Dedicate a Luminaria by ert634


									                                         RELAY FOR LIFE ONLINE GUIDE

                                       Dedicate a Luminaria
Welcome! Let’s get started!                                         Step 4: Enter Luminaria Details.
Follow the step-by-step directions below to honor or                Select your Luminaria, tribute type (In Honor or Memory Of),
memorialize someone with a Luminaria.                               tribute name, and message information (this will appear on
                                                                    the Luminaria bag).

Step 1: Find Your Event.
Go to: to locate your event,
then click the “Dedicate a Luminaria” link.

                                                                     Step 5: Complete dedication.
                                                                     Follow the instructions on the next page, and enter all billing
Step 2: Locate your Participant or team.                             information. A confirmation will be emailed to you to serve as
Click “Search for a participant or team name” and enter the first    your receipt.
few letters of either to locate your preferred member or team.

Step 3: Choose your Participant or team.
Choose your preferred participant or team by clicking on the
NAME, and choosing the “Luminaria” button on their team or
personal page. Note: do not select “Donate Now” – it will
result in a general donation, not a luminaria donation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local staff partner or call the American Cancer Society at 1.800.227.2345.

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