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									                Our History
In 2001 and 2002, Texas officials were trying to determine why
DUI/DWI arrests were decreasing while alcohol-related fatalities
were increasing. During 2003 and 2004, with funding from the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and under
a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation, we at LEADRS
conducted a series of focus groups with a diverse panel of Texas
peace officers and prosecutors to determine the issues prolonging
DUI/DWI arrest time. The majority stated that redundant data entry
and a desire for standardized and simplified DUI/DWI reports
would increase enforcement by allowing officers to complete the
case report in less time. Prosecutors suggested that the streamlined
DUI/DWI arrest reports would be beneficial as long as they contain
the necessary information required for a successful prosecution.
Based on the data gathered in these focus groups, we designed a
state-specific reporting system that allows peace officers to complete
arrest information online and print out a variety of forms based on
this information.

               The system is now known as LEADRS
     (Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting System).
                                          What is
                                  LEADRS (Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting
                                  System) is a secure, web-based records management system
                                  designed specifically for DUI/DWI enforcement on a state-
                                  by-state basis. Because LEADRS is online, law enforcement
                                  officers and prosecutors are able to access the reporting site
                                  from any computer with an internet connection.

                                  • The reporting wizard allows officers to enter pertinent
                                      data only once, then auto-fills redundant information onto
                                      the forms required for prosecution.
                                  •   The reporting wizard also contains many drop-down
                                      menus and checkboxes to eliminate typing errors.
                                  •   The reporting wizard highlights required information
                                      with asterisks and does not allow officers to move on with-
                                      out completing key fields.
                                  •   LEADRS has various access levels that allow supervisors to
   Table of Contents                  review, lock, and expunge cases, as well as add users to
                                      their agency.
What is LEADRS?……….1              •   LEADRS allows officers to save their work and finish their
                                      case report at a more convenient time.
Why LEADRS?...................5   •   LEADRS allows prosecutors access to case information in
                                      their jurisdiction once it has been reviewed and approved
Benefits of LEADRS……...6
                                      by an agency supervisor.
What Agencies Need…..11           •   LEADRS has the ability to provide DUI/DWI statistics for
                                      individual users, agencies, states, and the nation*.
The Process……...……..12


LEADing the Way……...14

What Users Are Saying..17

                                  *For states using LEADRS
                                     *   Fast
                                     *   Auto–fill capabilities
                   t#            s
                ac           rt i
          ic  kF           po            Dropdowns and checkboxes
       Qu             su p           *
               i ca l .
             hn s
         tec hour
      RS 4
   AD ble 2                          *   Reminder asterisks
LE ila
 a va

                                           *            *         *

                                               *        *         *

  Case report toolbar is divided by
      subject for easy access.

    Review, lock, and expunge cases

                                      Cases are automatically sent to
*   Add users                            a supervisor for review.

                           *         User-Friendly

                                *    Generates multiple forms simultaneously

                                *    All forms in a centralized location

                                *    Prosecutors have access too!

    All forms are available at the
      click of a button!

                                                                        kF   act #
LEADRS was created in order to address a major issue                    d u ce
                                                                                 to 5 8
that administrators had begun to notice in 2001.                DR  S re e by up
                                                            LEA ting tim
While DUI/DWI crimes were on the rise, enforcement           repo
of these crimes was not. When the LEADRS staff was
asked to determine the cause of this, they did so by
conducting multiple focus groups comprised of law
enforcement officers and prosecutors. In all of these
meetings, a similar theme prevailed:
• Current DUI/DWI reporting can take an officer up
to 6 hours to complete.
• DUI/DWI paperwork removes officers from patrol
duties, making the streets less safe and agencies less
effective for emergency responses.
• Peace officers opt to write tickets for lesser offenses
rather than complete all of the paperwork associated
with a DUI/DWI arrest.
• DUI/DWI reports are not standard for each agency
in the state, and officers may forget to log important
aspects of a case.
• Prosecutors often receive DUI/DWI paperwork
that is illegible or full of mistakes, forcing them to
lessen or dismiss the charge.
• Prosecutors have to spend too much time searching
for case information since it is not all in one place.
• Agencies are required to pay officers overtime
while they complete DUI/DWI case reports.

                            The advantages of LEADRS are not exclusive to law
                            enforcement. In fact, the benefits encompass all aspects
                            of DUI/DWI law, from peace officers, prosecutors, state
                            officials, and even individual taxpayers.

                            ♦   Law Enforcement

                            LEADRS is easy to use and eliminates redundant data entry.
                            With standard DUI/DWI forms the same information needs to
                            be entered multiple times. For example, in the state of Texas, a
                            defendant’s biographical information must be entered on up to
                            20 different forms. With LEADRS, officers are required to enter
                            biographical and other necessary information once, reducing the
                            time spent writing a case report by 58%. In addition, the system
                            prompts officers to enter all required information, ensuring
                            every pertinent piece of information is included. Detailed and
                            comprehensive case reports reduce the need for court appear-
                            ances by officers, allowing them to focus on enforcement in the

                            In addition, LEADRS can also help keep officers safe. Anyone can
                            be affected by impaired driving, including police officers. In
                            2001, 29% of all officers killed died as a result of car crashes
                            with impaired drivers. LEADRS ensures more officers on the
        Quick Fact #3       street that are available for additional support in threatening
    LEADRS adds an aver-
    age of17 new agencies
    each month.

♦   Local, State, and Federal Agencies

LEADRS is an excellent tool to save time and money. By cutting
down officer paperwork, LEADRS reduces the funds necessary for
overtime. Based on 2002 National averages, LEADRS would save
officers 21,000 hours and each state $346,000 annually. If all
50 states implemented LEADRS, agencies would save a combined
$17 million per year. Using LEADRS would allow public officials
to reallocate these funds to best benefit their communities.

Evaluation of LEADRS’ data is easy and accessible. Analysts gather
real time DUI/DWI data from LEADRS and publish queries and
reports online. The website is available for restricted users at

The following are examples of reports available
through LEADRS:

                  FROM 10/1/2005 TO 9/30/2006

                                            Average BAC
BAC at Test Time 1     BAC at Test Time 2   Across Test

0.1448                 0.1437               0.14425

                                                 LEADRS: TX CASES: FELONIES AND
                                                      MISDEMEANORS FROM
                                                     10/1/2005 TO 9/30/2006

          Q u ic
                k      Fact
          RS is                #4    88.38% OF SUSPECTS PROCESSED WITH LEADRS: TX WERE
 i nput             deve             CHARGED WITH A MISDEMEANOR AND 11.62% WERE CHARGED
        f                 l
prose rom police oped with
        c u t or
                s , an    office     WITH A FELONY.
                       d jud rs,
                             ges .

                                            LEADRS: TX CASES: CHARGED WITH CHILD
                                            INVOLVEMENT FROM 10/1/2005 TO 9/30/2006

                                     3.5% OF SUSPECTS PROCESSED WITH LEADRS: TX WERE
                                     CHARGED WITH HAVING A CHILD IN THE VEHICLE.
                FROM 10/1/2005 TO 9/30/2006


RACE                        # OF CASES

White                       1345

Hispanic                    656

Black                       87

Asian                       17

Am Indian                   3

Unknown                     4

   The LEADRS staff is able to compile reports based on all
   public information entered into LEADRS. These reports can
   be imported into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF documents
   for compatibility with most computer systems. They can be
   made available to your agency upon request.

                            ♦    Prosecutors

     LEADRS is designed to provide more than double the information
     necessary to ensure successful prosecution. The high quality,
     standardized reports generated by LEADRS significantly reduce
     case prep time for the prosecutor. These reports eliminate the
     need for the District Attorney’s office to spend countless hours
     tediously piecing together a DUI/DWI case report. The less time
     the prosecutor is required to spend on each case allows for more
     DUI/DWI cases to be filed.

     Once a LEADRS case has been approved by the police agency, the
     District or County Attorney’s Office has immediate access to it.
     This eliminates the time it usually takes to send a case to the
     prosecutor’s office by mail or hand delivery.

                             ♦   The Public
     LEADRS allows peace officers to better protect and serve the
     public. Reduced reporting time allows officers to respond to
     service calls more rapidly. Public safety is also improved by the
     reduction of impaired drivers on the road. Implementing
     LEADRS saves time and cuts cost, ultimately reducing tax payer

What Do Agencies Need
     In Order To Start Using

LEADRS is available at no cost to all agencies.*
Users only need Windows-based computers with an
internet connection in order to use the reporting system.
Because LEADRS is a secure web-based program,
concerns about licensing fees and software installation
are eliminated. Instructor training is also free of charge                     #5
                                                                            act cesse
to selected users. These instructors will then provide                    f
                                                                    ui ck      a c n
                                                                Q           be h a n
free training to agencies throughout the state.                         can re wit , eve
                                                                    R S h e t io n
                                                                 AD     w      c
                                                             LE any onne
                                                                  m et c
                                                              fro rn
                                                                inte r car.

 *For states using LEADRS
                                           The Process
                         Once you have decided that LEADRS is for you, the LEADRS
                         staff will work to develop and successfully implement your
                         state-specific LEADRS program. The process takes 12 to 18
                         months and involves the following procedure:

                         •    Meetings with partner agencies in the states to develop alliances
                              and relationships to ensure proper development of the project.
                              Agencies include, but are not limited to:

                                          Mothers Against Drunk Driving
                                          State Highway Safety Offices
                                          State District Attorney’s Council
                                          State Chiefs’ and Sheriffs’ Associations

                         •    Conduct focus groups around the state to define logistics for
                              development of the LEADRS system.

                         •    Obtain and compile required forms.

                         •    Model system in HTML format and meet with Focus groups to
                              finalize model for input.

                         •    Programmers design and build program from finalized model.

                         •    Continue meeting with focus groups and programmers in order
                              to ensure data integrity and input quality.

                         •    Meet with integration partners.

                         •    Beta test system for accuracy and efficiency.

                         •    Release beta system to controlled group.

                         •    Final release to state.

                         •    Train end users.
     Estimated Project
     Cost: $321,000*     •    Continue to maintain, upgrade, and support the system.

                             *Includes cost of integration
    LEADRS has acknowledged that most agencies have existing
    records management systems, and we are able to coordi-
    nate with individual agencies to ensure a smooth integra-
    tion process. We can interface with all standard structures,
    importing case information to your existing database.

• LEADRS’ integration tool moves case data through a translation
  server and on to your department mainframe where it can be im-
  ported into the agency database.
• LEADRS integration can accommodate both manual and auto-
  matic data transfers to best suit your department needs.
• Once LEADRS interface is complete, your case data will populate
  on all agency specific forms.
• LEADRS is SQL-based and can easily interface with Global XML,
  NCIC system codes, and all SQL-based data structures.

Enter DWI data

                   Data transfers
                   to LEADRS

                                    Data translated
                                    for agency

                                                      Data stored in
                                                      agency records

                           Texas is among the states with the highest alcohol
                           related fatalities, and it has been implementing
                           educational campaigns in order to reduce drunk
                           driving. In addition to educating the public, Texas
                           has also focused on its enforcement. In 2004,
                           LEADRS was launched statewide. Texas officers pro-
                           mote the program because they are able to complete
                           comprehensive DWI arrest reports in a shorter
                           period of time, allowing them to increase enforce-
                           ment and their time on the streets. Texas prosecutors
                           support the program because reports are more
                           detailed and are automatically sent to them via a
                           secure internet connection. The state endorses the
                           program because of the savings: time, money, and
                           most importantly, lives.

                           Two years later, Georgia and Oklahoma followed
                           suit, leading the nation with their use in LEADRS.
        Quick Fact #6      The states implemented LEADRS in late 2006, and
LEADRS provides legisla-   peace officers and prosecutors from around the
tive and NCIC updates.     states have shown immense interest in the program.

• Developed, tested, implemented, and updated LEADRS Texas.
• Developed and implemented an online forum for users of
• Created a reporting website with different access levels where
  representatives from NHTSA, TXDOT, TABC, and law enforce-
  ment agencies are able to query the LEADRS database for DWI
• A new Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) module, which has been
  approved by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is being
  developed for release.

•   Developed, tested, and implemented LEADRS Georgia.

•   Developed, tested, and implemented LEADRS Georgia.
•   Collaborating with Intoxilyzer 8000 to integrate systems.

                                                    Additional States
                                 LEADRS is currently in contact with representatives from 5
                                 states interested in implementing the LEADRS program:

                                             Agencies Across the Nation
                                 LEADRS has received inquiries from agencies around the
                                 United States:

  L EA
             c k Fa
       DRS           ct #
 end                     7
and   use is FRE
           r: pe      E to
     pr os      a
          e c u c e o ffi th e
               tors      cers

What Users
    Are Saying...
“This system has eliminated the redundancy that is involved in DWI paper-
work and has reduced the number of precious man hours previously spent
on the DWI arrest procedure.”
Luis Gonzalez
Texas Department of Public Safety

“LEADRS will revolutionize impaired driving enforcement in Georgia. The
system will allow officers to get back on the streets faster to arrest more
drunk drivers, and the detailed reports will produce greater impaired driving
conviction rates. There is no doubt that by utilizing the LEADRS system, the
result will be a reduction of impaired driving fatalities on Georgia roadways."
Ricky Rich                                                                                           8
Special Operations Director                                                                kF   act #
                                                                                     Qu i c         e    ,
Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety                                                   s t im
                                                                                          save VES!
                                                                                     DRS     LI
“I cannot speak highly enough of this system or its potential. The best testi-    LEA y, and
mony I can give about this system is the large number of DWI arrests that I        mon
have been able to make and process simply because I am spending less time
tied to a desk or in court and more time on the road where I need to be in
order to apprehend intoxicated drivers.”
Michael Scheffler
Corporal IV
Texas Highway Patrol

“The Texas District & County Attorneys Association (TDCAA)’s supports the
Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting System (LEADRS) and the
continuing efforts of the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) to sup-
port and improve this
valuable system.”
W. Clay Abbott
DWI Resource Prosecutor
Texas District & County Attorneys Association

“I see two major advantages of utilizing LEADRS. First, the program uses a
single entry to populate the information to all of the applicable documents
save officers valuable time that would otherwise be spent doing double and
even triple entry on the arrest paperwork. Second, as an SFST Instructor, I
see tremendous value in the details and reminders contained in the SFST sec-
tion as well as the rest of the report. These are a priceless asset in court.”
Lance Arnold
Master Police Officer
Norman Police Department, OK

       Mission Statement
     “Providing officers with a
 technology based tool to save time
and improve DUI/DWI processing.”
       of LEADRS
We at LEADRS are focused on supporting peace officers
in their mission of DUI/DWI enforcement. The staff is
comprised of law enforcement coordinators, research
analysts, and computer programmers who work to-
gether to decrease DUI/DWI crimes and to save lives
through the LEADRS program. We are committed to
helping officers and users with any technical support
and DUI/DWI related inquiries.
   The LEADRS in
DUI/DWI Enforcement!
        Visit our websites:

    For more information, please contact:

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