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Macau – Where East meets West
The Macau Special Administrative Region, commonly known as Macau or
Macao, is a small territory on the southern coast of the People's Republic
of China. Located 60km from Hong Kong and 145km from the city of
Guangzhou, it borders Guangdong Province and comprises of the Macau
Peninsula, the islands of Taipa and Coloane, attracting 50,000 British
visitors a year.

The city of Macau is different from any other place in China. It has been
the oldest European colony in China, dating back to the 16th century, and
is a fusion of three cultures - Portuguese, Macanese and Chinese. With its
unique mixture of cultures, it makes an interesting day trip or overnight
stay to get away from the bustle of Hong Kong after a business trip or to
really appreciate its diversity and to visit its vast range of attractions, a
three-night/ four-day stay is recommended as part of a Far East, South
Asia or round the world itinerary.

Travellers will immediately notice the contrast of colonial structures and
homes next to intricate Buddhist temples and other ancient buildings.
Macau boasts a wonderful array of temples, churches and stunning
gardens as well as excellent museums that chart the history of the place
and 21st century attractions that thrill visitors.

Macau is also a paradise for food lovers due to the wide range of delicious
cuisines from all over the world including unparalleled Macanese,
Portuguese and traditional Cantonese cuisine as well as exotic food from
Italy, France, Brazil, India, Japan, and Korea... The distinctive Macanese
cuisine combines ingredients from former Portuguese trading ports from
around the world – such as Malaysia, India and China. It is both
inexpensive and delicious, especially when accompanied with Portuguese

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Despite a rise in prices over the years, Macau's hotels are still better value
for money than their counterparts in Hong Kong. As a duty-free port,
Macau also offers great shopping opportunities.

Also known as the Entertainment Centre of the Far East, the gambling
industry in Macau is booming and has already become an important
feature of the country's economy. Though many forms of gambling are
legal here, the most popular game is baccarat, which generates over two
thirds of the gaming industry's gross receipts. Entertainment Centre and
new hotel openings in 2006 have included the Rocks Boutique Hotel, the
Fisherman‟s Wharf, the Grand Waldo Casino & Grand Waldo Hotel, the
Wynn Macau Hotel and the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino.

For further information contact:

Macau Government Tourist Office
Alison Cryer/ Kate Fenton
Representation House
11 Blades Court,
121 Deodar Road
SW15 2NU
Tel: 020 8877 4508/3
Fax: 020 8874 4219

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503              3

Fact box information - For further information on Macau, contact the
tourist office on 020 8877 4517 or visit
Guides to Macau include the Travel Guide produced by the Macau
Government Tourism Office for consumers and the Travel Trade Hand
Book. Tour operators featuring holidays to Hong Kong and Macau include
Asiaworld, Premier Holidays, Jetlife, Thomas Cook Signature, Travel 2,
Kuoni and China Travel Service.

Geographical location - Located just 60 kilometres from Hong Kong, on
the South China coast. The region comprises a peninsula and two islands
(Taipa and Coloane) in the Pearl River delta.

Climate - Moderate to hot, the average annual temperature is just over
20C (68F), varying between 16C (50F) to 25C (77F). The range of
humidity is high often between 75-90%. The best season to visit Macau is
autumn (October-December) as there are warm sunny days and the
humidity is low. Winter (January-March) is also sunny but cold. Humidity
begins to build up in April and May-September's climate is hot and humid
with rain and occasional tropical storms (typhoons).

History - Portuguese merchants arrived in the 1550s when Macau was
originally occupied by Cantonese farmers and Fujian fishing folk. For over
400 years Macau has always been a stronghold of Portuguese presence
and culture in the Far East and is still proud to display its Portuguese

Government - The hand-over from Portuguese Administration to the
established Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of
China, took place on December 20, 1999.

Population - The estimated population is 503,000. 95% of the population
is Chinese and 5% is Portuguese, European and from other regions.

             Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503        4
Language - Chinese and Portuguese are Macau's official two languages
with Cantonese the most widely spoken.               English is Macau's third
language and is more commonly used in the trade, tourism and commerce

Currency - The Pataca is the official unit of currency in Macau and is
often written as MOP$. It is available in both coins and banknotes. The
Pataca is linked to the Hong Kong dollar at the rate of MOP$103 =
HKD$100. (£1 = HK$ 14.58). Hong Kong dollars are readily accepted in
Macau, and if you are on a short visit from Hong Kong it may not be worth
changing your Hong Kong dollars into Macau Patacas.

Credit Cards - Many major hotels, restaurants and shops accept the
following credit cards: American Express, Carte Blanche, Diners Club,
Federal Card, Japan Credit Bureau, Master Card, Overseas Trust Bank and

Religions    -   The   main     religions   are   Buddhism,   Catholicism   and

Electricity - 220V (50c/s) is used in Macau and the outer islands.

Time Difference - 8 hours ahead of GMT.

Communications - Highly sophisticated telephone, telex and facsimile
services are available from many of the hotels. The telephone code from
the UK is 00 853 plus the six digit number.

Transport - As in Britain, driving is on the left of the road. Visitors have
a variety of travel options:

-   Taxi - licensed taxis are either painted black and cream or yellow.
-   Pedicabs - a tricycle two-seater carriage. Can be used for sightseeing
    but not up steep inclines

            Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503              5
-   Bicycles - can be hired from shops in Taipa but are not permitted on
    either of the two bridges
-   Buses - run from 6.45am to midnight.           The fare is 2.5 patacas per
    journey for all routes within the city
-   Mokes - small jeep-like hire vehicles painted in bright colours, and are
    fun for exploring the islands

Access - The most popular entry route for UK visitors is from Hong Kong,
where jetfoils and catamarans depart every 15 minutes to Macau's ferry
terminal and take just one hour – the service operates 24 hours a day and
costs just £20 return. There is also a Turbo Jet Sea Express ferry service
direct from Hong Kong airport - without the need to pass through Hong
Kong customs – from £14, which takes 45 minutes and operates between
09.30 and 22.00 with 4 sailings from HKIA to Macau a day and 5 sailings
from     Macau      to   HKIA   a    day.    For   further   information,   visit

There is also an air service from Hong Kong by eight-seat helicopters of
East Asia Airlines. Each flight takes only approximately 15 minutes. Macau
to Hong Kong service operates from 9 am to 10.30 pm every half an hour,
and the Hong Kong to Macau service operates from 9.30 am to 11 pm.
The service costs HKD 1,800 (£123). For further information, visit

Visas - UK passport holders do not need a visa. They are three types of
visa available on arrival: individual, family or groups.

Health    -    No    vaccinations   are     needed.   International   Inoculation
Certificates are only required if cholera has been detected either in Hong
Kong or Macau or in the area recently visited by the traveller. Macau's
water supply is supplied directly from China and is purified with added
chlorine for protection.     Distilled drinking water is supplied in all hotel
rooms and restaurants.

              Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503              6
Sightseeing - Crammed with numerous places of interest, visitors will
not tire of the historical and cultural sights including temples, museums,
churches, gardens and monuments plus other amazing attractions.

Tours - There are a variety of regular tours that can be organised through
local tour operators.    Visitors are particularly recommended to spend
three days/two nights in Macau which allows enough time to visit Guia
Fort, St Paul‟s, Museum of Macau and the Macau Tower on Day One;
islands of Taipa and Coloane, Pou Tai Un Buddhist Temple and Macau
Jockey Club on Day Two; and a visit to the Grand Prix and wine museums
together with shopping on Day Three. Guided tours are available following
this itinerary.

Other popular tours available are: city tours (lasting 3 to 3 1/2 hours by
either coach or limousine), islands tours (lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours by coach
or tour machines – replicas of 1920s English bus which seats up to nine
passengers), or special tours (for special interest groups). Tours to China
are also available for visitors wishing to cross the Macau Border Gate (a
Chinese visa is required and is available at the Macau China Border).
Visitors can also cross independently.

Events and festivals – There are many exciting festivals throughout the
year. The International Fireworks Display Contest, International Music
Festival, Macau Arts Festival, Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Races
and the Macau Grand Prix, are but a few of the events to enjoy. A list of
events can be found at

Fitness centre, spas and sports clubs - Available at selected hotels
including   the   Mandarin   Oriental    Spa.   Include   fitness   equipment,
gymnasium, Jacuzzis, saunas, massage facilities and beauty treatments.
There are also independent spas in Macau including Nirvana Spa and Spa
Philosophy. These can be better value for money.

            Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503             7
Nightlife - There are plenty of lively discotheques and clubs, some of
which   are     incorporated   in   the   hotels   and   provide     a   variety   of
entertainment (see the „what to do‟ section for further information).

Conferences - Venues range from 4,000 seat auditoriums to smaller
rooms seating half a dozen.         Situated in smart modern hotels, historic
public buildings or major venues they are relatively less expensive and
extremely professional.

Cuisine - Although the two prominent cultures are Portuguese and
Chinese, the influences of Macanese cuisine are much broader.               Visitors
can also enjoy scintillating tastes from South America, Africa, India,
Brazil, Korea and Thailand.

Accommodation - Accommodation ranges from international five-star
hotels integrated with excellent cuisine, nightclubs and health spas to
pousadas and Portuguese style inns that are also very comfortable.
Weekend rates are generally 20% higher than weekdays and rates are
subject to a 10% service charge and 5% government tax. Major credit
cards (listed earlier) are accepted.

              Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503                  8
                             WHAT TO DO


Bars and Pubs - Nightlife in Macau is famous for its variety, its frantic
pace and constant change. For night owls this is a city that never sleeps,
with plenty of bars, shops and restaurants open all night long. Visitors will
have no problem if they wish to get a delicious meal or go dancing in the
middle of the night. The music is completely cosmopolitan, with bars
throbbing to the rhythms of Brazil, Portugal, England, Africa and every
part of Asia.

Karaoke - In Macau there are plenty of karaoke clubs (mainly in the city
centre, Rua dos Pescadores, Estrada do Repouso, and in Taipa Island,
near the Jockey Club). They are very popular among locals and visitors.
These   clubs   offer   reasonable   prices   and   packages      (room   and
drinks/snacks) to customers and the atmosphere is friendly and clean.

Cinemas and theatres - The Macau Tower has some ultra modern
cinemas playing the latest international movies. In Cineteatro you can
also find international as well as Chinese films in a complex of theatres.
The Small Auditorium of the Cultural Centre is used to show special art
and classic movies during Film Festivals, between September and
December. These include the Portuguese Movies Fortnight and the
European Movies Festival.

Gambling - There are a dozen of casinos in Macau, all operated under the
Government and are open 24 hours a day, offering the largest variety of
casino games anywhere in the world. The COTAI strip is currently under
development and will house the most modern and exciting casinos in Asia.

Shopping - Prices are cheaper than many other cities in the region as tax
on imported goods is low, duty free prices are available and no sales tax is
charged. Popular buys are jewellery (mainly gold and watches), Chinese

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503             9
antiques, porcelain, pottery, and electric goods. A day‟s shopping on the
other side of the border allows visitors to explore and negotiate
exceptional deals in the pristine clean market and stores of Guangdong.

Premier attractions

Macau Tower - The 338 metres high Tower is the eighth tallest in the
world and comprises a Communication and Observation Tower, a four
level Convention and Entertainment Centre and a two level underground
basement and Outdoor Plaza. Offering panoramic views of Macau,
mainland China and on a clear day, Hong Kong, visitors can access the
Tower from the basement and will be whisked to the top within 40
seconds via one of the Tower's three glass fronted elevators.          Here
visitors have access to the 360º revolving Tower restaurant which seats
250 people and an Outdoor Observation Deck. A variety of AJ Hackett –
the world‟s greatest adventure mastermind - „adrenaline‟ sports are also
available including a Mast Climb, Skywalk and SkyJump.

Macau Cultural Centre - Hosts year round events including ballet,
musicals, concerts, art films and Chinese opera.

Ruins of St Paul’s – All that remains of the greatest of Macau‟s
churches, built in 1602, is its magnificent carved stone façade and grand

Monte Fort & Museum of Macau – The Monte Fort houses the Museum
of Macau where exhibits illustrate the life of Macau and its people over the
past four centuries, emphasising the bicultural character of the city and
the traditions of East and West that continue to shape its society.

Wine Museum - This 1400 square-meter space is divided into different
areas (Historical information/Wine Cellar/Museum and Exhibitions), using
several types of supports: maps, texts, photos, tiles and videos, among
other. This museum brings the visitor into contact with the social,
economical and cultural importance of the wine in the Portuguese

             Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503         10
tradition, daily life and celebration rituals. The visitor can even taste
different types of wine.

Grand Prix Museum - The Museum pays tribute to individuals who
contributed extensively to the success of the Grand Prix, namely Teddy
Yip, Paul Du Toit, Laurel, Ayrton Senna and John Corsmit, among others.
It comprises a collection of magnificent machines that raced and won the
Guia circuit and represents the history of one of the most exciting world

Other museums – Maritime Museum, Traditional Pawnshop Museum,
Museum of Art and Hand Over Gifts Museum.

Senado’s Square & St Dominic’s Church – Largo do Senado Square is
paved with a wave-patterned mosaic of coloured stones and lined with
shops. Nearby is the 17th century church of St Dominic with its imposing
cream-coloured façade.

Guia Fortress and Lighthouse – The Guia Hill dominates the peninsula
and offers the best views in town. The cable car from Flora Garden Gate
takes you to the 17th century Fort whose most prominent feature is the
oldest lighthouse on the China coast. A network of tunnels – housing
artefacts from past wars - can also be explored.

A-Ma Temple – Macau derives from A-Ma-Gau or Place of A-Ma, the
goddess to whom this 16th century temple is dedicated. Prayer halls,
pavilions and courtyards built into the boulder-strewn hill connect via
winding paths through moon gates and tiny gardens.


Horse Racing - the Macau Jockey Club is one of the most technologically
advanced racecourses in the Asia region. It has assembled a cosmopolitan
group of trainers, riders and administrators while horses are being

            Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503       11
imported from several countries in order to provide racing of international

Greyhound Races - Dog Racing takes place at the Canidrome located at
Avenida General Castelo Branco, close to the border gate to China. There
are around 15 games on every racing night starting from 7.30 pm. This is
the only Greyhound facility in Asia and is considered one of the largest
and best equipped in the world.

Golf - The Macau Golf & Country Club, located on the south side of
Coloane island and near the Westin Resort Complex, is one of the most
beautiful golf courses in Asia, and is open to locals and visitors. With a
unique view over the Pearl River and Hac Sá beach, the course has all the
usual international amenities, such as a Pro Shop, spa, restaurant and bar
with a driving range out to sea.

Bowling and Ice Rink - Are available at the Future Bright Amusement
Centre, which also contains a children's playground, video games room
and food court and at the bowling centre next to Macau Dome.

Trekking - On Guia Hill and the hills of Taipa and Coloane there are trails
equipped for trekking, jogging and exercises. These are safe routes, which
offer panoramic views over the city, the islands and the Pearl River,
providing wonderful opportunities for nature and photography lovers.

             Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503         12
                          INTERESTING FACTS


The „Historic Centre of Macau‟ has now been inscribed on the UNESCO‟s
prestigious World Heritage List, making it the 31st designated World
Heritage site in China.

It is the product of over 400 years of cultural exchange between the
western world and Chinese civilisation. The architectural heritage,
predominantly European, stands in the midst of traditional Chinese
architecture in the historic settlement. The „Historic Centre of Macau‟ is
the   oldest,   most   complete   and   consolidated   array      of   European
architectural legacy standing intact on Chinese soil today.

„The Historic Centre of Macau‟ is a living representation of the city‟s
historic settlement, encompassing architectural legacies interwoven in the
midst of the original urban fabric that includes streetscapes and piazzas,
such as Barra Square, Lilau Square, St Augustine‟s Square, Senado
Square, Cathedral Square, St Dominic‟s Square, Company of Jesus Square
and Camoes Square. These major urban squares and streetscapes provide
the linkage for a succession of over twenty monuments, including A-Ma
Temple, Moorish Barracks, Mandarin‟s House, St Lawrence‟s Church, St
Joseph‟s Seminary and Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Sir Robert Ho Tung
Library, St Augustine‟s Church, “Leal Senado” Building, Sam Kai Vui Kun
Temple, Holy House of Mercy, Cathedral, Lou Kau Mansion, St Dominic‟s
Church, Ruins of St Paul‟s, Na Tcha Temple, Section of the Old City Walls,
Mount Fortress, St Anthony‟s Church, Casa Garden, the Protestant
Cemetery and Guia Fortress.

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503              13
Dual culture

Since the time the Portuguese first settled here, Macau has developed a
visible dual culture which continues today. This cultural blend is seen in
the city's history, administrative structures, as well as in physical features
like architecture, gardens and public spaces.

The legacy of Macau‟s culture is evident in both tangible and intangible
forms; to be seen in the blending of architectural styles of many of the
monuments, in religious tolerance, or in the cuisine unique to this city,
itself a fusion of culinary traditions, reflective of different historical and
geographical influences.

Of utmost importance, however, is the intangible legacy of Macau and this
is understood not only as something inherent in the city itself but also in
the long exchange between China and the rest of the world, and thus
amounts to a wider cultural legacy with outstanding universal value.


Macau is an increasingly popular destination with the UK market. 39,641
British travellers visited the country in the first nine months of 2006 –
increasing the number of UK visitors for this period by 10.69% compared
to the same period last year. In 2005, a total of 49,363 UK visitors visited

Visitor expenditure - In the first quarter of 2006, per-capita spending of
visitors* rose by 5% year-on-year to MOP 1,562 (£103). Per-capita
spending of tourists* grew by 10% to MOP 2,242 (£148).

Per-capita spending for European visitors* increased by 80 per cent
compared to the previous year to 951 MOP (£63), while that of European
tourists* rose by 95% to 1,627 (£108).

             Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503           14
Visitor arrivals - The majority of the visitors* (95%) are coming from
Northeast Asia. 113,188 European travellers visited Macau in the first
semester of 2006 – representing 1% of the arrivals - a large proportion of
which were from the UK, Macau‟s number one European market.

* visitors: people who stay for less than 24 hours; tourists: people who stay at least one
night in a collective or private accommodation

             Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503                      15
                      NEW DEVELOPMENTS

Entertainment and hotel developments

Visitor figures to Macau are set to significantly increase with the continued
development of new western style hotels and entertainment properties.

SkyJump at Macau Tower

SkyJump opened in 2005 at the Macau Tower. It takes guests on a 20-
second flight over the breathtaking cityscape of Macau and is the highest
adventure of its kind around the world. Taking off from the outer rim of
the Macau Tower, 233 meters above ground, it is an astounding 41
meters higher than the other SkyJump in Auckland. It is based upon the
principle of „fan descenders‟, a technology used in skydiving training and
in performing „falling stunts‟ in movies, and lets its guests fly through the
air at 75km/h in 20 seconds before decelerating to a comfortable landing
speed upon reaching the ground.

The COTAI strip

The COTAI strip will house seven new casinos developed by leading hotel
groups such as Intercontinental and Hilton. The most revolutionary of
these is the Underwater Casino part of the „City of Dreams‟ Complex due
to open in 2008 and costing £545 million.

The COTAI strip will further develop Macau as an international tourist
convention as well as exhibition destination. The first phase of the strip is
scheduled to open in 2007 and will feature seven resort hotels comprising
more than 10,000 guestrooms set amidst lush tropical landscapes. It will
offer a critical mass of business, leisure and entertainment attractions,
including world class meetings and convention facilities, over 20,000 seats
for live entertainment in eight separate theatre venues and the most
modern and exciting casinos in Asia.

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503            16
Grand Waldo Casino & Grand Waldo Hotel

Grand Waldo Casino & Grand Waldo Hotel is the largest One-stop Tourism
and Entertainment Resort for families in Macau and was launched in Cotai
in October. It is an excellent combination of fun, relaxation and luxury and
is emerging to be a landmark in this area. It covers an area of over
36,000 squared meters, and is decorated with colourful designs that
create an energetic atmosphere. It provides excellent facilities for
travelling business executives and holidaymakers alike.

StarWorld Hotel and Casino

Galaxy opened its new „StarWorld Hotel and Casino‟ in October. Located at
the Avenida da Amizade, in the central entertainment core of Macau, it
boasts one of the most luxurious hotel and gaming facilities in the area.
StarWorld will offer the most diverse entertainment choices providing for
every taste. Its exceptional grand performance stage will provide a venue
where world famous professional artists and groups will put on their best
shows every day. Guests and visitors will enjoy performances presented
by sensational Samba dancers, romantic French jazz bands, and the
hippest street dancers and international singers to name but a few.

Wynn Macau Hotel and Casino

The 20-storey Wynn Macau opened in September, with 600 rooms, 140 of
which are one and two-bedroom suites. Situated on the Waterfront, the
hotel is perfect for business or pleasure with several meeting rooms, a
casino and Vegas-style slot machines, designer shops and a spa and
fitness centre.

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503           17

Macau’s ‘Fisherman’s Wharf’ – a new themed experience

The Macau‟s „Fisherman‟s Wharf‟, which opened in 2006, is a world-class
entertainment complex that combines entertainment, retail, food, hotel,
marina, convention and exhibition facilities in one place. The Wharf boasts
a 40-meter man-made volcano that erupts in a spectacular pyrotechnic
display at night and features the first ever indoor rides in Asia. The soon-
to-be opened „Rocks Hotel‟ will stand at the far end of the complex, with
individual balconies in each room, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the
outer harbour.

Infrastructure development

The Macau government plans to invest 4.2 billion patacas (£291 million)
in the construction of an elevated light metro (ELM) spanning some 22
kilometres in its first phase. According to provisional plans announced by
Antonio Jos Castanheira Lourence – the director of the Office for
Infrastructure Development – the ELM network will comprise a total of 26
stations, including the barrier Gate, Outer Harbour Maritime Terminal,
Macau International Airport and the Macau Dome in Cotai. Under the first-
phase plan, the ELM network will serve Macau‟s border checkpoints and
major residential and tourist areas. The project is expected to take 48
months to complete.

New air access

VIVA Macau

VIVA Macau, the international low-cost airline of choice for Macau and the
Pearl River Delta, plans to launch its services this year. The first aircraft in
the airline‟s fleet is a Boeing 767-100R wide-body jetliner with a total of
210 seats configured in two classes. The aircraft can fly up to 12 hours

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503               18
from Macau with, putting exciting new international destinations as far
away as Europe, Australia and North America within reach of Macau for
the first time. VIVA Macau has current commitments for two Boeing 767
that will form the backbone of its wide-body-only fleet as the airline
prepares to inaugurate services, first to Jakarta and the Maldives, and
then later in the year to Australia, other points in Asia and the Middle

New low-cost airline to Hong Kong

Oasis Hong Kong launched its services to the UK in October 2006. An
economy class return ticket including all taxes and fees starts at £261,
with a similar journey in business class costing from £1,071. The Hong
Kong-based company is promising passengers the comforts of a full-
service airline, including seat-back TV entertainment and seat sizes in line
with other carriers. The carrier is hoping to launch flights from Hong Kong
to more European and US hubs in the future, including Berlin, Cologne,
Milan, San Francisco and Chicago.

Macau World Heritage Passport

To celebrate the successful listing of „The Historic Centre of Macau‟ as a
UNESCO World Heritage site, the Macau government Tourist Office
launched the „Macau World Heritage Passport‟, valid until 31 December

As a core campaign of “Macau World Heritage Year”, the passport aims to
encourage participation of local retailers in the promotion of Macau‟s
tourism industry. The objective is to attract more visitors to Macau and to
enhance their knowledge of “The Historic Centre of Macau” while driving
the     length   of   stay   and   spending   of   visitors   to    new   heights.

Visitors participating in the “ Macau Heritage Passport” campaign are
entitled to lucky draws featuring fabulous prizes including golden

             Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503               19
miniatures of Macau Heritage Site, gold coins, hotel accommodation,
Macau heritage highlight tours, Mainland China heritage tours, with a total
value up of MOP8 million (£554,000).

Participating visitors have to collect 4 stamps on their “Macau Heritage
Passport”. One of the stamps can be obtained from the participating hotel
where the “Passport” holder is staying; the second can be obtained from
any of the participating merchants with a single purchase of MOP300
(£21) or above. The last two stamps are to be obtained from MGTO‟s
Information Counters at the Macau Business Tourism Centre, Macau
Tourism & Cultural Activities Centre and Guia Lighthouse located near a
number of world heritage sites after the “Passport” holder has visited
these sites.

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503          20
                    FESTIVALS AND EVENTS

Chinese New Year – January/ February - Is the most important and
colourful Chinese festival celebrated by the majority of the local
population, where shops, offices, factories close for this traditional
holiday. During ten days there are a huge number of events celebrating
the New Year. The long dragon and lions dance on the streets, crowds
visit the temples, lanterns, flowers and entertainment comes alive in the
most important squares of the city.

Macau Art’s Festival – March/ April - This festival is organised by the
Cultural Institute of Macau. It is the time when most of the cultural
associations and institutes of Macau display their best shows and the
cultural diversity of Macau comes to the stage. Normally the programme
includes concerts, dance, painting exhibitions, Chinese opera, theatre
etc... For specific information about the programme of this event please

Dragon Boat Festival – May/ June - This old Chinese festival is to
commemorate the heroic poet Wat Yuen who protested against corruption
by drowning himself. Today all celebrations are concentrated on the
famous Dragon Boat Races, which in Macau takes place on the Nam Van
Lakes. Many local teams and foreign teams take part in this colourful

Feast of the Drunken Dragon – May - The fishermen associations
organise this festival, which starts in the morning in the Kuan Tai Temple
near San Domingos Market (near Senado Square), where men perform a
drunken dance with wooden heads and dragon tails. Then, they go in the
direction of the Inner Harbour and pay a visit to shops and piers on the
waterfront. They drink wine at each stop until they are no longer able to
continue. All participants and observers end the day with a gala dinner.

           Contact details: Representation Plus – 020 8877 4503            21
International Fireworks Display Contest – September/ October -
The largest of its kind and one of the most important in the world. Experts
from different countries are invited to Macau to compete with fireworks
displays set off over the Nam Van Lake.

Macau International Music Festival – October - This Festival brings to
Macau some of the finest orchestras, singers, choirs and music players.
The programme contemplates both the Western and Chinese classical and
modern music. The climax is traditionally the performance of an opera.

Macau Grand Prix – November - Originally conceived in 1954 as an
amateur event for local motoring enthusiasts, the Macau Grand Prix is
today a race meeting to which the world's leading riders and drivers vie
for entries. Each November, Macau wakes up with a jolt as more than 200
racing drivers and riders, as well as thousands of motor sports fans,
descend on the territory for the world's only international street circuit
race meeting which features both car and motorcycle races.

Macau International Marathon – December - The International
Marathon runs over a full course that circles the peninsula and crosses to
Taipa and Coloane Islands. Runners from overseas will join hundreds of
Macau and Hong Kong athletes.

A full list of events can be found at

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Travel Trade Handbook – a practical and comprehensive handbook,
providing travel agents and tour operators with all the basic information
they need to plan a visit to Macau for groups or individuals.

Macau Guide Book – a compact guide to Macau containing all the basic
information including accommodation, attractions, maps and events.

Macau – More than ever – overview of what to do and see in Macau.

Maps, posters, Macau displays and display cubes

Training is available upon request

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