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                                 PO BOX 29653 ATLANTA, GA 30345
                                           (404) 248-1777


Mailing address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Work phone: ___________________________Home phone:_________________________________________________
Cell phone:_____________________________ Fax #:_____________________________Bar #:____________________

I am not a full time/part time prosecutor or full time/part time judge (signature required): __________________________
Please check any that apply:
_____I was waitlisted for this program in 2008.
_____Please contact me about my special needs.
_____I would like a single room ($300 additional charge. Please send separate check with application. Single rooms are
limited and can not be guaranteed. This check will be returned to you if you are not granted a single room.)


Law school: ___________________________________ Year graduated: ________Year admitted to bar:_____________
While in law school, were you involved in a clinical program?____ If so, please name: ____________________________
Were you on any mock trial or moot court teams? ____ If so, please list: _______________________________________


Current employer:______________________________________________________Date of Employment:____________
If Public Defender, list circuit:_________________________________________________________________________
What CLE criminal or trial courses have you taken? ________________________________________________________
List significant prior legal employment (use back if necessary): ______________________________________________


Please be candid about your trial experience and do not exaggerate:
Number of trials as lead counsel*:
Felony jury ___________                  Felony non-jury ___________                 Probation revocation hearings_______
Misdemeanor jury ______                  Misdemeanor non-jury ______
Civil jury _____________                 Civil non-jury _____________
*On the back of this form, or on another sheet of paper, please list other trial experience where you did not serve as lead

For the following questions, if you need additional space please utilize the back of this form or another sheet of paper:
List the charges in your last five criminal cases, their disposition (jury verdict, bench trial, plea, other) and county:

Briefly, describe the nature of your law practice including any civil work you do:

What are your goals for your practice?

What are you goals for this program?

Please list the 5 most important things you would like to learn from this type of program:

Please mail this form along with two checks made out to GACDL. One check for $250 program fee and one check for $600 to hold your space
Please date checks August 1, 2009 and mail to address above. Please include a third check for $300 if you would like a single room.
                                PO BOX 29653
                              ATLANTA, GA 30359

              Instructions for Applying to 10th Annual Bill Daniel Trial Program

Dear GACDL Member,

 This letter gives instructions for applying to GACDL’s 10th Annual Bill Daniel Trial Advocacy Program.
Please take time to read this letter before filling out your application. The deadline to apply is August 1, 2009.

 This program is designed for GACDL members with limited trial experience. Your 2009 GACDL dues must be
current in order to be accepted into this program. Thirty participants will be accepted as determined by
complete answers to questions on the application. The program, coordinated by Jill Travis, will feature an
outstanding and truly dedicated faculty of criminal defense practitioners who donate their time to the program.

 As soon as you have applied please take leaves of absence immediately in the event that you are accepted. At
present, the program is scheduled to start promptly at 11:00 AM on Wednesday October 7t h and end at 2:30 PM
on Saturday October 10th, 2009. Attendance for the entire program is mandatory. Applicants will receive
notification of whether or not they have been accepted to the program by September 1, 2009.

 The fee for the program includes some 26 hours of instruction, materials, three nights at the center (not
optional), four lunches, three continental breakfasts, a cocktail party, and a pizza party. Because GACDL
scholarships the majority of these costs, the fee for the program is only $250. Please enclose a check for $200
with your application. This check will be returned to you in the event that your application is not accepted.

 In addition to your application and program fee check, please include a check to hold your space in the
program. This check should be payable to GACDL for $600 and dated August 1, 2009. This check will be
returned to you: a) if you are not accepted to the program; b) if you must withdraw from the program before
August 1; or c) at the conclusion of the program if you have attended and participated throughout.

 Most of the program costs for each participant are being paid by GACDL. We are glad to invest in the future
trial skills of our members; however, if you drop out of the program after August 1, do not show up for the
program, or leave before the conclusion, GACDL will deposit this $600 check to make up for the loss of
revenue invested in your education.

 At the end of the program you will pay GACDL for any CLE hours you want. The cost is $5 per each hour that
you would like for us to report to the State Bar. There will be 26.5 trial hours available to you upon completion
of this program.

Thank you for your interest. Please call me if you have any questions: 404-248-1777.

Jennifer K. Carter, Executive Director, GACDL

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