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									SMS After School Express
   Registration Form

Detach and return to Connections teacher by January 12.                                              SMS AFTER school
Student name:_________________________________
Connections teacher:____________________________
Parent/guardian name:___________________________
Street Address:_________________________________
                                                                                                     w i nt er      ‘09
                                                          Are you passionate about a particular
Home Phone #:_________________________________
                                                          hobby/topic/activity? We could use
Work Phone #:__________________________________
                                                          your help! The After School Express
Cell Phone #:___________________________________
                                                          is always looking for fresh new club
Emergency Contact Name:________________________
                                                          ideas. Your ideas and passion for our
Emergency Contact phone #_______________________
                                                          children’s success is truly appreciated!
                                                          Contact Michelle Traxel or Karen
Allergies or Health Concerns: _____________________
                                                          Collins for more information.
I would like to sign my child up for:
Mon._______ Club______________________________
Tue.________ Club______________________________
Wed.._______ Club______________________________
Thurs.______ Club______________________________

I would like to volunteer with the After School Program
                                                                 Michelle Traxel
(name and phone #)______________________________
______________________________________________            AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer                 Jan. 19th - Feb. 19th
I give permission for my child to participate in the
SMS Afternoon Program. I understand that my child’s
                                                                  At SMS 3:30 - 5:00 PM
attendence is expected at all sessions. I will call the                                                 Monday-Thursday
SMS office if my child will be absent                         635-2173 ext. 2300
                                                 Winter Club Offerings
                                                 *All clubs are for grades 5-8 unless noted          Crafty Edible Science
                                                 otherwise Clubs will NOT meet during p/t            Science and food…what a mix!! Mrs. Young
                                                 conferences, or holidays, or early dismissals*      and Mrs. McNulty are leading this cool club that
Goal of SMS                                                                                          will use food as the science experiment, create a
                                                                                                     snack, and learn about the importance of nutri-
After School                                     Snowshoeing for Beginners
                                                                                                     tion…come join the fun! (grades 5-8)
                                                                                                     ments for the students include the ability to use a
                                                 This exciting club will offer the basics of snow-   calculator and have basic math skills.
   Express                                       shoeing. Join Mrs. Darwin to learn the history      (grades 5-8)
                                                 and the making of snowshoes and places to
 Improve student achievement by providing        snowshoe in our area. This club also offers                            Wednesday’s
     enrichment opportunities in a safe,         spending time each evening snowshoeing and          Cash Flow
positive, and structured after school learning   exploring t he trails at city park. Snowshoes are   Mrs. Woodruff makes budgets and balances fun!!
  environment where students interact with       provided-be sure to wear proper clothing! *Club     She will be using math skills to balance a budget,
           peers and caring adults               limit to 10 students*                               increase spendable income, learn about income
                                                                                                     statements and balance sheets…all through game
                                                 You Are What You Eat!                               simulation! The only requirements for the stu-
                                                 Join Mrs. McNulty and Mrs. Anderson through         dents include the ability to use a calculator and
   Session Dates                                 an educational journey to learn about healthy       have basic math skills.
                                                 food choices, and that making healthy food          (grades 5-8)
 Winter: 1/19-2/19                               choices will create a healthy kid! Remember
                                                 that we’ll get to eat yummy food too! (grades       Groovy Games for Great Kids
  Spring: 3/9-4/23                               5-8)                                                Need some extra help in subjects such as lan-
                                                                                                     guage arts, math science, other? Mrs. Zacharias
                                                 American Girl                                       will present a variety of academic-based games
                                                 Nan Hendry makes this American Girl club one        and interventions to help you gain more knowl-
                                                 you can’t pass up!! The only requirement is that    edge! C’mon and get groovy with groovy games!
                                                 you are a girl and enjoy American Girl dolls.       (grades 5 & 6)
                                                 Nan will have a different activity every week
                                                 that has to do with American Girl dolls. Come                            Thursday’s
                                                 join the fun!! (grades 5&6)                         Rumblin’ Rails 4-H
                                                                     Tuesday’s                       “A taste of 4-H” is the theme! Come join Mrs.
                                                 Book End’s                                          Johnson for a variety of activities…arts & crafts,
                                                 Mrs. Lutz gives students an opportunity to lead     outdoor activities, service projects & more!
                                                 the club while providing an opportunity to share    There is always something different every week!
                                                 ideas and experiences as explored through the       (grades 5-8)
                                                 wonderful world of reading!! (grades 5 & 6)

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