Ideas to help your business grow

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                              Ideas to help your business grow

Be a storyteller                               2
                                                                                           Generate new                                    4
                                              your clients!
Go beyond taking a portrait and
                                                                                                                                           your studio
create a series of images that tell a
story. Creating a variety of images                                                        Let’s face it, creating a comprehensive
that portray the different relationships                                                   marketing campaign can sometimes
in a family gives you the opportunity         Create a press-printed book for each         be intimidating, but it’s more important        Turn your studio into a sales tool.
to sell the wall grouping that tells that     session and present it at the ordering       than ever to market your studio in              Display your products on walls and in
story. Go into a client’s home using          appointment. Use press-printed book          today’s economy. At Miller’s, we’ve             printed products throughout. Update
Bay Photo’s Studio Success Kit to show        templates from Focused by WHCC to            taken steps to make the elusive mar-            your studio setting with the seasons.
how small an 11x14 will be over the           design beautiful books quickly and           keting process as painless as possible          Seniors will feel more comfortable in a
fireplace and how much more                   effectively. Your clients will love the      with a solution called MarketNow. With          setting designed with teens in mind.
dynamic a 30x40 could be. With Bay’s          immediate gratification of a custom          MarketNow, you can: Research a seg-             Families will look for gallery wraps,
Studio Success Kit you can choose             finished product of their images. When       ment; purchase a mailing list based on          memory books and holiday cards as
among four options that can be                your client comes to pick up her order,      your prospects’ life stages and income;         they anticipate their holiday photos.
popped into frames and displayed in           surprise her with a set of art wallets or    use one of our professionally designed          The best sales tool for a restaurant is a
your client’s home to help them               fine-art cards. The wallets can feature      marketing pieces, including postcards,          dessert tray. A photobook featuring
choose what size wall portrait or what        a favorite image from the session            e-mails, and referral inserts, customize        templates from Graphic Authority’s
size prints will best show their family in    along with your website or studio logo.      the free templates with your own                “Rockstar” series may be just the right
a wall grouping.                              The cards display a fine-art image on        images, and send the finished pieces            appetizer to earn your studio the job.

Visit                            the front and are blank on the inside.       to Miller’s for discounted printing. In just    Visit
                                              The backs of the cards contain               four easy steps, you are well on your way

                                  5                                                                                            7
                                              information about the image, the             to implementing a campaign for your
                                              artist and your studio.                      studio and generating more business.
                                              Visit                               Visit

                                 Master                                       your quality                                    Outsource tasks
                                                                                                                              Take a look at your life and business
                                                                              Make sure your images are printed at a
                                 your craft                                   pro lab, even when the client makes
                                                                                                                              and ask the sometimes hard question:
                                                                                                                              Can someone else do this for me in less
                                 It’s very important to know your             prints. When photographers sell                 time than it takes me to do it?
                                 camera gear as if it were an extension       packages that include certain usage             Outsourcing parts of your business
                                 of your body. When you’re working            rights, often the main concern is that          (album design, post-production work,
                                 with clients, you want to be attentive       the customer will have prints made at           order fulfillment) and your personal life
                                 to them, not distracted by your              a discount chain or on a personal               (house cleaning, landscaping, food
                                 cameras. That’s why it’s vital to keep       printer. A poor print reflects poorly on        shopping) frees up your time to do what
                                 learing, taking classes for the technical,   your great images. Many MpixPro                 you do best — shoot and market your
                                 marketing, business and creative sides       customers license their images with             business. offers album and
                                 of photography. To improve your              the recommendation that the photos              book design for $1 an image.
                                 craft, use the Canon Digital Learning        be printed at Mpix, where you will be           Visit
                                 Center, an online educational website        assured the customer is receiving the
                                 available to you 24-7.                       highest quality prints available from a
                                 Visit                      professional lab. The coolest thing?
                                                                              Customers will be paying prices
                                                                              that are competitive with discount
                                                                              chains. Mpix will make you and your
                                                                              images look great!

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                            Ideas to help your business grow

 Get creative;
 set yourself
                                           Find your visual
                                                                                       Use social                                   4
                                                                                                                                    Boost sales
 apart                                     & pro style
                                                                                       networks to grow
                                                                                       Facebook and Twitter are great
                                                                                       venues for building your studio's
 Digital art can separate you from the     If you truly believe in your profession     brand.'s blog is regularly      Use the ultimate sales tool for
 crowd. Learning to create what            as an image-maker, it’s important           updated to include best practices for        additional sales after the ordering
 others can’t generates greater            to pursue your own style. Making            using social networks to build your          appointment—the Internet. Set up an
 revenue. Design resources are now         interesting images—pictures that            network and grow your business.              online shopping cart with PickPic by
 available to bridge the gap between       speak to the viewer, that reveal            When you post your branded portrait,         White House Custom Colour (WHCC)
 photography and design. Today’s           something about yourself—is the key         wedding and event images on                  and provide a way for your clients to
 progressive photographers imple-          to good photography. Look for mentors, every site visitor can         reach their extended families and
 ment Photoshop templates, including       within our industry, such as the            use our Facebook app to link the site        friends, no matter where they are.
 elements from the new Graphic             esteemed photographers who are the          to his or her Facebook page and              Anyone interested can simply order
 Authority “Image Boutique” series, to     Canon Explorers of Light, and in other      promote your brand.                          online, no matter where they live or
 create unique works of art.               professions as well. Several factors go     Visit                      what time of day it is.
 Visit                into choosing one photographer over
                                           another, such as technical proficien-

                                           cy, professionalism and a unique style
                                           of photography. These are attributes

                               5                                                                                       7
                                           that successful portrait and wedding
                                           photographers possess.

      For more
 tips on growing
your business, visit

                                                                          Promote on

                                                                          Facebook                                     Use your products

                                                                                                                       to market yourself
                              Use a third party
                                                                          It’s been reported that more than
                              for online selling                          half of the 300 million people on            Give your clients ideas for uses for Bay
                              Use an online group like Zenfolio to        Facebook visit the site daily. With          Photo Press Printed Cards by using
                              take care of the presentation, sharing      users actively engaged, Facebook is          them in your business. You can use tri-
                              and selling of your images. It’s as         a marketing must. Unfamiliar with            fold Press Printed Cards for promotional
                              simple as uploading your images to          Facebook? Start out by sharing images        pieces to market your business and
                              an album and setting your own pric-         with clients so that they can spread the     publish your services, price list and
                              ing. With Zenfolio, you are able to         word for you. Miller’s offers ProFiles2Go,   sample images. A simple two-sided
                              customize your album, and you can           a free service when ordering proofs.         postcard can give families guidelines
                              even create your own proprietary            Clients can download low-res files of        for what clothing to wear for their por-
                              URL. Mpix is the exclusive print partner    their proofs (with your studio logo          trait session—show examples. This same
                              of Zenfolio. Consequently, you know         added) for use on social networking          card can be a reminder for the date
                              that your customers will be getting         pages like Facebook. For another             and time for their family portrait ses-
                              the highest quality prints and press        Facebook opportunity, create a fan           sion. After the session, use a folded
                              products available. Zenfolio charges        page. Unlike personal accounts, fan          4x5.5 as a thank-you card. To set your
                              a relatively small fee (12 percent of       pages track valuable information about       business apart, consider using a 3x3 flat
                              profits) for this streamlined solution.     users, including demographics and            card, a folded 2x3.5, or ThinBiz as your
                              Visit                           interactions.                                business card. Get out in your commu-
                                                                          Visit                         nity; show your face and your brand.

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