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Gamer’sCorner                                                                        A Southern December:
Cal l of D uty: B lack Ops                                                           (Interpreted By a Yankee)
By: Leana Weaver, Reporter
                                                                                     By: Ashleigh Harrington, Reporter
  So, on November 9, 2010 the new         Gameinformer says, “Outside of            “I’m dreaming of a white            I think one of the most
Call of Duty: Black Ops came out.       the excellent prison break level, the       Christmas, just like the           hysterical things I have
Every gamer I know was complete-        ‘wow’ moments fall flat.” Appar-            ones I used to know…”, but         seen since I have moved
ly freaking out about it, and every-    ently, the storytelling and charac-
                                                                                    no seriously.                      down here is the way the
one had to have their hands on it.      terization in this game fall short of
                                                                                     I am a Minnesotan girl            southerners react to the
  Now let me tell you why; it’s like    the standard gamers set for it.
                                                                                    living in a Southern world,        two inches of snow they
the previous Call of Duty games           Now this game isn’t a disappoint-
                                                                                    and Christmas-well winter          might get. People go crazy!
but ten times better. Now, I’m not      ment because of these short-com-
                                                                                    in general-for me is just          They shut down every-
a game nerd, but I’ve played this       ings; it is still really fun and makes
                                                                                    bewildering. I am used to          thing, there are wrecks on
amazing game, and the first thing       a goodtime for any gamer. It just
I noticed was how real everything       has some problems just like any             about 18 to 36 inches of           all of the roads, and the
looked.                                 other game .                                snow and                                            people act
  Compared to Modern Warfare 2,           Other features this game has are          snowmo-                                             like they
Black Ops’ graphics are phenom-         the zombies, the four-player online         biling and                                          have never
enal.                                   co-op, and mini-games. The mini-            ice fishing                                         seen snow
  Treyarch made this game                                           games seem      galore. I                                           before. An-
to blow all the other Call                                          pretty cool;    am used to                                          other thing
of Duties out of the water,                                         some of         waking up to                                        that cracks
and Gameinformer states                                             them include    a Christmas                                         me up is all
that “Black Ops is the best                                         zombies.        wonderland                                          the Christ-
game Treyarch has ever                                                Also when     every morn-                                         mas lights
made.” Aside from the                                               you do          ing and                                             and the way
graphics the gore is very                                           the chal-       walking out-                                        people are
realistic and exactly what                                          lenges on       side to a garage that may          drawn to Christmas at-
any war-game fanatic is                                             this game,      very well be 40 degrees            tractions the way bugs are
looking for.                                                        you have a      below Fahrenheit. Win-             attracted to bright lights.
  There are new upgrades                                            chance to       ter probably lasts seven           I think I’m getting used to
in the margins, too, mak-                                           double or       months in Minnesota more           the way people down here
ing new custom perks for                                            triple your     often than not, but the            go a little bit crazy, but I
you as opposed to Modern                                            money, but      past couple years I have           don’t think I’ll ever really
Warfare’s pre-made perks.                                           only if you     lived in a land completely         get used to the way winter
As usual the maps are                                               complete        barren of ice and snow.            feels in the South.
amazing in response to                                              the chal-       The cold may be biting in
aesthetics and the explosions, etc.     lenge. If you fail at it, you lose all      South Carolina, but it sure
  However, none of it has up-           your points.                                never surprises anyone.
graded. On single player you get          Nevertheless, if you like Call of
to go through a story mode which        Duty, you’ll love this game, so look        Lauren Oliver: A Fresh New Face in the Literary World
is way more intense than previous       for it in stores now.
Treyarch games.                                                                                    By: Ashleigh Harrington, Reporter
                           Tu m b l r
                   By: Breanna Getchell, Reporter                                  Samantha Kingston is popu-           religiously laughed out loud
                                                                                   lar. Sam has everything, the         and cried my eyes out every
                                                                                   perfect boyfriend, the perfect       single time.
    So blogging is all the new       more after I look at some-
                                                                                   friends, and the perfect house         Lauren Oliver, the author, is
    rage. Everyone does it now       one’s really cool blog. There
                                                                                   with the perfect family in it.       young, and I was really sur-
    for different reasons; I do it are also cool pictures.                           That means Samantha Kings-         prised. I like it. She’s given me
    so I don’t whine too much          I promise there is a blog to                ton has everything to lose           a book that has won its way
    to the people I care about.      follow for everything from                    when the unthinkable happens         into my all-time top ten, and
      I just whine on                               Harry Potter to                and her life ends on a cold          that is not easy to do.
    my blog. Tumblr. “I feel my artsy               Twilight. This                 February night while she’s in
    com is a cool                                   is completely                  the passenger’s seat of her
                         side come out
    site to try at                                  different from                 best friend’s car after a party.
    home. Not only
                         more after I look          Facebook or                    What happens next?
    can you have         at someone’s really Myspace or                              Well, you’ll have to read the
    followers who        cool blog.”                any other                      book “Before I Fall” to find out.
    keep up with                                    social network-                But Sam has seven days to re-
    your blog, but you may be        ing sites, and it is a cool site              live her last night on this earth
    inspired by the blogs of oth- to check out especially if                       and make things end the way
    ers.                             you’re bored at home or try-                  they’re supposed to.
      I get inspired to draw,        ing to kill time before hitting                 “Before I Fall” is wild and all
    write, and take photos. I        up the mall.                                  out there. It takes my breath
    feel my artsy side come out                                                    away with its realism, and I
                                                                                   feel like I can relate to every
                                                                                   one of the characters and their
                                                                                   emotions. I think I read this
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                                                                                   book about three times and

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