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Walking originated in the United Kingdom. Early 19th century, the British race walking events occur. 19th century, some European countries the prevalence from one city to another in walking trips. 1866 British Amateur Sports Club held its first championship, a distance of 7 miles. Walking and road sub-site walking walking two. Site is located walking world record; road walking surface fluctuations due to uncontrollable factors such as more poor comparability of results, so only set the world best. Athletes moving, the feet must be maintained uninterrupted contact with the ground, while not allowed to be vacated, with the support leg to the knee should be a moment of straight, not curved. Competition, the athletes appear vacant or knee bent, were given a serious warning, serious warning, by the three disqualified. The first time the Olympic Games in 1908, when the distance is 3500 meters and 10 miles. After the Olympic Games from the different sessions, there have been 3,000 meters, 10 km, etc., starting from the 1956 Olympic Games, set at 20 km (1956 included), 50 km (1932 included). Woman walking in 1992 will be included in the Olympic Games, a distance of 10 km, the 2000 Olympic Games will be changed to 20 km.

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									                                            Walking Group
                                  JULY WALK
Date:          July 7th
Time:          11am
Venue:         Rossglass

We will meet in the small carpark at Rossglass Church and walk to St. John’s
Point Lighthouse and back. The total distance is an easy 4 miles and is on a
minor road – no dirt tracks!

Directions: Take the Killough Road out of Downpatrick and pass Costcutters
Shopping Centre on your left. Approximately 4 miles from Costcutters take a
right turn into Ballylig Road – signposted Rossglass 3 miles. At the end of
Ballylig Road turn left and then first right into Rossglass Road South and you
will see the Church.

If coming from Newcastle turn right at Clough and follow the coast road round –
always heading for Killough. After Minerstown Beach take next right turn into
Rossglass Road South as above.

Future Walks
August --      Lanes around Maghera (Co Down!)
September --   Suggestions? I'm hoping someone else will do a walk for September!

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