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					                                              INTEGRATED STUDIES: ‘ENGAGE IN ASIA’ STUDIES
Unit Title: CHINA
VELS Standard: Level 3

Disciplines: English, Mathematics, SOSE, The Arts, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship
Interdisciplinary: Interpersonal Development, Thinking and Creativity, ICT.

Understandings: Students will understand ....
On a world map, Australia is part of the Asian region and China is its largest member.
Asian people, in particular Chinese people, have made major contributions to our Australian society and economy.
Due to its size and position, China is of growing importance to Australia.
People in China come from diverse cultural groups that have particular forms of cultural expression, eg special foods, clothing, decorations, singing, dance and
People of China use the local environment to satisfy their needs for food, water, work or services.

Essential Questions:
1. What is a multicultural society?
2. Why is it important for Australians to know about their regional neighbours?
3. How is Chinese society different from our own?

Knowledge: Students will know ....
       The names of all Asian countries.
       The geography, history and significant festivals and customs of China.
       How to compare and relate different aspects of their lives with Chinese children of their own age.
       That the values of respect and discipline play an integral part in Chinese society.

Skills: Students will be able to...
       Locate and name Asian countries using maps and Google.
       Research and organise information related to Chinese life, geography and history.
       Recognise features of natural and built environments in China using examples and make simple comparisons.
       Explore how the people of China express their identity through clothes, language and cultural activities.
       Identify similarities and differences in the cultural expression of groups and communities in China.
       Recognise how communities in China care for their environment including exploring concepts about threatened or endangered animals and over
       Identify some symbols used by the people of China to represent them, eg, flags, money, designs, flora, fauna.
       Describe the similarities and differences between as aspect of their life in Australia and the same aspect life in a Chinese culture, eg schooling and
       Describe how people in China rely on their natural environment to provide work, food and water, eg farming and fishing, room for housing.

Students will be given the following Bloom’s Taxonomy and will choose activities from the grid during class time to complete them.
  VELS                                 Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels for Learning
 LEVEL 3                                                        You must do at least 2 from each line.
               Knowing                Understanding             Applying                Analysing               Creating               Evaluating
               1 point                2points                   3 points                 4 points               5 points                6 points
Verbal         List all the           Find a recipe for a       Write a 200 word        Look at recent          Create and record a    List all the
               countries in Asia.     popular Chinese food.     report about the        photos of China         TV advertisement       countries in Asia.
                                      Follow it and make        Great Wall of China     using Google            for tourism in         Can you explain
                                      the dish. Present it to   and explain why it      images then answer      China.                 why some maps of
                                      the class.                was built and why       this question in        Present to the grade   the region are
                                      Take photos for your      it is important even    your Integrated         on the IWB.            different?
                                      portfolio.                now.                    Studies book -How
                                                                                        is Australia similar
                                                                                        to China?
Mathematical   Find the highest       Demonstrate your          Calculate the           Use a graph to          Create a 24 hour       Rank the top 10
               and lowest daily       understanding of          distance between 5      show a fact about       timeline for a         Chinese cities
               temperatures for 5     China’s monetary          major cities in         China. Make sure        Chinese student,       according to
               different cities in    units by naming the       China.                  your graph is           noting the             population and
               China on one day.      coins and notes. Find     Compare this to the     labeled clearly and     differences to your    give reasons why
                                      out what the current      distance between        be prepared to          own life.              they are where
                                      conversion rate of        the capital cities in   present your work                              they are.
                                      Chinese money into        Australia.              to the grade.
                                      Australian dollars.

Visual/        Locate and show        Draw or make a            Make a poster           Use a Venn              Design a model of      Imagine you are
               where a recent         traditional costume for   promoting China.        diagram to present      an Asian dragon.       going to visit China
Spatial        natural disaster       a person in China. You                            information about                              in 2050.
               has happened in        may wish to research                              an aspect of life in                           Write/draw what
               China. Give some       minority groups and                               China. Clearly label                           you expect to find
               detail as to the       their special costumes                            the diagram and                                when you get there.
               effect it had on the   for special days.                                 write 5 true
               people of the                                                            statements about
               region.                                                                  the information

Kinesthetic    Name all the major     Teach the grade a         Make a model of a       Dress up in a           Create a short play    Survey 20 people &
               sports played in       game children play in     traditional Chinese     traditional Chinese     depicting a            find out which
               China.                 China.                    hutong.                 costume and             Chinese fable or       Chinese icon they
                                                                                        describe to the class   legend.                know best. Display
                                                                                        what you are            Perform to the         as a graph. Write
                                                                                        wearing and when        grade.                 why you think
                                                                                        you would wear it.                             some are more
                                                                                                                                       popular than
 Musical            Listen to a number      Write a report on a         Make/ play an          Compare Chinese       Compose your own      Perform a Chinese
                    of songs made in        Chinese songwriter.         Asian instrument       music to Australian   song to do with       song at Monday
                    China. List them.                                   and demonstrate        music.                China.                morning assembly.
                                                                        them to the grade.

 Interpersonal      Cooperate with a        Work with someone to        Be the teacher!!       Interview someone     Teach the class how   Create and run a
                    partner and present     complete a diorama of                              about life in an      to write something    class debate about
                    a 3 minute speech       a famous Chinese            Teach the class        Asian country. The    using brushes and     an issue in China.
                    to the class about      place.                      some Chinese           person you            water color paints.
                    China.                                              words.                 interview has to
                                                                                               have been there.

 Intrapersonal      Find out and list all   Compare schooling in        In a 3 minute          Create a              Create a kite using   Write a biography
                    the major               Australia to the            speech to the class,   PowerPoint            colors associated     on the life of a
                    languages spoken        schooling in China.         tell us about          presentation to       with China.           famous Chinese
                    in China.               (Appendix 1 sheet)          someone you            show information                            person.
                                                                        admire who is          about China.
                                                                        from China.            Include clip art
                                                                                               from the internet.

 Naturalistic       Use a map of China      Explain the life cycle of   Use clip art from      Identify and          Paint a typical       Argue for or
                    to indicate the         an Asian animal.            the internet and       describe why some     Chinese scene         against the
                    types of natural                                    auto shapes to         animals in China      using water color     statement ‘Each
                    landscapes of the                                   show your              are endangered.       paints.               Chinese family
                    different regions.                                  understanding of                                                   should only be
                                                                        endangered                                                         allowed to have
                                                                        animals in China.                                                  one child.’

The bold ones will be assessment tasks for your portfolio. We will do them in class.
You must choose a minimum of 8 activities and aim to achieve at least 50 points for your tasks.
We will discuss the marking criteria together and determine your grading during personal conference times.

‘Snapshots of Asia: China’ Curriculum Corporation 1998
‘Engage in Asia’ DEECD online information
Appendix 1: Schooling in China

                                             SCHOOLS IN CHINA

Look carefully at the pictures above. What can you see? Do you think that Chinese schools are very different from our
schools? Write about things that may be the same or may be different.

Things that may be the same                           Things that may be different

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