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					      Benefits of applying for Citizenship while in the USAF

The United States Air Force works closely with the U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS) to help individuals become Citizens of the United
States. Qualifications to apply include 1-year Military Service, 5-year US residency.

So, what are the benefits to applying for Citizenship while serving in the Military?

     Applying for Citizenship while in the Military is FREE!

     Your local MPE will provide you with the forms and study materials you will
      need for the process.

     After the MPE mails your paperwork, the USCIS will expedite your

NOTE: Once you receive Citizenship, you MUST bring your original Certificate
of Naturalization to us at the MPE so we can update your Military records.

                As a U.S. Citizen you may then be eligible for the following:

                Reenlist and be eligible to receive Selective Reenlistment bonuses
                PME attendance (ALS)
                Promotion to SSgt
                Retraining
                Eligible to obtain a Security Clearance
                Eligible to apply for Commissioning Programs
                Eligible to apply for PALACE Chase/PALACE Front

            Six month extensions are authorized if the applicant is within 120 days of DOS and
            citizenship has not been obtained for reasons beyond the applicant’s control.

            PTDY is authorized for applicants to complete naturalization processing when a court
            hearing has been set by USCIS. The Unit Commander may approve up to 10 days of PTDY
            for this purpose.

If you are a Registered Immigrant interested in becoming a U.S. Citizen, simply
come to your local MPE (located in the Rushmore Center). We will assist you with
every step. If you would like more information, call us at 385-2446.