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									Pratham Hospitality Services (Thursday, July 07, 2011)

Pratham Hospitality Services is one of the largest companies that provide best housekeeping and
catering services.. Pratham Hospitality Services provides professional customer service that give
excellent results for both the customer and the organization.

Pratham Hospitality Services Housekeeping and Catering service

Pratham Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd was established in year 2000. The idea that the non
revolutionaries structured, making the absorption of host professional contractors. When
professionals were limited to star hotels in the hospitality sector, there was a niche to explore,
comprised of schools, business schools, MNC, Corporate, Hospitals. Now Pratham Hospitality
Services is the one of the top companies in field of hospitality, housekeeping and catering service

Housekeeping Service: We have a highly specialized and experienced. PHS staff works closely
with our clients to provide services in strict accordance with international standards and
specifications. We also ensure that our services are environmentally friendly, and we maintain
close cooperation with our customers, leading to mutual benefits and prosperity of companies: -
This includes:
1. Maintenance of floor surfaces.
2. Keeping the areas clean and dust free.
3. Keeping a track of maintenance and upkeep of fast moving areas.
4. Use of cleaning gadgets like vacuum machine, high pressure machine, scrubbing machine etc.

Catering service - modern workplace is incomplete without a good catering service for visitors,
students or employees. The plant can be as small as the dining room for managers of a small
laundry room with a high volume of catering for customers and employees with the support of
fully equipped kitchen. The maintenance of the property provides systems management solutions
PHS will be needed in the region, such as landscape architects, electrical, plumbing,
construction, pest control and disinfection, safety, marble and maintenance of stone.

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