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					                                                   NEWS YOU CAN USE
                                                     FROM THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE
                                                                                                November/December 2010

                                     Annual Christmas Card Contest Winners Announced

              Q&A                Many entries were received for
                                 this year’s Christmas Card
                                 Contest. Thank you to the
                                 Diplomat Club for selecting the
Who receives the special
                                     The DRAWING winner is
edition St. Giles School         8th grader Lily Cozzens for her
Christmas Card ?                 beautiful drawing of Mary and
                                 Jesus, and MESSAGE winner is
Answer: The card, which is       7th grader Sarah Lewis. Each
published inhouse, is targeted
primarily to alumni, former
                                 wins $25.
parents and parishioners who         An Honorable Mention is
give generously to our school.   given to Katie Zawacki (7th) for
It is just one small way we      her nativity drawing, and Luke
show appreciation to our         Wolff (7th) & Meredith
                                 Henneberry (7th) for their
                                 Christmas messages.
Contents                             Other drawing finalists were:      The Lord has come. Rejoice and be happy.
Fund Updates, page 2              th                                   Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
                                 7 graders --Margaret Ketcik,
                                 Dana Pape, Brandon Silva, Nora
Grandparents Day                 Sullivan, Luke Cimarusti; 5th graders--Victoria Ruiz, Helen Laboe; and 1st
Report, page 3
                                 grader--Jack Hennessy (1st).
New Car Magnet, page 4

500 Club Winners, page 4
                                 Give Central making donations easier
Save the Date for The
Lion’s Pride, page 4             St. Giles School offers a simple secure online giving
                                 environment created specifically for organizations
                                 within the Archdiocese of Chicago. Called
                                 GiveCentral, the site allows you to make donations
                                 using major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American
                                 Express and Discover) and/or Electronic Check (ACH). Donations, such as
                                 those to the Sr. Marie Imelda Giving Society, can be scheduled as recurring
                                 donations or payments, and donors can view contributions and payment
                                 history any time.
                                     When the system was set up a year ago, each existing donor was assigned a
                                 user name and password. You can log in if you apply this formula for your
                                                                                                         Continued on page 2
                                                 Development Office . 1034 Linden . Oak Park, Illinois 60302
                                                     (708) 383-6279, ext. 505 .
Give Central continued
1. The first TWO letters of the first name of the primary          In the My Events tab, click on “sign up with new
parent (traditionally the father in a two parent household),       parish / school”, then in the drop down box,
1. The full last name of the primary parent,                       “Archdiocese of Chicago, then hit “next” and then type
2. The first THREE numbers in your address.                        “St Giles School” in the “location” box. (“St Giles”
The username for Bob and Betty Smith would be                      without the period). Next click on “view events” and
rosmith000.                                                        it will list the various types of contributions (called
                                                                   events) you may make to the School. You may select
Note: If the mother in the family is an alumna of St. Giles, she
                                                                   your payment start and end, amount, frequency and
is considered the primary parent and her maiden name plus
                                                                   dollar amount in the boxes. At the bottom of the page,
married last name is considered the last name. For example:
                                                                   please select your affiliation to the School from the
Donna Jones graduated from SGS and her maiden name was
                                                                   drop down box. When you are finished setting up your
Wall. Her username is dowalljones000.
                                                                   payment, hit “next.” It will then have you “continue to
EVERYONE’S PASSWORD IS “givecentral@123”                           payment” and “finalize payment” to confirm your
until you login to change it.                                      payment to the event.
To Get Started: Go to Select                  If you are new to St. Giles since 2009, you need to
“Existing Users Click Here to Login.”                              register at the site. You may set your own username
Enter the User ID and password. Under the My Profile               and password.
tab, please update, correct, and add information to your
                                                                   YOU ARE NOW SET UP AND ABLE TO USE
account profile by hitting “modify profile” box. Your
                                                                   THE SYSTEM. Once your account is set up, you can
user ID may not be changed, but you should change your
                                                                   log in at any time to make a donation to any location
password the first time you access your profile. Be sure to
                                                                   within the Archdiocese of Chicago that utilizes
click on “Save” at the bottom of the page if you make any
changes to your profile.

                                                FUND UPDATES
As the halfway point in our               Lion’s Leap Update                         an annual appeal is sent to all of
fiscal year approaches (12/31), it        Donations have continued to be             our constituencies to offer an
is a good time for updates on             turned in and as of 12/7/10, the           opportunity to fund our needs
our fundraising efforts. St. Giles        total collection for Lion’s Leap           during the school year. Gifts
has three funds: Lion’s Leap,             stands at $103,783.27. Donations are       through our new giving society,
Margaret Stewart Tuition                  still being accepted.                      the Sister Marie Imelda Wilson,
Assistance Fund and Annual                                                           O.P. Society, are part of the
Fund. Lion’s Leap is a line item          Margaret Stewart Tuition                   Annual Fund. Current donations
in the operating budget that              Assistance Fund Update                     to date: $51,409.60.
helps keep tuition at a                   Every spring, the School Board                Donations to this year’s
manageable level. The Margaret            implements a campaign to replenish         campaign, Invest in our Future will
Stewart Fund provides a subsidy           this fund. Donations are accepted          end when the Annual Fund 2011
to families that need a little help       all year long. Current donations to        kicks off during Catholic Schools
to pay their tuition during the           date: $9,885.                              Week.
year. Annual Fund pays for the                                                          In January, all donors will
priority needs of our school as           Annual Fund 2010                           receive a tax letter with cumulative
determined by our principal.              Conducted on an annual basis               donations recorded.
                                          contrary to our fiscal year calendar,

                                                      DID YOU KNOW?
     A gift to the Margaret Stewart Tuition Assistance Fund goes directly to a St. Giles family.
    Expenses related to administering the campaign are not charged to the fund but are paid as
                            general expenses in the Development Office.

                                 4th Grandparents Day a great success!

St. Giles School hosted 217 guests this year for our annual event
honoring grandparents. Responses to a survey sent to attending
grandparents revealed:
 Overwhelmingly, grandparents responded that the even met their
   expectations. Comments included were “perfect”, “exceeded my
   expectations”, “a wonderful experience” and “a great event”.
 Cited as “best part of the event” was time spent with grandchildren,
   meeting teachers, watching the children in action and the warm
   welcome from the principal, lunch out and family photos. One
   grandparent commented on the emphasis on “giving rather than
 Asked how to improve the event, most respondents said they would
   not change a thing. Others commented that the seating in the
   classroom was uncomfortable. One grandparent felt the event was too
   long; one felt it was too short. Two grandparents noted that there was
   too much “game-playing”, and they did not get a feel for the true class
 General comments included praise for the Diplomat Club from the majority of the grandparents responding to
   the survey. For the grandparents who could not come, all responded that the letter to the grandchild (ren) was a
   thoughtful option. Many responded that the event was better organized than in prior years.

                          Parent Feedback Form: Grandparents’ Day 2010

     1.Did you feel informed about the event and how it works? Why or why not?

     2. What was the best part of this year’s event?

     3. What needs improvement?

     4. Additional comments on check-in, classroom visits, prayer service, photos, etc.

                                 Return to the Development mailbox in the School office.
                                  The new St. Giles Car
                                  Magnet has arrived

                                  Highlighting our Blue Ribbon
                                  status, our new car magnet is
                                  here. Show your school pride by
                                  displaying a magnet on every
Development Office                family car. Special thanks to Dan
1034 Linden                       Hefner ‘64 for underwriting the
Oak Park, Illinois 60302          cost of the magnets again.
                                  Proceeds are deposited into the
Director                          Lion’s Leap fund!
Karen Herman DeMuro

Assistant                                               CAR MAGNET ORDER
Kelly Richard
                                          FAMILY NAME ___________________________________
(708) 383-6279, ext. 505             # magnets _______ @ $6
                                          Total enclosed $ __________________                     Please send the order home with my child:

MISSION STATEMENT FOR                     Name ______________________________________
The Development Office of St.             Room Number ______________
Giles School exists to find and
                                          Thanks for your order! Submit to the Development Office mailbox.
implement opportunities for
fund development by creating,
implementing & supporting
new & existing fundraising
activities & programs to en-        Announcing 500 Club Winners To Date
hance school revenue.
                                    Marguerite Roza and John Falkenhom
                                    SPECIAL AUGUST PARENT DRAWING
        Save the Date!
                                    Harry and Doris Moroni — OCTOBER
  The Lion’s Pride                  The next drawing is on December 21. Other drawings will be at
 An Evening Celebrating             the end of February, April and June.
 Blue Ribbon Excellence
                                    Anyone can join the club with a $100 donation. To be included in the
           Saturday                 December drawing for $500, contact the Development office ASAP.
       May 7, 2011                  Membership can be charged to your credit card by phone if you call us
                                    at 708-383-6279, ext. 505., or you can find a form online under the
                                    Giving tab-click on “Other.”

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