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Travel article to know about reason to tour Rajasthan, India.

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									Rajasthan Tours-For Royal Experience
India is counted amongst the most popular tourist destinations across the world known for its diversity in religions and cultures. The cities of India are
the excellent examples of unity in diversity phenomena as every part has something special of its own which differentiates them from other regions.

If you really want to feel the majestic side of India then Rajasthan, the desert state of the country is your place. Located in the North West region of the
country, Rajasthan is known for its royal history and beautiful cities. Rajputs who have ruled the state for a long period of time have built several
magnificent forts and palaces that add a royal touch to the beauty of this land of great deserts. No doubt Rajasthan is the only place in India through
which one can travel back to the bygone era of kings and queens. Visit to their grand palaces and ultimate camel safari have become the golden
tradition of royal Rajasthan tourism.

When you plan tour to Rajasthan, you should start your trip by exploring the capital city of Rajasthan which is Jaipur. Being one of the most vibrant
cities of India Jaipur is popularly known as The Pink City. Opulent palaces, magnificent forts, dunes of sands, mesmerizing lakes and vibrant culture of
culture are sure to make your stay here an extravaganza. The architecture of its famous Jal Mahal, whose first three floors are completely submerged
in water and only fourth one is above water is truly a master piece of royal architecture. Other important forts that you can visit while in Jaipur are
Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal and Sisodiya Rani Ka Bagh.

After soothing your eyes with the ancient royal architecture of Jaipur forts it is time to move on to The City of Lakes which is Udaipur. Due to its royal
past and several palaces and forts that reflect the love story of Rajasthan’s kings and queens, Udaipur is often termed as the most romantic
city. Majestic lakes beside royal palaces make a picture perfect moment for the tourist. The prominent places of tourist interest in Udaipur include Lake
Pichola, Jag mandir Island, City Palace, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Udai Sagar Lake and Jagdish Temple. For making your trip to Udaipur more memorable
plan your stay at some of the forts turned five star hotels that beautifully overlooks romantic lakes of Udaipur.

If you want to feel the local flavor of rural Rajasthan then head your caravan for Rajasthan Tours to Pushkar, which is known for its annual cattle fair. It
is a gala occasion for the locales and they celebrate it with traditional Rajasthani dance and music. Apart from that, Pushkar also holds religious
importance for Hindus as it is believe that the holy Pushkar Lake can free you from all your sins.

After that you can plan your expedition to Ranthambore, which is situated on the borders of Thar deserts and is famous for its amazing wildlife and
beautiful Aravali and Vindhyachal hills. The rich flora and fauna of Ranthambore national will double up the thrill of your Safari trip. Its Ranthambore
Fort is also one of the famous tourist attractions of Rajasthan.

For completing your tour to Rajasthan on a religious note visit Ajmer, the city located amidst lakes and hills. The famous Dargah of Khawaja
Mouinuddin Chisti a Muslim saint is holy place of pilgrimage for the people of all the religions. With so many different colors, vibrant culture and royal
history, vacation in Rajasthan, India surely makes an appealing tourist destination for those visiting India for the first time.

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