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					                                                                VOLUME 41, NO 5 – JUNE 25, 2010
                                      A full-colour version of the Lantern is available on our website.

School: Mrs Mary Leask (Principal)                             Parish Administrator : Father Robert Riedling
Ph: 88874501 Fax: 9831 1936                                    Ph: 9622 9149         Fax: 9622 4521
58A Orwell St, Blacktown 2148

  Last week I had the opportunity to attend a National Conference on Girls’ Education.
  I was particularly taken by one core message that kept being articulated in many ways at each
  workshop, from every keynote speaker and in most of the informal conversations over lunch and
  morning tea.

  This idea was the importance of self confidence in the learning processes of a girl, not only for her
  success at school but also for her success into the future beyond school - that the skills nurtured and
  taught at home, affirmed and consolidated at school, are the skills she will need for life. What a
  huge life responsibility which is very much a co responsibility we share with you our families!

  What does this self confidence look like and how can we make sure together that we nurture and
  challenge it to grow?
  At Nagle this week this self confidence was expressed and nurtured in a number of ways.

  * A delighted Mrs Serbin speaking about the girls who had just completed their entries for the
  Maths Challenge and the inquisitiveness of her Year 8 Maths class. Each girl she spoke about has
  self confidence in her ability to learn, even when the learning becomes difficult or challenging.
  These girls do not give up on themselves and neither does their teacher! These girls do not get
  caught up in some of the excuses of “it’s too hard so I won’t keep trying” or “it takes too much time
  to do this” or perhaps the excuse from home “Mum and Dad weren’t good at Maths at school so it
  doesn’t matter...” These girls are taking responsibility for their learning and becoming increasingly
  self confident.

  * Hard working and determined Senior School Leaders working tirelessly to ensure that the
  Walkathon was a memorable community day. Despite the fear that at one stage the Walkathon
  might have to be cancelled, it was their leadership, their self confidence and determination to make
  the day a positive experience that triumphed.

  * Talented and sometimes exhausted students and staff working together to ensure the upcoming
  success of our musical Flapper. What self confidence and skill it demands to perform in front of the
  large crowds that are expected to attend the three evening performances. Have you bought your
  ticket yet?

  How can you nurture and grow this self confidence at home?
  Where possible try to keep the lines of communication open with your daughter, ask her about her
  work, look at her diary, show a real interest in what she is working on. Make sure that the message
  you are giving her about learning is a positive one – reward her successes and help her to see her
  “disappointments” as challenges for future improvement. Where possible, if your own experiences
  of school were not positive try not to let that prejudice your support of your daughter’s potential.
In this way, working in partnership, we can provide opportunities for each girl to grow into self
confident, resilient young women who will be more than ready and very able to take their place in a
society that in many ways still places restrictions upon what a woman can be involved with. We
must help her to see that her place in the world is anywhere that she wants it to be and that in order
to achieve that place she has to have self confidence in her ability to learn, especially when the
learning becomes difficult.

I would like to take this opportunity to formally congratulate Ms Melissa Kervinen who has been
successful in completing her accreditation for competence by the Institute of Teachers.

I leave you with this Greek proverb “all things good to know are difficult to learn” and I would
add, but are well worth the effort!

Please keep in your prayers the Casey and Macready families whose grandmothers passed away last
week. May they rest in peace.

May you feel God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Mrs M.Leask

Changes to Child Protection Legislation

At the beginning of the year I told you of the College’s acronym for the year OPEPAS which
summarises the attributes of a successful learner.
The letter A stands for attendance.
Recently I attended a briefing related to changes in mandatory reporting over child protection
matters which came into being late last year. You will be aware that mandatory reporting over
abuse matters has been law for some time. Last year an additional category was added, that is
“educational neglect: habitual absence” which is defined as a child or young person of compulsory
school age who is habitually absent. The College has a legal obligation to report any student whose
pattern of attendance is having a negative impact upon their learning. Parents I remind you of your
legal obligation to ensure that your daughter’s attendance is regular and that any absence be
followed up by a phone call to the school on the day of absence, followed up by a note signed by
you. Attendance is a critical factor in successful learning.

May I ask all parents to encourage their daughters to take care of their appearance for school.
Several mornings of late, I have seen girls arrive at school with torn stockings. They look quite
tardy and are letting themselves and their school down. Please ensure that your daughter takes more
pride in her appearance. Similarly, mums are being used as an excuse for girls not being in correct
or clean uniforms “Mum hasn’t washed it yet” is the excuse your daughters give – even on a
Monday! Please mums – teach your daughter how to wash her own clothes – definitely a life skill!
From the REC - Ms Kim Brady                               the experience to having ‘some really cool young
                                                          people talk about important stuff which you
In the last two weeks of the Church calendar we           sometimes forget’. As always, it was a pleasure to
have returned to ‘Ordinary Time’. Of Ordinary             journey with the girls as they explored themselves
Time, Joan Chittister OSB writes,                         and their faith more deeply, and I thank Year 9 for
                                                          their great sense of fun and for sharing their faith
‘Only the ordinary makes the special, special. To         openly. Thanks also must go to Mr Brian
be glutted with specialness is to lose all sense of       Mitchell, Year 9 Coordinator, for facilitating the
the exceptional in life’.                                 girls’ involvement in the day, and also to the
                                                          accompanying teachers, Ms Kristie Guadagnin,
         Taken from Listen with the Heart: Sacred         Ms Karlie Moran and Mrs Elizabeth Rastegorac
                       Moments in Everyday Life.          for their support and involvement.
In her ever so succinct manner, Chittister manages        As this is our last Lantern prior to the holidays, I
to capture something of the human condition               would like to inform you of a significant event for
which affects all of us in many ways. In recent           our community which will take place over the
weeks, staff and students at Nagle have felt the          coming School Holidays. On Sunday July 18, Fr
‘Term 2 Craziness’ descend upon us. As final              Robert Riedling, who has been acting as
preparations for ‘Flapper’ intensify, semester            Administrator in the parish of St Michael’s, will
reports are written, programs are prepared,               be installed as Parish Priest by Bishop Anthony
assessments are completed and marked,                     Fisher at the 9:30am mass. The community of
excursions are held, exams are conquered,                 Nagle College wishes to congratulate Fr Robert
meeting outcomes are finalised and exhaustion             on his first appointment as Parish Priest and offer
sets in, I, like many of my students and                  him our blessings as he continues his ministry to
colleagues, find myself yearning again for the            our community.
‘ordinary times’ when I have time in my day to
breathe, or at least to tidy my desk!                     We are very fortunate to be supported by many of
                                                          our local clergy here at Nagle, but particularly by
Thankfully, the Church provides us with two               Fr Robert given his proximity to the College. Fr
periods of time in the Liturgical Calendar which          Robert has celebrated mass for us on several
give us the breathing space we need. Right now,           occasions this year, joined us for Reflection Days,
we are in the ‘post-Easter’ Ordinary Time where,          visited Year 8, 9 and 10 classes, and will soon be
having lived through the sparseness of Lent, the          joining us for our Twilight and Senior Retreats.
sorrow of Holy Week, the joy of Easter and the
challenge of Pentecost, we now settle again into          We thank him for his ongoing contribution to the
the ordinary day-to-day events of Jesus and his           College and encourage our families to attend his
disciples. In the words of Chittister, it is this sense   installation mass on July 18 as a way of showing
of ordinary that ‘makes the special, special’ when        our support and gratitude for his ministry.
it comes, but it is also this sense of ordinary that
saves us from exhaustion.

In the coming weeks let us give thanks for the
ordinary, and for the way in which it provides us
with a ‘measured balance’ in what can be a crazy
existence. Chittister says, ‘To the real mystic, the
passing of seasons is never commonplace. It is the
repetition [of the ordinary] that finally, finally,
opens our eyes to God where God has always
been, right under the feet of us”.

Year 9 found ‘God under their feet’ last Thursday
when they took part in their Reflection Day. This
year, the group was led by the Youth Mission
Team who took the girls on a journey of self-
exploration which challenged them, through
drama, games and prayer, to be themselves and to
‘open the door’ to a relationship with God. The
Team, comprised of seven young people aged
between 18 and 28, and from all walks of life,
made a significant impact on the girls who likened
TRANSITION NEWS from Mrs Karen Vasarelli
The Step Up Into Teaching (SUIT) program is on again. Year 11 students interested in teaching are encouraged to apply for the
opportunity to complete 2 modules from the ACU Bachelor of Education/Teaching, which counts as a 1 unit HSC BOS endorsed
course. The course does not contribute to their ATAR; however students will be eligible for a 5 mark credit if:
    - they apply to ACU to study Bachelor of Education/Teaching
    - they achieve a Credit average in SUIT
If students gain entry into ACU they will be invited to apply for a $1000 scholarship from the CEO. Students who pass both
subjects of SUIT are also eligible to apply for the Early Achievers’ Program which guarantees students a place at ACU before
HSC results are released.
Students who are interested in the program are required to collect an Application Form and Information Booklet from Mrs
Vasarelli. Applications will only be considered from students who have attended the Information Evening on Tuesday 27 July.
Interested students must attend with at least one parent or guardian to ensure that they are fully informed regarding the course.
Details of this night are in the Information Booklet.
‘It must be stressed that the program involves two university courses, presented and assessed at university level, by university
staff. The lectures will make no allowance for the student’s age; therefore the participants must display maturity, self- motivation
and a certain level of academic achievement to succeed. Selection will be based on information in the application form and school
reports.” SUIT Administration
Important dates are as follows:
Information Evening:                 July 27
Applications to Principals          by August 6
Notification of Application Outcome by 27 August
Fax back of Acceptances             by 3 September
Final Date for Second Round Offer by 17 September
Course Commences                    October Holidays
Study Lectures and Exam Preparation
The Sydney West Lecture Series St Andrew’s College Marayong
Higher School Certificate and School Certificate Lectures
June 22 & June 23 2010 starting at 4:30pm.
Cost $30 per night for 3 HSC Lectures and $10 per night for SC Lectures.
Visit for further details or the CHOICES notice board outside Rm 20
The School for Excellence TSFX is offering a free Lecture ‘Mastering the Exams’ During the course of this program, students
will learn vital skills to help optimize performance in the examinations, as well as strategies that will maximize learning.
There are a number of other lectures on offer at a cost. Obtaining additional information regarding lectures at of the CHOICES notice board outside Rm 20
Scholarship Competition Information for Billy Blue College of Design
Billy Blue College of Design welcomes Year 12 students who are interested in design to take part in the 2011 Scholarship
Competition. Applicants are invited to ‘Make a Picture of Yourself at Billy Blue” and win one of two Scholarships worth $25,000
each. Visit or see Mrs Vasarelli for applications.
NSW Department of Education and Training – Teacher Education Scholarship
Year 12 students interested in a career in teaching are invited to apply for the NSW Teacher Education Scholarship Program. Up
to 300 teacher education scholarships are on offer for students commencing university in Semester 1 2011, of which at least 80 are
available exclusively to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students to train in primary or secondary teaching areas. The
remaining scholarships will be awarded to other students in the key learning areas of Mathematics, Science, English and in
Special Education (K-12) for employment as teachers in western and south western Sydney and non-coastal rural NSW.
Successful scholars will receive:
    - a training allowance of $5,000 for each year of full-time study
    - a guaranteed permanent teaching job on completion of their studies
    - a $3,000 grant when they begin permanent teaching.
Applications can be downloaded from the teach.NSW website at All enquires are welcome at or telephone 1300 301 435

Don’t forget to visit the College Website for a variety of information regarding Transition. Also go to the Transition Update on the
College Website (This link can be found under the Student Services tab) for links to universities, colleges and more.
                                  NAGLE COLLEGE

                      (book by Tim Kelly, music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur)

It’s the Roaring Twenties - a colourful, exciting decade.

Meet Polly Pepper, a young flapper who really knows how to live! What, with Stutz Bearcat
automobiles, Ziegfeld girls, raccoon coats, ukuleles, beauty contests, goldfish swallowers and
gangsters, there’s lots to live for.

Polly’s just about to turn eighteen and will inherit a glorious diamond necklace called the “Ice
Garden”. To celebrate her coming of age, Polly’s planning a fabulous party and of course she’s
inviting all her friends. Buck Wayne, Polly’s new boyfriend, wouldn’t miss the party for anything,
even if he has to land his private plane on the lawn of the polo club.

But life is never smooth sailing for Polly.

Firstly there’s Susan Stuyvesant-Fish. With a friend like her Polly doesn’t need any enemies.
However, a more sinister problem is the mobsters who plan to steal the necklace and Polly
certainly hasn’t anticipated them. Of course, irrepressible as she is, Polly defeats them in
uproarious fashion, saving her aunt from losing her fortune in a confidence scheme and becoming
the star of the Ziegfeld Follies, and all before she has time to cut the birthday cake.

Flapper is alive with madcap characters like Mona of the Crazy Cat Club, Monica Woodsquirrel of
Radio Station atop Hotel Times Square, crime-fighter Lieutenant Fluke and “Flagpole Sitter” Lenny
Knickerbocker. And with toe-tapping songs by Bill Francoeur, like “The Roaring Twenties”, “It Has
to be Jazz”, “Mona’s Moaning Low” and, naturally, “Flapper”, it’s a show that you can’t afford to

Performances are limited, so make sure you book your tickets now.

Flapper will be performed on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June.

Where?               Presentation Hall, Nagle College
When?                7.30 p.m. (sharp)
Cost?                $15 - child/student
                     $20 - adult
                     $60 - family (2 adults and 2 children/students)
Available from       Nagle College

Tickets have already started selling, so get yours today.

It was a great Nagle day last Friday for our Walkathon. We were certainly blessed with beautiful weather
and the great majority of girls and staff got right into the spirit of the day with some great children’s
characters on display.

Congratulations go to all girls who completed the course of more than 8km. Apart from a few blisters and an
upset tummy, all returned in a pretty good frame of mind to enjoy a BBQ lunch.

As at Friday the total amount pledged was around $10,000 which is a pretty good effort. Some girls in
particular have been fantastic to raise a large amount as an individual. Obviously the most important job
now is to bring in the money promised. There are some great prizes waiting to be given to students when
money is received (see box below)

Students are asked to collect and return the money pledged by sponsors and deliver it to school to the front
office in a sealed envelope with the word Walkathon written with their name and Homeroom clearly marked
on the front. The cut-off date for money collected to be counted for the awarding of prizes is Monday June
28. And of course even though the walkathon has been ‘run’ we would very much appreciate any additional
sponsors or donations for students to boost their total amount raised.

In the next edition of the Lantern there will be a full list of prizewinners notified.

Thanks for your support of the 2010 Walkathon.

                                        WALKATHON 2010 PRIZES

  •   Highest individual amount raised in school* – 81cm LCD Flat screen TV.
  •   Highest individual amount raised in each year group* – MP3 Player/FM Recorder/Various
  •   Best costumes – Movie tickets and gift cards.
  •   * a student will not be awarded more than one prize for the money they have raised. They will
           be awarded the prize for the highest category they are eligible for and other prizes will be
           awarded to the next highest student for that category.
                                                                SILVER AWARD RECIPIENTS
                          Year 8                                                  Year 10                   Year 10
Year 7                    cont                         Year 8 cont                cont                      cont                    Year 12
Chantelle   Srsa          Sharyal     Deo              Hanna         Hassan       Siobhan      McGeown      Nadine      Giblin      Diane       Abinoja
Goween      Abdalla       Narita      Deo              Samantha      Giuliano     Ricci-Lee    PayneJones   Petula      Hamer       Stefanie    Car
Jessica     Aivaliotis    Ashleigh    Fulwood          Vanessa       Lee          Stephanie    Squire       Jasmine     Kaur        Bhoomi      Fofandi
Roxana      Ansary        Kirandeep   Kaur             Kajal         Sharma       Emily        Whyte        Saydeh      Khalaf      Antonela    Josipovic
Amanda      Beshai        Jenevieve   McLennan         Year 9                     Laurie       Meagher      Harkiran    Khanna      Jayne       Tongol
Amy         Borg          Mandy       Sugar            Jasmine       David        Tauni        Neumayer     Suzana      Angelo      Maddison    Baggs
Angela      Carr          Dalbir      Dhanoa           Shelina       Bowers       Arling       Pastor       Nyanweil    Arop        Patricia    Batara
Jessica     Devandand     Edinelle    Rabi             Priyesheta    Chand        Janai        Roebeck      Jacklyn     Grono       Malinda     Farquharson
Maria       Evangelista   Emily       Scarcella        Shivika       Handa        Toni         Sedillo      Kirandeep   Kaur        Irene       Ramos
Natasha     Finn          Veronica    Tacuri           Damanjeet     Kaur         Christine    Tadros       Nicole      Nakwaski    Amal        Sayegh
Maninder    Kaur          Tupou       Uate             Hayley        Lihou        Michelle     Wormleaton   Rachael     Phillips    Kyla        Sumaylo
Upasna      Khastgir      Stephanie   Pillai           Francisca     Rozario      Alanna       Azzopardi    Michelle    Lipscombe   Manjot      Khakh
Niluja      Kugathasan    Dale        Ritumalta        Payal         Sharma       Paige        Burgess      Year 11                 Layleen     Langi
Jenny       Lee           Alyson      Armitage         Caitlin       Sibbald      Renee        Casey        Melissa     De Rosa     Janelle     Barrak
Jasmine     Pirovic       Carmila     Chand            Amanpreet     Singh        Claudia      Czerwinski   Renee       Faraj       Rominka     Ranu
Hannah      Purvis        Gabrielle   Frugtniet        Sophia        Zarate       Caitlin      Holovati     Alexandra   Cercone     Stephanie   Said
Elizabeth   Rabi          Rachel      Gopez            Lina          Del Rio      Rupinder     Kaur         Marina      Agaiby      Nuha        Kaffoor
Aparna      Ramaiah       Jaspreet    Kaur             Sarah         Gamboa       Nikansha     Naini        Winnie      Canuto      Vanessa     Klobucar
Tayla       Wilson        Samantha    Giuliano         Sehajpreet    Kaur         Faith        Sawaqed      Shannen     Hansen      Elizabeth   Nurthen
Rose-Mary   Wehbe         Georgia     Lee              Isabella      Barrak       Crystal      Menezes      Emma        Horvat      Ashley      Saliba
Adhok       Yac           Harnoor     Roomi            Breanna       Bindley      Brianna      Missio       Angela      Psaila      Christine   Boumelhem
Angela      Catipon       Sarah       Togatuki         Regan         Grant        Jessica      Sami         Rochelle    Sinclair    Melissa     Camilleri
Year 8                    Minukshi    Wickramasekere   Cara          McGrath      Gemma        Stephens     Paige       Wilson      Jessica     Nour
Sanju       Murali        Natalie     Mansweto         Antonina      Pualoa       Christine    Tawil        Alexandra   Cercone     Belinda     Potbury
D'arcy      Ward          Madison     Kelly            Jashpreet     Batra        Veronica     Zavier                               Romika      Ranu
Claire      Bohlsen       Bronte      Groeneveld       Kaela         Griffiths    Jessica      Cannizzaro
Ellen       Callaghan     Jennifer    Cheong           Hyunji        Lee          Tamara       Hodzic
Shefali     Chopra        Thea        Cruz             Jodie         Medina       Golda        John
Diana       Custodio      Nikita      Hamer            Nikki         Sugar        Julie        Milan
Amanda      Gomes         Ankita      Joseph           Year 10                    Katie        Pender
Parris      Taalili       Achol       Kooc             Lamiah        Khan         Katherine    Reinoso
Aashmi      Bordia        Jackie      Orbon            Charlotte     Langi        Ashlee       Cilia
Daina       Dai                                        Paula         Guitierrez   Maddison     Deluca
                                                       Manak         Jeji         Francheska   Domingo
                                                                                   Nagle College - 2010 – Term 3 Calendar
                       Monday                            Tuesday                            Wednesday                           Thursday                                 Friday                            Weekend
Week 1    19.7.10                           20.7.10                             21.7.10                               22.7.10                              23.7.10
 A                                          Yr 10 (11/2011) Info Night                                                PDSSC Round 7                        Yr 8 VA Grp 2 excursion - Sydney
                                            1830 – 1930                                                                                                    Aquarium (DAS, HAN, RAS + ) 100
                                            Assembly P2                                                                                                    students
                                                                                                                                                           Vinnie’s Van
                                                                                                                                                           Leadership Day – Year 11
Week 2    26.7.10                           27.7.10                             28.7.10                               29.7.10                              30.7.10                             31.7.10
  B       College Athletics Carnival        PDSSSC Netball Gala Day             Trial Dance/Music performance         Round 8                              Yr 7 Vaccinations
                                            Yr 9 Info and Laptop evening        night                                 Trial Dance performance night                                            1.8.10
                                            1830-1930                                                                                                                                          Duke of Ed – Bronze Expedition,
                                                                                                                                                                                               Bundeena (FOL, AND)
Week 3    2.8.10                            3.8.10                              4.8.10                                5.8.10                               6.8.10
 A        Trial HSC Begins                                                      Yr 9 Italian Excursion – Customs      Australian Mathematics
          Duke of Ed – Bronze Expedition,                                       House (MER) – 16 students             Competition
          Bundeena (FOL, AND)                                                   Yr 10 VA Excursion – Luna Park        Round 9
                                                                                (HAN, DAS) – 22 students

Week 4    9.8.10                            10.8.10                             11.8.10                               12.8.10                              13.8.10
  B       Eng/Maths                                                                                                   Round 10                             Yr 9 ENG incursion – Bell
                                                                                                                                                           Shakspeare (BOR) 2 – 3pm
                                                                                                                                                           Yr 10 HSIE Excursion – Darling
                                                                                                                                                           Habour (KEI, TOM, TYM, KER,
                                                                                                                                                           MOK, GOR, Jen Pearson)
Week 5    16.8.10                           17.8.10                             18.8.10                               19.8.10                              20.8.10
 A        Trial HSC Ends                    Yr 12 Twilight Retreat (5pm Mass)   Yr 9 Camp                             PDSSSC Trial                         PDSSSC Athletics Carnival
          Subject (Yr 11 2011 Interviews)
                                                                                                                                                           Yr 11 ENG incursion – Faraway
                                                                                                                                                           Films (BOR + ) periods 3 - 5
Week 6    23.8.10                           24.8.10                             25.8.10                               26.8.10                              27.8.10
  B                                                                             Yr 10 ENG excursion – Comedy of                                            Sport and Co-Curricula Photo Day
                                                                                Errors (BOR, BAB, ELL, FRE,           Round 1                              Yr 8 English Incursion – PERIOD 5
                                                                                LON, MOR, REI, GUR) 147                                                    (SMI, MIT, BAB, REI, OKE, FRE,
                                                                                students                                                                   KEA)
                                                                                Yr 9 Social @ Nagle
                                                                                                                                                           Vinnie’s Van
Week 7    30.8.10                           31.8.10                             1.9.10                                2.9.10                               3.9.10
 A        Penrith Show                      Yr 12 (2011)Leaders Induction(P2    Parent Forum                          Round 2                              Breakfast/Fathers Day
          Private Instrumental Concert      Assembly)                           Yr 10 PDHPE Excursion – RYDA          Yr 8 Reflection Day (p1-3)
                                                                                Driver safety - Penrith Lakes (TIL,   Yr 11 SO Excursion – State Library
                                                                                GUA, DON, HOU, BLL + 1)               + Newtown (FEE, KER) 29 students

Week 8    6.9.10                            7.9.10                              8.9.10                                9.9.10                               10.9.10                             11.9.10
  B                                         Year 8 Social @ Nagle                                                     Round 3                              Staff Development Day
                                                                                                                                                                                               Duke of Ed – Bronze Expedition,
                                                                                                                                                                                               Glenbrook (FRA, GUA)
Week 9    13.9.10                           14.9.10                             15.9.10                               16.9.10                              17.9.10
 A                                                                                                                                                         Pink Ribbon Breakfast
          Duke of Ed – Bronze Expedition,   Duke of Ed – Bronze Expedition,
          Glenbrook (FRA, GUA)              Glenbrook (FRA, GUA)

          Year 11 Exams

Week 10   20.9.10                           21.9.10                             22.9.10                               23.9.10                              24.9.10
  B                                                                             Year 12 Graduation Assembly/
                                                                                Mass (6pm)/ Presentation
          SPORT NEWS
                                              Diocesan Youth Mass: June 25
                                              All youth and young adults are invited to the
                                              Diocesan Youth Mass and launch of pilgrim
                                              packages to World Youth Day 2011 in
                                              Madrid. St Patrick’s Church, 59 Allawah St,
                                              Blacktown. Reconciliation & Adoration of the
                                              Blessed Sacrament from 6.30-7pm. Holy
                                              Mass at 7pm followed by supper. For
Congratulations to Kristina Brice for being   catering purposes RSVP by 21 June to
awarded a scholarship by the NSW    
institute of sport for Netball.               <>
                                              SCENE - Sydney Congress Embracing
Congratulations to Madison Regan for          the New Evangelisation: July 12-16
being selected as part of the NSWCCC
                                              Bishop Julian Porteous, Auxiliary Bishop of
Touch Football team.                          Sydney and chair of the congress, welcomes
                                              people of all ages, especially youth, to come
Congratulations to Taylor-Jane Wild,          together and learn about the New
Madison Regan and Emma Horvat for             Evangelisation, called for by Pope John Paul
their involvement in the NSWCCC Cross         II. Details:
Country carnival last Friday.                 <>
                                              Bethlehem College Reunion: June 26
                                              All former students of Bethlehem College,
                                              Ashfield are invited to the Reunion Day to be
                                              held at the school in Bland St, Ashfield.
               CONFERENCE                     Contact College Office (02) 9798 9099,
 Is being held from the 2nd – 4th July,
2010. The Impacters Catholic Young            <>
Adults Conference is a massive 3 day          Parramatta Marist 190th Anniversary
gathering of young adults from across         Dinner
Sydney. Each main session will include        On Friday October 29 Parramatta Marist High
live music from the Impact Band,              School, Westmead is holding its 190th
entertainment and worship. You will           Anniversary Dinner at Sarah Grand Ballroom,
experience dynamic speakers from              Le Montage, Lilyfield. Tickets: $90 each.
across Australia who will inspire and         Corporate sponsorship available. Contact the
                                              school (02) 9635 7066.
encourage you to influence your world,
plus there will be a great selection of
workshops that will equip you for your             Pastoral Care Review Survey
career, relationships and everyday life.
Presented by Impact Catholic Ministry,
this event is being held at Mount Saint
Benedict Catholic College in Pennant
Hills. Impacters is for young adults from     The College is undertaking a review of
                                              the Pastoral Care services that we
year 12 age and above. For a brochure,
                                              provide. We are inviting parents and
registration form or more information
                                              students to complete an on-line survey
phone the Impacters Conference office         to assist with the consultation process.
on 0414820473, email                          The survey can be accessed on the or               College website.
check out our website:              
                                              Thank you for your support.
           NAGLE UNIFORM SHOP                           IT’S ALL GOOD DRIVING SCHOOL
              OPEN TUESDAYS ONLY                        Experienced Male & Female Instructors
                                                         Low Risk Driving trainers Accredited
  Note:                                                          Manual & Auto cars
                                                                  Rewards program
  Senior blouses have now arrived at                           Gift Vouchers available
  the Uniform shop. Sizes that were out            
  of stock – 10,14,16 are now available.

  By appt only for parents – 12.30pm – 1.15pm
  Students – lunchtime only 1.20pm – 2.00pm

  Parents – please phone the school for an appt.

                                                   For further details contact Connie or Vince
                                                   T: 9831 4663         9831 GOOD
                                                   M: 0439 255 483 0439 ALL GUD

                                                         Mathematics help available!!!
                                                   Throughout term two many senior students,
                                                   as well as Maths teachers, are available to
  PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT ENTRY                    help you with revision for assessment/topic
     TO THE SCHOOL CARPARK IS                      understanding at Friday Study skills. Come
                                                   along and get help or build your confidence!!

                                                                  Nagle Knit-In
          MONDAY – FRIDAY
            7.30AM – 9.30AM
            2.30PM – 4.30PM

    GIRLS. PLEASE DROP THEM OFF                    The Nagle knit-in is well under way, with a small
     OUTSIDE THE GATES IN THE                      group of dedicated students attending the knitting
          DESIGNATED AREAS.                        group at lunchtimes. A number of students are also
                                                   bringing squares from home. These have been
                                                   kindly knitted by parents, grandparents, aunts and
          St Bernadette’s Youth Group              uncles. We have appreciated the donation of
                 Meeting Dates                     knitted patches and balls of wool.
Youth Group - July 25, 7.00 - 8.30pm
Teen Mass & Social –July 31, 5.45pm – 8.30pm       Knitting days are now Wednesdays and Fridays at
                                                   lunchtime in Room 9. All students are invited to
                   Website:                        attend and to join in the clicking of collective     knitting needles.

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