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					                              Local Entrepreneur
                         H.M.B. Antiques and Collectibles
                                                                   By Cheryl Roth

                  Heather Brown began working as an antique dealer in 1987 at the
                  time when she was still working for the Bell Canada Telephone
Historical Collection. She worked there for three years, while
finishing her Diploma in Library Studies from Concordia University. She added
this degree to her BA, Specialization in History, which she completed in 1982,
while working full time.

She started her business in a small way renting a few shelves at The Bargaineer in
Plattsburgh, NY. She rented there for thirteen years, and then moved, and rented at
Lake City Treasures, and Thrifty Threes, also in Plattsburgh. After one year with
Thrifty Threes she moved again to sell at the Antique and Variety Mall where her
things were sold for five years. That was the most recent time she has sold from a
store. Heather was interested in starting an ebay™ Consignment Store in Two
Mountains, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Since then Heather has been selling only on ebay™ from home for herself, and sev-
eral clients during the last eight years. She currently has a 100% positive feedback
rating which you can view at ebay™ ID hmbantiquesandcollectibles(431). Heather
works very hard as a middleperson, to make sure that both the ebay™ buyers and
the item sellers are happy with the results of the transactions she conducts for them.

 If you have items you would like to try to sell she would be more than willing to
help you with that. Heather will also teach you how to sell on ebay™ yourself for
an hourly fee, or do research on, try to find or sell items for you.

If you would like to contact her, please call or email, also please feel free to check
out the items she has for sale at: Ebay ID: hmbantiquesandcollectibles

                           Cell phone: (514) 942-7054
                          Home phone: (450) 472-7054