuque (IA), 1991-92                                                  318      Lora White        1991-94
Free Throws Scored                   3-Point Field Goals Made
                                     9        Stephanie Hrnung vs.            Total Blocks
37 vs. Benedictine (KS), 2007-08                                              102      Lora White        1991-94
Free Throws Attempted                         Mt. Mercy (IA)       1997-98
48 vs. Concordia (NE), 1985-86       3-Point Field Goals Attempted
3-Point Field Goals Made             16       Lexi Ehlers vs. York
13 vs. Oklahama Wesleyan, 2001-02             College              1999-00

                                                      - 15 -
Women’s Basketball Records cont.
Career Scoring Leaders                Career 3-Point Field Goals Made         Career Free Throws Attempted
1,905 Linda Shepard         1982-85   166      Leisha Tennal       2004-07    502      Connie Viner      1986-89
1,589 Connie Viner          1986-89   158      Amy Petry           1996-99    477      Celeste Volte     1996-99
1,468 Celeste Nolte         1996-99   145      Brooke Placke       2001-03    433      DeeAnn Richardson 1997-00
1,416   Lora White          1991-94   132      Lexi Ehlers         1998-01    393      Lora White        1991-94
1,354 Leisha Tennal         2004-07   122      Tiffany Volk        1999-01    373      Leisha Tennal     2004-07
1,217   Angie Wilson        1992-95   122      Amanda Nannen       1992-94    372      Liz Jessen        1987-90
1,169 DeeAnn Richardson     1997-00   120      Jamie McBride       2000-03    370      Kristie Olberding 1986-89
1,138 Angie Hubach          1994-97   97       Denise Cave         1986-89    369      Angie Wilson      1991-95
1,048 Liz Jessen            1987-90   90       DeeAnn Richardson 1997-00      367      Carrie Menges     1987-90
1,046 Tamir Anderson        1991-94   83       Stephanie Hornung 1997-98      332      Angie Hubach      1994-97
                                                                              325      Carlotta Watson   1990-92
Career Rebounding Leaders             Career 3-Point Field Goal Percentage
967     Lora White          1991-94   (min. 2 att/game)                       Career Blocked Shots
889     Angie Hubach        1994-97   44/1% Denise Cave             1986-89   135      Tonya Volk         1999-01
868     Carrie Menges       1987-90   43.0% Tiffany Taylor          2000-02   81       Marcia Stevens     1987-90
808     Kristi Olberding    1986-89   39.2% Lexi Ehlers             1998-01   75       Celeste Nolte      1996-99
796     Alice Anderson      1981-84   38.1% Tiffany Volk            2000-01   72       Carrie Menges      1987-90
762     Celeste Nolte       1996-99   37.1% Leisha Tennal           2004-07   71       DeeAnn Richardson 1997-00
701     Tamir Anderson      1991-94   36.1% Amanda Nannen           1992-94   65       Michelle Marschman 1989-92
681     Liz Jessen          1987-90   35.2% Sheila Sughroue         1990-93   61       Jen Easterwood     2000-03
677     Marcia Stevens      1987-90   34.7% Cheryl Reineke          1994-96   53       Jen Trouba         1993-96
614     DeeAnn Richardson   1997-00   32.9% Stephanie Hornung 1997-98         48       Alice Anderson     1981-84
                                      32.8% Brooke Placke           2001-04
Career Assists Leaders                                                        Career Games Played
401     Alison Hill         2004-07   Career Free Throws Made                 120     DeeAnn Richardson   1997-00
375     Alicia Millard      1998-00   364      Connie Viner        1986-89    118     Leisha Tennal       2004-07
366     Denise Cave         1986-89   327      DeeAnn Richardson   1997-00    117     Angie Wilson        1992-95
339     Connie Viner        1986-89   288      Leisha Tennal       2004-07    116     Angie Hubach        1994-97
324     Angie Wilson        1992-95   277      Celeste Nolte       1996-99    116     Marcia Stevens      1987-90
307     Sarah Gaines        1991-95   248      Liz Jessen          1987-90    115     Lora White          1991-94
272     DeeAnn Richardson   1997-00   237      Angie Wilson        1992-95    114     Kristi Olberding    1986-89
269     Janelle Henderson   1990-93   228      Lora White          1991-94    114     Sarah Dorrel        1997-01
245     Angie Hubach        1994-97   223      Carlotta Watson     1990-92    110     Janelle Henderson   1990-93
225     Annga Kossow        1987-89   220      Carrie Menges       1987-90    110     Connie Viner        1986-89
                                      213      Alison Hill         2004-07    105     Denise Cave         1986-89
Career Steals Leader                                                          105     Alison Hill         2004-07
318      Lora White         1991-94
226      Alicia Millard     1998-00
214      Linda Shepard      1982-85
206      Denise Cave        1986-89
205      Angie Wilson       1992-95
200      Angie Hubach       1994-97
185      Alison Hill        2004-07
180      Leshia Tennal      2004-07
176      Sarah Gaines       1991-95
159      Connie Viner       1986-89

                                                      - 16 -
Men’s Bobcat Basketball 2008

2008 Peru State Bobcats

                          - 17 -
Head Coach Troy Katen
                    Troy Katen enters his first season as the head coach for the Bobcats. He comes to Peru State after spending
                 the last two seasons at Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO. During his time at Central Methodist,
                 Coach Katen was the head assistant coach/recruiting coordinator for the Runnin’ Eagles basketball program. In
                 his two years at CMU, Katen helped the Runnin’ Eagles reach the postseason each year with a combined record
                 of 37-26.
                    Prior to CMU, Katen served at Hastings College, Dakota Wesleyan University, and Kansas Wesleyan University
                 as an assistant coach. He spent one season as an assistant coach in the United States Basketball League for
the Kansas Cagerz under former head Coach, Tom Hughes.
  Coach Katen is a native of Fairfield, NE, where he attended Sandy Creek High School. He attended Kansas Wesleyan
University where he was a three sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball for the Coyotes.
  Coach Katen and his wife Stacy have two children, Brooke and Blake.

Bobcat Assistant Coaches
              Assistant Coach/
                                                                                Assistant Coach -
              Recruiting Coordinator -
                                                                                Jesse Haynes
              Greg Galardi

                                                                               Director of Basketball
              Assistant Coach -                                                Operations/Video
              Aaron Evans                                                      Coordinator - Art Rose

                                                             - 18 -
Season Preview
   The Peru State Bobcat Men’s Basketball team has gone              hoop. Brian is a great asset to the program as they look to
through numerous changes over the summer. The Bobcats will           build a strong foundation for the future.
begin the 2008-09 season with somewhat of a face lift. The
Bobcats underwent a coaching change as new Head Coach                  The Bobcats added some height to the program with the
Troy Katen took over at the helm. The College completed              additions of Trey Lamont and Erik Kohl. Lamont is a 6’7”
the year long renovation of the AWAC which included a new            forward who comes to Peru State after transferring from
competition floor, locker rooms, lighting, coaching offices and      Central Community College in Columbus, NE. The Bellevue, NE,
bleachers. In addition to the facility improvements, Coach           native attended Bellevue West High School where his team
Katen has had a busy summer and welcomes 11 new faces                captured the 2005 state title. Erik Kohl is a 6’7” senior from
to this years program. Peru State returns only five players          Lincoln, NE. Erik attended Lincoln Southeast High School,
from last season’s team that finished fourth in the MCAC             playing for Knight’s Head Coach and Peru State Alum, Jeff
Conference at 8-23 overall. This year the Bobcats look to            Smith. During his time at Southeast, Erik averaged 10.5ppg,
improve in every area of the program.                                5.9rpg, while shooting 54% from the floor and 38% from the
                                                                     three point line.
   Coach Katen comments on this years recruiting class, “It
was important that we brought in quality players that have              Peru added depth at the guard positions with the tandem
great character. All of them were recruited to be a certain          of Jerry Vaughn-Taylor and Joseph Gomez. Both are very
piece of the puzzle we’re trying to put together. These are          versatile guards that have ability to play three positions. They
talented student-athletes that come from quality programs            are excellent students of the game and have the ability to
and are very coachable. If they accept the things we are trying      take charge of the team on the floor. Jerry is 6’0” guard from
to teach them, we will make great strides this season. I’m           Lincoln, NE, transferring from North Platte Community College.
excited about our team, the facility renovations, and the new        Last season for the Knight’s, Jerry helped the team to its
direction this program is heading.”                                  fourth consecutive conference title. The Knight’s finished with
                                                                     an overall record of 20-10 and a conference record of 7-1.
   The Bobcats will have two returners that played in every          Jerry attended Lincoln Northeast High School, where he played
game last season in Julius Durant and Matt Ryan. Durant is           for Coach Steve Bartek. Joseph is a 6’0” guard that comes
a 6’4 forward from Elliot, SC who averaged 12 points and             to Peru as a transfer student from Central Community College
six rebounds while starting in 28 games last season. Ryan            in Columbus, NE. He is a native of La Vista, NE and attended
started 12 of the 31 games and averaged 3.3 points a game            Millard South High School where he played for coach Steve
while shooting 46% from the three point line. Three other            Throne. During his time at C.C.C., Joseph averaged 8ppg, 3rpg,
Bobcats who saw limited playing time last year, but will look        and 5apg while shooting 45% from the Floor, 39% from behind
to seek a more permanent roll, are Ryheem Drakeford, Kyle            the arc, and 87% from the free throw line.
Knoche, and Daniel Nutt.
                                                                        Peru State has some very talented freshmen who will play
   The newcomers to the team this year have a great mix              key roles in building the Bobcats program. The freshmen
of talent. Steven Burks is a 6’6” transfer from Penn Valley          Chris Few, Darius Moore, and Mario Fuentes are talented
Community College in Kansas City, MO. Burks brings a                 student-athletes who have bright futures ahead of them. Chris
versatile game to the Bobcats and has the ability to play            is a 6’0” freshman guard joins the Bobcats after attending
numerous positions. Adam Blaylock is a 6’2” shooting                 Hickman Mills High School in Kansas City, MO. During his
guard who is transferring to the Bobcats from Wayne State            high school career, Chris averaged 15 points per game, six
College. Adam was a standout player at Norfolk High School           rebounds, nine assists, and two blocks per game. Darius is a
and Northeast Community College where he was a two-year              6’4 freshman forward from Lee’s Summit, MO. He attended
letterman and named Academic All-conference both years.              Hickman Mills High School, playing for Coach Charles Polhman.
Adam has a great shooting touch from anywhere on the floor           Mario, a Nebraska native, is a 6’3” forward from Holdrege
and a very high basketball IQ. Another sharp shooter for the         High School. During his high school career, Mario averaged
Bobcats is Brian Simpson. Brian is a 6’1” freshman guard             15.2ppg and 6.7rpg while shooting 47% from the floor. He was
from Spring, TX. He was an honorable mention All-district            an all-conference first-team selection, all-area second-team,
selection, 2nd team All-district, team offensive MVP, and was        and Nebraska All-State Honorable Mention.
named 1st team all-tournament at the Wilder Classic. Brian
finished his high school career averaging 14ppg, 3.1apg, and            The Bobcats will look to improve on their fourth place finish
shooting 41% from the floor, 36% from behind the arc, and            last season in the MCAC Conference. The conference is loaded
83% from the free throw line. Brian is a young talent that           again with the top three teams of Bellevue University, College
works very hard on his game. He is very athletic, has the ability    of the Ozarks, and Oklahoma Wesleyan each having won 20
to shoot from the outside and is very aggressive attacking the       games last season and having punched a ticket to the NAIA

                                                                - 19 -
Season Preview Continued
Division II National Tournament. Bellevue University enters this
season after falling in the NAIA National Championship game
                                                                   Top Returners:
                                                                    Julius Durant SR, Forward
last year.                                                          Matt Ryan SR, Guard
                                                                    Ryheem Drakeford SR, Forward
   “We have our work cut out for us this season. There are a        Kyle Knoche SO, Guard
number of teams on the schedule that will be at the                 Daniel Nutt SR, Guard
national tournament in March. It’s my philosophy that in order
to be the best, you have to beat the best. There’s no way to do    Top Newcomers:
that if you’re not playing your best week to week,” commented       Erik Kohl SR, Forward
Coach Katen. Peru State will also play two games against            Steven Burks JR, Forward
NCAA D-II opponents in Northwest Missouri State University          Jerry Vaughn-Taylor JR, Guard
and Regis University of Colorado.                                   Trey Lamont JR, Forward
                                                                    Adam Blaylock JR, Guard
  The Bobcat Men’s Basketball team opens the 2008-09                Joe Gomez JR, Guard
season at home on October 31st as they host Jamestown
College at 7:00 p.m., followed by Valley City State on November
1st at 5:00 p.m. All the Bobcat home games will be played on
campus this season at the Al Wheeler Activity Center. Peru will
host a classic on November 7th and 8th with Park University,
Doane College, and Briar Cliff University.

Numerical Roster
1        Adam Blaylock             G       6’2      JR       Norfolk, NE
3        Steven Burks              F       6’6      JR       Kansas City, MO
4        D.J. Shouse               G       5’11     FR       Terre Haute, IN
5        Jerry Vaughn-Taylor       G       6’0      JR       Lincoln, NE
10       Kyle Knoche               G       6’0      SO       Virginia, NE
12       Joe Gomez                 G       6’0      SO       LaVista, NE
20       Matt Ryan                 G       6’2      SR       Plattsmouth, NE
21       Julius Durant             F       6’4      SR       Elliot, SC
22       Tim Ondrak                F       6’8      JR       Lincoln, NE
23       Kenny Braziel             F       6’4      JR       Lincoln, NE
25       Daniel Nutt               G       6’0      JR       Omaha, NE
32       Brian Simpson             G       6’2      FR       Spring, TX
34       Ryheem Drakeford          F       6’3      SR       Brewton, AL
42       Erik Kohl                 F       6’7      SR       Lincoln, NE
44       Trey Lamont               F       6’6      JR       Bellevue, NE
54       Mario Fuentes             F       6’4      FR       Holdrege, NE
RS       Kendal Calfee             F       6’8      JR       Elmo, MO
RS       DoBong Puok               G       6’1      JR       Des Moines, IA
RS       Jay Thaxton               F       6’6      SO       Chicago, IL
RS       Quincy Williams           G       6’1      SO       St. Louis, MO

                                                               - 20 -
             Adam Blaylock                        Steven Burks
                  #1                                   #3

  PositionG                            Position F
   Height 6’2                            Height 6’6
     Year JR                               Year JR
Hometown Norfolk, Ne                  Hometown Kansas City, MO

                                                  Jerry Vaughn-
              D.J. Shouse
  PositionG                            Position G
   Height 5’11                           Height 6’0
     Year FR                               Year JR
Hometown Terre Haute, IN              Hometown Lincoln, NE

              Kyle Knoche                          Joe Gomez
                  #10                                 #12

  PositionG                            Position G
   Height 6’0                            Height 6’0
     Year SO                               Year SO
Hometown Virginia, NE                 Hometown LaVista, NE

                             - 21 -
             Matt Ryan                           Julius Durant
               #20                                    #21

 Position G                           PositionF
   Height 6’2                          Height 6’4
     Year SR                             Year SR
Hometown Plattsmouth, NE            Hometown Elliot, SC

             Tim Ondrak                          Kenny Braziel
                #22                                  #23

  PositionF                           PositionF
   Height 6’8                          Height 6’4
     Year JR                             Year JR
Hometown Lincoln, NE                Hometown Lincoln, NE

             Daniel Nutt                         Brian Simpson
                #25                                   #32

 Position G                           PositionG
   Height 6’0                          Height 6’2
     Year JR                             Year FR
Hometown Omaha, NE                  Hometown Spring, TX

   Height 6’3
     Year SR
Hometown Brewton, AL

                           - 22 -
               Eric Kohl                           Trey Lamont
                 #42                                   #44

  PositionF                             PositionF
   Height 6’7                            Height 6’6
     Year SR                               Year JR
Hometown Lincoln, NE                  Hometown Belleue, NE

             Mario Fuentes                         Kendal Calfee
                 #54                                   RS

  PositionF                             PositionF
   Height 6’4                            Height 6’8
     Year FR                               Year JR
Hometown Holdrege, NE                 Hometown Elmo, MO

             DoBong Puok                            Jay Thaxton
                 RS                                      RS

  PositionG                             PositionF
   Height 6’1                            Height 6’6
     Year JR                               Year SO
Hometown Des Moines, IA               Hometown Chicago, IL

   Height 6’1
     Year SO
Hometown St, Louis, MO

                             - 23 -
All-Time Season Records
Year      Record   Coach             1938-39   19-6         Al Wheeler            1973-74    2-13      Roger Schnaser
1902-03   0-1      Unknown           1939-40   18-6         Al Wheeler            1974-75    3-22      Roger Schnaser
1905-06   1-0      Unknown           1940-41   9-10         Al Wheeler            1975-76    4-17      Jack Stewart
1906-07   5-3      L.D. Scherer      1941-42   11-10        Al Wheeler            1976-77    7-14      Jack Stewart
1907-08   5-2      L.D. Scherer      1942-43   6-14         Al Wheeler            1977-78    17-10     Jack Stewart
1908-09   9-1      L.D. Scherer      1943-44   10-6         Al Wheeler            1978-79    6-23      Bill Squires
1909-10   1-4      L.D. Scherer      1944-45   6-8          Al Wheeler            1979-80    5-21      Bill Squires
1909-10   7-1      X.C. Scott        1945-46   16-6         Al Wheeler            1980-81    4-23      Bill Squires
1910-11   6-7      Alpha Brumage     1946-47   14-8         Wayne Riggs           1981-82    12-15     John Gibbs
1911-12   0-1      Ralph Thacker     1947-48   20-3         Newt Kyle             1982-83    19-13     John Gibbs
1912-13   3-5      Ralph Thacker     1948-49   20-3         Newt Kyle             1983-84    14-16     John Gibbs
1913-14   5-5      Earl Johnson      1949-50   22-6         Newt Kyle             1984-85    10-20     John Gibbs
1914-15   8-1      Earl Johnson      1950-51   25-7         Newt Kyle             1985-86    19-12     John Gibbs
1915-16   8-4      Earl Johnson      1951-52   10-17        Newt Kyle             1986-87    9-21      John Gibbs
1916-17   10-5     Earl Johnson      1952-53   10-9         Bill Johnson          1987-88    13-17     John Gibbs
1917-18   0-7      Earl Johnson      1953-54   8-18         Bill Johnson          1988-89    16-12     John Gibbs
1918-19   0-6      Leon Roettger     1954-55   7-17         Bill Johnson          1989-90    17-14     John Gibbs
1919-20   10-5     W.G. Speer        1955-56   12-11        Bill Johnson          1990-91    11-19     John Gibbs
1920-21   9-4      W.G. Speer        1956-57   9-18         Jack McIntire         1991-92    16-13     John Gibbs
1921-22   14-0     W.G. Speer        1957-58   20-7         Jack McIntire         1992-93    27-6      John Gibbs
1922-23   12-2     W.G. Speer        1958-59   23-5         Jack McIntire         1993-94    21-10     John Gibbs
1923-24   11-1     Lon Graf          1959-60   19-7         Jack McIntire         1994-95    8-20      John Gibbs
1924-25   15-0     Lon Graf          1960-61   17-7         Jack McIntire         1995-96    14-18     John Gibbs
1925-26   14-2     Lon Graf          1961-62   23-5         Jack McIntire         1996-97    25-9      John Gibbs
1926-27   11-3     Paul Kutnink      1962-63   14-11        Jack McIntire         1997-98    10-22     John Gibbs
1927-28   10-5     Paul Kutnink      1963-64   13-13        Jack McIntire         1998-99    6-26      John Gibbs
1928-29   9-8      Dutch Lorbeer     1964-65   9-11         Jack McIntire         1999-00    14-18     John Gibbs
1929-30   7-7      Dutch Lorbeer     1965-66   15-10        Jack McIntire         2000-01    6-20      John Gibbs
1930-31   13-6     Dutch Lorbeer     1966-67   12-13        Jack McIntire         2001-02    0-2       John Gibbs
1931-32   9-9      Dutch Lorbeer     1967-68   12-14        Jack McIntire         2001-02    13-15     Jerre Cole
1932-33   7-7      Dutch Lorbeer     1968-69   19-8         Jack McIntire         2002-03    21-11     Jerre Cole
1933-34   9-6      Dutch Lorbeer     1969-70   11-10        Jack McIntire         2003-04    13-19     Jerre Cole
1934-35   9-7      Dutch Lorbeer     1970-71   17-7         Jack McIntire         2004-05    11-18     Jerre Cole
1935-36   8-7      Dutch Lorbeer     1971-72   7-17         Jack McIntire         2005-06    6-24      Dave Walker
1936-37   10-8     Stuart Baller     1972-73   12-11        Jack McIntire         2006-07    11-20     Dave Walker
1937-38   10-3     Stuart Baller     1973-74   1-6          Ervin Pitts           2007-08    8-23      Dave Walker
                                                                                  2008-09    0-0       Troy Katen

All-Time Coach Records
Coach           Year      Record   %                    Stuart Baller       1936-38     22-11       .666
Unknown         1902-03   0-1      .000                 Al Wheeler          1938-46     95-66       .590
Unknown         1905-06   1-0      1.00                 Wayne Riggs         1946-47     14-8        .636
L.D. Sherer     1906-10   20-10    .666                 Newt Kyle           1947-52     97-36       .721
X.C. Scott      1909-10   7-1      .875                 Bill Johnson        1952-56     37-55       .402
Alpha Brumage   1910-11   6-7      .461                 Jack McIntire       1956-73     250-174     .142
Ralph Thacker   1911-13   12-6     .666                 Ervin Pitts         1973-74     1-6         .125
Earl Johnson    1913-18   26-23    .530                 Roger Schnaser      1973-75     5-35        .405
Leon Roettger   1918-19   0-6      .000                 Jack Stewart        1975-78     28-41       .182
W.G. Speer      1919-23   45-11    .803                 Bill Squires        1978-81     15-67       .470
Lon Graf        1923-26   40-3     .930                 John Gibbs          1981-01     287-323     .479
Paul Kutnink    1926-28   21-8     .724                 Jerre Cole          2001-05     58-63       .280
Dutch Lorbeer   1928-36   71-57    .554                 Dave Walker         2005-07     25-67       .258
                                                        23 Coaches          105 years   1189-1085   .522

                                                   - 24 -
 Men’s Basketball Records
TEAM SINGLE SEASON                     3-Point Field Goals Attempted           3-Point Field Goals Made
Points Scored                          34       vs. OWU             2007-08    8        Tom Riley vs
2,851 1992-93; 1996-97                 Rebounds Total                                   Tabor (KS)           1995-96
Total Field Goals Made                 81       vs Midland Lutheran 1968-69    8        Scott Daniell vs
1,013 1992-93                          Points Both Teams                                LA State-Shreveport 1995-96
Total Field Goals Attempted            238      Grinnel (IA)        1996-97    8        Joe Mews vs
2,065 2002-03                                   (GC 136, PSC 102)                       William Penn         2007-08
High Total Field Goal Percentage       Most Points by an Opponent              3-Point Field Goals Attempted
52.4% 1992-93                          136      vs Grinnel (IA)     1996-97    16       Marty Voiles
3-Point Field Goals Made               Fewest Points by an Opponent                     vs Dana              1987-88
227      1995-96                       0        Nebraska-Kearney 1922-23       Total Free Throws Made
Most 3-Point Goals Attempted                                                   22       Bob Mayo
652      2007-08                       INDIVIDuAL SINGLE SEASON                         vs Hastings          1960
High 3-Point Field Goal Percentage     Total Points Scored                     Total Rebounds
40.6% 1989-90                          771      Danny Shouse         1978-79   28       Mike Harmon
Free Throws Made                       Total Field Goals Made                           vs Graceland (IA)    1964
664      1996-97                       325      Danny Shouse         1978-79   Total Assists
Total Free Throws Attempted            Total Field Goals Attempted             15       Jeff Smith (twice)   1979-80
956      1996-97                       651      Danny Shouse         1978-79   15       Fredd Ward           1992-93
High Free Throw Percentage             High Total Field Goal Percentage        Total Steals
72.5% 1985-86                          59.6% Ivan Wineglass          1989-90   8        Fredd Ward           1992-93
Total Rebounds                         3-Point Field Goals Made                Total Blocks
1,516 1968-69                          125      Brett Richards       1989-90   6        Robert Nicholas
High Rebound Average                   3-Point Field Goals Attempted                    vs Tarkio (MO)       1986-87
58.0     1963-64                       281      Brett Richards       1989-90
High Scoring Average                   High 3-Point Field Goal Percentage      INDIVIDuAL CAREER
87.2     1968-69                       (min. 2att/ game)                       Total Points Scored
Best Scoring Defense (since 1950)      44.9% Jamie Stinson           1994-95   1,867 Danny Shouse            1977-79
61.7     1950-51                                (40/89)                        Total Field Goals Made
Total Assists                          Free Throws Made                        806      Danny Shouse         1977-79
645      1996-97                       189      Bob Mayo             1959-60   Total Field Goals Attempted
Total Steals                           High Free Throws Percentage             1,679 Danny Shouse            1977-79
375      1992-93                       88.3% Tom Riley               1995-96   High Field Goal Percentage
Total Blocks                           Total Rebounds                          69.6% Ivan Wineglass          1992-93
118      1986-87                       373      Mike Harmon          1965-66   3-Point Field Goals Made
Total Games Won                        Total Assists                           260      Brett Richards       1989-91
27       1992-93                       237      Fredd Ward           1992-93   3-Point Field Goals Attempted
Total Games Lost                       Total Steals                            621      Brett Richards       1989-91
24       2005-06                       109      Fredd Ward           1992-93   High 3-Point Field Goal Percentage
Total Games Played                     Total Blocks                            (min. 1 att/game)
34       1996-97                       45       Robert Nicholas      1986-87   42.7% Tom Riley               1995-97
                                                                               Free Throws Made
TEAM SINGLE GAME                       INDIVIDuAL SINGLE GAME                  371      Wayne Heine          1965-68
Points Scored                          Total Points Scored                     Free Throws Attempted
119      vs. Tarkio, MO      1965      57       Omer Meeker                    541      Bob Buettgenbach 1959-62
Field Goals Made                                vs Midland         1951        High Free Throws Percentage
49       vs Hastings         1962      Total Field Goals Made                  (min. 2 att/game)
Free Throws Made                       24       Omer Meeker                    82.1% Mitch Muma              1986-88
38       vs Graceland, IA    1964               vs Midland         1951        Total Rebounds
Free Throws Attempted                  Total Field Goals Attempted             979      Mike Harmon          1963-66
55       vs. Kansas Wesleyan 1996-97   34       Omer Meeker                    Total Assists
Free Throws Attempted (both teams)              vs Midland         1951        396      Fredd Ward           1992-93
86       vs Kansas Wesleyan 1996-96    34       Ron Snodgrass                  Total Steals
         (PSC 55, KWU 31)                       vs Wayne State     1965        202      Fredd Ward           1992-93
3-Point Field Goals Made                                                       Total Blocks
14       vs Mt. Marty        1989-90                                           75       Kip Shestak          2001-03

                                                       - 25 -
Men’s Basketball Records cont.
Top 10 Career Scoring Leaders                  46      Lance Cohn          1996-97
1,867 Danny Shouse          1977-79            45      Robert Nicholas     1985-87
1,622 Omer Meeker           1948-51            44      Dan Stoakes         1998-01
1,493 Brett Richards        1989-91            43      Scott Persigehl     1983-85
1,369 Ron Snodgrass         1964-67            41      James Bell          1990-91
1,321 Ananias Montague 1970-73
1,270 Mike Harmon           1963-66            Career 3-Point Field Goals Made
1,199 Mike Yates            1985-88            260     Brett Richards       1989-91
1,193 Clyde Wilkins         1968-71            260     Tom Riley            1995-97
1,153 Bob Buettgenbach 1959-62                 180     Joe Mews             2006-07
1,148 Wayne Heine           1966-68            178     Scott Daniell        1994-97
                                               162     Fredd Ward           1992-93
Top 10 Career Rebounding Leaders               160     Kevin Turner         2002-06
979     Mike Harmon        1963-66             123     Neil Hayhurst        1997-00
950     Wayne Heine        1966-68             106     Cedric Townsend      1988-89
732     Ron Snodgrass      1964-67             99      Cory Scamman         1999-00
724     Ananias Montogue 1970-73               95      Scott Doan           1993-94
705     Mike Yates         1985-88
639     Larry Green        1969-71             Career 3-Point Field Goals Attempted
617     Kip Allison        1980-83             621     Brett Richards        1989-91
590     Kevin Mowrey       1987-89             609     Tom Riley             1995-97
585     Bob Buettgenbach 1959-62               510     Kevin Turner          2002-06
547     Pete Sewart        1968-69             468     Joe Mews              2006-07
                                               427     Scott Daniell         1994-97
Career Assists                                 396     Fredd Ward            1992-93
396     Fredd Ward           1992-93           387     Neil Hayhurst         1997-00
347     Brett Richards       1989-91           276     Cory Scamman          1999-00
333     Montsho Wilson       2001-03           273     Credric Townsend      1988-89
292     Jermel Ward          1997-98           262     Jermel Ward           1997-98
289     Jeff Smith           1979-82
280     Scott Daniel         1994-97           Career 3-Point Field Goal Percentage
242     Marty Voiles         1986-88           42.7% Tom Riley               1995-97
233     Cedric Townsend      1988-89           41.9% Brett Richards          1995-97
215     Rod Green            1992-93           41.7% Scott Daniell           1994-97
203     James Collins        1983,86-87        40.9% Fredd Ward              1992-93
                                               39.9% Jamie Stinson           1995,1998
Career Steals                                  39.8% Joe Mews                2007-08
202     Fredd Ward           1992-93           38.8% Cedric Townsend         1998-99
189     James Collins        1983,86-87        38.7% Marty Voiles            1986,1988
170     Jesse Haynes         2004-07           37.1% Scott Doan              1993-94
157     Jermel Ward          1997-98           37%     Joe Mews              2006-07
128     Cedric Townsend      1988-89
122     Rob Wright           1990-93           Single Season Points
113     Brett Richards       1989-91           771     Danny Shouse        1978-79
112     Todd Hollingsworth   1984-87           663     Brett Richards      1989-90
110     Kevin Mowrey         1987-89           653     Ivan Wineglass      1992-93
108     Brian Lemerond       1999-03           631     Mike Woods          2002-03
                                               608     Danny Shouse        1977-78
Career Blocked Shots                           593     Ananias Montague    1972-73
75      Kip Shestak          2001-03           590     Bob Mayo            1958-59
67      Marlis Lovelace      2003-07           584     Tom Riley           1995-95
64      Lawrence Hollier     1996-97           583     Jon Brydson         2001-03
59      Kevin Mowrey         1986-88           579     Tom Riley           1996-97
52      Kip Allison          1980-83

                                          - 26 -
Men’s Basketball Records cont.
Single Season Rebounds                        Single Season 3-Point Field Goals Attempted
373     Mike Harmon         1965-66           281     Brett Richards       1989-90
315     Mike Harmon         1963-64           241     Joe Mews             2007-08
305     Ananias Montague    1972-73           240     Tom Riley            1995-96
302     Pete Stewart        1968-69           227     Joe Mews             2006-07
287     Bob Buettgenbach    1961-62           216     Tom Riley            1996-97
286     Mike Harmon         1964-65           207     Fredd Ward           1991-92
283     Frank Empky         1963-64           203     Scott Doan           1993-94
281     Larry Green         1969-70           201     Brett Richards       1990-91
277     Earl Brown          1971-72           189     Fred Ward            1992-93
276     Bill Hunter         1972-73           183     Kevin Turner         2004-05

Single Season Assists                         Single Season 3-Point Field Goal Percentage
237     Fredd Ward          1992-93           (min. 1 att/game)
196     Montsho Wilson      2002-03           44.9% Jamie Stinson          1994-95
159     Fredd Ward          1991-92           44.6% Tom Riley              1995-96
152     Jermel Ward         1997-98           44.5% Brett Richards         1989-90
151     Jeff Smith          1979-80           44.5% Scott Daniell          1996-97
146     Brett Richards      1990-91           44.1% Bill Richards          1989-90
146     Jermel Ward         1996-97           43.1% Tom Riley              1996-97
145     Marty Voiles        1987-88           42.1% Credric Townsend       1987-88
137     Montsho Wilson      2001-02           41.5% Scott Doan             1992-93
136     Greg Thompson       1995-96           41.3% Fredd Ward             1992-93
                                              41.2% Brian Lemerond         2002-03
Single Season Steals
109     Fredd Ward          1992-93           Single Season Scoring Average
93      Fredd Ward          1991-92           28.5    Danny Shouse        1978-79
86      Jermel Ward         1996-97           25.8    Ananais Montague 1972-73
82      David Reed          1999-00           23.2    Danny Shouse        1976-77
80      Jesse Haynes        2007-08           22.6    Ananais Montague 1971-72
78      James Collins       1986-87           22.6    Bill Hunter         1973-74
73      Jermel Ward         1997-98           22.5    Danny Shouse        1977-78
68      Cedric Townend      1988-89           22.0    Larry Green         1970-71
63      Vernon Johnson      2003-04           21.5    Freeman Beville     1974-75
62      Montsho Wilson      2001-02           21.4    Brett Richards      1989-90
                                              21.2    Myron Jenkins       2004-05
Single Season 3-Point Field Goals Made
125     Brett Richards       1989-90          Single Season Rebounding Average
107     Tom Riley            1995-96          14.3    Mike Harmon        1964-65
96      Joe Mews             2007-08          13.4    Larry Green        1969-70
93      Tom Riley            1996-97          13.3    Ananais Montague 1972-73
84      Joe Mews             2006-07          12.3    Ananais Montague 1971-72
84      Fredd Ward           1991-92          12.1    Mike Harmon        1963-64
80      Brett Richards       1990-91          12.0    Bill Hunter        1972-73
78      Fredd Ward           1991-92          11.6    Pete Stewart       1968-69
73      Scott Doan           1993-94          11.5    Earl Brown         1971-72
69      Scott Daniell        1996-97          11.0    Larry Green        1970-71
                                              10.8    Frank Empkey       1963-54

                                         - 27 -
Women’s Basketball Boosters-                                     6th Man Club
  Welcome to an exciting new era of Peru State Women’s Basketball. You can play a key role in helping us
build the program into one that is widely respected both on and off the court by becoming a member of our
family – the Bobcats 6th Man Club. Every good team has an outstanding 6th man, an unselfish player who
does whatever it takes to help the team succeed. This is the principle upon which the Peru State Bobcats
6th Man Club was founded. I invite you to actively participate and be a pivotal part of our success. Go Lady

  Maurtice Ivy
  Head Women’s Basketball Coach

To sign-up to support Women’s Basketball at Peru State, please visit the Women’s
Basketball page at www.peru.edu/athletics and look for the boosters link or contact
Coach Ivy at 402-872-2217 or mivy@oakmail.peru.edu

Sponsorship Levels
  Level I $50 -$99/year Lady Bobcats T-shirts, Quarterly Newsletter, Media Guide, Booster Club Card,
  Halftime Booster Events

  Level II $100-$149/year Same Benefits as Level I Membership, One Season Ticket Booklet

  Level III $150-$299 /year Same Benefits as Level I Membership, Two Season Ticket Booklets

  MVP $300-$499/year Same Benefits as Level III, Autographed Leather Peru State Basketball,
  Autographed Team Photo

  Corporate Level $500 +/year Same Benefits as Level III, Name Recognition in Publications

                                                   - 28 -
Bobcat 6th Man Club
   Show your support for the 2008-09 Bobcat Men’s Basketball program by joining the “6th MAN
CLUB.” Bobcat Basketball is on the brink of a new era. The “6th MAN CLUB”, an annual membership
booster organization, will play a crucial role in the successful future of Peru State Men’s Basketball. All
funds raised by the “6th MAN CLUB” go directly to the Bobcat Basketball Program. The funds will work
to benefit student-athletes with improved equipment, meals, clothing, travel, and much more. It will also
provide coaches funds for recruiting and scholarships. The “6th MAN CLUB” encompasses PSC alumni,
faculty, staff, former players, businesses, parents, and loyal Bobcat basketball fans. Please join us in the
journey as we build the Bobcat Men’s Basketball team into one of the elite programs in both the MCAC and

To join the 6th Man Club or more information, please contact:
Troy Katen – Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Peru State College
P.O. Box 10
Peru, NE 68421
or visit the Men’s Basketball page at www.peru.edu/athletics and look for the boosters link.

Booster Benefits
  Slam Dunk $500 Receive a Basketball Jacket w/ Logo & 4 season passes
  Three-Pointer $250 Receive a Basketball Polo Shirt & 3 season passes
  Free-Throw $100 Receive a Basketball Long-Sleeve T-Shirt & 2 season passes
  Lay-Up $50 Receive a Basketball T-Shirt
  Buzzer Beater $25 Name in the Media Guide & pocket schedule

  NOTE: All levels will receive a pocket schedule, name recognition in the media guide, and monthly
  e-mail of the “6th MAN CLUB” newsletter.

Bobcat 6th Man Club Boosters
We would like to thank our 2008-09 Boosters!
     Slam Dunk - $500                    Free Throw - $100                    Buzzer Beater - $25
     Steve Knoche                        Carla & Doug Mastrisciano            Stan & Diane Humphrey
     Greg & Marcia Galardi               Keith Knoche                         Nancy Schalk
     Jim Thomas                          Larry Gomez                          Carol Perry
                                         Dave Graf                            Bill & Jodi Whitten
     3-Pointer - $250                    Eric & Sharon Fuentes                Sandra Fisher
                                         Mike Simon

                                         Lay-Up - $50
                                         Marilyn Moeller
Word of the day...

Fun•dage (fun-dij) Slang. Money from a variety of financial aid and scholarship options at Peru State. Best
delivered by our new scholarship program, which rewards involvement and leadership (things that lead to more
fundage in the future). Also references the most affordable tuition in the region both on campus and online.

                                     find out more at

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