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                                         Pat Quinn (Democrat) was sworn in as the
                                   41st Governor of Illinois on January 29, 2009.
                                         In his first official act, Governor Quinn
                                   signed an executive order establishing the Illinois
                                   Reform Commission to restore ethics to state gov-
                                   ernment. He guided passage of fundamental leg-
                                   islation to return integrity to the state pension
                                   boards, ensure state agency compliance with
                                   Freedom of Information laws and increase trans-
                                   parency of state boards and commissions.
                                         Dedicated to investing in Illinois’ economy,
                                   Quinn worked with the General Assembly to pass a
                                   $3 billion capital construction jobs program to take
                                   full advantage of federal stimulus dollars. His
                                   Fiscal Year 2010 balanced budget proposed tough,
                                   responsible choices to ensure Illinois can afford to
          PAT QUINN                pay its bills.
         207 State House
                                         As Lieutenant Governor, Quinn led the suc-
      Springfield, IL 62706
      Office: (217) 782-6830       cessful effort to enact the Illinois Military Family           Relief Act, which provides financial assistance to
                                   families of Illinois National Guard members and
                                   reservists called to active duty. He also spearhead-
ed passage of the Let Them Rest in Peace Act, which is a national model in protect-
ing grieving families from disruptive protests at funerals of servicemen and
     He has served Illinois citizens for more than a quarter of a century and former-
ly organized grassroots petition drives, signed by more than 4 million voters, in fa-
vor of tax reform and tougher consumer protection laws.
     Quinn, 60, is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and holds
an international economics degree from Georgetown University. Quinn served as
State Treasurer from 1991 to 1995, Commissioner of the Cook County Board of
(Property) Tax Appeals in 1982 and Revenue Director for the City of Chicago.
     The father of two sons, Quinn grew up in Hinsdale.

                             Office of the Governor
     The Governor of Illinois is the chief executive of the state and responsible for the
administration of all areas of the Executive Branch. The Governor:
     • Appoints administrators and department directors, subject to approval by the
Illinois Senate, and holds general administrative responsibility over several semi-in-
dependent boards and commissions.
     • Appears before the General Assembly annually to propose a budget for State
Government operations and report on the condition of the state, setting priorities and
     • Grants pardons and reprieves, calls special legislative sessions, approves or
vetoes legislation and approves state construction contracts. The Governor also is
commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces.


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