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City Of Roseville


									                                    LOCAL GOVERNMENT FEATURE

City of Roseville
   This is the second in a series    in new growth areas,” said
of articles featuring local gov-     Rocky Rockholm, SACOG
ernments that are using Blue-        Director and Mayor Pro Tem
print Project principles in built    of the City of Roseville.
projects, plans or general plans.        Roseville’s planning staff is
In March, SACOG Board mem-           drafting specific implementa-
ber Rocky Rockholm gave a            tion strategies mirroring Blue-
presentation to the SACOG            print smart growth principles
Board regarding Roseville’s          and adding community educa-
smart planning that incorpo-         tion and monitoring compo-
rates Blueprint principles.          nents. “Once examined by the
                                     Roseville Planning Commis-
  RAPID GROWTH IS NOTH-              sion in April, the implementa-          The Stonepoint Project is       Aerial and park-view renderings of the
ING NEW TO the City of               tion strategies are scheduled to    one key mixed-use high-den-         Roseville Specific Plan that features a
Roseville. According to the          be adopted by the City Coun-        sity project recently approved      grid street network, small walkable
Roseville Historic Society,          cil in May 2005,” said Rock-        by the Roseville City Council.      blocks, commercial zoning around a
between the years of 1906            holm. “Community outreach is        Its plan includes two, ten-         "village green," apartments, town-
and 1908, with the move of           a primary focus in an effort to     story towers, 225 high-density      homes, a church site and a neighbor-
the railroad roundhouse and          encourage public awareness          housing units, 350 medium-          hood park.
repair station from Folsom to        of the growth ahead and the         density housing units, and a
Roseville, this small “village,”     value of Blueprint’s 50-year        two-acre park. Stonepoint is a      In a show of support, Christo-
began to thrive. Clearly, over       plan of development.”               mix of residential and busi-        pher Cabaldon, SACOG Direc-
the last 100 years, Roseville                                            ness space, generating walka-       tor and Mayor of West Sacra-
has proven it can adapt to
rapid change, and adapt well.
    Since 1992, the City of
Roseville’s population has
nearly doubled from 49,500 to
90,739 in 2003. The need for
                                         “    The strategies
                                         that are ultimately
                                         adopted will need
                                         to reflect Roseville’s
                                                                         ble neighborhoods and reduc-
                                                                         ing automobile traffic com-
                                                                         pared to conventional devel-
                                                                         opment patterns.
                                                                             The Riverside Specific Plan,
                                                                         located in the corridor between
                                                                                                             mento, praised Rockholm and
                                                                                                             the City of Roseville as leaders
                                                                                                             for other communities.
                                                                                                                 “Seeing a community like
                                                                                                             Roseville, which has a demon-
                                                                                                             strated record of success, visi-
infill is unquestionable, as             interests and                   Douglas and Darling, is one         ble stability, high quality of
Roseville’s projected population                                         example of an innovative way        services and amenities, makes
for 2010 is 115,000 residents.*          also maintain its               to improve an infill area. Pro-     the kind of efforts that all of us
    “The challenges for                  character and                   posed changes to this one-time      are trying to do in our commu-

Roseville are achieving higher                                           “auto row,” invoke a commu-         nities easier,” said Cabaldon.
density in infill areas and also         quality of life.                nity feel, with classic light           “The strategies that are ulti-
                                                                         posts, lush greenery, park          mately adopted will need to
                                                                         benches, and colorful buildings     reflect Roseville’s interests and
                                                                         that maximize vertical space        also maintain its character and
                                                                         and promote mixed-use for           quality of life. An important
                                                                         business and housing. Other         component will be educating
                                                                         infill reinvestment opportunities   the public on the benefits of
                                                                         include: Douglas Boulevard          mixed use opportunities,” said
                                                                         from Vernon Street to Interstate-   Rockholm
                                                                         80, Douglas from I-80 to Rocky          For more information
                                                                         Ridge, Sunrise from Douglas to      regarding the City of Roseville,
                                                                         Cirby, the Fairgrounds and the      visit
                                                                         Historic District.
                                                                             Other jurisdictions in the      * City of Roseville Demographic,
                                                                         region have begun to take           Development & Employment Profile
                                                                         notice of Roseville’s activities.   2002-2003

Regional Report           APRIL   2005                                                                                                            3

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