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									               5 Employment
               Law Essentials
               Improve how your company’s
               managers execute their most
               important responsibilities.
                 Discrimination, Retaliation,
                 and Harassment: What
                 supervisors absolutely have
                 to do, and what they never
                 should forget
                 Hiring: Legal pitfalls to avoid
                 Performance Reviews,
                 Progressive Discipline,
                 and Documentation: Keys to
                 these vital yet unpopular tasks
                 Firing: Best practices for
                 cutting ties
                 Fairness: How respect earns
                 respect and creates a positive
                 working environment

New! eNgagiNg aNd
MeMorable eMployMeNt
law traiNiNg puts CritiCal
issues First aNd ForeMost
     The Fast And Easy Way To                              Super Supervisors:                                                                •	      Reviewing full time period of employee
                                                                                                                                                     work, not just most recent month
     Deliver Essential Training                            5 Employment Law                                                                  •	      Why letting a poor employee “hang
                                                                                                                                                     around” can be so deadly
                                                           Essentials Contents                                                               •	      Timely discipline key to derailing lawsuits
                                                                                                                                             •	      Laying out expectations during
                                                           InTroDuCTIon                                                                              orientation
                                         T RY                                                                                                •	      Special advice for new supervisors
                                   R I S K- F R E E        •	       Why supervisors are on the frontline of                                          facing problem employees who’ve never
                                 F O R 30 D A                       employment law defense                                                           been negatively reviewed
                                                 YS        •	       Good management practices vs. the                                        •	      Documentation expectations at the
                                                                    “don’ts”                                                                         EEOC and with juries
                                                           First Essential: Discrimination,                                                  •	      Dangers of recreating or altering
                                                           Harassment and retaliation                                                                documentation
Leading employment law attorney John Phillips has                                                                                            •	      Risks of excessive documentation
distilled and compressed some of his most popular          •	       The six protected classes under federal
                                                                    law and additional state-mandated                                        Fourth Essential: Firing
and effective training presentations into a seamless                protected classes
36-minute DVD-based discussion every manager                                                                                                 •	      Why terminations are the largest source
                                                           •	       Impact of an employee’s protected class                                          of employment lawsuits
should see, Super Supervisors: 5 Employment                         status on supervisor decision-making                                     •	      The role of hiring, documentation, and
Law Essentials.                                            •	       Unintentional discrimination, when                                               discipline in termination decisions
                                                                    perception trumps reality                                                •	      Risks of on-the-spot terminations
                                                           •	       “September 11th” and religious                                           •	      Suspension vs. termination
This clear, compelling and concise video is perfect                 discrimination
for your organization’s supervisors. They learn what                                                                                         •	      Red flags to consider before firing
                                                           •	       Defining “hostile work environment”                                              - workers’ comp claims, pending
to say and do, and what to never say and do, to            •	       Supervisors’ role in squelching language,                                        discrimination or harassment claims,
steer away from expensive employment litigation and                 jokes, and ethnic slurs                                                          and more
toward a more productive and focused workforce.            •	       Forms retaliation can take                                               •	      Employee replacement factors that can
                                                           •	       Difference between retaliation and                                               reduce risks
                                                                    discrimination                                                           •	      Rehearsing the termination conference
On this video presentation, Phillips speaks directly
to your supervisors, explaining the legal aspects of       Second Essential: Hiring                                                          •	      Who should be in the termination
5 critical management tasks and providing best-                                                                                                      conference
                                                           •	       Why hiring right is as important a task as                               •	      Dangers of arguing with employee, or
practices for reducing friction and increasing work                 discipline and firing                                                            trying to counsel
team effectiveness. He explains not only key laws but      •	       Interviewing essentials, including note                                  •	      Giving reasons for termination
the reasons behind the laws, so they understand the                 taking tactics for avoiding discrimination                               •	      Organization, confidence, courtesy
potential impact of their actions.                                  claims                                                                   •	      Illegal statements in conference
                                                           •	       Committing sufficient time to hiring                                     •	      Things that embarrass
                                                                    and eliciting important information from                                 •	      Documentation
Super Supervisors: 5 Employment Law                        •	       Dangers of over promising and                                            Fifth Essential: Fairness
Essentials features:                                                overselling a position                                                   •	      Perceived unfairness leading to
•	 Candid straight talk from an attorney who                                                                                                         discrimination claims
   regularly counsels some of the nation’s                 Third Essential: Performance
                                                           reviews, Progressive Discipline,                                                  •	      Two major legal concerns: union
   largest employers                                                                                                                                 organization and litigation
                                                           and Documentation
•	 Fast-paced explanation of key concepts                                                                                                    •	      Jury consideration of fairness
   with a focus on the real-world impact                   •	       Right and wrong ways to review                                           •	      Applying the “golden rule”
•	 Revealing anecdotes and true-life examples                       employee performance                                                     •	      Focus on job performance
                                                           •	       Reviews used as evidence against                                         •	      Dangers of yelling and berating
   that keep the presentation rooted in reality                                                                                                      employees
•	 Powerful emphasis on the critical details that                                                                                            •	      Leadership essentials: giving other
   are vital to leading a successful work team                                                                                                       people power to do their jobs
•	 High-quality production values including
   lighting, sound, direction and photography
                                                                    We make ORDeRING easy! HeRe aRe fIVe sImple Ways tO ORDeR:
   that’s major-studio grade.
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issues in workforce reorganization, and the ethics
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