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               NAME:      Charlie Cacciabeve
               TITLE:     Orlando Office Managing Shareholder
               PHONE:     407.244.8223


BANKRUPTCY AND CREDITORS’ RIGHTS                                               CONSTRUCTION
               NAME:      Robert Young                                                            NAME:        Charlie Cacciabeve
               TTITLE:    Shareholder                                                             TITLE:       Shareholder
               PHONE:     407.244.8233                                                            PHONE:       407.244.8223
               E-MAIL:                                                E-MAIL:
               FOCUS:     Workouts and bankruptcy, loan                                           FOCUS:       Represents construction owners,
                          restructurings, reorganizations,                                                     general contractors, subcontractors,
                          creditors' rights, commercial and                                                    suppliers, architects and engineers,
                          business litigation, Uniform                                                         construction claim assessment, and
                          Commercial Code issues, mortgage                                                     drafting and negotiating
                          foreclosures, insolvent financial                                                    construction contracts.
                          institutions, and lender liability.

                                                                                                  NAME:         Charlotte Warren
                                                                                                  TITLE:        Shareholder
               NAME:      David Cannella                                                          PHONE:        407.244.8231
               TITLE:     Shareholder                                                             E-MAIL:
               PHONE:     407.244.8235                                                            FOCUS:        Represents corporate and individual
               E-MAIL:                                                           clients in commercial disputes, public
               FOCUS:     Class action defense, complex                                                         and private owners, developers,
                          business disputes, pharmaceutical                                                     design professionals, contractors,
                          and medical device defense, and                                                       and subcontractors in construction
                          extensive trial and pre-trial                                                         disputes, sureties on bond claims,
                          experience.                                                                           and insurers in coverage disputes.
                                                                               CORPORATE & TAX
               NAME:      Keith Hesse
               TITLE:     Shareholder                                                             NAME:         Phil Diamond
               PHONE:     407.244.8221                                                            TITLE:        Shareholder
               E-MAIL:                                                PHONE:        407.244.8240
               FOCUS:     Practices civil litigation in state                                     E-MAIL:
                          and federal courts for over 24                                          FOCUS:        Practices in the areas of taxation,
                          years, with particular emphasis on                                                    business law, probate and estate
                          commercial, probate, insurance,                                                       planning, ERISA, tax controversies,
                          and construction litigation.                                                          and tax litigation.

  CNL Center at City Commons | 4 5 0 S o u t h O r a n g e Av e n u e | S u i t e 5 0 0 | O r l a n d o , F l o r i d a 3 2 8 0 1
                    Te l : 4 0 7 . 8 4 9 . 0 3 0 0 | F a x : 4 0 7 . 6 4 8 . 9 0 9 9 | w w w. c a r l t o n f i e l d s . c o m
ESTATE PLANNING                                                               LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT

             NAME:       Vernon Swartsel                                                         NAME:         Dan Johnson
             TITLE:      Shareholder                                                             TITLE:        Shareholder
             PHONE:      407.244.8236                                                            PHONE:        407.244.8237
             E-MAIL:                                             E-MAIL:
             FOCUS:      Practices in the areas of                                               FOCUS:        Employment litigation.
                         wealth preservation and
                         transfer, including estate
                         planning, probate, and trust
                         administration and
                         guardianship. For many
                         years he has also focused
                         on real estate, primarily on                                            NAME:         Mary Meeks
                         commercial and developer                                                TITLE:        Shareholder
                         sales and purchases.                                                    PHONE:        407.244.8242
                                                                                                 FOCUS:        Concentrates in
FAMILY LAW                                                                                                     employment and labor
                                                                                                               law as well as a general
                         Seymour Benson                                                                        trial and appellate practice
                         Shareholder                                                                           of commercial disputes.
             PHONE:      407.244.8224
             FOCUS:      Marital and family law, and                           PRODUCTS LIABILITY
                         alternative dispute resolution.
                         Board Certified by The Florida                                          NAME:         Frank McDonald
                         Bar in marital and family law;                                          TITLE:        Shareholder
                         Former Circuit Judge; Member,                                           PHONE:        407.244.8220
                         Florida Chapter of American                                             E-MAIL:
                         Association of Matrimonial                                              FOCUS:        Defense of automotive manufacturers
                         Lawyers.                                                                              in crashworthiness litigation, defense
                                                                                                               of medical device manufacturers,
                                                                                                               and pharmaceutical companies.

                                                                                                  NAME:       Sarah Long
             NAME:       Jill S. Riola                                                            TITLE:      Shareholder
             TITLE:      Shareholder                                                              PHONE:      407.244.8238
             PHONE:      407.244.8246                                                             E-MAIL:
             E-MAIL:                                                 FOCUS:      Experience in products
             FOCUS:      Specializes in domestic and                                                          liability litigation defending
                         international complex                                                                manufacturers of automobiles,
                         intellectual property and                                                            heavy trucks, pharmaceuticals –
                         technology transactions                                                              including diet drugs and medical
                                                                                                              devices – including breast implants,
                                                                                                              pacemakers, and heart valves.

 CNL Center at City Commons | 4 5 0 S o u t h O r a n g e Av e n u e | S u i t e 5 0 0 | O r l a n d o , F l o r i d a 3 2 8 0 1
                   Te l : 4 0 7 . 8 4 9 . 0 3 0 0 | F a x : 4 0 7 . 6 4 8 . 9 0 9 9 | w w w. c a r l t o n f i e l d s . c o m
REAL ESTATE                                                                   MEDIA CONTACTS

            NAME:      Gary Johnson                                                               NAME:         Jennifer L. Mitchell
            TITLE:     Shareholder                                                                TITLE:        Communications Manager
            PHONE:     407.244.8227                                                               PHONE:        813.229.4124
            E-MAIL:                                                 CELL:         813.541.8280
            FOCUS:     Commercial leasing, development                                            E-MAIL:
                       issues, condominium and timeshare
                       development, and acquisition and
                       disposition of all types of commercial
                       and multi-family properties.                                              NAME:          Elizabeth Bergen Zabak
                                                                                                 TITLE:         Chief Marketing Officer
                                                                                                 PHONE:         813.229.4130
             NAME:      Dan DeCubellis                                                           CELL:          813.760.0307
             TITLE:     Shareholder                                                              E-MAIL:
             PHONE:     407.244.8228
             FOCUS:     Focuses on corporate and real estate
                        transactions. Typically handles legal
                        matters involving ongoing
                        representation of and counsel to
                        property owners, business owners,
                        developers, professional firms, and

             NAME: Ken Uncapher
             TITLE: Shareholder
             PHONE: 407.244.8254
             FOCUS: Practices in the areas of corporate
                     and business law, residential and
                     commercial real estate, estate
                     planning, and probate.

   CNL Center at City Commons | 4 5 0 S o u t h O r a n g e Av e n u e | S u i t e 5 0 0 | O r l a n d o , F l o r i d a 3 2 8 0 1
                      Te l : 4 0 7 . 8 4 9 . 0 3 0 0 | F a x : 4 0 7 . 6 4 8 . 9 0 9 9 | w w w. c a r l t o n f i e l d s . c o m

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