Deportation And Removal

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					U.S. Department of Justice                                                                                                                              OMB APPROVAL NO. 1115-005

Immigration and Naturalization Service                                                     Application for Stay of Deportation or Removal

                                                                                                                                                         Fee Stamp

                              SUBMIT IN DUPLICATE
         Read instruction on reverse before filling out application
                                                                                                                   File No.


  1. Name (Family Name in CAPITAL letters, First, Middle)

  2. Present Address (Apt. No.)                              (Number and Street)                           (Town or City)                             (State)                (Zip Code)

  3. Country of Citizenship                                                                           4. Date to which passport is valid (Attach passport)

  5. Country to which deportation or removal has been ordered                                        6. Date to which stay of deportation or removal is requested

  7. Reasons for requesting stay of deportation or removal

  8. I certify that the statements I have made in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

                      (Signature)                                                                              (Location)                                                       (Date)

   I declare that this document was prepared by me at the request of the applicant and is based on all information of which I have knowledge. Failure by a preparer to complete this block may
   result in criminal prosecution and, upon conviction, a fine or imprisonment.

                      (Signature)                                                                          (Printed Name)                                                       (Date)

                                                       APPLICATION: DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE

  Stay        Denied              Granted Until                                                               at
                                                                             (Date)                                                          (Place Where Granted)

                                    (Signature)                                                                      (Title)                                                      (Date)
  1. May I file this application? - You may file this application     a fee is not honored by the bank of which it is drawn.
if you have been ordered deported or removed form the United
States and you wish to obtain a stay of deportation or removal          6. Under what authority is the information requested? - The
under the provisions of 8 CFR 241.6.                                  authority to prescribe this form is contained in 8 U.S.C.1203(a).
                                                                      Submission of the information requested on this form is voluntary.
 2. Where should I submit the application? -            Submit this   The solicited information will be used by the Service principally
application to the local office of the Immigration and                to determine whether the applicant is eligible for a stay of
Naturalization Service (INS) having jurisdiction over the place       deportation or removal under the provisions of 8 CFR 241.6 The
you are currently located. If you are unsure of the address of that   information may also, as a matter of routiner, be used by or
office, you may either check the listing in your local telephone      disclosed to other federal,state, local and foreign law enforcement
book or call 1-800-755-0777 and receive the address based on          and regulatory agencies. All applicants are subject to a check of
your telephonic area code.                                            criminal information databases in order to determine eligibility.

  3. What additional documents or evidence should I submit              7. What can happen if I submit false information? -             All
with this application? -     PASSPORT - You must submit a             statements made in response to questions is this application are
passport valid for at least 60 days beyond the expiration of the      declared to be true and correct and under penalty of prejury. Title
requested stay with this application, or explain why this is not      18, United States Code, Section 1546 provides, in part:
possible to do so. ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE- You may submit
any additonal evidence in support of your application which you           ...Whoever knowingly makes under oath, or as permitted
want considered by the INS.                                               under penalty of prejury under section 1746 of Title 28,
                                                                          United States Code, knowingly subscribes as true, any
 4. If the application is denied, may I file an appeal from that          false statement with respect to material fact in any
decision? - No. The denial of an application for a stay of                application affidavit, or other document required by the
deportaion or removal may not be appealed.                                immigration laws or regulations prescribed thereunder,or
                                                                          knowlingly presents and such application, affidavit, or
  5. What fee should I submit with the application? - A fee of            other document containing any such false statement-
one hundred fifty-five dollar ($155.00) must be paid for filing           shall be fined in accordance with this or imprisoned
this application. It cannot be refunded regardless of the action          not more than five years, or both.
taken on the application. DO NOT MAIL CASH. ALL FEES
MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE EXACT AMOUNT. Payment                        The knowing placement of false information on the application
by check or money order must be draw on a bank or other               may subject you, or the preparer of this applicaton, to criminal
institutuon located in the United States and be payable in United     penalties under 18 U.S.C., and you and the preparer to civil
States currency. If the applicant resides in Guam check or money      penalities under section 274C of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1324c.
order must be payable to the "Treasurer, Guam." If the applicant
resides in the Virgin Islands, check or money order must be
payable to the "Commissioner of Finance, Virgin Islands." All         Under the paperwork Reduction Act, a person is not required to
other applicants must make the check or money order payable to        respond to a collection of information it displays a currently
the"Immigration and Naturalization Service. " When the check is       valid OMB control number. We try to create forms and
drawn on the account of a person other than the applicant, the        instructions that are easily understood and which impose the least
name of the applicant must be entered on the face of the check. If    possible burden on you to provide us with information. Often this
the application is submitted from outside the United States,          is difficult because some immigration laws are very complex. The
remittance may be made by bank international money order of           estimated average time to complete and file this application is 30
foreign draft drawn on a financial institution in the United States   minutes. If you have comments regarding the accuracy of this
and payable to the Immigration and Naturalization Service in          estimate or suggestions for making this form simpler, you can
United States currency. Personal checks are accepted subject to       write to the INS, Policy, Directives and Instructions Branch, 425
collectibility. An uncollectible check will render the application    I Street, N.W., Room 5307, Washington, DC 20536. Do not mail
and any document issued pursuant thereto invalid. A charge of         your completed application to this to this address.
thirty dollars ($30.00) will be imposed if a check in payment of


                                                                                                                     Form I-246 (Rev. 4/1/97) N

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