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									                             OOSH Development Factsheet #20
                             Employment Offer & Contracts
 Links to Q.A. 8.4 “Management has effective recruitment, orientation and induction processes for staff”

                                                     to help you learn more about the applicant and
   “When you make a job offer, it will be the first
                                                     address any issues that may have been raised
   contact your prospective employee will have
                                                     during the interview or panel discussions.
   with your organization. It is essential that
                                                     (Refer to fact sheet #21 on reference checks
   this contact gives the employee a favourable
                                                     or to “Staff Matters” - Network publication.)
   impression. It is also your first opportunity to
   ensure that your new employee understands
                                                     n Review all
   what will be expected of him or her.”
                                                     your information,
   “Best Employment Practice” Department of
   Industrial relations.
                                                     application, notes
                                                     from the interview,
 At the interview                                    and reference
 Never make an employment offer at an                checks.
 interview, no matter how good the person looks.
 Instead give all applicants an indication of when   n Refer to your job description and your ideal
 a decision is likely to be made and when they       applicant profile to ensure you really have the
 will be contacted. Give yourself a reasonable       right applicant for the job.
 time frame, but don’t allow the process to
 drag on. Remember the best applicants, are          n Discuss your decision as a group highlighting
 sought after by other centres and many good         any concerns you may have.
 applicants have been lost by simply taking too
 long in the recruitment process.                    n Finalize your decision and get agreement
                                                     from the committee/management. Where
 Before you make your job offer:                     appropriate involve the new employees
                                                     supervisor in making the final decision.
 n Ensure that the process has been fair
 and equitable and all Equal Employment              n Decide on details such as starting date,
 Opportunity (EEO) processes have been               award level, probation period and who will
 followed.                                           be responsible for accessing the new staff
                                                     member during the probation period. Probation
 n Undertake all your checks. Reference              period is 4 weeks under the Miscellaneous
 checks, (3 reference checks are recommended)        Worker Union award so there is not a long
 qualification checks and working with children       period to check the applicants suitability.
                    checks. (Working with
                    Children checks take             n Allocate roles and responsibilities to
                     approximately 10 working        finalize the process and make sure these are
                      days). If time is limited an   completed on time!
                       offer can still be made
                        pending the working          NOTE: It is important that you keep accurate
                        with children check.         and unbiased records regarding applicants and
                                                     your decision, being aware that the privacy law
                         n Chase up referees,        allows applicants to see anything written about
                         get as broad a              them.
                         perspective as possible.
                         Ask specific questions

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                               OOSH Development Factsheet #20
                               Employment Offer & Contracts
  Letter of appointment.                                   The Employment contract is formed on the basis of
  Making an offer over the phone maintains that            your signed letter of appointment.
  personal contact and provides an opportunity             You may wish to add additional information where
  to discuss a mutually agreeable starting date. It        you feel this is required.
  also allows you to clarify the terms and conditions      A letter or staff handbook can be developed that
  of employment. Your phone offer must then be             identifies other information and requirements such
  followed up with a confirmation letter. This forms        as:
  the basis of the new employee’s contract of              n Completing time sheets
  employment. The successful applicant should then         n Payment of wages (when and how)
  accept your offer formally by signing a copy of the      n Code of conduct
  letter of appointment and returning it to you before     n OH& S issues
  commencing employment.                                   n Job description
  Your letter of employment should be friendly,
  welcoming and in user friendly language.                 All this should
                                                           be passed on to the
  Information to include:                                  employee, read,
                                                           understood and agreed
                                                           to. Again have these
  n Details of the position, position title, hours/days
                                                           details signed and a
  to be worked.
                                                           copy kept.
  n Commencement date and if the job is for a fixed
  term (eg Vacation Care) the finishing date.
                                                           NOTE: There are special requirements for the
  n Award coverage, and a summary of the award
                                                           engagement of apprentices and trainees. Please
  conditions (attachment may be necessary)
                                                           contact the Department of Education and Training
  n Wages and other benefits
  n Any specific terms or conditions of employment,         (DET) on 132 811 to be connected to your local office.
  such as dress requirements etc.
  n The length of the probation period (usually 4           For further information
  weeks) to ensure that the probation is agreed to and        Working with Children Check contact Commission
  signed by the employee.                                   for Children and Young people on
  n What time to attend their first day of work.             (02) 9286 7201.
  n Who to report to or contact on their first day of
  work.                                                       Staff Matters, C. McBurnie, 2002, Network of
                                                            Community Activities. A specific staff resource that
  Letter of rejection.                                      discusses all staffing issues. It also has specific
  It is basic curtesy and good public relations to write    referee questions. Available from Network.
  to all the unsuccessful applicants. Think, you may
  want these applicants for future or casual work.             Best Employment Practice. NSW Department
  Thank them for their application and remember to          of Industrial Relations. A great resource for all
  return any original documents they have provided.         employment issues. Contact the Office of Commerce
  You can use a standard letter personally addressed.       on 131628

                                                              Network Community of Activities; Fact Sheets
  The employment contract
                                                            on job descriptions, reference checks and staff
  On employment your new staff member should be
                                                            supervision and appraisals. Ph: (02) 9212 3244. Web:
  made aware of the details of your centre policies
  and procedures and the full award. You are legally
  required to have a copy of the relevant award on the
                                                              A Guide to Employing Staff in NSW Kindergartens
  premises accessible by employees.
                                                            and Child Care Centres - Department of Commerce,
                                                            Office of Industrial Relations. May 2004.

Network of Community Activities, 66 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010                            Last updated:
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                                OOSH Development Factsheet #20
                                Employment Offer & Contracts
 Sample letter of appointment.                            Sample rejection letter.

 Dear……………..                                              Dear (insert applicants first name)

 We are pleased to confirm your successful                 Thankyou for your recent application for the
 application with (insert centre’s name) for the          position of (insert position title).
 position of (insert title of position)
                                                          We received a large number of applications for the
 The appointment will be initially on a (insert           position and the overall standard was very high.
 duration of probation period) probation period,          After careful consideration, we regret to advise you
 which will be monitored and reviewed throughout          that your application has not been successful on
 this period.                                             this occasion.

 As discussed, the start date will be (insert start       However, we are happy to keep you’re application
 date), with a commencing salary of (insert               on file, should a suitable position arise in the near
 commencing salary), including (insert relevant           future.
 allowances) allowances and working (insert hours
 per week) from (insert start and finish time).            Thank you for your interest in the position and we
                                                          wish you every success on the future.
 On your first day of attendance, please attend at
 (insert time), report to (insert where) where you will   Yours Sincerely
 be met by (insert name). Dress requirements on
 your first day will be (insert relevant requirement).     (sign the letter personally)

 Your position as (insert title of position) is covered
 by the (insert title of correct award and grade) and
 your terms and conditions of employment will be
 per the award. We have attached a brief summary
 of the award for your referral.

 Can you please sign this Letter of Offer as soon
 as practical and return it to (insert name of person
 letter to be returned to). A signed copy of this
 letter will be returned to you on your first day of
 employment with us.

 If you have any queries regarding this offer,
 please do not hesitate to contact myself or (insert
                            include number
 information) by phone on (include number).

 Yours Sincerely,

 (sign the letter personally)

Network of Community Activities, 66 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010                        Last updated:
Phone: (02) 9212 3244 Fax: (02) 9281 9645                                                           July 2005
Email: oosh@netoosh.org.au Website: www.netoosh.org.au
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