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           Summer Enrichment Camp
                      June 6-10 and June 13-17
                      Allendale & Chapman’s Retreat

 Join us this summer as Allendale and Chapman’s Retreat partner to bring you
 double the fun. ENCORE! offers opportunities for children, who have
 completed Kindergarten through 5th grades (by the end of the school year),
 to attend a week-long camp designed to provide exploratory learning
 experiences based upon individual interests. We hope to ignite and foster a
 love of learning through challenging, creative, and interactive educational
 classes. Before and after care is available for our working parents. We are
 looking forward to this opportunity to share some summer fun with you and
 your family.
    Each student will attend 5 classes daily.
    Classes last for 55 minutes and are designed for 7-10 students.
    Double sessions will take up two class periods.
    Each day will begin with an exciting rally with various performances.
    Students will bring a sack lunch with a drink each day.
    Parents are welcome to attend a closing assembly on Friday, where
      students will share their learning, creations, and excitement of their
      accomplishment. More information to follow.

Enrollment Deadlines and T-shirts
     Priority enrollment is due by April 15, 2011. All enrollment forms and
      registration fees should be dropped off at Allendale or Chapman’s offices
      (in an envelope labeled: ENCORE) or mailed to:
                                    P.O. Box 1793
                                    Spring Hill, TN 37174
     Students who enroll during priority enrollment will receive a free Encore
      t-shirt. Students who enroll after April 15, 2011 may purchase an Encore
      t-shirt for $10.
     Class enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Enrollment will continue
      until all spots are filled or until April 28, 2011.
     Final payments - due by May 13th – Checks made payable to ADES.
     Questions? Contact please contact Carrie Utterback or Trish Fowler at
            Encore Classes                                     Claymation Station Movie Making
                                                               Offered the week of June 6-10 only             SUPPLY FEE $9
                                                               ***DOUBLE TIME SLOT
Active Games for Family & Friends                              Students will write and produce their own movie using
Offered both weeks                                             claymation - a form of stop-motion animation that uses clay
Get away from your TV & get active while having a great        figures molded into different positions for each frame
time with Frisbee golf, corn hole, ultimate Frisbee, and       photographed.
more. Rules & scoring will be taught.                          CSI Investigators
                                                               Offered both weeks
All Sports Camp                                                Become a forensic scientist by searching evidence,
Offered both weeks                                             gathering clues, & discover how science can uncover a
Football, basketball, waffle ball, volleyball, and ultimate    mystery.
Frisbee headline this week of sports fun.
American Girl Doll Adventures                                  Offered both weeks
Offered both weeks                                             Use rhythm and basic dance steps to choreograph your
Bring your doll and enjoy a daily theme such as salon          own dance.
secrets, bead bracelets, photos, t-shirts and more.
                                                               Digging for Treasure
Around the World in Five Days                                  Offered both weeks
Offered both weeks                                             Become archeologists and explore various dig sites online
Travel to five different continents to explore geography and   and in the classroom. One site is located right in TN.
culture of countries from different continents.                Students will create a time capsule that they can bury for a
                                                               future archeologist to find.
Basket Weaving
Offered both weeks                                             Digital Fun-tography
Enjoy making your own basket while learning the age-old        Offered the week of June 6-10 only
art of basket weaving.                                         Kids will make their own pin-hole camera, practice the art
                                                               of portrait making and landscape photographs, and will
Bead It                                                        learn to edit photos taken.
Offered both weeks
Make your own jewelry to match your clothing and style.        Doctor in the House
                                                               Offered the week of June 6-10 only
Become a Chess Champion                                        Learn about the body and how it is made. Beginning
Offered the week of June 6-10 only                             first aid course focusing on routine cuts and bruises and
Learn the history of the game, the names of the pieces,        how to help others in an emergency.
and how they move. They will learn strategies in helping
them become chess champions!                                   Faux Foods! Faux Real!
                                                               Offered both weeks
Become a Pokemon Master                                        Fool your family and tickle your funny bone while making
Offered the week of June 6-10 only                             phony foods that trick the eyes & taste buds.
Create, design, and build your own Pokemon character.
Compare, trade, duel, and hook up other Gameboys or            Games Galore
watch a Pokemon classic (with parent permission).              Offered both weeks
                                                               Come play a variety of games using a variety of balls,
“Break a Leg” with Musical Theater                             buckets, jelly beans, blind folds and more. Games to
Offered both weeks                                             stimulate the mind and memory.
Basic performance skills & the background of musical
theater including songs & choreography from various
                                                                Get it Together–Be A Part of the Great Solution
Broadway plays – Les Miserables, Disney, Wicked, You’re A
Good Man Charlie Brown, and more.                              Offered both weeks
                                                               Can you work with a team to move ping-pong balls without
                                                               touching the balls directly? Join us for a week of team
Ch-Ch Cheerleading
                                                               activities that will help build cooperation, community, and
Offered both weeks
                                                               creativity while learning to be a part of the Great Solution!
Practice the sport of cheerleading with sideline chants and
simple partner stunts. Pom-poms provided.
Growing GREEN                                                      Smart Snacking
Offered both weeks                                                 Offered the week of June 6-10 only
Discuss types of pollution, the 3 Rs, the benefits of              Learn how to make your own healthy no-bake snacks such
composting, how companies are going green. Build either            as energy bars, smoothies, cookies, dips, & drinks. Create
recycling or composting bins, create crafts out of trash &         your own recipe book.
create a video PSA for our schools/county.
                                                                   Summer Fun
Icky, Creepy & Just Plain Gross                                    Offered both weeks
Offered both weeks                                                 Make homemade ice-cream, tie-dye t-shirt, snazzy shades,
Use the scientific method to investigate gross (and fun)           and fun summer visor-everything to get you ready for
things while learning about bodily fluids & structures, the        summer. Please bring a plain white t-shirt.
properties of matter, and functions & parts of the digestive
system. (edible skin, blood & snot, Gunk, and more!                Stamp & Punch Paper-crafting
                                                                   Offered the week of June 13-17 only
King of Cupcakes                                                   Create your own monogrammed note-cards as well as
Offered both weeks                                                 birthday, thank you, and special occasion cards. The kids
Basic cake decorating techniques to design and decorate            will stamp, punch, & emboss paper.
                                                                   The Lost Art of Crocheting
Mad Scientist!                                                     Offered both weeks
Offered the week of June 6-10 only                                 Practice the basics of crocheting while creating several
Make predictions, form hypothesis, and record your findings        projects: pot holder, scarf, blanket for a doll.
to these most interesting experiments. Mum is the word but
we can tell you that eggs, silly putty, spy ink, and raisins are   The Saddle Club – for horse lovers
involved…                                                          Offered the week of June 6-10 only
                                                                   Learn about horses and how to take care of them and their
MMM…MMM…Chocolate                            SUPPLY FEE $3.00      tack. Make horse treats and test your knowledge on Friday
Offered both weeks                           !!Allergy Alert!!     with a Jeopardy game.
Explore the history of chocolate while mixing, measuring,
calculating and creating chocolate goodies.                        The World of Watercolor
(nuts, dairy, and wheat products included)                         Offered the week of June 6-10 only        SUPPLY FEE $9.00
                                                                   Students will learn about color, composition, and a
Ooh! La La! Fun with Fancy Nancy                                   collection of other concepts en route to creating their own
Offered both weeks
                                                                   'masterpiece' via watercolors.
Students will learn to talk “fancy” by learning some French
words/phrases, walk fancy, look fancy, and how to                  Time Capsule
eat/drink fancy. Our week will end with a tea party during         Offered both weeks
which we will practice our fancy manners.                          Write a creative autobiography while constructing your
                                                                   very own time capsule.
Paper Mache
Offered both weeks                                                 World Music Drumming
Get your hands excited over paper mache…You’ll be                  Offered both weeks
making a mask, piggy bank, monster, & a bug!                       Create your own rhythmic variety using instruments from
                                                                   around the world (djembes, tubanos, congas, bongos,
Paper Party                                                        guiros, maracas, claves, shekeres & more.
Offered both weeks
Make special daily gifts using rubber stamps, paper                Yoga
punches, & more.                                                   Offered both weeks
                                                                   Develop a sense of balance, stamina, strength, & focus
Scrapbooking – Making Memories                                     through the art of yoga. Beginner Level.
Offered both weeks
Bring your own scrapbook pages and pictures, if you’d like,        You’ve Got a Friend in Me
to create lasting memories. Various materials and tools will       Offered both weeks
be available.                                                      Design & personalize your own friendship bracelets while
                                                                   learning   about       being      a     good      friend.
                                                          Please list your top 5 classes in order using 1 as your favorite
                                                          class. We will do our best to enroll you in all of your favorites!
 Student Name:____________________________                                                             June    June    Supply
                                                                          Class Title                  6-10    13-17    Fee
 School:____________________________________             Active Games for Family & Friends
                                                         All Sports Camp
 Birth Date:___________Grade Completed: ____             American Girl Doll Adventures
                                                         Around the World in Five Days
 Address: __________________________________             Basket Weaving (3rd grade & up)
                                                         Bead It
 Zip Code: ________Home Phone:_____________
                                                         Become a Chess Champion
 Parent/Guardian:__________________________              Become a Pokemon Master
                                                         “Break a Leg” with Musical Theater
 Daytime Phone:___________________________               Ch-Ch Cheerleading
                                                         Claymation Station Movie Making (DOUBLE)                       $9.00
 Email:_____________________________________             CSI Investigators
                                                         Dance - So You Think You Can Dance!
 Emergency Contact:________________________
                                                         Digging for Treasure
 Emergency Contact Phone #: ________________             Digital Fun-tography

                                                         Doctor in the House
 My child has permission to participate in any
 and all activities at ENCORE! I agree to                Faux Foods! Faux Real!
 assume the risks for any accidents incurred             Games Galore
 during this week.
                                                         Get it Together–Be A Part of the Solution
 _______________________________________                 Growing GREEN
 Parent/Guardian Signature
                                                         Icky, Creepy & Just Plain Gross
                          Date: ___________
                                                         King of Cupcakes

                                                         Mad Scientist!
  Before/After Care Registration                         MMM Chocolate                                                 $3.00
     Enrollment is first come, first serve basis.
                                                         Ooh! La La! Fun with Fancy Nancy
       Before Care     7:15-8:15           $50/wk
       After Care      3:15-4:15           $50/wk        Paper Mache
       Before & After Care                 $80/wk
                                                         Paper Party
   Check the care that meets the needs of your family.
                                                         Scrapbooking – Making Memories
          School            Before Care  After Care
 Allendale: June 3-10                                    Smart Snacking
 Chapmans: June 13-17
                                                         Stamp & Punch Paper-crafting
      All Before and After Care must be paid
              in full when you register.                 Summer Fun

                                                         The Lost Art of Crocheting
 Tuition is $155 for the week. (Payable to ADES)        The Saddle Club – for Horse Lovers
 Registration forms must be returned by mail
(P.O. Box1793, Spring Hill, 37174) or dropped off at     The World of Watercolor                                       $9.00
Allendale or Chapman’s Retreat’s office with             Time Capsule – All About Me!
a non-refundable $30 registration fee by April
15th to get your free Encore T-shirt.                    World Music Drumming
 You can order an Encore t-shirt for $10 after          Yoga
the April 15th priority enrollment date.
 Final date to enroll is April 28, 2011.                You’ve Got a Friend in Me
 Balance of $125 is due May 13, 2011                                  Circle your child’s t-shirt size 
                                                         Child SM Child MED Child LG Adult SM Adult MED Adult LG
                  Questions? Please contact Carrie Utterback or Trish Fowler at encore.ades.cres@gmail.com 

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