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					Types of NH Lawyers

If you have a legal issue to resolve, and have never dealt with the court system before, you may
be confused which kind of NH lawyer  you need. Most New Hampshire attorneys specialize in a
variety of issues and may find themselves presenting arguments and filing papers in multiple
NH courts in a given day.

In basic terms, NH attorneys handle two types of law: civil and criminal. NH defense attorneys
handle cases where their defendants' freedom may be on the line. NH civil attorneys defend
clients who may face financial loss or gain depending on their cases' outcomes.

NH civil attorneys handle a wide variety of cases, including: 

          .         Family law

          .         Divorce

          .         Child custody disputes

          .         Bankruptcy

          .         Personal injury claims

          .         Auto collision claims

          .         Medical malpractice claims

          .         Birth injury claims

          .         Real estate law

          .         Business law

          .         Contract law

          .         Tax law

Types of NH Lawyers

NH defense attorneys handle cases where the defendant may be facing jail time. Having a NH
defense attorney may be necessary even if you aren't charged with a crime, and hiring one is
not considered an indication of guilt. A NH defense attorney can make sure your rights are
observed whether you are being charged or questioned in connection with a crime. NH criminal
attorneys defend clients facing a variety of charges, ranging from violation-level speeding tickets
to misdemeanors to felonies.