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									Basketball Equipment Suppliers and Installers

Schools wishing to undertake works involving the replacement of basketball structures are
able to contact suppliers and/or installers of basketball equipment directly.

It is a requirement that all schools installing basketball equipment use only suppliers whose
equipment has been certified in accordance with the Education Queensland Specification for
Basketball Equipment dated 26 October 2007.

The Specification can be accessed on the Basketball Program website by clicking on link
Basketball Equipment Specification - Internal/External

The following suppliers have achieved certification of various models of basketball equipment.
Suppliers are aware of the need to comply with the specification and of the model numbers of
their equipment which have achieved certification.

       Organisation                 Contact Name                 Contact Number
                                                         (07) 3205 3388
Grand Slam Sports Equipment      Debbie Donaldson
                                                         1800 773 461 (outside Brisbane)
Acromat                          Craig Otto              (08) 8352 2288

Play Hard Sports Equipment       Trevor Bowman           (07) 5593 4494

Please contact Asset Maintenance Unit on telephone number 3237 0903 if you require any
additional information.

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