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					    Do Internet checks                                           Wisconsin’s Background
        cost more?                                               Checks Available On-line
The cost of the check is less if done                           Criminal background checks for Wisconsin
online. A $5.00 surcharge is legislatively                      are available over the internet.
mandated for background checks re-
quested by mail or fax.                                         To access this information online, you must
Fees for online background checks are:                          have the following:
DOJ General Requests                                            • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher or
                                                                  Netscape Navigator version 6.1 or higher
•    $2 for non-profit organizations 1
•    $5 for government organizations
                                                                • Active record check account and valid PIN or
                                                                  Master Card or Visa
•    $13 for general public requests
Caregiver or Daycare Requests 2
                                                                • our URL:
•    $5 for non-profit organizations 1
                                                                If you do not have an account, you may find
                                                                application forms at our website:                        Record Check
•    $8 for government organizations
•    $16 for general public requests
                                                                Forms to request criminal background checks
                                                                by mail may also be found at the website.
As requestor status cannot be verified for credit
card requests, all credit card requests are
charged the rate for “general public requests”.
                                                                If you have questions, contact:
 Any agency claiming non-profit status must provide the Crime   General Information:                608-266-7780
Information Bureau with a copy of their non-profit tax exempt
documentation from the Internal Revenue Service in the form     Website Problems                    608-264-6363
of a 501(c)(3) declaration.                                     DHFS (caregiver/daycare)            608-243-3036
                                                                Daycare ID Number                   608-266-9314
  Includes $3 fee for the Department of Health and Family
Services. These background checks will include responses
from DHFS which are required for Wisconsin caregiver and
daycare providers. This fee will be included in your monthly
statement from the Department of Justice. Payments for both
                                                                       Wisconsin Department of Justice
fees should be made to the Department of Justice.
                                                                              Crime Information Bureau
                                                                                  Record Check Unit                       J.B. VAN HOLLEN
                                                                            Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2688                      Attorney General
                                                                              Madison, WI 53701-2688

                                                                                 Phone: 608-266-7314                     Wisconsin Department of Justice
                                                                                   Fax: 608-267-4558
                                                    •   Manual Intervention-based on the information
What information can be accessed                        entered, an exact determination cannot be im-           Can I get Criminal History
       over the Internet?                               mediately made. DOJ staff will review to de-            Information from the FBI?
                                                        termine which reply, if any, to return. Your
                                                        response is normally available on your Previous
Adult criminal history information is public re-        Order screen the next business day.                The Volunteers for Children Act allows Qualified
cord in the State of Wisconsin. Anyone may                                                                 Entities to receive criminal history information
obtain this information provided they pay the fee                                                          from the FBI when fingerprint cards are submit-
                                                    Inquiries done online are available on your Previous
established by the Wisconsin Legislature.                                                                  ted. Most agencies that work with any type of
                                                    Order screen for 30 days from the date of request.
                                                                                                           protected population qualify for these national
Access to juvenile information is restricted by                                                            checks.
statute and is available online only for daycare
background checks. To conduct a daycare check,                                                             The fee for these checks is $34.25 for employees
you must have a valid daycare ID number as-               Can Caregiver and Daycare                        or $30.25 for volunteers. Add $3 if you need a
signed by the Department of Health and Family              Checks be done online?                          caregiver or daycare response.
Services. You must enter this number when you
logon and select Daycare as your request type.                                                             Forms to register as a Qualified Entity may be
                                                                                                           found at
The general public is prohibited by law from        Yes. All agencies, the Department of Justice, the
                                                    Departments of Health and Family Services and
accessing juvenile information.
                                                    Regulation and Licensing will respond online.
                                                    Which agencies respond and databases searched for
                                                                                                               Other Sources of Information
                                                    any given request depends on the request type.

                                                                                                           •   Disposition Information (if not submitted)
                                                        How can I get criminal records                         • Circuit Court Automation Program
                                                             from other states?
                                                                                                               • Arresting Law Enforcement Agency
                                                                                                               • Prosecuting District Attorney
                                                    Release of criminal history information from other 
                                                    states are governed by the laws of each state. Some        • Circuit Court in which complaint is filed
                                                    states release information similar to Wisconsin,   
 Internet request name entry screen
                                                    some states release no information, and other states   •   DHFS Caregiver Information
Responses you may receive (click on response to     may fall somewhere in between.                             • General Information
view, print using browser print button):                                                               
                                                    To assist you in keeping up with procedures in all
• No Criminal History-statement that no criminal    states, information regarding criminal history re-         • Misconduct Registry
  history found.                                    lease policies may be found at:
                                                                                                               • Prohibited Offense List
• Review CIB Record-criminal history record.                                                           
• Juvenile Adjudication Report-report of juvenile sclist.asp    •   Regulation & Licensing Credential Query
  adjudications (daycare only).                                                                        
• DHFS/DRL Results-reply from Department of                                                                •   DWD Use of Arrest and Conviction Records
  Health & Family Services/Department of                                                               
  Regulation & Licensing (caregiver/daycare).                                                              •   Wisconsin Statutes Online