NASCAR 2003 Season CD Crack Instructions by wpr1947


									                       NASCAR 2003 Season CD Crack Instructions

Since the cds are getting scarce and very expensive, I feel this is justified to preserve the
cd from wear. You have to have the game installed and working before this works. After
you do this, store your cd until you need to reinstall. Cheers.

1. Download the program Alcohol 120% Trial version here>>> Alcohol Soft trial version
download only a 3.3mb. The trial version works for 30 days and is fully functional to
the full version. After installing it will ask you to reboot, it has to do that to continue the

2. Now load the Alcohol 120% program and click on the “Image Making Wizard” on the
left pane.

3. Select your CD/DVD Device from the first selection window so that would be the
drive letter that you have your NASCAR 2003 original CDROM inserted in.

4. IMPORTANT: At the bottom of the Image Making Wizard Screen that you should still
be in there is a selection at the bottom for “Datatype:”. Make sure you have “Securerom
*NEW (V4.x)” selected there.

5. Click “Next”. It will ask you where to place the image file on the hard drive and what
filename to name it. The default filename will be the volume label of your original
NASCAR 2003 CDROM. Just make sure the drive it wants to save to has enough space
and you should be ready to click “Start”.

6. Now you will need to get a program called “Deamon Tools” 476kb download. Install
that program and reboot. Upon your system restarting you should see a new tray icon in
your tray window bottom right of screen. That is Daemon Tools waiting for you to load
an image and start using it.

7. Right click on Daemon Tools tray icon. Click on Virtual CD/DVD-ROM selection and
choose Device 0 and then Mount Image. Now in the next window is where you will need
to locate your NASCAR 2003 CD image, the one which you saved to your hard drive
with Alcohol 120%. Browse to the folder here and choose the image.

8. Now take a look in you’re my Computer and you should see a new CDROM drive
letter with NASCAR 2003 CD listed in it. Now take out your real original NASCAR
2003 CDROM from the drive and set it aside. We hopefully won’t have to use that
anymore and you can keep it safe.

9. Load NASCAR 2003 as you normally do. It should work. Now go to online racing on inside NASCAR 2003 and see if you are able to get in successfully!
10. If you got NASCAR 2003 to load and play online, you can now remove the Alcohol
120% program from your system. Leave Daemon Tools on.

I tried this and it works. If I can do this, so can you. CHEERS!

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