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                                   December new members, renewals
                                   NEW MEMBERS                             K.C. Rutiaga                        RENEWALS                       227-1158
                                                                           5901 E. Clinton Ave.                                                 Bruce Williams Auto Body,
                                   Real-Time Outsource                     Fresno, CA 93727                    32 years                       Bruce Williams, (559)
                                     Travis Huff                           (559) 292-2944                        Renewal Body Works Inc.,     299-0685
                                     1322 E. Shaw Ave. #310                                                    Charlie Sandoval, (559)          Save Mart #98, Mike Brown,
                                     Fresno, CA 93710
                                                                          Urbanesis                            299-2116                       (559) 322-8021
                                                                                                                                                Leslie Ward, CPA, Les Ward,
                                     (559) 905-0954                        Enoch Sears                         20 to 25 years                 (559) 291-9064
                                                                           Clovis, CA 93612                      Warner Financial Services,     Wal-Mart/Shaw Ave, Garner
                                   Got-U-There Tours                       (559) 492-9749                      Gary Warner, (559) 297-8080    Willis, (559) 297-4176
                                                                                                                 The Pepsi Bottling Group,
                                     Leslie Raddatz                       Fresno Lawn Care                     Diana Conaway, (559)
                                                                                                                                              10 to 14 years
                                     Clovis, CA 93611                      George McNeal                                                        Douglas M. Smith & Co.
                                     (559) 325-7800                        Fresno, CA 93729                      America's Best Value Inn &   CPA, Doug Smith, (559)
                                                                           (559) 977-8497                      Suites Clovis, Peter Patel,    294-6592
                                   Woodward Remodeling                                                         (559) 298-0775                   Samuel A Lucido Invest-
                                                                          Auspice Home Care Solutions            Gateway Automotive, Ottmar   ments, Sam Lucido, (559)
                                     Pat Woodward
                                                                                                               Koch, (559) 323-1948           298-5509
                                     Clovis, CA 93612                      Jackie Green                                                         Home Depot, Frank Piccolo,
                                     (559) 323-0450                        758 E Bullard Ave Ste. 102          15 to 19 years                 (559) 294-9600
                                                                           Fresno, CA 93710                      Cen Cal Business Finance
                                   Fresno Neon Sign Co.                    (559) 436-4782                      Group, Cindy Merzon, (559)         SEE   Renewals, PAGE 5

                                      Chamber Annual Meeting                                                                         Thank you,
                                      Jan. 28 at Classic Catering                                                                     sponsors
                                                                                                                                       enerous sponsors help make

                                         ou are invited to the Clovis Chamber     The Director and Ambassador of the Year              Clovis Chamber events happen.
                                         Annual Meeting to be held on           awards will be given as well as one for                Thank them by patronizing their
                                         Thursday, Jan. 28 at the Classic       Membership Development.                          businesses.
                                   Catering Banquet Room.
                                     The event will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1
                                                                                  The event will include a delicious lunch       2009 Chairman’s Circle
                                                                                from Classic Catering and time for some               Budweiser/Donaghy Sales
                                                                                serious networking.                                   Kaiser Permanente
                                     This is the time to meet the new Board
                                   of Directors, to thank outgoing Chairman       Tickets cost $25 each and can be                    Kitahara Pontiac - Buick - GMC
                                   Paul Hinkle and to welcome incoming          purchased from Rachel@clovischamber.                  Big Country - 102.7
                                   Chairman Ron Barsamian.                      com.                                                  KALZ - Alice 96.7
                                                                                                                                      KBOS - B95
                                                                                                                                      KCBL - Fox Sports 1340 and 1400
                                                                                                                                      KFSO - La Preciosa - 92.9
                                   Clovis Advantage Trade Show March 4                                                                KRZR - 103.7
                                                                                                                                      KSOF - Soft Rock - 98.9

                                      at Veterans’ Memorial Building
                                                                                                                                      Pepsi Cola
                                                                                                                                      Table Mountain Casino
                                                                                                                                 2009 President’s Circle

                                          pplications are available for the     available. By supporting the event you will
                                          March 4 edition of the Clovis         see your logo displayed at the event and on           Allstar Communications
                                          Advantage Business Trade Show. This   the 8,000 tickets that are distributed. Also,         AmeriGas
                                   is the granddaddy of all networking event    you will receive a prime location at the              Business Street
                                   as several hundred business people and the   show.                                                 Clovis Veterinary Hospital
                                   public come to the Clovis Veterans’                                                                Comcast
                                   Memorial Building to see the best the          For information about participating or              Dry Creek Museum
                                   Valley has to offer.                         sponsoring the Clovis Advantage, contact              Fresno Equipment Company
                                                                                Rachel at 299-7363 or Rachel@clovischam-              Heald College
                                     Sponsorship opportunities are also                                              Pack & Ship Pros
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        Resolutions Mixer                                                                             Big Hat Days are April 10, 11
      Jan. 27 at the Institute                                                                      O
                                                                                                            n Friday morning, April 9 and              In the DMV lot you’ll find the Don
                                                                                                            Monday morning, April 12, Old            Maurer Family Carnival that will be bigger
                                                                                                            Town Clovis will be a quiet little       than ever.
                                                                                                    part of town with old-fashioned shops and

          of Technology
                                                                                                    few cars. No one will be able to tell that         The alluring smells of cooking tri-tip,
                                                                                                    between those two days, the population           funnel cakes, kettle korn and sausages will
                                                                                                    will have doubled at the largest event in        bring you down the Food Fair to the
                                                                                                    the Central Valley.                              Budweiser Beverage Garden where you can

           tart the year out right at the              Chamber mixers are free to Chamber                                                            enjoy the sounds of local bands. Quench
                                                                                                      The 71st Annual Table Mountain Casino          your thirst with a Pepsi product sold by a
           Resolutions Mixer from 5 to 7 p.m.         members, their guests and potential new       Big Hat Days are coming to town on April
           Wednesday, Jan. 27, at the Institute       members.                                                                                       local non-profit group.
                                                                                                    10 and 11. This year’s event, the premier
     of Technology, 564 W. Herndon Ave.                                                             event in the Central Valley, is promising to       As you’re enjoying the Kitahara Auto
                                                        Remember, about 100 people attend
       Enjoy great networking, meet new               Clovis Chamber mixers so be sure to bring     be another sell out.                             Display, listen to the sounds of 102.7 Big
     people, learn about the training and             lots of business cards and get ready to         The Chamber is already fielding phone          Country, Alice 96.7 and B95.
     educational opportunities available and          meet lots of new people.                      calls from craft vendors from around the
     enjoy great hors d’ouevres created by                                                                                                             Be sure to visit sponsor Allstar Communi-
                                                                                                    country all vying for the coveted 400            cations booth at Fifth Street and Pollasky
     students at the new Culinary Annex.                Details: 299-7363.                          spaces. Many are already sold. New and           Avenue.
                                                                                                    upgraded quality crafters are bringing their
                                                                                                    products — blown glass vases, all kinds of         Big Hat Days, a Clovis Chamber of

                   Upcoming Mixers:                                                                 art including acrylics, oils and pencil          Commerce event, is representative of the
                                                                                                    sketches, handmade baskets, pottery and          Clovis Way of Life — a safe, family-friendly
                                                                                                    lots of hats.                                    environment.

                   Mark your calendar
            he Clovis Chamber announces the                 Aug. 18 — Fresno County Federal
            schedule for its popular Mixer series      Credit Union
            of networking events. The dates and             Sept. 15 — Fairwinds
     locations for 2010 are:
                                                            Oct. 21 — Clovis Advantage Trade
          Jan. 26 — Institute of Technology            Show
          Feb. 17 — Cargo Bay/Office Bay
                                                            Nov. 17 — See’s Candies
          March 17 — Sierra Vista Mall
                                                            Dec. 1 — Sam’s Club
          April 21 — Hampton Inn & Suites
                                                         Chamber mixers are free to Chamber
          May 19 — Future Ford                         members, their guests and people interest-
          June 16 — Fresno Chaffee Zoo                 ed in joining the Clovis Chamber of
          July 21 — Precision Plastics                 Commerce.

        Seminar series starts next month
            he Clovis Chamber’s seminar series              Thursday, March 4: Advertising and
            has set its schedule for the first half    Marketing Plans
            of the year.                                    Thursday, April 1: Sales Training
        The series rotates between three topics:            Thursday, May 6: Build a Facebook
     Sales Training (create a process that saves       Fan Page
     time and your dignity), Marketing and                  Thursday, June 3: Advertising and
     Advertising (when and where to spend)             Marketing Plan
     and Social Media Networking (make it                The presentations start at noon at ITT
     work for you 24/7).                               Technical Institute located on the south-
        Each session will be similar in scope but      west corner of Clovis and Herndon.
     will cover different aspects fo each topic, so      The classes are free to Clovis Chamber
     it’s worth attending each month.                  members.
        The scheduled dates are:                         To RSVP or for more information, call
           Thursday, Feb. 4: Build a Facebook Fan      Beth Bridges at 299-7363 or beth@clovis-
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     In March, the Clovis Chamber helps defeat Measure A, the increased sales tax.

       Ribbon cutting for                                                            Einar Cook Honoree Don Watnick shakes hands with networking expert Mel
          Chris Bundros,                                                             Kaufman at Salute to Business in August.

                                                                                     One of the souped-up cars at the Clovis Motorsports Jamboree in May.
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                                                                                                          Businesses showcase their products at the semi-annual Clovis Advantage
                                                                                                          Trade Show.

     Crowds fill the streets at the annual Big Hat Days in April                                          Every Friday, Lunch Bunch goes to a local rersturant for lunch.

                                                                                       FROM PAGE   2                                       Fresno Women's Network, Karen Sorensen,
                                                                                         Save Mart #52, Rick Rapada, (559)             (559) 450-2102
                                                                                       297-1338                                            The Human Resources Consortium, Fred Mora
                                                                                         Save Mart #33, Bennett Lee, (559) 298-3074    III, (559) 227-6115
                                                                                                                                           Collette Vacations, Joan Thornton, (401)
                                                                                       Five to nine years                              727-9000
                                                                                         Belmont Country Club, Tonya Malloch, (559)        Ink Print Pros, Griff Anderson, (559)
                                                                                       251-5078                                        292-9509
                                                                                         Save Mart #87, Robert King, (559) 297-0109        Computer Geeks Fresno, Jay Petersen, (559)
                                                                                         Realty Concepts Ltd., John M. Shamshoian,     439-3535
                                                                                       (559) 490-1500                                      Hartung Family Trust for Sonic Burger W.
                                                                                         Valley Wide Beverage Company, Todd            Shaw & Villa, Thomas Reid Thale, (619)
                                                                                       Howerton, (559) 650-1500                        501-4626
                                                                                         Fresno Dental!, Dr. Eric Cuenca, (559)            Tuff Shed, Alex Fonseca, (559) 322-8833
                                                                                       431-9111                                        First-year renewals
                                                                                         Mary Kay Cosmetics - Judy Miller, Indepen-
                                                                                       dent Consultant, Judy Miller, (559) 977-9001      Farmers Insurance - Janet Belan, Janet
                                                                                         Hinds Hospice, Samantha Schuh, (559)          Belan, (559) 435-1030
                                                                                       320-0308                                          Piccadilly Inn Airport Holiday Inn Express -
                                                                                                                                       Clovis, Michelle Liskiewicz, 559-297-0555
                                                                                       Two to four years                                 Sis-Ters - Self Improvement Saturdays to
                                                                                         Colonial Van & Storage, DJ Welton, (559)      Ease Recurring Stress, Cindy Garrett,
                                                                                       264-3025                                        559-232-1213
                                                                                         Emerald Pools, Larry Fulkerson, (559)           Central Valley Networks, Matthew Paredes,
     Beth Bridges and Rachel Greaves in the “Chamber News and Views weekly TV show.”   291-8344                                        (559) 393-3972
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                     Good news from Chamber members
             ased on the number of   plete its expansion plans at     Sotiropulos and the Clovis        To help people reach          Judge by Gov. Arnold              church member to attend.
             Good News items         its site located east of         High Chamber Singers            their dreams in the new         Schwarzenegger. She more          The church is located at 698
             from Clovis Chamber     Highway 168. Details:            entertained the crowd while     year, Jill Hendrickson, “The    recently served as the            N. Minnewawa Ave. in
     members, the end of 2009        233-8690.                        the children got to see         Book Goddess” and author        county’s chief contracted         Clovis. Details: 797-7000.
     saw improvements and               Ano-Tech Metal Finish-        Santa Claus. Great food and     of “Weight Loss, Italian        public defender, coordinat-          Tamar Fagan of Work-
     great things are expected       ing became a finalist in the     gifts were distributed.         Style!” is offering a free      ing attorney for the Board        force Connection at the
     from 2010.                      Institute of Family Business     Details: 323-2100.              rapid results coaching          of Supervisors and inmate         Manchester Center
                                                                                                      session for anyone seriously    counsel for the California        recently passed the
        Bank of Sierra announces     Awards “Family Business of          Cen Cal Business Finance
                                                                                                      interested in losing weight,    Office of Administrative          Professional in Human
     the opening of a branch in      the Year.” Sponsored by          Group, the oldest certified                                                                       Resources exam. She will be
     Tulare with two more            Fresno State’s Craig School      development company in          writing a book, starting a      Hearings.
                                                                                                      new business, finding love                                        monitoring that her agency
     following in 2010 in            of Business and the Fresno       the Central Valley, recently                                       Two of your local Pizza        is following all HR regula-
     Farmersville and Selma.         Business Journal, the            celebrated 25 years of          or developing a new career.     Huts are now Pizza Hut
                                                                                                      Details: jillhendrickson@aol.                                     tions. Details: 499-3771.
     CEO Jim Holly said, “In a       awards ceremony will be          growing business, jobs and                                      Wing Streets. The two are            Dollar Mania had a
     time of contraction among       held Jan. 21 Details:            communities. It is the          com.                            located at Herndon and            record month and hired a
     banks across the country,       299-6836.                        Valley’s only Premier             United Valley Insurance       Fowler avenues in Clovis          new associate to help with
     Bank of Sierra’s ability to        The Career Services           Certified Lender that is        Agency is now a proud           and Cedar and Dakota              its continued success into
     continue receiving branch       Department of the Institute      authorized to process SBA       sponsor of the Clovis           avenues in Fresno. Besides        the new year. You’re invited
     expansion approval from         of Technology has grown          504 loans. Details:             Chamber Orchestra. Details:     offering a variety of wings,      to come in and say hi to its
     the FDIC is a testament to      again with the addition of       227-1158.                       244-4670                        they have several new side        newest face, Amanda.
     our strong capital position     Aubrey Priest as an advisor.        Travis Butler of the           The Fresno Women’s            orders. More Pizza Huts will      Details: 323-0111.
     and sustainability.” Details:   He is an accomplished            Holiday Inn Fresno Airport      Network announces that          be expanding to Wing                 According to Nick
     782-4900.                       author and has a back-           tells us that through hard      they are now accepting          Street soon. Details:             Maxwell, financial advisor
        Hi-Tech Home, a local        ground in criminal justice       work and donations at the       scholarship applications        222-9340.                         at Edward Jones, they had
     electronics service provider    and will be working with                                         from students who will be                                         another best month ever
                                                                      Inn’s events, they were able                                       The New Harvest Church
     and home theater specialist,    the criminal justice and                                         enrolled in undergraduate                                         and reached a significant
                                                                      to distribute 600 gifts to                                      is starting its Family Life       cumulative milestone in the
     continues to grow. They         emergency response               Children’s Hospital Califor-    or graduate classes in fall     Live series for local families.
     hired new technicians in        management and HVAC                                              2010. They are available at                                       business in near record
                                                                      nia, Lindsay Community                                          On the first Friday and           time. They are proud to be
     the month of December and       students. Details: 326-1793.     Coats of Care, and the          the Web site www.fresnowo-      Saturday evening of the           helping more than 250 local
     plan to continue its growth        Amerigas employees            Apostolic Missions Church &         month, you’re invited to          residents reach their
     pattern into 2010. Details:     received a bonus for             Sanctuary Hope Foundation       ships.htm.                      attend the family centered,       financial and retirement
     521-1400.                       achieving growth goals for       in the Central Valley.            Alyson Gorubec of Clovis      kid-focused nights of music,      goals with consistent
        Bill Morse of Constar        fiscal year 2009. This is the    Details: 455-2508.              Unified School District         laughter and life lessons.        investment advice. Details:
     Supply tells us that they       third year that the Fresno          MVP Insurance Agency         tells us that Jefferson         You do not need to be a           322-8197.
     have opened a new branch        district has made the            has added Max De Vivo as a      Elementary was one of only
     in Bakersfield at 3565          growth goal bonus. Details:      senior producer active in       35 public schools in
     Landco Drive. Details:          834-3017.                        personal and commercial         California nominated to the
     297-6070.                          Sheldon Baker of the          insurance, Stacia Swan as       national 2010 No Child Left
        Coarsegold Private           Baker Dillon, a Clovis-          the group program special-      Behind Blue Ribbon Schools
     Security and Investigation      based advertising, public        ist and Teri Sager as the       program. These schools are
     will be opening in the          relations and marketing          marketing manager. It has       those that are academically
     Fresno/Clovis area in           firm has added HerbaKraft        also formed MVP Life            superior and that have
     January. Details: 642-4976.     Inc. and Cardient Corpora-       Brokerage to assist local       demonstrated dramatic
        Fairwinds Woodward           tion to its client roster. The   insurance agents who need       gains in student achieve-
     Park has introduced its         firm also produced the           a life expert to assist with    ment. Details: 327-9095.
     Balance Builders program        Kyowa Hakko USA Setria           their life and disability         More good news from
     for those 55 and older as       Glutathione workshop and         product needs. This division    CUSD is that 19 of its
     part of its PrimeFit gym.       seminar and the Anti-Aging       is managed by Kevin Lord,       schools have been singled
     This exercise program is for    Conference at the Las Vegas      senior producer. Details:       out by California’s business
     seniors and is open to          Mandalay Bay Convention          324-7333.                       community for breaking
     non-residents as well.          Center in December.                 After an absence of more     down barriers to student
     Details: 434-6444.              Details: 325-7191.               than two years, Audrey          learning. They have been
        The Valley Animal               The 16th Annual San           Redmond is returning to         named 2009 Honor Roll
     Shelter is pleased to           Joaquin College of Law           become a community              Schools by Calfiornia
     announce its expansion          Alumni Holiday Party for         activist for seniors in 2010.   Busienss for Education
     plans for 2010. It is raising   the Marjaree Mason Center        She will be working with        Excellence Foundation.
     funds for its Canine Training   was a heart-warming              smaller communities to            San Joaquin College of
     and Exercise yards, Perpetu-    success for more than 50         bring together neighbor-        Law is proud to report that
     al Care Sanctuary for Cats      moms and children                hoods to work together and      Alumna Donna Tarter was
     and Pet Memorial Garden.        currently seeking shelter        make a difference. Details:     recently appointed a Kings
     These projects will com-        there. KMPH’s Kopi               222-0059.                       County Superior Court
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                     Big Wins Day                                                                    Chamber,
                                                                                                         present networking
                     a big success                                                                      self-training groups
     F                                                                                             A
           or the second year in a row, the city   one ticket and an additional 200 upon                  re you frustrated with networking?
           of Clovis, assisted by the Clovis       purchase. During the promotion, 30                     Need to motivate your sales team?
           Chamber of Commerce, present Big        vehicles were sold.
     Wins Day. And, for the second year in a
                                                                                                          Looking for a few good contacts?
                                                                                                     Join one of the Chamber’s Networking
                                                                                                                                              Presented by,
     row, it was a big success.                      The prizes were awarded that evening at       Self-Training Groups. Presented by           a leading networking strategy
                                                   the Sierra Vista Mall and included a flat, a leading networking group, you will meet get together
       The premise of Big Wins Day is to           screen TV, laptop computer, digital             strategy group, you will meet get together
     encourage people to shop locally in Clovis    cameras, a barbecue, dinners for two,           with five other business people over a      with five other business people
     by offering the chance to win high-quality    movie passes and much more.
     prizes. Shoppers who made purchases on
                                                                                                   six-week course. Each week you’ll study a
                                                                                                   new concept, habit or skill from the
                                                                                                                                                    over a six-week course.
     Wednesday, Dec. 9, received a raffle ticket     Shawn Miller, business development
                                                                                                   concepts proven over the last 40 years and
     for every $10 spent. The more they spent,     manager of the City of Clovis, stated, “The
                                                                                                   detailed in Mel Kaufmann’s book, “Little
     the more tickets they received.               City of Clovis easily generated over $1         Miracles.”
                                                   million in sales for Big Wins Day. And, it is     Groups are starting on a rotating basis    The seminars are free to Clovis Chamber
       And spend they did. Retailers were          clear that the Big Wins Day promotion           and are available from 8 to 9 a.m. Tues-   members and cost $35 for non-members.
     please with the number of televisions,        helped customers choose Clovis retailers        days, from 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesdays, and     Contact Gina Estrada at 790-2579 or
     large appliances, electronics and jewelry     over other options they may have had.”          from 9 to 10 a.m. and 10 to 11 a.m. to secure your
     that was sold.                                                                                Thursdays.                                 space in an upcoming group.
                                                     The Clovis Chamber supports the Shop
       This year, the auto dealers participated.   Local campaign and lauds the city for the
     Customers who test drove a car received       success of Big Wins Day.

          CAB Breakfast raises
     money for Clovis Boys & Girls Club
            AB, Clovis Area Brokers, held its      from Pastor Steve Davidson.
            annual Christmas Breakfast on Dec.
                                                     Another tradition of the breakfast is the
                                                                                                    We warmly invite you to join us and experience our city’s rich history.
            10 at the HomeTown Buffet.
       Close to 100 members of the real estate
                                                   fundraiser for the Clovis Boys & Girls Club.        401 Pollasky at 4th Street • Old Town Clovis
     industry sang traditional Christmas carols      This year it raised $1,018 for the
     and listened to an inspirational message      nonprofit.                                                                           297-8033

                                                                                                      “The Herrera Family”
     Focus on Clovis presents                                                                                             By Ike Herrera
      social media strategies                                                                                 Clovis Memorial Bldg., 453 Hughes at Fifth
                                                                                                                    Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 7:00 pm

           ocus on Clovis, the monthly explora-    networking media and how to apply it to
           tion of Clovis real estate issues, is   your business.                                     This special historic presentation is free to the public. Additional information, 297-8033.
           starting the year out by presenting       The meeting will be held from 8:30 to
     Peter Lang, president and CEO of Peter Lang   9:30 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 21 at the Home-
                                                                                                         Museum Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday through
     International, which supplies businesses      Town Buffet.                                        Saturday Or by special appointment. Programs are available for
     with the tools to navigate the rapidly          The cost is $1 for coffee and is open to
                                                                                                                        schools and organizations.
     changing netscape.

                                                   the public.
       He will be discussing the evolution,          Details: CAB Chairperson Leslie Noll,
     popularity and use of the various social      326-5111.

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