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                                                           Plant operations were right on target in 2009. These
                                                           operations, which include granulation (3% abort rate);
                                                           grinding (mill reliability at 97%); and costs, were well
                                                           below budget and below forecast.

                                                           In 2010, the plant will be challenged again to be
                                                           innovative in managing all operating systems. With
                                                           volumes of 500K mt of production, the cost
                                                           management will need to be re-focusing on savings.
                                                           A large portion of these savings will be in reducing
                                                           contract work, production off-peak scheduling and
                                                           predictive maintenance. As history has proven, the
                                                           plant has the ability to perform above requested
As we discussed during our January Think meeting,
                                                           In closing, we should be proud of how the plant has
2009 was a challenging year of change for Lafarge
                                                           performed in 2009. With the challenges in quality
Sparrows Point and many other places in the US.
                                                           and salary reductions late in the year, we overcame
During 2009 we focused on improving our safety
                                                           the obstacles. I am looking forward to the new
process and earned a solid improved performance
                                                           organization that we have developed.
from 2008. Overall, we finished the year with one
medical and 23 reports. One medical is an
outstanding achievement for the plant. The 23 reports
will need more attention from everyone.
In order to reduce the amount of injury reports, we
will continue to focus on field risk assessments and
housekeeping. To provide feedback on our progress,
all managers will be performing field visits call VFL
(visible felt leadership). The main goal of these visits
will be to review the current safety initiatives and
commit on both the salary side and hourly side actions
that were discussed at these meeting.

In 2009, we were challenged with subpar raw
materials and we lost focus on setting the correct
priorities in quality systems. One major change to the
quality department is a new manager. Lorraine
Faccenda (Whitehall’s Optimization Manager) has
been asked to revamp the quality systems in Sparrows
Point. Lorraine has updated reporting procedures and
will hold all departments accountable to meet
customer demands. Please welcome Lorraine to the
Sparrows Point Manager team.

Sparrows Point Plant – Winter, 2010
                                                                         The Community Relations Committee has an ongoing
                                                                         duty to try to take an active part in our surrounding
The bulletin boards and our ECTV continue to be                          area. If you would like to have the committee review a
kept up to date with the latest news and                                 special project or sponsorship for a company donation,
information. Don’t forget to check the boards                            see Mary Lou. Donations that were approved and paid
daily for new and exciting information and also                          in the quarter were:
the TV for the very latest news about the “goings
on” around the plant and the company.                                    Thanksgiving Baskets: 400 baskets delivered

Please remember Pat Perouty and James McLeod,
who are out on short-term disability.

Skip Rawlings has moved from the Production
department to the Maintenance department; Bill Gezik
is now Operations Manager; and Calvin Ambrose is
now Maintenance Coordinator.

Welcome to Lorraine Faccenda, Optimization
Manager at Whitehall, who is now also in charge of                        Congratulations to
Quality here at Sparrows Point.                                           Travis and Stacy
                                                                          VanAssche on the
Ways we communicate:                                                      birth of their
          Verbally                                                       daughter. Christy
          Written                                                        Joy Lynn was born
          Electronically                                                 on October 1st at
                                                                          12:19pm. She
          Body Language
                                                                          weighed 7lbs 15oz
Let’s all work together to ensure that our communication is a success!
                                                                          and measured 20”

                                                                          Congratulations to former Controller, Tracey
                                                                          (Bowles) Graham. She and Allen (also a former
                                                                          Sparrows Point employee) welcomed their second
                                                                          daughter, Haley Faith, on November 9th.
                          To Nick and Chris Dennison, who lost their
                          Uncle/Great Uncle; and to Joe Duncan, who
                          lost his brother-in-law.                        Also congratulations to two former interns! Rebecca
                                                                          (Thompson) Sayers gave birth to a girl, Caroline
                                                                          Barbara, on November 10th. Jessica (Kalwa) Dossa
Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick, Chris, and Joe and their
respective families as they go through this difficult time.               gave birth to a boy, Ryan Christopher, on December

Sparrows Point Plant – Winter, 2010
       Production                                          Thanksgiving Baskets for the
    Department Update                                                Needy
The Production department is still doing very well         This Thanksgiving, the Lafarge Sparrows Point
with safety. I’m proud of everyone’s commitment to         NewCem plant helped share Thanksgiving 2009 with
identifying risks before performing their duties.          the community. As has been done for nearly two
Congratulations to Robert Jones for submitting an          decades, this year the plant was able to coordinate the
RIR (risk Identification Report) and winning $200.         distribution of food baskets to help make
Robert helped an oil delivery driver identify the risks    Thanksgiving a more enjoyable holiday for families in
involved with his task of unload a delivery of waste       need. Items in the basket included a full turkey and all
oil to plant. Thank you for being committed to             of the fixings. Distributions of these dinners were
approaching others and ensure they too go home safe        targeted to families in need in the community.
to their families.

We’d like to congratulate Travis and Stacy Van
Assche on the addition to their family.
Christy Joy Lynn was born on October 1st at 12:19
pm. She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and measured
20 inches long. Best wishes to the whole family.

The production project of combining resources with
our sister plant in Whitehall Pennsylvania is moving
forward. We hope to achieve our big milestone of
Whitehall operating our mills for one full shift, by the   MaryLou Sieber, Plant Admin at the Sparrows Point
end of November. Once we do this, it will give more        Plant, is the force behind this annual effort and
time for our Supervisors to focus on the safety of our     remembers when it first started with 11 baskets in
employees and our relationship with Severstal. Thank       1990. The effort requires coordination of funds
you for everyone’s efforts on making this project          gathered from the Lafarge Sparrows Point Plant
happen.                                                    (which funded 50% of the campaign), the Lafarge
                                                           Baltimore Sales District, and other local companies in
By: Bill Gezik, Operations Manager
                                                           the area to purchase these boxed meals and turkeys.
                                                           The total number of dinners distributed this year was

                                                           By: Paul Parker, Plant Manager

Sparrows Point Plant – Winter, 2010
                                                         What to Do
                            SAFETY                       If you notice any of these signs, take the person’s
                                                         temperature. If it is below 95°, the situation is an
                            MESSAGE:                     emergency—get medical attention immediately.
                                                         If medical care is not available, begin warming the
                                                         person, as follows:
                                                              Get the victim into a warm room or shelter.
                                                              If the victim has on any wet clothing, remove
        HYPERTHERMIA                                          Warm the center of the body first—chest,
                                                                 neck, head, and groin—using an electric
                                                                 blanket, if available. Or use skin-to-skin
                                                                 contact under loose, dry layers of blankets,
When exposed to cold temperatures, your body begins
                                                                 clothing, towels, or sheets.
to lose heat faster than it can be produced. Prolonged
                                                              Warm beverages can help increase the body
exposure to cold will eventually use up your body’s
                                                                 temperature, but do not give alcoholic
stored energy. The result is hypothermia, or
                                                                 beverages. Do not try to give beverages to an
abnormally low body temperature. Body temperature
                                                                 unconscious person.
that is too low affects the brain, making the victim
unable to think clearly or move well. This makes              After body temperature has increased, keep
hypothermia particularly dangerous because a person              the person dry and wrapped in a warm
may not know it is happening and won’t be able to do             blanket, including the head and neck.
anything about it.                                            Get medical attention as soon as possible.

                                                         A person with severe hypothermia may be
Hypothermia is most likely at very cold temperatures,
                                                         unconscious and may not seem to have a pulse or to
but it can occur even at cool temperatures (above
                                                         be breathing. In this case, handle the victim gently,
40°F) if a person becomes chilled from rain, sweat, or
                                                         and get emergency assistance immediately. Even if
submersion in cold water.
                                                         the victim appears dead, CPR should be provided.
                                                         CPR should continue while the victim is being
Victims of hypothermia are often (1) elderly people      warmed, until the victim responds or medical aid
with inadequate food, clothing, or heating; (2) babies
                                                         becomes available. In some cases, hypothermia
sleeping in cold bedrooms; (3) people who remain
                                                         victims who appear to be dead can be successfully
outdoors for long periods—the homeless, hikers,
hunters, etc.; and (4) people who drink alcohol or use
illicit drugs.                                           Taken from:
Recognizing Hypothermia
Warnings signs of hypothermia:

     shivering, exhaustion
     confusion, fumbling hands
     memory loss, slurred speech
     drowsiness
     bright red, cold skin
     very low energy

Sparrows Point Plant – Winter, 2010
                Children’s Party
The Children's Christmas Party was cancelled due to             REMINDERS:
the first blizzard we had on December 19th. We had
to re-schedule and the date was set for January 24,
2010 at the Edgemere Fire Hall.

                                          make it          Set your clocks
                                          from his         forward one
                                          trip on
                                                           hour at 2am
                                          Eve) so
                                          we invited
                                                           on March 14!
Amazing Stanley" and what a magic show! The
children just loved him and his Dove. The rabbit in
the hat was a big hit too.

Tom Patterson kept the children busy with his music,
having them do the limbo, musical chairs, chicken
dance, etc.

Crafts were done and refreshments served. Each child
that attended received a goody bag and a Toys R Us
gift card. A good time was had by all.

By: MaryLou Sieber, Plant Administrator

                                                                        Taxes are due
                                                                         April 15!
                                 Congratulations to
                                 Reggie Turner! He is
                                 now the proud Papa of a
                                 baby boy:

                                      RYAN TYREE

Born at 4am February 5th; 6 lbs.

Mommy and baby are doing fine. Picture to follow in
the next newsletter!

Sparrows Point Plant – Winter, 2010
                                                          So if you leave the office for more than 45 minutes,
            Switch it Off                                 turning your lights off will increase the number of
                                                          days the tube will operate before needing
                                                          replacement. As most electricity is generated by coal-
Turning the lights off when you are not in the room is    fired power stations which produce carbon dioxide,
one of the simplest ways you can reduce your              switching off lights will also reduce greenhouse gas
greenhouse emissions.                                     emissions
Do those lights need to be on in the corridor? Make       What you can do
the decision - Switch it Off!                             Switch your fluorescent lights off when absent for 45
                                                          minutes or more
To Switch or Not to Switch?                               Switch off your incandescent light when not in use
Did you know? Leaving your lights on for an extra
hour each day over the course of a week releases 20       By: Bill Gezik, Operations Manager
tonnes of greenhouse gases (the equivalent of one car
driving over 17, 000 kms!).

Doesn't it take more energy to turn the light back
Some people believe turning lights on and off uses
more energy than leaving them on, and shortens the
life of the light tube. But with modern fluorescent
lights this is no longer the case. The process of
ignition takes 300 times the operational current, for a                          Winter is upon us, and that
period of 0.3ms (0.0003 seconds). That means that                                means that cold, icy air is a part
switching your light ON takes as much power as the                               of everyday life. Now is the
tube consumes in 0.09 of a second of operation. So if                            time to remember about the
you leave the room for longer than 0.09 seconds,                                 wind chill factor, which makes
turning your light OFF will save energy.                                        it much colder than it really is.
                                                          This is something to keep in mind, especially for
Does turning the light off reduce the life of the         those of us who have to work around the plant in the
tube?                                                     winter.
As for the life of the tube, switching will reduce the
actual life of the tube, but increases its operational    Take the time to visit and look at the
life: that is the number of operational days before       wind chill chart that explains about the temperature,
replacement is required. It has been calculated that to   wind, and real feel temperature.
maximize the operational life of the tube, lights
should be turned off if not used for 45 minutes or        Be sure to take precautions during these winter
more.                                                     months and keep yourself safe and warm!

                                                          To The Point – Sparrows Point is published
                                                          three times a year. Our next publication will be
                                                          in June. If anyone would like to contribute an
                                                          article or an idea for the next issue see one of the
                                                          members of the newsletter team: Geneva
                                                          Edwards, Mary Lou Sieber, or Kim Young.

Sparrows Point Plant – Winter, 2010

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