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									                                                                                       Contents                  March/April 2010



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    FEATURES                                         SECTIONS
    End or                                        Business Watch                                             Flavor
                                                  ACAC - Fitness, Fun Packed in One............10            Calendar of Events..................................32
    Beginning                                     All Tune & Lube......................................10    Chesterfield's Bartenders' Best.................34
    of an Era?                                    Apple Door Systems.................................11      Great Seasons Opens...............................36
    Martin's Attempts                             Brandermill Country Club                                   An Aura of Relaxation............................38
                                                  & Birkdale Golf Club...............................11
    to Win Over Ukrop's                                                                                      Health
                                                  The Pinnacle Group
    Loyal Customers.........................16    Number, What Number?..........................12           Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment........41

                                                  County Connection                                          Senior Living
                                                  First Choice - In Olympics, and in                         Senior Moments.....................................42
                            ABOUT OUR             Local Government, Training is Key...........15
                            COVER:                                                                           Around The House
                                                  People & Places
                            The Angry                                                                        Savvy Landscaping Strategies.................44
                                                  Ukrop's - End or Beginning of an Era?.........18
                            Dragon Roll                                                                      Organize Your Garage.............................48
                            prepared by           Flavor                                                     Outdoor Kitchens Today..........................49
                            Chopstix, 15801       Maitre D’ Restaurant Guide......................21
                                                  Certificates                                               Open House
                            City View Drive
                                                  Special Offers From Our Advertisers.......22               Roseland's GeoThermal Homes................51
                            in Midlothian,
                                                  In Search of Sushi....................................28   Loft Tours..............................................52
                                                  Meet Sushi-O's New Executive Chef.........30               Tascon Group........................................53
    Photography by Rick Kidd.

6     March/April 2010
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8   March/April 2010
business watch
            ACAC - Fitness, Fun Packed in One
                                              By Chris Baglio

                                                                                                           All Tune & Lube

                                                                                                               arry Flora, who owns three local
                                                                                                               All Tune and Lube franchises in
                                                                                                               Chesterfield and Richmond with
                                                                                                       his wife, Aimee, spent 15 years in retail at
                                                                                                       K-Mart, so he knows the value of customer
                                                                                                       service. Flora says his technicians empha-
                                                                                                       size building relationships with customers
                                                                                                       and helping them understand their vehicles
                                                                                                       a bit better than when they came in. When
                                                                                                       a customer's vehicle is going to need some
                                                                                                       work that takes a bit longer, All Tune em-
                                                                                                       ployees often will give them a ride home.
                                                                                                       All Tune offers a range of auto maintenance
                                                                                                       and repair services.

                      hether it’s working all day, hav-     Greene says the focus is to emit an          "We like to give a little more personal
                      ing kids to watch or other “re-     inviting vibe to real people, a “baggy       service than some of the other guys," Flora
                      sponsibilities,” we all have ex-    T-shirt” club, and not tailor to the typi-   said. "We want to get to know our custom-
     cuses for skipping out on our essential daily        cal body-building image of other gyms.       ers. We get out and show them just what
     fitness regiments. Sometimes a little motiva-        Also, ACAC’s medical staff coordinates       is going on with their cars and what they
     tion is what’s needed, and the Atlantic Coast        with local physicians to calibrate fitness   should be paying attention to. Even if it's
     Athletic Clubs (ACAC) helps give that pleas-         plans for members on a long-term basis.      just an oil change, we let them know what's
     ant push to Richmond residents.                        But the best part, Greene says, is that    coming up for maintenance to watch out
       Since opening in May 2005, this location,          they will pay you to work out! Every         for."
     which occupies a 15-acre stretch of land, has        newcomer, for the first 60 days, will earn     Barry and Aimee have been All Tune
     helped shed pounds of nearly 2,000 people on         money for each visit, an incentive to de-    franchisees for 15 years. Barry said he talk-
     a daily basis.                                       velop a proper exercise habit.               ed to franchisees at a number of businesses,
       ACAC’s marketing director Wendy Greene               ACAC encourages the entire fam-            but the All Tune owners seemed the most
     enjoys the inspiring feedback from members           ily to come along. While children stay       pleased and enthusiastic about what they
     whose lifestyles have jump-started after tak-        entertained in the Kidz Zone, parents        were doing.
     ing advantage of the facilities and programs.        and other adults can invest their time in      "It's a good business," he said. n
       “We have a wall in our center of stories           the weight room, aquatics center, tennis
     of members who have changed their lives              courts and other areas assisted by an all-
                                                                                                           Stop by one of their 3 locations:
     through exercise.”                                   star staff with years of experience. n              11800-B Hull St. • 744-1111
                                                                                                         6812 Midlothian Turnpike • 276-9720
           For questions or more information, call (804) 378-1600 or visit the Web site at
                                                                                                         8300 Midlothian Turnpike • 560-1120
                                                                          (pictured above)

10          March/April 2010
                                                                                                                     business watch
                                                                   Brandermill Country Club &
                                                                       Birkdale Golf Club

Apple Door Systems
              By Erika Gleeson

      n 1973, Hubert Apple, Jr. founded
      Apple Door Systems in Richmond as
      an overhead door service company. In
1978, Dan Apple, the founder’s son, joined                                                           sphere, while Brandermill's grille evokes
the company. Since then the company has                                                              a relaxed elegant charm. Each boasts de-
focused on the sale of all types of doors and                                                        licious menu choices as well as the perfect
awnings for commercial and residential use.                                                          socializing venue for members and their
  The company has now grown to include                                                               guests.
five other locations within the state, which                                                            The golf course at Brandermill has al-
are all independently owned by employees                                                             ways been respected as one of the best golf
who started at the Richmond location. One                                                            courses in Richmond, and Hatch has added

of the things Apple Door Systems prides                           ith the recent acquisition of      5 new tees and many mature trees to add
itself on is its employees’ experience. “We                       Brandermill Country Club,          a greater challenge to long hitters taking
have a lot of tenured employees,” says Dan                        golf   industry   expert   Mi-     advantage of golf’s modern technology. He
Apple, the current owner. “It assures our          chael Hatch is making a name for himself          explains, “I am fortunate that both courses
customers that the job will be done right          in Chesterfield County as the ‘golf guy’.         had great designers in Gary Player and Dan
the first time.”                                   Hatch purchased Birkdale Golf Club back           Maples. We have made changes to both
  Apple Door Systems is known for having           in 2006 when the course was in poor condi-        courses to add appeal for competitive golf-
higher priced products, but they feel their        tion.                                             ers and casual golfers alike. Brandermill
prices are a reflection of the quality of their      “We invested significant capital dol-           in my opinion has two of the best holes in
products and services. Apple comments,             lars on the course and in the clubhouse to        the metro Richmond area. Holes 14 and 15
“You can depend on us, and we feel the             make the course competitive with the other        present shots played over the Swift Creek
value we bring to each product and service         courses in the marketplace” says Hatch. He        Reservoir, which offers stunning water
we sell is easily justified by the level of ser-   adds, “With the addition of Brandermill           views on the course.”
vice and performance you receive from us.”         Country Club last year, members at both              To check out the progress and current
Apple Door Systems offers a 24-hour re-            clubs have access to 36 holes of golf and can     membership programs available at both
pair service and never uses subcontractors.        take advantage of the amenities offered at        clubs, please go to
“When you call us, we come,” says Apple.           both clubs.”                                      or call Mike personally at 804-744-1185 x
“We keep our appointments, and we show               Members at each club can use the fitness        222. As a hands-on owner, he is readily
up on time.” n                                     facilities, junior Olympic swimming pools,        available to make sure the members and
        For more information, visit                along with the choice of two grille rooms.        customers have a great time when visiting
                       Birkdale's grille offers a fun lively atmo-       his facilities. n

                                                                                             March/April 2010    11
                                                       business watch

                                                       What Number?
                                                               By G. Carl Mahler, Jr. CFP®

                                                                                  Planning on re-
                                                                               tiring? If so, when?
                                                                               Can you even get
                                                                               there    from     here
                                                                               after    events     of
                                                                               the last decade? If
                                                                               you’re already in
                                                       retirement, are you on a path to run out of
                                                       money? Not a pleasant thought, but one
                                                       all too many people find themselves fac-
                                                       ing because they didn’t have a plan. Now
                                                       I know many of you reading this article
                                                       who find yourself in this situation may
                                                       want to blame it on the markets rather
                                                       than on yourself, and while I agree that
                                                       the market hasn’t performed exactly as we
                                                       would wish in recent years, it’s more a lack
                                                       of having a plan in place for years before
                                                         About 4 years ago, Steve Eisenberg
                                                       wrote a book called The Number. The
                                                       premise of the book is asking you if you’ve
                                                       determined how much money you need to
                                                       accumulate to last throughout your retire-
                                                       ment. How many of you could say you
                                                       know your number? Few, I believe. Very
                                                       few. Part of the reason most haven’t is
                                                       they’re scared to see the results of the cal-
                                                         When I was growing up it was common
                                                       to hear middle class people wishing they
                                                       could somehow end up with a million dol-
                                                       lars, then everything would be OK. But
                                                       then several funny things happened to
                                                       make that number less realistic. People
                                                       started living a lot longer and incomes
                                                       went up tremendously. So, you discover
                                                       you need a lot more money to live on and
                                                       it’s got to last a whole lot longer.
                                                         Let’s suppose, for a minute, that there
                                                       is some magic in having a million dollars

12   March/April 2010
to retire on. Hypothetically speaking, if
you expect to earn 6-8% annually during
retirement (remember, more conservative
investments at retirement time), and since
the money will have to keep pace with in-
flation over a 30 year period, you can like-
ly harvest about 4-5% of that to live on.
That’s $40-50,000 per year on my million
dollars. Given incomes today that amount
of spendable income (before taxes) sure
doesn’t make you feel very wealthy. That’s
why your Number might be considerably
   Whatever your particular number ends
up being, you need a plan to get there.
And the sooner you start sacrificing some
of your income to get there, the more like-
ly you’ll be to actually arrive at that nice
place you envisioned way back when you
thought you were going to start. Now,
factor in to your calculation the possi-
bility that returns on your investments
might not average what they did years
ago. The financial press is saying returns
going forward might be half of those from
the Goldilocks Era of the ‘80s & ‘90s. Ex-
pected returns represent the third largest
component of the equation to get you to
your Number, and it’s a really big one. So,
my advice to you is get busy and get busy
quickly. And, if you look at what the mar-
kets have done to your portfolios over the
last decade as reason to throw your hands
up in frustration and give up, then you
need some professional help. Seriously!
It’s far more important what you do in bad
markets that counts, rather than what you
do in good ones. Good luck in your quest
to achieve your Number! n

                  The Pinnacle Group
                    An Independent Firm
3748 Winterfield Road • Midlothian, VA 23113

     804-378-1624 • 804-378-1625 (fax)
             Securities offered through:
        Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.,
               Member FINRA/SIPC.
You cannot invest directly in any index. Any opinions are those of G.
Carl Mahler, Jr. and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James.
   Past Performance may not be indicative of future performance.

                                                                        March/April 2010   13
14   March/April 2010
                                                                                                                             county connection
                                                                               In Olympics, and in Local Government,
                                                                                          Training is Key
                            First Choice is a bi-monthly
                         information column provided for the                                     Don J. Kappel, Director of Public Affairs,
                           citizens of Chesterfield County                                              Chesterfield County, Virginia

      n February, the world’s focus was on                     ed by the American Society for Training               We are proud of our employees and of
      Canada and the Winter Olympics.                          and Development.                                    the efforts of all those who have contrib-
      We applauded those athletes who,                           The quality of that training is instru-           uted to our continued leadership position
with much training and determination, rose                     mental in how our employees are able to             among local governments in the area of
to the top of their sport in order to repre-                   provide that exceptional customer service,          training. It is one of the ways we strive to
sent their country.                                            which leads to our citizen satisfaction sur-        live up to our mission of Providing a FIRST
  For athletes, for corporate employees,                       vey rankings of 94 percent of respondents           CHOICE community through excellence
and for government employees, training is                      rating our quality of life as good or excellent.    in public service. n
necessary in order to deliver the best per-
formance. For Olympians, the prize is a
medal. For corporate employees, it might
be better profit margins for the company.
For Chesterfield County employees, the
goal of training is to acquire and retain the
ability to provide consistently excellent
customer service in as efficient a manner as
  That training is paying off, and Ches-
terfield County is once again on Training
magazine’s list of the Top 125 employers
for the way in which it provides county
employees with training opportunities.
This is the county’s fourth consecutive year
on the list, and it has moved from 52nd in
2007, to 43rd in 2008, to 38th in 2009, to
number 12 for 2010.
  Of special note is the fact that of the
19,429 counties, cities, towns, boroughs
and other municipal governments the U.
S. Census Bureau lists in the U.S., Ches-
terfield County is still the only one in
America on the list. It is the recognized na-
tional leader among local governments in
employee training.
  This is important to our residents, be-
cause it is one of the key reasons why the
county is the low-cost service provider
among the 15 large localities in Virgin-
ia, each with a population of more than
  Chesterfield County provides employee
training, some of it mandated, for just 40
cents for every dollar spent by other gov-
ernments on training as average, as report-

                                                                                                          March/April 2010      15
16   March/April 2010
March/April 2010   17
people & places

                                                                        Ukrop's on Walmsley Boulevard, 1971.

     Produce Section of Martin's Food Store.

     The End
     or Beginning
     Of An Era?
                                                              ast year’s sale of Ukrop’s to international supermarket giant Ahold left a lot of
                                                              Richmonders scratching their heads. For years—nay, generations—Ukrop’s
                                                              reigned supreme in Richmond for all things grocery. Now, the beloved local insti-
                                                  tution has turned its stores over to Martin’s Food Markets, and many continue to wonder
     Attempts to                                  what to expect from this largely unknown newcomer. With such a loyal and long-standing
                                                  customer base, it’s going to take a lot of convincing on the new chain’s part to win the crowd
     Win Over                                     over… and that’s just fine by Martin’s.
                                                        Before approaching any new territory, it pays to understand what the market demands.

     Loyal Ukrop's                                That’s why Martin’s is making a considerable effort to gauge exactly what Richmond cus-
                                                  tomers want in their grocery stores. “We have been in the process of talking to custom-

     Customers                                    ers about what they would like to remain the same, and what should change,” said Tracy
                                                  Pawelski, Director of Public and Community Relations for Martin’s. “We know that cus-
                                                  tomers have strong feelings about what they like in their local Ukrop’s but are also ready for
     By Max Heyworth                              some changes.” Part of this effort involves coordinating an ongoing 300-shopper advisory
                                                  panel here in the Richmond market, dubbed the “Shopper’s Idea Exchange.” It’ll provide
                                                  in-depth feedback from Richmond shoppers as the transition progresses.

18   March/April 2010
  But building a market profile is only part
of the process. As a large and highly suc-
cessful supermarket chain, the folks at Mar-
tin’s have a good idea as to what works and
what doesn’t. What customers really want
are quality and value, both of which Mar-
tin’s brings in volume to the Richmond area.
“Martin’s is known for offering customers
the best combination of quality, selection and
savings,” Pawelski said. “We recognize that
family budgets are tight so our objective is to
provide as much value as possible. We have a
very strong loyalty card program called the
BonusCard and it is the key to thousands of
weekly savings called ‘Bonus Buys’ as well as
savings at the pump.”
  Community involvement is also a top pri-
ority for Martin’s. Last year’s “Living Here,
Giving Here” campaign amounted to more
than $15 million in combined cash and con-
tributions to local communities. This effort
goes toward supporting a number of causes,
including regional food banks, the USO, lo-
cal school systems and the Children’s Miracle
  As details of the Ukrop’s sale unfolded, it
was revealed that the bakery and packaged
goods operation would remain in business,
but to what extent was not made entirely clear
right away. This left many a baked goods fan
trembling with uncertainty. Fortunately for
them (for all of us, really), Martin’s will con-
tinue to stock Ukrop’s bakery and kitchen
products, although the in-store bakeries will
be strictly a Martin’s-run outfit. “Custom-
ers can expect to enjoy the same high-quality
prepared foods and bakery items that they
know and love,” claimed Pawelski, who add-
ed that, yes, chocolate frosted cupcakes will
still be available.
  For many, a world without Ukrop’s is a
tough reality to accept. Martin’s understands
that, and they’re confident it won’t take long
before Richmond begins to see what they’re
getting in return: a high-end, civic-minded
supermarket that offers great selection, great
value, Wi-Fi service in the café, and even in-
store nutritionists. And yes, they’ll sell beer
and wine on Sunday, too. n

                                                   March/April 2010   19
20   March/April 2010
                                                  GREAT SEASONS

             A TASTE OF ITALy                           CHOPSTIx
             13547 Waterford Place. Midlothian.         15801 City View Dr. Midlothian.
             763-2400.                                  379-8308.
             A local family owned restaurant            Only the best and freshest
             established since 1999, serving            ingredients used to create their
             authentic Italian food. Pastas,            unique menu. Sushi, sashimi,
             pizzas, and sauces are home                asian favorites, tempura, teriyaki,
             made, as are all the prepared
                                                        hibachi, and more.
             dishes on the menu.

             PESCADOS                                   TANDOORI
             13126 Midlothian Tnpk. 379-7121.           TIKKA & KEBAB
                                                        11400 W. Huguenot Rd. 379-5694.
             Freshest seafood around, only
             12-24 hours out of the water.
             Latin-inspired seafood in                  Taste the difference - Authentic
             a Caribbean atmosphere. Now                Indian Cuisine. Vegetarian
             open for lunch Monday-Friday               curries, birianies, tandoori dishes,
             with entrees from just $7.95.              non-vegetarian curries.

             HOWLETT’S                                  SHANGHAI
             3530 Festival Park Plaza. Chester.         6701 Lake Harbour Dr. 639-9089.
             930.1034.                                  9951 Hull Street Road. 745-0866.
                Traditional Chinese cuisine.
             The finest in prime rib, crab              Peking duck, several low-fat
             cakes, fresh seafood and steaks            dishes. Offering an excellent
             seared to perfection. Extensive            lunch buffet 7 days a week, and
             lunch menu and made from                   featuring a wide variety of well-
             scratch desserts.
                                                        prepared Oriental dishes.

Dining | nigHTLiFE | EVEnTS | TRAVEL | SPORTS | THE ARTS                                      21
            SPECiAL OFFER FOR                                                                   SPECiAL OFFER FOR
       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS                                                         CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS

 1/2 OFF                                       $
                                                  5 OFF                              FREE Flat Screen Television
   State Inspection                        Oil Change                                     When you move-in
         Expires 4/30/10                   Expires 4/30/10                               before May 20, 2010.
                                                                                                  Offer is limited,
                         3 Locations:                                                    see Executive Director for details!
        11800-B Hull Street Rd. | 6812 Midlothian Tnpk.                                             See Ad on Page 39

            8300 Midlothian Tnpk. See Ad on Page 19
                                                                                   2800 Polo Parkway | Midlothian | 804.379.2800 |

            SPECiAL OFFER FOR                                                                 SPECiAL OFFER FOR
       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS                                                       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS

    1/2 PRiCE ENTREE                                                                   $
                                                                                           3 OFF                                       $
                                                                                                                                          5 OFF
Buy One Entree at Regular                                                             State Inspection                                     Oil Change
Price, Get 2nd of equal or
  lesser value 1/2 Price
         Monday-Thursday Only
              See Ad on Page 26

        In Chester Village Green | 3530 Festival Park Plaza | 804.930.1034                900 Murray Olds Dr. | Behind Pence | 804.379.4141 | See Ad on Page 37

            SPECiAL OFFER FOR                                                                 SPECiAL OFFER FOR
       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS                                                       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS

             FREE ENTREE                                                                FREE GREEN FEE
Buy One Entree & 2 Soft Drinks, Get One Entree FREE.
Maximum Value $7.50. 2nd Entree Must Be Equal or Lesser Value. Expires 4/30/10.
                                                                                  Buy 1 greens fee at Regular Price,
                                                                                      Get 2nd greens fee FREE
                                                                                  Cart Required. Not valid with any other special.
                                                                                                                                     PRINCE GEORGE         GOLF COURSE

                                                                                  Valid Mon-Fri All Day & Weekends after 1 p.m.
                                                                                        Excludes holidays & tournaments.

                                                                                          Prince George Golf Course | Rt. 460 | Prince George | 804.991.2251
           10921 Midlothian Turnpike | 804.378-8177 | See Ad on Page 24            River’s Bend Golf Club | In River’s Bend | Chester | 804.530.1000 | See Ad on Page 23

            SPECiAL OFFER FOR                                                                 SPECiAL OFFER FOR
       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS                                                       CHESTERFiELD LiViNG READERS
                                                                                                                VaLiD On DinE in/TakE OuT OnLy.

       FREE Assessment                                                                  $5 OFF OR $10 OFF
                                                                                   Purchase of $30 or more.                          Purchase of $40 or more.
With this coupon.
     155 value
          See Ad on Page 12                                                          See Ad on Page 32
                                                                                                                                              See Ad on Page 33
                                                                                     Winterpock Crossing | 639-9089                   Jefferson Davis Hwy. | 425-9802
    7061 Commons Plaza | 804.778.7868 |                   Oxbridge Square | 745-0866                         between Rt. 10 and Rt. 288

  22             March/April 2010
            SPECiAL OFFER FOR
                                                        60 Day Membership.
    Includes Specialty classes with our certified personal trainers.
  Valid for the first 25 Members to join.
 First time members only. Not valid with
     any other offer. Expires 3/31/10.
                 See Ad on Page 30

  14700 Village Square Place | Midlothian | 804.739.9095 |

            SPECiAL OFFER FOR

      Botox : $9 per unit         TM

                              Regular Price $12

                                  See Ad on Page 16

             3738 Winterfield Rd., Suite 200 | Midlothian | 804.897.5297

            SPECiAL OFFER FOR
                                                               Lunch or
    1/2 PRiCE                                                   Dinner
Buy one lunch or dinner at regular price, receive 2nd of equal or lesser value for 1/2 PRICE.

170 Southgate Square | Colonial Heights Breckenridge Shopping Center | Chester
     804.520.5006 | See Ad on Page 25       | 804.796.7988 | See Ad on Page 26

            SPECiAL OFFER FOR

                          $500 OFF
 Limited time offer with coupon.
           Expires 5/20/10.
               See Ad on Page 7

         2010 Tomlyn Street | Henrico | 804.441.9335 |

                                                                                                March/April 2010   23
                                                                        Great Seasonings
                                                                        11400 W. Huguenot Road. 594-7008.
                                                                        Bistro style restaurant with eclectic variety
                                                                        of food including Stuffed Pork, Rack of
                                                                        Lamb, Filet, Clonakility Chicken and more.
     now Open For Lunch Monday-Friday with entrees from just $6.95
                                                                        The Grill At Waterford
                                                                        13548 Waterford Place, Midlothian.
      Thank you for naming us one of the best in Richmond Magazine      763-0555.
           “Most innovative Restaurant” & “Best Southside Restaurant”   Seafood, Steaks, Sandwiches. Open for
                                                                        Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

     13126 Midlothian Turnpike • Midlothian 804-379-7121                Howlett’s
                                                                        3530 Festival Park Plaza. Chester. 930.1034.
                                                                        The finest in prime rib, crab cakes, fresh
                                                                        seafood and steaks seared to perfection.

                                                                        Tropical Smoothie
                                                                        See for the
                                                                        location nearest you.
                                                                        Eat Better, Feel Better at Tropical Smooth-
                                                                        ie. Featuring great salads, sandwiches and
                                                                        wraps, and, their famous smoothies. Cater-
                                                                        ing for any occasion.

                                                                        15801 City View Dr. Midlothian. 379-8308.
                                                                        Sushi, sashimi, asian favorites, tempura,
                                                                        teriyaki, hibachi, and more.

                                                                        1228 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 897-9878.
                                                                        Full Sushi Menu, signature rolls, bento
                                                                        boxes, tempura, teriyaki, and kitchen

                                                                        Wild Ginger
                                                                        3734 Winterfield Rd. Midlothian. 378-4988.
                                                                        Pan Asian-influenced cuisine in a beautiful
                                                                        contemporary setting. Call for reservations.

                                                                        Brock’s BBQ
                                                                        11310 iron Bridge Road. 796-7539.
                                                                        Family style restaurant open since 1975,
                                                                        serving everything from BBQ to seafood.
                                                                        Dine-in, carry-out or catering for up to

                                                                        PQ’s BBQ
                                                                        13569 Midlothian Turnpike. 379-5267.
                                                                        Midlothian Station Shopping Center.
                                                                        Voted Richmond’s Best BBQ. Ribs,
                                                                        BBQ & Chicken.

24   Flavor
Hong Kong King Buffet
10334 Midlothian Tnpk. 272-8808.
International foods.

Sino-American Buffet
8701 Midlothian Tnpk. 272-1818.
An international all-you-can-eat buffet with
something for everyone at a reasonable

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
9212 Stony Point Fashion Park. 253-0492.
Experience Chinese cuisine, attentive
service, and an extensive wine list in a
stylish, high-energy bistro.

Winterpock Crossing. 6701 Lake Harbour Dr.
Oxbridge Square. 9951 Hull Street Road.
Traditional Chinese cuisine. Peking
duck, several low-fat dishes. Offering an
excellent lunch buffet 7 days a week, and
featuring a wide variety of well-prepared
Oriental dishes.

Belle Vie European Bistro
1244 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 379-3338.
Elegant but casual bistro serving dishes
with a French Belgium & European flavor.

Tandoori Tikka & Kebab
11400 W. Huguenot Rd. 379-5694.
Taste the difference - vegetarian curries,
birianies, tandoori dishes, non-vegetarian

A Taste of Italy
13547 Waterford Place. Midlothian.
Pasta, sandwiches and pizza.

              Antonio’s Ristorante
              11956 ironbridge Plaza.
              in front of Walmart Supercenter. 768-4255.
              Italian seafood, pasta, veal, chicken, pizza
              and subs in a casual atmosphere.

              13301 Riversbend Blvd. 530-1047.
              in front of Riversbend Shopping Center.
              Italian seafood, pasta, veal, chicken, pizza
              and subs in a casual atmosphere.

              Palermo Trattoria Pizzeria
              15717 City View Dr. Midlothian. 378-7643.
              Antipasti, pasta specialities, seafood,
              chicken, sandwiches, and pizza.

              10438 Midlothian Tnpk. 323-4000.
              Japanese style steakhouse.

              5023 Huguenot Road. 288-8801.
              Famous sushi bar, traditional Japanese and

              Casa Grande
              10921 Midlothian Turnpike. 378-8177.
              Authentic Mexican cuisnes in a casual and
              friendly atmosphere.

              Don Papa Grande
              Breckenridge Shopping Center. Chester.
              Experience Mexican dining and Mexican
              favorites at their best.

              13564 Waterford Pl. Midlothian. 763-3760.
              Authentic Mexican Cuisine.

              Hot Tamale Cafe
              13815 Fribble Way (off Hull Street).
              Enjoy seafood, salads, fantastic desserts,
              and all the best of Mexican cuisine.

              Los Bandidos
              170 Southgate Square. Colonial Heights.
              Great Mexican food in a casual atmosphere.

26   Flavor
The Boathouse at Sunday Park
4602 Millridge Parkway. 744-2545.
Seafood, Steaks, Rawbar & Pizza Oven.

13126 Midlothian Tnpk. 379-7121.
Freshest seafood around, only 12-24 hours
out of the water. Latin-inspired seafood in
a Caribbean atmosphere.

Milepost 5
1300 Sycamore Square. 794-9344.
You’d think you were in the Outer Banks.

Glory Days Grill
6151 Harbourside Centre Loop. 608-8350.
Family-oriented, sports themed restaurant.

Sports Page Bar & Grille
14245 Midlothian Tnpk. 379-1844.
35 TVs, pool tables, darts, great food,
raw bar.

204 Southgate Square Shopping Center.
Steaks, chicken, burgers, ribs and seafood.

3737 Boulevard. Colonial Heights.
Steak cut tableside in a cozy atmosphere
overlooking scenic Swift Creek.

Asian Bistro & Pho
2612 Perdue Springs Dr. Chester. 425-9802.
Authentic Thai dishes such as mango
salad, sea war, thai lamb, lady shrimp, and
homemade Thai Ice Cream.

Little Saigon
10012 Robious Road. 320-6098.
Rice vermicelli with charbroiled pork,
a favorite.

Saigon Gourmet Restaurant
11033 Hull St Rd. Midlothian. 745-0199.
Authentic Vietnamese restaurant.

                                                                                   in SEARCH OF

                                                                                     By Thomas Gresham
                                                                                     Photography by Rick Kidd

                                                                                       Andy Wu, the sushi chef at Sushi-O in Midlothian, has worked in
                                                                                     the Osaka Restaurant Group since its inception almost eight years
                                                                                     ago. During that time, Wu has developed into one of the top sushi
                                                                                     chefs in the state, according Ren Mefford of the Osaka Restaurant
                                                                                       “He’s a magical guy with a knife,” Mefford said. “His displays are
                                                                                     always over the top and they make customers ‘ooh’ and ‘aah.’”
                                                                                       Wu creates a steady succession of new, innovative signature rolls
                                                                                     with “cutting-edge ingredients,” according to Mefford. Popular
                                                                                     signature items on the sushi menu include the 007, which includes
                                                                                     shrimp tempura with lump crabmeat on top and yuzu sauce, and the
                                                                                     Inside Out Roll, which has yellowtail, white tuna, salmon and tuna
                                                                                     “in and out” with tobiko mix and spicy mayo.
                                                                                       Mefford said that Osaka Restaurant Group’s size makes it the larg-
                                                                                     est purchaser of sushi fish in the Richmond area and gives it a great
                                                                                     selection from suppliers, ensuring that the ingredients in Wu’s sushi
                                                                                     creations are always of top quality.

                                                                                       For a complete menu and explanation of Sushi-O’s philosophy,
                                                                                                visit Sushi-O is located at
                                                                                         1228 Alverser Drive near Huguenot Road. 804-897-9878.

     CHOPSTIX 15801 City View Drive in Midlothian. 804-379-8308.

       When James Han needed a sushi chef for Chopstix, an              knack for creating delicious, in-
     Asian bistro and sushi lounge he was opening in Midlothian,        ventive fusion rolls.
     he took a tasting trip to New York City. At one of his stops,        Han says that the Angry
     a Chinese-born sushi chef who answers to the name of K.K.          Dragon (a shrimp tempura base,
     blew him away with the rigorous level of care he brought to        spicy tuna, sliced papaya and a
     his presentations. K.K. is now the sushi chef at Chopstix.         spicy Kani (crab) salad on top,
       K.K.’s food “speaks for itself,” Han says. “It’s just phe-       served with nuta sauce) has
     nomenal.”                                                          proven even more popular than
       Sushi cognoscenti who venture to Chopstix will find              the California Roll. Another
     sushi that is prepared expertly. According to Han, “When           clever customer favorite is the
     they come here, they try to find something wrong and they          Midlothian Roll, which includes shrimp tempura, spicy crab
     just can’t. They appreciate that.” Han says the strength of        and avocado on the inside, wrapped with soy nigiri sliced and placed on its side
     the sushi at Chopstix is the reliable freshness of the fish, the   and then topped with a spicy tuna, spicy salmon and seaweed salad, which is com-
     attention to detail in the traditional presentations and K.K.’s    plimented with a spring mix salad with the chef’s special dressing.

28     Flavor
Parc Place Shopping Center adjacent to Short Pump Town Center at
11740 W. Broad Street, Suite 102B. 804-364-1788.

   Kenji Hibachi and Sushi Bar identifies itself as a mod-    as cooking the fish in a roll or leaving
ern sushi place and not “old-fashioned,” according to         out the seaweed. However, through its
Meio Fan of the Short Pump restaurant.                        sushi chefs’ inventiveness, Kenji also
   This means that Kenji’s sushi chefs – Dong, Phillip        aims to offer new and exciting combi-
Fan and James Pong – are perpetually experimenting and        nations for veteran sushi diners.
creating new dishes to add to a menu that the chefs strive       The Spicy Volcano Roll is one
to keep fresh with new and surprising options. “They are      customer favorite. The roll features
always changing – always challenging themselves,” Meio        tuna, crabmeat and avocado, deep-
said. “It’s like an art for them.”                            fried and topped with spicy mayon-
   Meio said Kenji could serve as an ideal place for new-     naise and Kenji’s spicy sauce. Another roll that attracts attention is the Pink
comers to be introduced to sushi. Staff will work with        Panther, which features shrimp tempura, crabmeat, masago, lettuce and avocado with
customers to find a dish that is a good fit for their pal-    special sauce in a pink soy wrapper. And the Sunset Roll (eel, shrimp and avocado
ates and comfort levels and can offer alternatives, such      topped with salmon, avocado and creamy crabmeat) earns raves, too.

                                                  11674 W. Broad Street. 804-364-8800.
                                                  5023 Huguenot Rd. 804-288-8801.
                                                    Freshness is the rule for sushi     – one reason the restaurant has built a steady, strong group
                                                  at Osaka Sushi & Steak, accord-       of regulars in the Richmond area. The choices can be whim-
                                                  ing to Kim Zhao of the restau-        sical and fun, such as the rolls created at the Short Pump
                                                  rant, which has locations at          location to honor the newest openings at the nearby cinema
                                                  Short Pump and on Huguenot            (such as the “Avatar Roll” and the “Wolfman Roll”) or the
                                                   Road.                                rolls invented for special occasions. The “Sweetheart Roll”
                                                      Quality control is critical to    was a huge hit around Valentine’s Day. The “Flying Squir-
                                                   sushi’s flavors. Serving fish that   rels Roll” honors Richmond’s new minor-league baseball
                                      has been sitting in the kitchen for too long      team.
results in sushi that “is not good,” Zhao said. “We don’t do that. We make sure our       Osaka also hones its choices to meet customers’ prefer-
fish is always fresh every day. Sushi is nowhere to cheat.”                             ences, such as using brown rice for some sushi choices and
  Along the same line of thinking, Osaka keeps its options fresh for customers          offering options with cooked fish.

MAMA WOK 7801 W. Broad Street.                                          variety of options for custom- 804-672-8989                                   ers. In addition to the staples
   One of the newest restaurants arriving on the dining scene of        on every good sushi menu,
Richmond is an authentic Chinese restaurant by the name of Ma           the innovative special rolls at
Ma Wok. The first Ma Ma Wok opened in 1994 in Rockville, Mary-          MaMa Wok burst with cre-
land. And with its success came five other locations in North Po-       ativity, big flavors and tex-
tomac, MD and Reston, VA. Ma ma Wok is a family owned and               tures. The MaMa Wok Roll
run business. Loong Chun Hsu, founder and owner was scouted             features spicy yellowtail,
by a local restuarantuer, in his homeland of Taiwan, to be head chef    green pepper & crunchy
at a Chinese restaurant in the suburbs of Maryland. Years later,        topping, with pepper tuna
Loong founded his own restaurant, Ma ma Wok. Michael Hsu, son           on the outside. The Good
of Loong Hsu, is the friendly and ever present manager that you         Time Roll features crab,
are sure to be greeted by if you decide to dine at Mama Wok. Aside      shrimp, avocado & cream cheese
from the Chinese fair that is getting so much praise with the locals,   and is deep fried. The Black Dragon Roll features spicy crab meat & avo-
the sushi is also gaining a reputation of excellence. Nicky, the head   cado inside, with eel & crunchy topping on the outside. As you can see, the
sushi chef, learned his craft under the tutelage of a Japanese sushi    rolls are far from plain. The atmosphere at Mama Wok is warm and inviting
chef before serving stints at restaurants in Shanghai and New York      with 233 seats. And these days, full of new and returning customers. Mama
City. The sushi menu at Ma Ma Work is expansive, including a wide       Wok is a must try!

There’s a new restaurant
                                       Meet Sushi-O's
in Midlothian – sort of.               New Executive Chef
“We’re treating it as a                       f LaCivita’s name rings a bell, there’s a good reason
new restaurant, a                             for that. For the past 8½ years, he was both chef
reopening,” says Kevin                        and owner of Pomegranate Euro Bistro, a popular
LaCivita, the new ex-                   Shockoe Slip eatery.
ecutive chef at Sushi-O                  While admitting that a move to Sushi O was somewhat
Restaurant.                         of a departure for him, LaCivita says, “The primary reason I
                                 came here was to incorporate what I had been doing (at Pome-
                             granate) into Sushi O.”
        What LaCivita had been doing was offering Richmond diners a delightful taste of Medi-
                                                                                                         H o w e v e r,
     terranean cuisine, especially French and Italian, with even some Spanish and Greek mixed
                                                                                                      those who wish to
     in. So, how do such culinary influences meld with a sushi-oriented menu?
                                                                                                      be tempted by the exotic blending of the finest
        According to the Pittsburg-born chef, who currently resides in Midlothian, this fusion
                                                                                                      European and Asian cuisines, can select from
     of Latin, French and Italian cooking with Asian cuisine is becoming very popular in such
                                                                                                      such early favorites (the new menu was just
     cities as Washington, D.C. and New York. With the “reopening” of Sushi O, Richmonders
                                                                                                      released in late February) as the lamb chops,
     can experience the delights of a fine fusion menu.
                                                                                                      which the menu mouth-wateringly describes
        LaCivita feels that the new menu will broaden the scope of the restaurant. “Now, if a
                                                                                                      as Thai chili honey pomegranate glaze, mas-
     party of four comes in, there’ll be something for everyone, including those who are not
                                                                                                      carpone polenta, spicy bok choy and mint oil.
     especially into sushi.”
                                                                                                         Don’t let the somewhat ordinary names
        But for those who do enjoy the sushi, as well as the restaurant’s Asian dishes, not to
                                                                                                      on the menu fool you. These are no ordinary
     worry. “We’ve left several of the more popular dishes, such as the sesame chicken and the
                                                                                                      dishes. Take, for instance, the jumbo lump crab
     black pepper udon, unchanged,” he says. And, there’s still the full sushi menu and the res-
                                                                                                      cakes. With the culinary magic of a chef skilled
     taurant’s signature rolls.
                                                                                                      in fusion cuisine, you now have delectable crab
                                                                                                      cakes served with birds nest potatoes, jicama
                                                                                                      slaw, wasabi aioli and pomegranate reduction.
                                                                                                      There’s also the curried she crab soup, teem-
                                                                                                      ing with jumbo lump crab, with masago and
                                                                                                      lustau sherry.
                                                                                                         I asked LaCivita if diners will see anything
                                                                                                      different upon entering Sushi O, before they
                                                                                                      even have an opportunity to peruse the new
                                                                                                      menu. “More knives and forks on the table,”
                                                                                                      he tells me. Although, he does say that many of
                                                                                                      his popular recipes from the bistro have been
                                                                                                      altered to allow the use of chopsticks.
                                                                                                         Now that the menu has been updated to re-
                                                                                                      flect his influences, LaCivita promises that the
                                                                                                      wine menu will be updated. There will even be
                                                                                                      chef’s suggestions provided to assist the diner
                                                                                                      in pairing the wine with the food.
                                                                                                         If you were thinking you’ve never seen this
                                                                                                      in town before, you would be correct. “This is
                                                                                                      a whole new concept for Rich-
                                                                                                      mond,” LaCivita says.
                                                                                                      “We’ll be offering a bit
                                                                                                      more of a refined din-       Sushi-O Restaurant
                                                                                                      ing experience, but it      1228 Alverser Plaza
                                                                                                      will still be casual. It
                                                                                                      will still be fun.” n

30    Flavor
CALENDAR OF EVENTS   homestead month
                     henricus historical park
                                                                                                                                 March 2010
                     (804) 748-1613
                     Interpreters will demonstrate period
                     cooking, sewing and mending, and
                     17th-century cleaning methods.                                                                                         SATuRDAY
                     All month, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.                                                                                              oh Just pampheR me
                                                                                                                                            shopping soiRee
                                                                                                                                            greater Richmond convention
                     1                                                                                                                      center
                     THRu MAY 31                                                                                                            An “Oh Just Us Girls” soirée is the
                     spRing! at maymont                                                                                                     perfect way to spend an evening in
                                                                                                                                            a safe environment, being pam-
                     maymont park
                                                                             19-21                                                          pered, and to relish time with just
                     Every weekend from March through                        FRIDAY-SuNDAY                                                  the girls. (2pm-9pm)
                     May, new experiences await as                           fabulous finds
                     Maymont presents a whirlwind of                         consignment event
                                                                             Richmond Raceway complex
                     programs and events showcasing                                                                                         SATuRDAY
                     every facet of the park and Victorian         
                                                                             The Spring themes feature “Tot 2                               ventuRe Richmond
                                                                             Teen”, “Closet Diva”, and “Wedding                             downtown loft touR
                                                                             and Prom”. Shop and support your                               canal walk at 14th street.
                                                                             local schools fundraising through
                                                                                                                                            10 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                                             this event. (9am-8:30pm)
                                                                                                                                            Admission Fee: $20 in advance,
                                                                                                                                            $25 day of tour.
                                                                             falling cReek
                                                                             iRonwoRks day
                                                                             6407 Jefferson davis highway                                   ukRop's monument
                                                                             (804) 751-4946                                                 avenue 10k
                                                                             Activities include guided tours,                               franklin & belvidere st.
                                                                             exhibits, costumed interpreters, liv-                          (804) 285-9495
                                                                             ing history, period demonstrations,                  
                                                                             Native American dancing and chil-                              8 a.m.-1 p.m.
                                                                             dren’s activities. 12-4 p.m. FREE.                             Admission Fee: $17-$35.

         All events are subject to changes. To submit an event call (804) 639-9994, fax your event and contact information to (804) 739-9549 or email it to
 32                                                                 For more events, visit
                                                                                                                                                                               CALENDAR OF EVENTS
        April 2010                                                                                                          17-18
                                                                                                          14                SATuRDAY-SuNDAY
                                                                                                                            19th annual RevolutionaRy
3                                                                    heRitage music seRies:
                                                                                                                            waR Reenactment of the
SATuRDAY                                                                                                                    1781 battle of peteRsbuRg
                                                                       southeRn hoRizons
2nd annual black & white                                                                                                    battersea
                                                                                  hanover tavern
affaiR chaRity benefit                                                                                                      (804) 733-2402
                                                                                    (804) 537-5050
children's museum of Richmond                                 
(804) 687-1829                                                                                                              9 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission: $5 day.
                                                               Enjoy Civil War melodies and song                                           with Southern Horizons. 7-8 p.m.
Casino night charity event fundrais-
er, hosted by the KLM Scholarship
                                                               Appropriate for all ages and FREE!
Foundation. Funds raised will be                                                                                            viRginia gaRden week
used to provide book scholarships
for students attending Virginia col-
                                                              17                                                            Visit for a
                                                                                                                            full schedule of events.
leges and universities.                                       SATuRDAY
                                                              celebRation of the vine
                                                              chesterfield county                                           30-MAY 1
9                                                             government complex
                                                              (804) 748-6364
FRIDAY                                                        Enjoy tastings from Virginia winer-
                                                                                                                            nascaR weekend
opening Reception                                                                                                           Richmond international Raceway
                                                              ies, food, crafts and entertainment
with aRtist                                                                                                                 tickets: (866) 455-7223
                                                              at this family festival.
bella arte                                                                                                        
The Lighter Side of Jacki Sowers.
                                                              eaRth day celebRations
                                                              three lakes park
SuNDAY-SATuRDAY                                               Activities and entertainment will
va aRchitectuRe week                                          include educational booths and
va center for architecture                                    displays, litter “pick-up” races, re-
2501 monument avenue                                          cycling games, the Henrico County                                  Bookmobile, arts and crafts, games,
Visit the website above for a full                            face painting, and more. 1 p.m.-4
schedule of events.                                           p.m. Free Admission.

 All events are subject to changes. To submit an event call (804) 639-9994, fax your event and contact information to (804) 739-9549 or email it to
                                                             For more events, visit                                                                                33
     By Victor Samper • Photography by Robert Thomas Photography

     The Bartenders
                                    La Forrest Roxbury                                            Dale Schiltz
                                    Belle Vie                                                     Palermo Trattoria Pizzeria
                                    1244 Alverser Plaza, Midlothian                               15717 City View Dr., Midlothian
                                    804-379-3338                                                  804-378-7643
                                     How long bar tending:                                         How long bar tending:
                                     "10 years."                                                    "I’ve been a bartender for 12
                                      How long at Belle Vie:                                       years."
                                      "9 months."                                                   How long at Palermo:
                                                                                                    "Since day one, so October."

     How did you get into bartending?                                 How did you get into bartending? “I was a student at Virginia
     “I worked at a brokerage firm during the day and liked to bar-   Tech and started bartending there at a pizza place. I ended up
     tend at night. I love getting face to face with people.”         staying in Blacksburg for about 7 years. After that I moved to
     What would you say Belle Vie is known for? “We are a family      Richmond and have been doing it here ever since.”
     oriented restaurant known for our Belgian and French cuisine,    What would you say Palermo's is known for? “We’ve got
     as well as our diverse wine list. You can also say that we are   fantastic Marsala dishes. We hand roll our spinach Gnocchi in
     recognized for our Mussels menu, which are a perfect accompa-    house. Handmade, fresh pasta for our pasta dishes. It’s a family
     niment for our extensive Belgian beer list. ”                    owned business.”
     What is the secret to success as a bartender? “I enjoy           What is the secret to success as a bartender? “Remember
     greeting the guest after a hard days work and make them feel     your customers…always try to be one step ahead and always
     good. I have a good memory, so I know what my regulars want      come with a smile on your face and remember you have to
     before they even ask. I want to bartend at night, even after I   keep the customer happy.”
     graduate from ECPI and work in IT Network Security.”
                                                                      What is your drink of choice when you go out?
     What is your drink of choice when you go out?
                                                                      “A Maker’s Mark on the rocks.”
     “Grey Goose and cranberry juice.”

     Their Signature Drinks
                                              BELgIuM                                                        LIMONCELLO
                                              ChOCOLATE MARTINI                                              MARTINI
                                              Vanilla Vodka                                                  1.5 oz Limoncello
                                              godiva Liquor                                                  3 oz Vodka

                                              Disarronno Amaretto                                            ½ oz Triple Sec

                                              With a little…………                                              Splash of Sour Mix
                                              “Je ne sais quoi”                                              Sugared Rim
                                                                                                             Sugared Lemon garnish

34   Flavor
                                           BARTENDERS’ BESTS
                                                                                    The Bartenders
                              Tina Manley                                                           April Cory
                              Pescados                                                              Wild Ginger
                              13126 Midlothian Turnpike                                             3734 Winterfield Rd., Midlothian
                              Village Marketplaces Center                                           804-378-4988
                                                                                                     How long bar tending:
                               How long bar tending: 6 years                                         “Since I turned 21, so about 7
                                How long at Pescados:                                                years.”
                                “This is actually the only place I                                    How long at Wild Ginger:
                                have ever worked as a bartender.”                                     “Since I turned 21, so about 7

How did you get into bartending? “Well, when my husband
Todd and I opened Pescado’s I was still working full time at             What is one thing every customer should know
Anthem. I just helped out here and there until our bartender at          about bartenders?
the time moved to Chicago. So I stepped in and learned the
                                                                         “Always be nice.”
job on the fly.”
What would you say Pescado’s is known for? “I think for our              What would you say Wild Ginger is known for?
use of local and fresh ingredients. All of our fish is flown in daily.   “Great food, great atmosphere, great people.”
Our food is definitely fine dining but we like to think of our-
selves as more of a fun dining establishment.”                           What is the secret to success as a bartender?
What is the secret to success as a bartender? “Whew, tough               “Stick to who you are…people really respond to a genuine
question. I think a big ingredient to success is multitasking. I         nature. ”
like to think of the customers as friends in my living room that
                                                                         What is your drink of choice?
I’m trying to entertain.”
What is your drink of choice when you go out?
“A Spicy Bloody Mary”

                                                                Their Signature Drinks
                                          CRuzAN                                                               BLuE ORChID
                                          VOODOO JuICE                                                         Raspberry & Blueberry
                                          ¼ oz. each of:                                                       Vodka
                                          Cruzan guava Rum,
                                                                                                               Splash of Pomegranate
                                          Cruzan Coconut Rum,
                                          Cruzan Pineapple Rum,
                                          Cruzan Mango Rum,                                                    Lemon Juice
                                          Cruzan Banana Rum                                                    Blueberries
                                          ¼ oz. each of:
                                          Cranberry juice,
                                          Pineapple juice,
                                          Orange juice,
                                          guava nectar
                                          Splash of grenadine

                                                                              The bistro styled restaurant’s menu features an eclectic variety of food
                                                                              with meals ranging from $9.00 an entrée to $22.

     Restaurant Opens
                                                                                 Phil Minor, the executive chef for the restaurant, is well versed in
                                                                              culinary arts, once having owned his own restaurant in Ireland. The
                                                                              restaurant uses only the finest, freshest vegetables and ingredients in
     By Missy E. Watts
                                                                              its uniquely designed menu; bringing some of Phil Minor’s and Todd

                    hether you are looking for a catering company com-        Schneider’s specialties into the mix. “Everything is made in house,”
                    plete with all the bells and whistles to help plan your   stated Schneider. It is a ‘very good menu…not too much, but not too
                    upcoming wedding or a restaurant to have a classic        little.”
     and elegant dinner, Todd Schneider can provide it all.                      For ‘Starters” customers may choose from a variety of appetizers
        When Todd Schneider’s job moved him from his native Con-              ranging from Portabella Stack or Ahi Tuna to Cowboy Sushi or Great
     necticut to Virginia, he found the food in Virginia lacking some of      Seasons Pizza. Salads range from an Ice Berg Trio of BLT, Sicilian and
     the intricate seasonings and textures he was used to back home. It       Mediterranean to Field of Greens and the Great Seasons Caesar.
     was then he decided to start his own catering business, ‘Season-            The Main Course ranges from Vegetarian Terrine featuring veg-
     ings Fine Catering’, bringing a little bit of northern East Coast        etables such as roasted squash, zucchini, eggplant, and roasted red
     flair to Virginia.                                                       peppers to Great Seasons Stuffed Pork, Rack of Lamb, a 10 oz filet,
        Now after several years the catering business, which includes         Clonakilty Chicken and catch of the day.
     an all inclusive package deal featuring their own florist, rentals          Not to be outdone, there is a ‘sweet ending’ awaiting everyone’s
     and pastry chef, the ‘one stop shop’ that owner Todd Schneider           taste from Chocolate Turtle Torte and Banoffi Pie to Cheese Cake and
     describes, has expanded once more opening a casual, but elegant          Gelati Celesti.
     restaurant in Midlothian at the Shoppes at Bellgrade.                       The restaurant hours are: Lunch: Monday - Friday 11:30 a.m. - 2:30
        “Great Seasons” which first opened on February 5th, is located        p.m.; Dinner Wednesday and Thursday 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.; Friday
     at 11400 West Huguenot Road and has had a fantastic opening              and Saturday 5:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. and Sunday 4:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
     according to Schneider. “The community seems to be involved in           Happy Hour is served Wednesday through Saturday – 4:30 p.m. – 6:30
     this restaurant,” he added pointing out it is not a chain restaurant.    p.m.; Reservations are suggested, but not required. n

                For more information on the restaurant or catering service,
                                  please call (804) 594-7008.

36   Flavor   37
     an aura
     OF RElAxATiON
     By Amanda S. Krieger

         A visit to the spa should never be ordinary, which is why the
     Aura Spa & Salon at The Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa is dedi-
     cated to giving guests a one-of-a-kind relaxation experience.            As a way for a bride to start off her special day, Aura Spa &
     “The contemporary spa is very unique and is the only spa to offer    Salon offers bridal packages. These packages offer services to
     Chromotherapy in Richmond,” said Vice President of Sales and         de-stress the bride and groom or choose a package for the entire
     Marketing for Shamin Hotels, which owns and manages Aura             wedding party.
     Spa & Salon located in the new Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa in            Aura Spa and Salon is offering a grand opening special of $20
     Short Pump.                                                          off any services over $100 through March 31. Aura Spa & salon is
         Aura Spa was designed to be soothing and uplifting through       located at the Richmond Hilton, 12042 West Broad Street, the spa
     the use of light and spatial displacement. It brings awe to the      is open to Hilton guests as well as the general public. Learn more
     viewer’s eye as the hundreds of thousands of LED lights change       about Aura Spa at
     and wash you in a sea of color to soothe the soul and refresh
     the spirit. Chromotherapy is used to balance energy. Darling
     explained, “The combination of light therapy with spa services
     relaxes the entire body and mind as tones of blue, green, yellow
     and violet wash over your body to sooth and refresh.”
         The Spa is a full service spa and salon with four unique pedi-
     cure pods. The massaging pods contain the LED lights to contin-
     ue the chromotheropy experience and an iPod docking station to
     enjoy your favorite tunes while receiving a signature pedicure.
         The spa offers five treatment rooms, all of which use Kerstin
     Florian products and are designed with the comfort of the guest
     in mind. The rooms include a couple’s room for a signature serv-
     ices with your special someone, a tub and a unique 12 point
     shower for a variety of both wet and dry treatments.
         Aura Spa offers several signature massages including sports
     and prenatal massages. They offer many types of body treat-
     ments, sunless tanning, and renewing, refreshing or detoxifying
     facials. The salon puts the final touches on the Salon experience
     with offering makeup, hair, nail and waxing services.
         Aura Spa didn’t leave anyone out, they also have services de-
     signed especially for teens and tweens. The younger crowd (teen
     services are for ages 12-15, tween services are for ages 9-11) can
     be pampered with a facial, manicure and pedicure or makeup.
     There’s even a BFF package for two. “We like to think we thought
     of everything someone could ever want in their spa experience
     in our beautiful new spa.” Darling said.
         Plus, Aura offers a gentleman’s facial and deep tissue massage
     just for men.

38   Flavor
March/April 2010   39
40   March/April 2010
        your Child’s

                hen it comes to taking care
                of your teeth, there is some
                truth in the old saying, “You
can’t be all things to all people.” While a
dentist can provide orthodontic care, The
American Association of Orthodontists
members have an additional two to three
years of Dental School in an ADA accred-
ited program.
  “The benefits can stack up when choos-
ing an orthodontist,” says Dr. Baxter Per-
kinson. Along with the extra years of train-
ing, they limit their practice exclusively to
orthodontics, and fulfill continuing edu-
cation in the specialty of orthodontics to
provide you with the best in diagnosis and
current treatment options.
  American Association of Orthodontists
have the training and experience that make
them uniquely qualified to provide the
highest quality of orthodontic care so that
patients will achieve optimum oral health.
  Dr. Baxter Perkinson & Associates un-
derstand that Orthodontist are specially
trained to provide the best orthodontic
care, hence, the group practice has four Or-
thodontist to take care of your orthodon-
tic needs. We want our patients to have the
best that orthodontics can offer. n

    Dr. Dale Rogers, Dr. Rick Marcus,
         Dr. Allison Purcell, and
           Dr. Dwight Buelow.
    For a list of all area locations, visit: or see our
                ad on page 2.

                                                March/April 2010   41
     By Melinda Martin
                                       Moments           and education you prefer, then the monthly      dening and Community Picnic on April

                  h, spring is in the air. Time to get   luncheons and wellness programs offered         30, 2010 at Montpelier Park just to name
                  outdoors, get going, and maybe         at the YMCA are for you. The luncheon is        just one. Maybe you’d like to try the se-
                  even try something new. It’s the       held the second Wednesday of each month         nior yoga course being held from March
     perfect time of year to enjoy all that the          from 11:30 am-1 pm at the Sandston Rec-         10-May 7. Also being offered is the Young
     region has to offer. Where can seniors go           reation Center. Special trips and events are    at heart Exercise class at Northside Baptist
     for new experiences, new friends, fun, and          also being planned, so call Tricia Powell at    Church from April 19-May 24. Zumba
     age-appropriate exercise programs? With             (804) 737-9622 for more information.            Gold is being offered at Montpelier Com-
     so many options for active seniors available           The Chickahominy YMCA has just               munity Center from March 23-May 3,
     the only problem is deciding which activi-          added another feature to their Active Older     2010. Zumba is an upbeat workout to Latin
     ties to choose.                                     Adult Program. The “Hot Spot” is a senior       music and dance steps. This Zumba class
        Senior Connections, the Capital Area             activity center open from 9 am to Noon,         has been tailored to meet the specific needs
     Agency on Aging, provides opportunities             Monday through Friday. You do not need          of seniors. No previous dance experience
     for seniors to meet, have a nutritious meal,        to be a member of the YMCA to enjoy this        is required for this class, only your inter-
     and engage in activities such as exercise,          free resource. The “Hot Spot” provides          est in trying something different and fun.
     lectures, health and nutrition education            free programs, activities, resources, social    Visit or call (804)
     and screenings as well as social activities         events, seminars, and classes geared toward     365-4695 for more information on these
     and field trips. These neighborhood gath-           seniors. There is also a weekly game day at     and other courses available.
     erings are known throughout the region              the “Hot Spot.” While at the there you are         For the artist, Chesterfield Department
     as Friendship Cafes. Café locations can             invited to try any of the senior-specific ex-   of Parks and Recreation is offering a course
     be found at churches, senior centers, and           ercise classes for free.                        on watercolor painting. This course will be
     community centers throughout Richmond,                 Every fall the branches of the Greater       held at LaPrade Library and taught by a
     Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland,              Richmond YMCA participate in the An-            local artist. The beginner class will be held
     Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, and Pow-                nual Adult Games. Call or visit your local      from March 22-April 26. The intermedi-
     hatan Counties. There is no fee for this ser-       YMCA branch for more information on             ate watercolor class will be held March
     vice and for more information or to find a          how to participate or just cheer someone on.    23-April 27. Call (804) 751-4135 to register
     Café near you call (804) 343-3000.                  If you or someone you know is an athlete,       for these and an abundance of other courses
        If it’s a good workout you’re looking for,       be sure to register for the Virginia Senior     being offered.
     be sure to check out your local YMCA.               Games, which are being held on May 6-9,            Having a senior moment has never been
     The YMCAs of Greater Richmond have                  2010. For more information or to register       so much fun. No matter what your bud-
     exercise programs specifically designed             for the senior games call (804) 730-9447 or     get or interests, there are plenty of op-
     for seniors at all branches. The Chicka-            log on to          tions available in the region to stay active,
     hominy Family YMCA offers a variety of              Come to participate or just come to watch       informed and healthy. Contact your local
     age-appropriate exercise programs, from             and meet other active seniors.                  YMCA, department of Parks and Recre-
     an arthritis exercise program to the Silver            Your local County Department of Parks        ation, and not for profit agencies such as
     Sneakers program. There are so many op-             and Recreation is another great resource for    Senior Connections. You will be surprised
     tions available to make your fitness routine        senior citizens looking to stay active. Ha-     and delighted to discover the world of op-
     safe, fun and unique. If its companionship          nover County is offering a Festival of Gar-     portunities available to you. Enjoy! n

42           March/April 2010
March/April 2010   43
                  Vicki O’Neal, owner of FORM & FUNCTION, provides commercial and
                residential interior and landscape design. She is a professional member
                          of ASID, VA Certified Interior Designer (CID), Master Gardener,
                               and a VA Certified Landscape Designer and Horticulturist.
                                                     (804) 897-8558 |
                  The material contained in articles written by Vicki O’Neal is intended for general information only.

                                                                             Creating a

                                                                        Low Maintenance

     Landscaping Strategies

     T             he dream of many homeowners and almost any gardener is to have a low
                   maintenance, beautifully landscaped property incorporating attractive foli-
                   age, seasonal color, and a lush, carpeted lawn. What is a low- maintenance
     landscape and how is one created? My definition is incorporating solutions to the land-
     scape design that reduce and streamline routine tasks and lessen maintenance frequency.
     As I mentally walk back through the seasons, the most common chores are caring for the
     lawn, adding new plants, watering, mulching, weeding, leaf removal, and occasional prun-
     ing. So how can all these tasks be orchestrated to be as manageable and easy as possible?

     Start With A Plan
       To maximize the effectiveness of efforts and dollars, the value of sound, strategic plan-
     ning cannot be overemphasized. Whether your plan is the result of consulting with a pro-
     fessional or the outcome of your own careful analysis and research, start each season with
     tangible and specific goals. Often the most cost-effective strategy is to hire a qualified and
     impartial landscape designer for general recommendations, a planting plan, or to create a
     complete master plan. The design can then be installed all at once if the budget allows, or
     implemented by the do-it-yourselfer over time. This might seem like an unnecessary step,
     but professional advice often saves time, labor, money, and re-dos.

44                             March/April 2010
                            around the house

Keep It Simple
  Each season, establish priorities based on your master
plan. Get the biggest jobs finished first. This will give a great
sense of achievement and inspire you to move forward with
other projects. Starting early in the season will spread the
projects out over time so there is more opportunity to enjoy
the garden without thinking about things that need doing.
Be proactive by checking your lawn mower and tools during
the winter and have any needed repairs done before spring
is in full swing.

Work With Nature
 Nature can dose out some pretty tough conditions with
our weather sometimes changing drastically from day to
day. Even with the best gardening practices there may be
an occasional failure. One of the best tactics is to become a
keen observer of the conditions and microclimates around
your home. One side will be in shade, the other in sun. Most
trees, shrubs, and perennials prefer reasonably fertile soil
that drains well. Some plants are drought tolerant, some not.
Choosing flora for the conditions of their new setting is cru-
cial to their sustainability and beauty.

Right Plant/ Right Place
  When beginning many landscape design projects, I of-
ten see simple reasons why plantings are not thriving. Most
often it’s the result of unintentional mistakes in placement,
planting or mulching techniques. Placing plants too close to
the house foundation or to each other can create situations
where plantings quickly outgrow their bounds and eventu-
ally have to be removed, creating unnecessary work.
  When planting, always check the plant tags for the mature
size of the plant. The rule of thumb I use is to space the
plants based on 80% of their mature height and width and
position accordingly. The layout will look great just after
planting, will be even more attractive as the plants grow into
maturity, and will need little or no pruning or maintenance.
Trees and shrubs should generally be planted higher than the
surrounding ground, with a mulch ring around the plant to
allow the rain water to pause and penetrate into the root sys-
tem. Remember to loosen the plant’s roots before planting.
Dig the planting hole twice as wide and one and one half
times as deep as the container. Add soil amendments such
as compost or an organic mix and blend with the native soil.
Never mound mulch against the plant base or stem as it may
cause adverse conditions and eventually kill the plant. Water
regularly through the first two growing seasons.

         March/April 2010        45
     Alternatives To Fescue Lawns
       Having and maintaining a lush lawn may be a tougher reality than imagined.
     Our hot, humid and sometimes dry summers are tough on fescue lawns. If you
     have other adverse conditions such as pets, clay, compacted soils, or shade, the
     goal is even more elusive. Sometimes it seems that weeds grow better than the
     grass we are trying to nurture. The lawn generally requires the greatest expendi-
     ture and effort on any property. In the fall, it’s aerating, re-seeding, and fertilizing;
     in the summer it’s weekly cutting and watering; and then there’s year round weed
       When thinking about reducing landscape maintenance, the lawn is a good place
     to start. One obvious tactic is to reduce the amount of lawn. The trick is to not
     increase other types of maintenance by reducing the lawn square footage. Mulch
     beds are not necessarily easier to maintain due to the need to control weeds and
     the labor and cost to replenish the mulch from time to time.
       Creative alternatives to fescue lawns are gaining momentum. Warm season
     lawns such as Bermuda grass or zoysia hold up in our summer conditions but turn
     brown in the winter. They can be over-seeded with cool season grass for green
     winter color. Moss and “weeds” don’t have to be the enemy. We have a famous
     moss lawn in the area that has been featured in ten national garden design maga-
     zines. Clover actually fixes nitrogen at the roots and therefore offers an advantage
     as a companion in the lawn by reducing the need for fertilization. Ground covers
     and other alternative grasses can cover large areas with little or no maintenance
     requirements. Perhaps we can shift our thinking about what constitutes a beauti-
     ful landscape and embrace a more flexible, environmentally sound aesthetic!

     Get Growing!
       Creating a low-maintenance landscape requires careful planning and effort
     on the front end that handsomely pays off over time. The easier the design is
     to care for, the more likely regular and thorough maintenance will be imple-
     mented. The landscape will thus grow more beautiful with each passing season,
     dramatically enhancing the aesthetics and perceived value of your home. n

46          March/April 2010
March/April 2010   47
around the house
     ORGANiZE Your Garage
     Courtesy of GarageTek.

                merica is a funny place: we park a $70,000 Lexus in the driveway
                exposed to the weather and sun and keep $7000 worth of stuff in
                the garage. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% of
     homeowners with two car garages don’t park any car in the garage and an-
     other 32% barely have room for one. Despite the fact that 82% of homes
     have garages, the space is often the largest, most underutilized and most often
     neglected room in the house.
        A well-organized garage says a lot about the homeowner and their com-
     mitment to the maintenance and design of their home. The garage is often
     the biggest “room” in the house, serving as the main entrance for the family,
     as well as a multipurpose extension of the home. Yet, most garages have be-
     come a cluttered, disorganized dumping ground filled with lawn and garden
     tools, sports equipment and whatever else we don’t have space for inside our
        Garages are ranked second (behind central air conditioning) as critical
     requirements for today’s homebuyer preferences. Three car garages are the
                                                                                           Photos courtesy of GarageTek.
     new standard in higher-end homes, and in fact, one in four new homes has a
     garage that big.
        However, because of the prolonged real estate downturn more people are              Garage systems are designed to get everything up
     opting to stay in their current homes rather than “trading up.” The grow-           and off the floor. The backbone of the systems is a slat-
     ing trend to simplify our lives, has also led to active adults downsizing to        wall panel installed on the wall like vertical tongue and
     smaller homes. Whatever the case, the need to make the best use of limited or       groove flooring. Horizontal groves every three inches
     undiscovered space becomes paramount. An attractive and organized garage            allow for unlimited flexibility in arranging or rearrang-
     will add value, peace of mind and useable square footage at a fraction of new       ing component accessories. The beauty of the systems is
     construction costs, while providing unique differences to your home in a            its adaptability, since the accessories are not permanently
     slow market.                                                                        fixed. Because garages tend to be in a constant state of
        So then, what can a homeowner do? How often do you have the opportu-             flux, the integrated accessories can easily and quickly be
     nity to renovate 400-500 square feet of useable space in less than 48 hours and     moved as your needs change.
     for less than $30 per square foot?                                                     A garage organization project can feel so involved
                                                                                         most people don’t know where to start, but designers
                                                                                         work with clients to create a system that fits their needs
                                                                                         and budget. The design consultant lists possible group-
                                                                                         ings or zones within the garage, such as areas for lawn
                                                                                         and garden equipment, sports gear, kids’ toys, bulky
                                                                                         household supplies, and seasonal things.
                                                                                            A color layout rendering of the space assures proper
                                                                                         planning and gives the homeowner a solid understanding
                                                                                         of what their garage system will look like before installa-
                                                                                         tion. Things no longer needed are hauled away, and what
                                                                                         is left is a beautiful, efficient space that can be changed
                                                                                         and modified for years to come. According to Berno
                                                                                         Hamilton, of GarageTek of Virginia, “The ‘wow’ factor
                                                                                         is huge when the clients come home from work and see
                                                                                         the finished project. We often hear our clients exclaim,
                                                                                         ‘Why didn’t we do this years ago!’”
                                                                                            For more information contact Berno Hamilton of Ga-
                                                                                         rageTek at (804) 354-5353. n
                                                          Photo courtesy of GarageTek.

48       March/April 2010
Kitchens Today
by Douglas Leake, CKD

             any years ago, as a kid, I used to go to job sites with     panels with different designs and colors, stainless steel and wood
             my dad and uncles who were general contractors. We          doors made of Bamboo, Cypress and Teak. These doors are avail-
             did new construction and remodeling and would go to         able in a variety of colors and finishes.
a lot of homes that had either an outdoor fireplace or a wall with a       Outdoor kitchens are not quite the same as they used to be and
countertop for serving. People would use fireplaces with grates or       they have evolved to include unique appliances. New designs in-
use charcoal grills for cooking. Later when I went into the kitch-       clude a variety of components that are acceptable for outdoor use
en, I noticed how people were starting to use the new gas grills. I      such as grills, single side burner units, warming drawers, refrigera-
observed more outdoor spaces including cabanas, pool houses and          tors, icemakers, beer taps, vent hoods, sinks and faucets. Typically
other outdoor entertaining areas with countertops and built in grills.   these appliances are all made of stainless steel, with all the parts and
  Today we are seeing the same outdoor walls covered with coun-          pieces acceptable for outdoor use as well.
tertops of granite, tile or stainless steel. These newer spaces have       The most important aspect for the design of an outdoor kitchen
been modified to contain outdoor appliances. Landscapers and             is to fully evaluate the allotted space to include cabinets and appli-
hardscapers are doing a great job in rock and landscape design.          ances. The designer needs to take into account how the space is
Unfortunately, these designs do not include cabinets, which would        going to be used. During the design process questions regarding
provide a more functional and complete outdoor kitchen. Because          the critical components should be discussed, such as: What cabinets
customers want to extend their living space and are expanding to the     to use? What appliances are required? What cabinet components
outdoors, the need has arisen for cabinets with storage capabilities.    do you need for storage? Do you want a working sink and faucet?
  More and more companies are manufacturing cabinets that are            What type of top? Do you need serving areas? Do you need a sit-
made to withstand the outdoors elements. Custom Kitchens sells           ting area? Do you need a raised bar area?
cabinets provided by three different companies, Atlantis, Crystal          A kitchen designer can prove to be a very valuable asset in help-
and Danver. The cabinets are made of two different types of ma-          ing you to create the outdoor environment you are looking for.
terials. First, perma panels are made of solid polymer material with     Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.
IV inhibitors suited for outdoor use and approved for FDA food
                                                                                     Come visit us at Custom Kitchens or
contact. Stainless steel cabinets are the second option. The cabinet
                                                                              visit our website at
doors can be made of three different materials. These include perma

                                                                                         March/April 2010        49
                                                                         true. In fact, our new home customers are learning that geothermal
                                                                         systems are a cash-flow positive investment.”
                                                                           “The net cost of these systems, after tax credits and for a 3,200
                                                                         square foot home, are in the neighborhood of $15,000.00,” contin-
                                                                         ues Sowers. “At today’s mortgage rates, this might add approxi-
                                                                         mately $85.00 to a monthly house payment. We have residents of
                                                                         Hallsley that are seeing electricity bills averaging less than $200.00
                                                                         per month during the winter, which includes all of their heating ex-
                                                                         pense. I would venture to guess that most houses of this size typi-
                                                                         cally cost more than $285.00 per month to heat or cool. Anything
                                                                         above this amount is actual, money-in-the-pocket savings.”
                                                                           An added advantage to geothermal systems is their durability.
                                                                         With far less moving parts than a typical heat pump system, hom-
                                                                         eowners will never have to worry about replacing unsightly and ex-
                                                                         pensive outdoor heat pumps. Additionally, the mechanical systems
                                                                         of a geothermal system can be maintained by many local heating and
                                                                         air-conditioning contractors.

Roseland's                                                                 If you are thinking of buying a new home, the time may never be
                                                                         more perfect. Low mortgage rates, significant Federal tax credits for

Geothermal Homes                                                         clean geothermal technology, and a buyer-friendly market are creat-
                                                                         ing outstanding opportunities to “upgrade” to a new, high efficiency
                                                                         home, while lowering your expenses!

         he builders of Hallsley at Roseland are committed to              For more information about geothermal technology in new home
         building homes that are environmentally responsible and         construction, give Roseland Custom Homes a call at 804-794-0681
         resource efficient. As today’s energy prices sore, the inter-   or visit them on the web at n
est in going “Green” and conservation, is leading many to Geother-
mal Energy as an option.
   “Geothermal” is derived from the Greek words geo (earth) and
therme (heat) and literally means “earth heat”. Our earth’s interior,
like the sun, provides heat energy from nature. It is the thermal en-
ergy contained in the rock and fluid in the earth's crust. The heat
from geothermal energy yields warmth and power that we can use
without polluting the environment.
  Ground-source heat pumps use the earth or groundwater as a
heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer. The heat pump,
a device that moves heat from one place to another, transfers heat
from the soil to the house in winter and from the house to the soil
in summer. Ground source heat pumps are among the most energy
efficient and environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and water
heating systems available today. Geothermal technologies present
a major opportunity to reduce national energy use and pollution,
while delivering comfort, reliability and savings to homeowners.
In fact, heating efficiencies are 50-70% higher than other heating
systems and cooling efficiencies 20-40% higher than available air
  Casey Sowers, President of Roseland Custom Homes, is a leading
advocate for what he calls “the cleanest source of energy available
in new home construction.” “In the past”, says Sowers, “home-
builders and homeowners alike have viewed geothermal technol-
ogy as too expensive, requiring a long-term commitment and a slow
return on investment. With current Federal tax incentives, which
have been written into law through 2012, this is simply no longer

                                                                                         March/April 2010       51
     LOfT TOuR 2010
     By Steve Cook

                                                          Mark Chapin's loft-style condo    Jeremy Connell, developer of the Pie
                                                             in the Pie Factory Building    Factory Building, both lives and works
                                                                          on Hull Street.   in his two-floor condo there.

         t’s happening in Chicago and Atlanta…        to tell me what they liked best about the           All of those I met during my visits had
         Dallas, too, as well as Denver. But, ac-     downtown lifestyle.                               nothing but praise for urban living. And,
         cording to one recent report, nowhere           “I love the energy and the grit of down-       it’s not just the location that they love. It’s
     in America is it happening in greater num-       town,” says Jeremy Connell. Connell has           their “lofty” lifestyle as well. On loft living,
     bers (per capita), than right here in Rich-      developed several inner city residential          Rocketts Landing resident, Tom Yeaman,
     mond. What is it? I guess you could call         projects, including the Pie Factory building      who is known to many as “Mr. Martini,”
     it “suburban flight,” and, yes, it’s exactly     on Hull Street. He lives in one of the units      due to his lavish parties, says, “I have more
     what the name implies.                           there.                                            space for entertaining, space that allows me
        As cities across the nation rediscover and       Richard Anderson had been commuting            to throw numerous dinners and martini
     restore their downtown districts, many for-      from Norfolk to his job, with Dominion            parties for friends. I also offer my condo
     mer city dwellers (and/or their now grown        Resources, in Richmond, for several years.        for martini parties as fund raisers for non-
     children) who had, a generation ago, taken       Recently, he purchased a unit in the beauti-      profits around Richmond.”
     to the burbs, are heading back downtown.         fully restored Miller and Rhoads building           Mark Chapin, whose career as an inves-
     Many are discovering, first hand, that ur-       on East Broad Street. Anderson shares his         tigator in the banking industry frequently
     ban life has much to offer.                      impressions of his new hometown, “The             has him traveling across the country, sums
        And, if you want to prove that for your-      city just seems to be alive and vibrant with      up well the joys of living in the city. “Rich-
     self, take advantage of Venture Richmond’s       different things to do, the varied architec-      mond has so much to offer in the way of
     upcoming Loft Tour. On March 27, a dozen         ture, the people and all the changing sights      history, culture, and architecture,” he says.
     or so local urbanites will open their homes      and sounds.”                                      “I’m happy to see that the city is finally
     to the public. This is an opportunity to see        Many of those with whom I spoke also           showcasing some of these treasures.” n
     for yourself, just what’s so great about city    work downtown. They expressed apprecia-
     life.                                            tion for the short commute to work. Jere-                For more information on the
        I visited, recently, with several of the      my Connell has his office in his home. “My         March 27th Venture Richmond loft tour,
     residents whose beautiful loft-style homes       commute,” he says, “from bed-to-office is             go to
     will be featured on the tour. I asked each       15 feet…no kidding.”

52       March/April 2010
Tascon Group
 By Maggie Wallace

                hile it always focuses on quality
                construction, Tascon Group,
                Inc. is more than a home build-
 er. The company builds communities along
 with lifestyles for the residents that live in        “It’s a place where residents come together   pays a monthly fee ranging from $215 to
 those communities.                                 to enjoy one another and their new lifestyle,”   $265 that covers all exterior maintenance,
    “We are focused on building quality con-        Cleary says.                                     landscaping, trash pick up, snow removal,
 dominium homes as well as creating a com-             Another gathering point for neighbors is      structural insurance and includes the use of
 munity atmosphere and carefree lifestyle for       the community’s clubhouse. The large-but-        the clubhouse and pool facilities.
 all of our residents,” says Patricia Cleary, di-   cozy living room serves as a place where            With prices starting at $199,900, now is a
 rector of sales and marketing.                     friends can socialize or simply relax. Each      great time to buy a Tascon home. The builder
    Tascon has completed seven communities          clubhouse also includes a kitchen and an ex-     is offering an Easy Living package with ev-
 throughout the Richmond area as well as two        ercise room as well as a billiards room and a    ery home purchase through March 31st. The
 popular communities in Chesterfield Coun-          card room.                                       package, valued at over $10,000, includes
 ty – Harvest Glen and Magnolia Lakes.                 Tascon’s unique designs feature one, two      items such as an upgraded appliance package
    Each maintenance-provided neighbor-             and three bedroom homes with huge, open          with a refrigerator and washer and dryer, 2”
 hood is attractively designed with appealing       great rooms where homeowners can en-             faux wood blinds, lever door handles, rocker
 landscaping, sidewalks and lighting, great         tertain friends and family. You’ll also find     switches and a raised vanity in the owners’
 for homeowners of all ages. The focal point        spacious kitchens with ample cabinet and         bath.
 of each Tascon community is the neighbor-          countertop space and an elegant, oversized          “We pride ourselves on working with each
 hood clubhouse and pool. Pool areas feature        owners’ suite.                                   individual customer to provide them with
 a large covered porch with gas fireplace and          Homeowners don’t have to worry about          the best quality home in a wonderful com-
 grill, perfect spots for community cookouts.       exterior home maintenance. Each resident         munity for a great price,” Cleary says. n

                                                                                             March/April 2010    53

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