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					How to bring PowerPoint documents on Facebook

Did you know that since the late 1960’s visual artists in museums
and galleries have used slide shows as a device, either for
presenting specific information about an action or research or as a
phenomenological form in itself?

There are times when one cannot explain a thought or an idea with just word or with just
pictures. To explain such thoughts or ideas human beings started using presentations.
Presentations are a combination of pictures as well as text. With the advent of computers,
these presentations became critical to business operations.

Presentations are now being used in many fields such as -In the field of education or
business. In education sector the presentation are generally being used to explain complex
thoughts of the teacher to the students. In the business sector, businesses use presentation
to understand the complex situation of the market. Presentation can also be used to explain
complex thoughts of business to the customers and make them feel a part of the

Business may also use presentation to show the key events happened in the business to the
stakeholders. Over this time, all the segments have been developing presentations around
the products, offerings, their branding and vision for widespread distribution.
“The entertainment is in the presentation.” – John McTiernan

Now the question arises- how can these segments make these presentations widely
available to the fans at low cost?

The answer is to leverage Facebook and Slideshare. Facebook is an engagement platform
whereas slideshare is a website on which anyone can upload their own presentations and
make them searchable all across the globe.

As per the statistics for 2011, monthly visitors of Slideshare are 26 million whereas the
number of monthly visitors on Facebook stands at 880 million. With Facebook edging close a
billion user mark, it has become a key platform for businesses to promote the product as
well as reach the customers. Most of the businesses are using Facebook for marketing.

Now the next question is how can one bring their presentation from Slideshare to

The answer I found is with PowerPoint Tab from SocialAppsHQ. With PowerPoint tab you
can bring all your presentations from Slideshare to Facebook fan pages and show them to
your fans. The benefits of this app include:

Knowledge sharing: Share your knowledge with your fans by the use of text and images
through PowerPoint.

Fan convenience: It will be easier for your fans to find the PowerPoint read earlier. While
looking for the particular presentation, the fan may come across other interesting
presentations and this in turn will drive engagement.

Viral effect: Fans can share the presentation on your page with their friends. This can
initiate a viral presentation sharing phenomenon.

I think that this app will be handy for all the sectors. It’s really amazing.

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