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Why Huawei E182E 3G+ Mobile Internet Key is Hot



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									Why Huawei E182E 3G+ Mobile Internet Key is Hot

Key words: Huawei E182E, HUAWEI Modem, huawei Mobile Internet Key, Huawei HSPA+
Modem, Huawei USB Modem, Huawei 3g Modem

Outline: This article mains talks about the reasons why Huawei E182E is poplular all over the
world based on two points, the essential features and consumers’ psychology.

There is no doubt that Huawei E182E 3G+ Mobile Internet Key is one of the star products in HSPA+
modem from manufacture Huawei. In the past half year, more and more people get to know this
high speed dongle and the sudden increase in demand make the supply even in terrible shortage
in very short while. Almost all the end users want unlocked Huawei E182E Mobile Internet Key
because unlocked ones could freely support any SIM card, but locked ones support only the card
issued by specific operators. Then here come one question, why Huawei E182E become so hot?
What are the unique features of this dongle?

Maybe the logo on the modems are different, Telus, Three, Wind, HUAWEI, etc. Except for the
retractable USB, we couldn’t find any more obvious features different from other modems. What
really amazing is the networking coverage: Huawei E182E could work well under
HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS 850/900/1900/2100Mhz and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz,
which means it support any network all over the world. Although there is internal antenna in the
modem, external antenna port is also available to help enhance the signal in the low coverage.
Within stable network environment, Huawei E182E could support up to 21.6Mbps download
5.76Mbps upload speed. The above two factors should be the main reason why the people like
huawei E182E.

Some of the followers focus on other functions, such as E182E could support memory SD card
maximum up to 32GB, voice call or SMS & MMS. Many people asked how to make the functions
of SMS and MMS available, sometime, the software in the modem may not be the Huawei Mobile
Patner, so in the management interface, there is no button to operate. If the E182E is unlocked,
the users could download the Mobile Patner by Huawei and make a dashboard, then the
functions could work through the Parnter.

Frankly speaking, some networks in the world could not reach the level HSPA+ 21Mbps,however,
the consumer seems still very interested in Huawei E182E even though it seems waste of money
to buy a modem that runs much faster than what their network could do. Maybe that’s the
electronics, people just like to enjoy the feel of faster, not the real experience.

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