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					Dear Li ttle Angels Learning Academy Fa milies:

Welcome to Li ttle Angel s Learning Academy! We a re honored tha t you have c hosen our
“prestigious progra m of excellence with storybook beginnings” for your c hild to learn, grow,
and develop. You will not find a more posi ti ve, capable, caring, nurturing, and very well
educated ea rly childhood educa tor tea m for your c hild in a finer sta te-of-the-art facility.
Littl e Angels Learning Academy offers the la test in educa tional supplies, equipment, and
technology tha t enhances and supports the Academy's hand s-on curriculum learning
activi ties and progra m.

My fa mily started Li ttle Angels Learning Academy and its parenting company, The Educa tion
Insti tute, Inc., to provide the highest quali ty educa tional progra ms and services for our own
children, with others in mind who wanted the sa me for their own children. The progra m
was developed using my own education and experienc e in academics a s a teacher,
administra tor, and special educa tor, from the standpoint of a mo ther of two very special

We, a t Li ttl e Angels Lea rning Academy, believe tha t every c hild is a mi racle of life. Because
the early years of a child are the most cri tical period of growth and learning, we provide
loving guidance in a positive home-like learning environment where all children feel
comfortable to discover, learn, explore, communica te, and be crea ti ve as they meet their
individual goals. The Academy tea m members help to develop the whole child: physical,
emotional, social, and intellectual through the na tural means of play. Our crea tive hands-on
play opportuniti es are based upon the la test research of the young c hild tha t provides for
varia tions of the environment with a wide variety of high quali ty equipment/ ma terials and
activi ties tha t appeal to the child’s imagina tion. We utilize the Projec t Construc t and High
Scope curricular from the construc ti vist theory proc ess of learning and retaining
knowledge, where as educators we are facilita tors of a supportive learning envi ronment.
Project Construct and High Scope a re aligned with the Show -Me Standards as set forth by
the Missouri Department of Elementa ry and Secondary Educa tion for all children to a ttain.
They are also used in many pri ma ry sc hool progra ms, therefore easing the transi tion from
our priva te Academy to the public school setting. Our curriculum philosophy and Li ttle
Angels Learning Academy beliefs and goals help to build a solid foundation for future
academic grow th and life-long learning endeavors for every child in our care.

One of our pri mary goals is to crea te a learning communi ty tha t involves a rela tionship
between your family and the Academy Tea m members for the benefi t of your c hild.
Resea rch has shown over and over again tha t invol ved fa milies help child ren be more
successful. Various fa mily progra ms are offered by the Academy throughout the year.
We are hopeful tha t you will take advantage of these.

I encourage you to carefully review our policies and procedures contained within this
handbook. The Parent Handbook may not cover every circumstance tha t may arise. At
ti mes, certain polices, procedures, and/or acti vi ties may be updated, revised, or c hanged as
necessi ta ted when working with young c hildren. Any permanent c hanges in policies,
activi ties, and/or procedures will be communica ted to parents/gua rdians in writing, with

available copies at the center and posted on LALA’s Websi te. Certain outlined ac tivi ties,
reports, etc., may change slightly a t ti mes due to the ti me and a ttention of caring and
teaching young children on a daily basis – for instance, taking advantage of teachable
moments nega tes the posted daily lesson plan, care of a child, or a major accident occurs
and Daily Acti vi ty Reports are not completed a particular day. These types of temporary
changes do not consti tute, null or void, the existing financial contrac t or our desired
prestigious early childhood progra m.

We hope tha t you will find tha t as your c hild and family participate in Academy progra ms,
we exceed your expecta tions for quali ty and excellence. I look forward to getting to know
your child and family. Thank you for c hoosing Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy and being a
part of our LALA fa mily as we “make special memories in our c hildren’s lives!”

Educationally yours,
Dr. Ruth Ann Wood -Humiston
Founder/CEO/ Lead Educa tor

          “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old,
                   he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

  Littl e Angels Learning Academy is a locally owned corporation and is not supported by a
   religious entity, however, Christian values and principles are expressed and followed.
                 Respect is made to other religious denominations and beliefs.

  Littl e Angels Learning Academy does not discriminate as applicable by law and including:
     religion, national origin, family situation, special needs (by law, and others if able to
  effectively and safely accommodate for need in the LALA program), sexual preference,
                   gender, race, age (varies depending upon program license).

                       Philosophy and Goals

We believe:

   The young years of a child's life are the most important developmentally.
   That quality, early childhood care and education boosts learning and
    social skills when children enter school.
   Child's play is his/her work and that it is through play that a child learns.
   Learning takes place at different times of the day and in different
   Each child is special and unique. We celebrate differences and each
    child's strengths.
   Children are our future.

Our primary goals and objectives for each child include:

   To feel safe, accepted, and loved at the Academy.
   To enjoy the Academy's learning programs and activities.
   To learn how to share and play/work with others.
   To gain self-confidence.
   To have opportunities to develop independence.
   To build and maintain positive self-worth.
   To have opportunities to learn and practice making wise choices.
   To help develop a sense of values and respect for self, others, and things.
   To regularly acquire new information and use curiosity productively to
    extend interests.
   To express himself or herself positively through different means.
   To provide an enriching environment and education programs that help to
    develop the whole child in all areas of growth, development, and learning.
   To have successful learning experiences that will build a solid foundation
    for future academic experiences and life-long pursuits.

                                Table of Contents

OUR PHILOSOPY AND GOALS           .      .      .     .   .   .   iii
     Beliefs               .      .      .      .     .   .   .   iii
     Primary Goals and Objectives for Each Child      .   .   .   iii
COMMUNICATION PLAN .              .      .      .     .   .   .   1
     Materials Accessible to Families .         .     .   .   .   2
     Negotiating Difficulties and Differences .       .   .   .   2
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN              .      .     .   .   .   4
HEALTH and WELLNESS .             .      .      .     .   .   .   5
     General Health Policy and Procedures       .     .   .   .   5
     Appropriate Clothing Policy .       .      .     .   .   .   5
     Injury/Accident Step-by-Step Procedures          .   .   .   6
     Immunizations and Health Records           .     .   .   .   6
     Medication Authorization and Administration      .   .   .   7
     Safe Sleep Practices for Infants .         .     .   .   .   8
     Sick and Communicable Disease Policy       .     .   .   .   9
ITEMS FROM HOME            .      .      .      .     .   .   .   11
     Infants .      .      .      .      .      .     .   .   .   11
     Toddlers .     .      .      .      .      .     .   .   .   11
     Preschoolers .        .      .      .      .     .   .   .   12
     School-age .          .      .      .      .     .   .   .   12
OUR DAY      .      .      .      .      .      .     .   .   .   13
     Hours of Operation .         .      .      .     .   .   .   13
             Regular Operating Hours .          .     .   .   .   13
             Special Arranged Operating Hours         .   .   .   14
                    Holiday Closures     .      .     .   .   .   14
                    Inclement Weather Closure Policy. .   .   .   15
                    Alternative Care     .      .     .   .   .   15
     Attendance, Daily Check-in/Out Procedures        .   .   .   16
             Pick-up/Release Policy      .      .     .   .   .   13
     Calendar       .      .      .      .      .     .   .   .   17
     Curriculum .          .      .      .      .     .   .   .   18
             Activity Schedule Example .        .     .   .   .   21
             Assessment .         .      .      .     .   .   .   25
             Community Outreach          .      .     .   .   .   25
             Extra-curricular Activities .      .     .   .   .   25
             Field Trips .        .      .      .     .   .   .   26
             Identifying Children with Special Needs .    .   .   27
             Oral and Written Communication .         .   .   .   28
             Transition Plan      .      .      .     .   .   .   29
     Discipline     .      .      .      .      .     .   .   .   30

     Meals and Snacks      .     .      .     .      .   . .   31
     Parties & Celebrations.     .      .     .      .   . .   33
     Potty Training        .     .      .     .      .   . .   34
     Rest Time     .       .     .      .     .      .   . .   34
     Separation Routine .        .      .     .      .   . .   35
     Working with Therapists and Others       .      .   . .   30
     Initial Interest in LALA Program .       .      .   . .   37
     Application/Enrollment Packet and Application Fee   . .   38
     Admission into LALA and Family Enrollment Fee .     . .   39
     Orientation Steps .         .      .     .      .   . .   39
     Transition into Classroom .        .     .      .   . .   40
     De-enrollment of Child or Change in Program     .   . .   41
     Waiting List and Fee Policies      .     .      .   . .   42
     Alumni Activities     .     .      .     .      .   . .   43
PARENT COMMUNICATION             .      .     .      .   . .   44
     Parent Advisory Committee .        .     .      .   . .   44
PARENT PARTICIPATION .           .      .     .      .   . .   45
PARENT RESOURCE LIBRARY          .      .     .      .   . .   46
SAFETY AND SECURITY .            .      .     .      .   . .   47
     LALA Abuse and Neglect Policies – Mandated Reporter . .   48
     Animals Policy.       .     .      .     .      .   . .   52
     Classroom General Safety Rules .         .      .   . .   52
     Playground General Safety Rules .        .      .   . .   52
     Plant Policy .        .     .      .     .      .   . .   53
     Recall Notification .       .      .     .      .   . .   53
     Outside Playtime Weather Chart Guidelines       .   . .   53
TUITION AND PAYMENT POLICY              .     .      .   . .   54
     Late Payment and Insufficient Funds Charge      .   . .   56
     Late Pick-up Charge w/ Regular Attendance Schedule .  .   57
     Other Fees and Charges      .      .     .      .   . .   57
     Vacation Policy       .     .      .     .      .   . .   58
SPECIAL PHONE NUMBERS AND ADDRESSES .                .   . .   59
IMMUNIZATION TIMING CHART               .     .      .   . .   60
PARENT HANDBOOK SIGNATURE PAGE                .      .   . .   61

                                 COMMUNICATION PLAN

Communication is very i mportant between your fa mily and Littl e Angels Lea rning Academy
(LALA) for a posi tive transi tion from your home to the LALA’s facility. It i s also very
important to maintain open and available communica tion with you. Plea se feel free to speak
with your child’s teacher to request more informa tion about your child’s day, etc . Any
changes in contact informa tion MUST be sha red with LALA teac hers and ad ministra tors
IMMEDIATELY. A Change of Informa tion” form i s available by the front securi ty door
lockbox. It i s also necessary to respond to notes and requests i mmediately to keep required
informa tion upda ted . These may be found in your child’s Sign In and Out folder located in
the classroom.

Our Academy communica tion plan includes the following:

   Parent/Guardian Bulletin Board with Pertinent Informa tion (located by secure door in
    the foyer of the building)
   Daily Activi ty Reports for All Children
   Incident Reports
   Monthly Classroom Newsletters and Calendars tha t Include Special Events and
    Activi ties
   Center Newsletters
   Weekly Keepsake Journal Entries
   Parent/Teacher Conferences
   Progress Reports of Your Child's Development
   Partnering with Academy Tea m in working to make toileting, feeding, dressing, hand
    washing, and the development of other independent skills a posi tive expe rience for
   Opportuni ties for Curriculum Planning and Individual Child’s Goals/Objec tives Input on a
    Daily Basis, and at least 2 X a year on a more formal basis during Parent-Teacher
   Open Door Policy for you to enjoy a meal or learning event with your c hild
   Open Houses and Special Events
   Secure Internet Viewing Cam
   Meal Calendars
   Direct phone contact wi th teachers during the day (Please only do this sparingly and on
    an at-need basis so teachers may focus their time and energies on caring and educating
    your child). Please do not ask to speak to child during the day unless absolutely
    necessa ry; many ti mes this will upset the child.
   Parent Handbook with LALA Policies and Procedures *

*The Parent Handbook policies and procedures may be revised as necessary. A new parental
agreement form will not be necessary as the parent/guardian agrees to the policies and
procedures of the business of care of children at LALA as applicable and within good cause.

Please be respectful of team member family time away from the Academy program. Unless
there is an emergency, parents/guardians are requested to please contact a particular team
member only during normal business hours Monday – Friday at the Academy.

Materials Accessible to LALA Parents/Guardians

Littl e Angels Learning Academy fa milies have access to several ma terials. Each c hild’s
enrollment and developmental informa tion is confidential except to those teac hers who work
directly with a child and LALA ad ministra tion, and of course, to the c hild’s
parents/gua rdians. The accessible ma terials for pa rents/guardians include:

       Staff Background Checks (available from the LALA director)
       Department of Heal th Child Care Licensing Regula tions
               (Located in the Parent Resource Library)
       Child’s Enrollment File (This file will be destroyed a year af ter the child has
                been de-enrolled from the LALA program.)
       Children’s Behavioral Plans and Behavior Reports
       Child’s Accident/ Incident Reports
       Child’s Developmental History
       Lesson Plans (Found on the classroo m Parent Board )
       Menus (Found on the center classroom parent board and on the LALA Website)
       Curriculum and Related Acti vi ties
       Completed Accredi ta tion Ma terials as Submi tted and Applicable
       Recent Inspection Reports ( Found on the front foyer parent board )
       Sta te Licensing Compliance and Inspec tion Reports ( May be reviewed by contacting
               the Dept. of Heal th licensing supervisor named on LALA’s license by the
               front foyer Parent Information Board or by requesting these from the LALA
       Illness Informa tion (Found on the front foyer parent board )
       Sick Policy (Found in this Parent Handbook)

Informa tion from above tha t is the property of LALA may be provided upon wri tten request
from the center director if not easily accessible already in the designa ted place as noted.
The LALA ad ministra tion will meet with the requested fa mily member to review the
requested informa tion as soon as possible, or a t least within 2 business day/48 hours from
the ti me of the request.

Negotiating Differences and Difficulties

It is the policy of Li ttle Angels Learning Academy to work with fa milies to provide excellent
and quality care of your child everyday. At ti mes, however, there may be a difference in
philosophy or difficulties tha t ari se tha t need to be negotia ted and resol ved in a
professional manner. The procedure to resolve differenc es and difficulties is as follows:

        1.         Schedule an appointment with the teac her to discuss the difference or
                   difficulty during normal working hours, and at a ti me the teacher is not
                   directly responsible with caring for c hildren.
        2.         At the meeting, communication should be posi ti ve and non-threa tening and
                   focus on the child and his/her care and resolving the i ssue.
        3.         Parents/guardian and teacher should make a vailable any documenta tion to
                   support the problem or concern .
        4.         Parents/guardians and teac her should ma ke available any suggestions to
                   resolve the difference or difficulty.
        5.         Both sides should be willing to listen to both sides of the difference or
                   difficulty, and develop a sui table plan-of-ac tion.
        6.         If steps 1-5 do not produce a sui table resolution, ei ther side should
                   contact the director for media tion of the difficulty or difference.
        7.         If steps 1-6 do not produce a sui table resolution, ei ther pa rty may
                   contact the CEO for media tion and to resolve the difficulty or difference.
        8.         All meeting proceedings are to be documented and placed in the c hild’s
                   file for future reference.

At ti mes, the director or CEO may intervene a t any step to resolve the difficulty or
difference, however, the first step should be solving the difference or difficulty direc tly
with your child’s teacher unless the difficulty or difference is with the direc tor or CEO.

As a parent, i t is very i mportant tha t if you do not feel tha t you are getting wha t you feel
you were promised, expected, etc., tha t you notify your c hild’s teac her i mmedia tely first, if
applicable, and/or the director, if applicable, to resolve the issue(s). It could be a very
si mple miscommunication problem. Plea se also be aware tha t during the day, many i ssues
arise with caring for and teaching of young children. Some reports, activi ties, lesson plans,
etc., may not be completed as per our high quality standard s and expec ta tions because of
our first responsibility of taking care of the needs of all of our children. These si tua tions
and occurrences do not consti tute a breec h of contrac t.

In case of an emergency, contact the teacher, direc tor, or CEO i mmedia tely and at any ti me
for informa tion to assi st with the care of your child.

                          EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN

The safety and securi ty of our li ttle angels and Academy tea m are a top priori ty for Li ttle
Angels Learning Academy. LALA tea m members have been trained in what to do in case of
an emergency, including practicing tornado and fire drills with children monthly, and all
staff required to be certified in First Aid and CPR.

To plan ahead for ti mes of emergency and na tural disasters, we have worked coopera ti vely
with the Greene County Heal th Department to prepa re Classroom Emergency Ki ts.
We need your coopera tion in providing the following items for your child for thi s ki t:

       Extra change of clothes, including socks and underwear (and shoes if you ha ve an old
        pair – or want to purchase a new, cheaper pair)
       1 Small Bottl e (if infant)
       4 Diapers (if infant)
       Small pkg. of wipes
       1 Pacifier/Binkie (if applicable)
       1 Small Receiving Blanket – or really thin blanket to fi t into bag (include for ALL
       1 Comfort Item
       Small Game or Book or Acti vi ty (paper, crayons, etc.) or Ac ti vi ty Book (small colori ng
       Extra Medicine (if required)
       Other Item as Deemed Necessary

Please provide these i tems in a Ziplock gallon-sized plastic bag. Please ma rk ALL i tems wi th
your child’s name. Turn th e bag into your child’s classroom teacher.

We will provide other i tems in the Classroom Emergency Ki t such as a First Aid ki t, snack
food, water, a tent for a shel ter if we cannot be in our building, for all children to use
during the ti me until emergency personnel can reach us.

If necessa ry, our popula tion will evacuate to the Ba ttl efield First Bapti st Churc h in the case
tha t our facility is d estroyed, and/or we cannot stay in our building. You will find our little
angels population ei ther a t our facility or a t the church in a case of disaster.

We live in a relati vely small area where key agencies in the area know and have toured our
facility and made a plan in case there i s an emergency.

In case there is a need, we will list the loca tion of persons in our care on the American Red
Cross Grea ter Ozarks Chapter – “Safe and Well” listing. Conc erned fa mily and friends can
search the list to determine if a person is safe and well.

                                 HEALTH and WELLNESS

 (General Health Policy and Procedures, Appropriate Clothing, Sick and
Communicable Disease Policy, Injury/Accident Step-by-Step Procedures,
    Immunizations and Health Records, Medication Administration,
                  Safe Sleep Practices for Infants)

                         General Health Policy and Procedures

Littl e Angels Learning Academy strives to maintain a heal thy and safe learning environment .
At LALA, we also foster a balanced progra m of nutri tion, sti mula ting environment, rest, and
gross motor activi ty tha t facilita tes good health. We encourage the sa me balance in your
home. Tea m members and all children beginning in infancy, are trained in proper hand
washing techniques and sanita tion, including coughing and sneezing into arm instead of
covering mouth with hand. LALA tea m members are also trained in sani ta tion method s,
sanitizing supplies, table tops, chairs, and other equipment are disinfec ted to help eli mina te
transmi tting di sease. Tea m members and c hildren are required to wear appropria tely
laundered clothes.

It is suggested tha t all family members wash hands regularly, especially upon arriving a t
home or LALA from a work environ ment or large group ga thering to help eli mina te the
spread of viruses, etc.

Littl e Angels Learning Academy i s a NO SMOKING facility and campus. We are models to
our children and want to provide them with a tobacco-f ree environment. Plea se avoid
smoking or using tobacco anyti me while on our LALA ca mpus. Please properly dispose of your
cigarette butts and tobacco products in your own vehicle and not on the LALA parking lot or

Appropriate Clothing

Children are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and Academy ac tivi ti es.
Children are encouraged to go outside in both warm and cold weather. It is i mportant tha t
parents/gua rdians provide appropria te clothing for rainy days, and winter coa t, ha t, and
mi ttens for cold, snowy days.

Children may get dirty or wet as they play, explore, observe, and participate in their
environment, so an ex tra change of clothing to be lef t a t sc hool is necessa ry. Please a void
sending your child to school in his/ her Sunday-best clothes.

Once children begin walking, they should ei ther wear shoes or bring a pair with them
everyday. If shoes a re found to be inappropria te for play on the LALA equipment, your
child will not be allowed to play on tha t particular equipment, i.e., Barbie d ress -up costu me
sandals, flip-flop sandals. Tennis shoes are the recommended play shoes for LALA.

When i t is sunny outside, i t is encouraged tha t parents/guardians provide sunscreen and
ha ts for their children to protect from the harmful rays of the sun. We ask tha t you
complete a Medication Authoriza tion form for the application of sunscreen.

Immunizations and Health Records

On the first day of attendance, a child’s current i mmuniza tion record must be on file a t
Littl e Angels Learning Academy. Wi thin 30 days of your c hild's enrollment and first day of
attendance, we must ha ve on file a copy of your child's complete medical form completed by
your child's physician. All immunizations must be kept up-to-date to continue
enrollment; when immunizations are given to your child, please provide a revised
immunization record to LALA’s director. Academy children must also have the Chicken Pox
vaccination to a ttend.

The Dept of Heal th requires LALA to have on file the lead testing resul ts for each c hild.
You may acquire this from your child’s pediatrician and forward to LALA.

At the end of this handbook, parents/guardians will find an immuniza tion guideline table.
Any questions about i mmuniza tions must be direc ted to your child’s physician and
communicated to the LALA director. Immuniza tions will be tracked using our ProCa re c hild
care sof ter, and it will notify parents/guardians when an i mmuniza tion is due. At other
ti mes, the LALA ad ministra tion will also notify parents/guardians when i mmuniza tions are
past due; the parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the LALA ad ministra tion when
these are taken care of and/or plan-of-ac tion.

Injury/Accident Step-by-Step Procedures

Littl e Angels Learning Academy takes pride in providing a safe and secure learning
environment. This includes closely supervising children a t all ti mes; instruc ting c hildren on
safety; all tea m members trained in first aid and CPR; daily inspec tions of the indoor facility
and outdoor play garden; approved early childhood learning equipment and supplies; as well
as random sta te child care licensing, sani ta tion, and fire marshal inspec tions. It is also the
responsibility of each and every parent/guardian to notify LA LA officials immediately if
there is a hazard present, as well as not lea ve your child in an unsafe
environment/si tuation.

It is general knowledge tha t children will get accidental bruising, scra tc hes, etc., as they
play throughout the day – not all of these minor ca ses may be reported to the parent
through an incident report and phone call and/or observed by a LALA teacher before the
child leaves for the day. At ti mes, however, a ma jor injury or accident occurs. In care of
an injury or accident, the following step -by-step procedures will be followed:

        1.   The child’s injury/accident will be assessed i mmedia tely by a CPR/First Aid
             trained Li ttle Angels Learning Academy tea m member.

        2. The appropria te first aid action will take place.
        3. 9-1-1 will be called and emergency personnel contac ted if a child needs
           immediate medical attention. (In case of transportation by a medical unit, a
            team member f rom Littl e Angels Learning Academy will accompany the child if
            allowed by medical personnel – if not, a team member will follow the ambulance.
            The child will ONLY be transported for a medical emergency by ambulance or
            his/her own parent/guardian/emergency contact automobile).
        4. Upon taking care of the child’s injury or accident, the parent/gua rdian will be
           contacted, no ma tter how minor the injury or accident, per Dept. of Heal th and
           Senior Services and Li ttle Angels Learning Academy policy and procedure. This
           step cannot and will not be waived per parental request.
        5. Wri tten documenta tion will detail the injury/accident and placed in the c hild’s
           file upon the parent/guardian’s signa ture. A copy of the wri tten documenta tion
           is provided to the parent/gua rdian once all signatures ha ve been recei ved.
        6. A photograph of the injury may be taken and placed with the written
           documenta tion in the child’s file.
        7. Depending upon the ex tent of the injury or accident, the parent/guardian may
           need to provide physician’s instruc tions upon returning the child to the care of
           Littl e Angels Learning Academy.

For emergency reasons, you must provide LALA with updated contact and job
information changes on your child’s enrollment forms so that you can be reached in
case of an accident. Change forms can be found at the securi ty lock box inside the
securi ty door.

Parents/guardians knowingly acknowledge through signing of the required LALA contrac t
and liability addendum tha t children will have accidents and incidents from ti me -to-ti me,
with some tha t may require medical attention. It i s the responsibility of the child’s family
to have adequa te medical insurance to cover any injuri es tha t may happen to hi s/her child
tha t may occur a t LALA or a sponsored acti vi ty. LALA will not be held financially
responsible for these incidents or accidents.

Medication Administration and Authorization

If your child requires medica tion during regular c hildcare hours, please keep med icine in its
original container with the child’s name and proper dosage prescribed by the doc tor, and
complete a Medication Authoriza tion form. A Medication Authoriza tion form MUST be
signed and completed in full WHEN any new/refilled medication is brough t to the Academy
to be ad ministered, specifically noting the da te and a mount of medica tion brought to the
NAME, AS APPLICABLE. Parents/guardians MUST place in writing the EXACT dosage
and time allotments for child for the Academy team to ad minister. LALA will NOT
administer any different dosage than what is defined on the bottle per manufacturer
or a physician AND with written instructions.

During the day if over the counter medica tion needs to be given and prior direc tions for the
day were not received, the Academy tea m will contact the parent/guardian prior to the
administra tion, to gain approval in writing tha t may ei ther be sent by fax (417-886-3350)
or by e-mail (rawoodhumiston@li ttl and
rawoodhumiston@theeduca tioninsti, or the parent/guardian may be required to
come to the Academy and ad minister the medication in person. Again, we CANNOT gi ve
more dosage of medica tion to a child other than when authorized from a medical physician.

Any medica tion given a t home prior to bringing child to the Academy MUST be
communicated to the Academy tea m when child is dropped off for the day. Children taking
antibiotics must be on them for a t least 24 hours before they can return to the Academy,
unless a doctor's note i s submi tted indicating tha t the c hild is no longer contagious.

All medications should be administered to the c hild at home if a t all possible. If medication
is only to be ad ministered once a day, or a couple of ti mes a day, we request tha t you
administer this medication a t home.

It is necessary tha t we know about any allergies or special needs of your child.

LALA refuses the right to ad minister any medica tion when we feel uncomfortable with
administra tion directions, etc. The parent/ guardian then will be responsible for
administering the medication in person.

Safe Sleep Policy for Infants

LALA is commi tted to safe sleeping prac tices for infants in our care. Key points of LALA’s
policy and practice include:

      We use firm ma ttresses in our c ribs.

      We follow the “Back to Sleep” method for infants to sleep. If an infant needs to
       sleep on his/her tummy, we must have a physician’s note.

      Instead of blankets, we ask tha t pa rents/guardians of infants provide a sleep bag
       instead. We are a blanket-free crib facility. Bumpers are not allowed in our cribs.

      At LALA, we do not practice “swaddling” for infants.

      Smoking on ca mpus and bed sharing by other infants are not prac ticed a t LALA.

      Infants should be kept cool throughout the day, especially during sleeping, so please
       do not dress your infant in lots of hea vy clothing for the day, but dress hi m/ her in
       layers if it is cold outside.

      Infants are moni tored closely and checked on while sleeping.

      LALA Tea m Members receive training in safe sleep prac tices.

Sick and Communicable Disease Policy

Littl e Angels Learning Academy has a responsibility to ensure the heal th and safety of all
children enrolled. Teachers will conduct an informal Heal th Check when children arrive for
the day. It is necessa ry tha t parents/guardians share with the teac her any sickness,
medications ad ministered tha t day, and/or concerns a t tha t ti me.

We ask tha t parents/guardians plea se be considera te and keep your c hild at home if he/she
exhibi ts any of the sympto ms described as follows:

       1.    Fever. Any tempera ture 100 d egrees and over (99 + degrees under arm; 101 +
             degrees rectally; 100 + degrees by mouth) Child must be fever free, without any
             fever reducing medica tions, for a mini mum of 24 hours.
       2.    Diarrhea. One or more abnormally loose stool s.
       3.    Severe Coughing. Coughing is considered severe if a child gets red or blue in the
             face and makes a croup or whooping sound when coughing.
       4.    Vomi ting.
       5.    Sore throa t or trouble swallowing.
       6.    Earache and/or ea r discha rge.
       7.    Severe i tching of body or scalp, or signs of lice or scabies. Our center has a "no
             nit" policy. Ni ts a re the nest eggs of lice. We require tha t your c hild have no
             nits in his/ her hair or scalp.
       8.    Pinkeye. Pink eye's accompanied by thick yellow discharge. May affec t one or
             both eyes. This includes a discha rge tha t may be thick.
       9.    An infected skin patch. May appear oozing, crusty, bright yellow, or "gummy."
             May indicate i mpetigo or other skin disease.
       10.   Unusual spots or rashes.
       11.   A severe headache.

If any of these symptoms or illness should occur while your child is at the Academy, we will
contact you i mmediately. If you cannot be reac hed, we will call your emergency contac t
person on your child's enrollment form. We require a sick c hild to be picked up no la ter
than 30 minutes from the ti me of contac t. It is very important th at you provide LALA
with your most recent contact information (even if it will change for only a day).

Your sick child will be separa ted from the other c hildren in a safe and quiet pl ace where
he/she may rest until you arrive if needed, and this may include the front office area with
the director or person-in-cha rge – especially if your child is suspec ted of having a
contagious illness, fever, and/or vomi ting.

Your child may return to the Academy progra m af ter he/ she is symptom-free for a t least
24 hours – without the ad ministering of fever-reducing medica tion.

Keeping your child home not only protec ts the other children and Li ttle Angels Lea rning
Academy Tea m members, but gi ves your child another day to get well in his/her comfortable
home environment.

The Academy ad ministra tion reserves the right to not allow a child to attend the Academy
progra m for a period of ti me due to sickness, even with a doctor’s note indica ting tha t i t i s
fine to allow continued attendance.

Please provide a written doctor’s note ASAP regarding any communicable and contagious
disease, especially if the child was sent home from LALA due to this sickness. We will post
the informa tion for others on our foyer parent board so tha t other parents may moni tor
their own children, keeping the na me of the c hild confidential. This i s required as per the
Missouri Department of Heal th and Senior Services c hild care guidelines.

From ti me-to-ti me, children will get ill even with all of the sani ta tion and health conscious
efforts we provide a t LALA in combination with wha t you do a t home – i t is a fac t of life!
Just because a child gets ill while at LALA does not mean he/she actually gets this illness
while in attendance a t LALA.

It is very i mportant tha t your fa mily ha s an emergency back up plan to i mplement when your
child is ill and may not come to LALA. This can be a very stressful ti me for your fa mily if a
plan is not already in place.

                             ITEMS TO BRING FROM HOME

 Please place clothing items and medication(s) in a Ziplock bag and mark with
      child’s name. All items MUST have child’s name written on them.

At times, if the teacher does not feel that At times, if the teacher does not feel that our
child needs a certain item, it will be returned to you, i.e., sippy cups.

For documentation purposes, please note on your child’s Sign-in and Sign-out sheet when you
brought diapers, wipes, and medications and the quantity. Your child’s name should also be
on EVERYTHING including the bag of diapers and wipes container and refills.


1.    At least 2 bo ttles to be kept a t the Academy – children are encouraged to drink from a
      cup by age one.
2.  Formula powder, if applicable *
3.  Diapers (full bag)
4.  Wipes (large container)
5.  Sleeping Bag (until old enough to turn over)
6.  Diaper Ointment
7.  A mini mum of one change of clothing including socks
8.  Two Light Blankets
9.  A Comb or Brush
10. Bulb Syringe
11. Pacifier (if applicable)
12. Infant Tylenol, Motrin, and Gas Medicine, or Other Medica tions with Specific
    Ad ministra tion Instructions
13. Securi ty Item
14. Sunscreen

* Infant formula (Parents’ Choice with Iron) and baby food will be provided as long as the
Academy is part of the USDA progra m. Please c heck with the direc tor or your child’s l ead
teacher for more informa tion.


1.    2 Sippy Cups to remain a t L(if your child uses these) – young child will be encouraged to
      drink from an open cup beginning a t age 1 year.
2.    Diapers (large bag)
3.    Wipes (large container)
4.    Diaper Ointment
5.    Rest Blanket, Crib Sheet, and Small Pillow with Cover
6.    A Change of Clothing - Including Socks

7.    A Comb or Brush
8.    Pacifier (if applicable)
9.    Tylenol, Motrin, and/or Other Medications with Specific Ad ministra tion Instruc tions
10.   Securi ty Item
11.   Sunscreen

1.    Diapers/Pull-up and Wipes (if applicable)
2.    A Change of Clothing - Including Socks and Underwear
3.    Small Rest Blanket, Crib Sheet for Cot, and Small Pillow with Cover
4.    Tylenol, Motrin, and/or Other Medications with Ad ministra tion Instruc tions
5.    Securi ty Item (if applicable)
6.    Sunscreen

                                          School Age

1.    A Full Change of Clothing
2.    A Comb or Brush
3.    Tylenol and Other Medications wi th Ad ministra tion Instruc tions
4.    Sunscreen

Please leave toys or special items a t home unless you ha ve prior permission from the
classroom educa tor. If child ha s difficulty with separa tion and/or sleeping away from home,
please bring a clothing i tem recently worn by you or some other i tem with the home
environment scent - especially for infants and toddler age.

Children will have thei r personal items sto red in their cubbies with the exception of any
medicines. Medicines will be stored in a secured separa te loca tion. Please make sure all
items have been marked with child's name. Li ttle Angels Learning Academy will not be
responsible for lost or stolen i tems. Parents/guardians are a sked to ta ke rest blankets,
sheets, and pillow covers home on Friday of each week.

                                           OUR DAY

Hours of Operation

We offer several options for professional child care and preschool progra ms. It is very
important tha t c hildren maintain a consistent sc hedule to help facilita te learning and
expecta tions. We suggest tha t children arri ve no la ter than 9:00 AM eac h day for
breakfast, morning instructional acti vi ties, and outdoor playti me. If your child does not
attend LALA full-ti me and on a consistent sc hedule, he/she may mi ss special learning
activi ties and events such a s foreign language and music instruc tion. Thi s is also true for
parents/gua rdians who only enroll children for the PT presc hool progra m. Every effort wi ll
be made to schedule special events and acti vi ties on days where the majori ty of c hildren can
participate, but thi s cannot be promi sed.

We offer full-ti me and hourly care for infants and children ages six weeks – 2 years of age;
before and after school care and summer sc hool care for children up to 12 years of age; and
a full-ti me and part-ti me preschool progra m – A part-ti me 0presc hool progra m is ½ a day
during the school year only for children 3 years and older. Full-ti me a ttendance is defined
as at lea st four full days of attendance with a t lea st 4 hours a day.

Even though Li ttle Angels Lea rning Academy has specified days and ti mes of opera tion, we
will be as flexible as possible to accommodate special schedule requests for days and ti mes,
while keeping within acceptable teac her: c hild ra tios and licensing requirements.

Upon enrollment into LALA and during the month of August, c hildren are placed in a specific
classroom/progra m depending upon their ages and developmentally levels. The tui tion ra te
will remain the sa me for the assigned classroom even though a c hild may be a year older, i.e.,
in the 2-year old room, but turns 3 years of age during the years. This is due to the
required ra tios in each classroom and ages of c hildren.

Promotions to the nex t classroom a re made pri marily during the month of August when
there is a shif t in children due to children graduating from LALA and going into
kindergarten. We want children to stay with friend s and peers they know throughout the
their ti me a t LALA, so we work to move c hildren together if a t all possible. At ti mes, the
LALA ad ministra tion, along with the parent/guardian, may decide to transi tion a c hild to the
next age group a t other ti mes during the year if the child is developmentally ready and the
placement is age-appropria te, and there is space in the nex t level. Differences in tui tion
ra tes a re due to the specific age ra tios required in specific classrooms. Specific tui tion
ra tes can be found by visi ting the LALA Websi te a t: www.littleangel
or by asking a member of the LALA ad ministra tion.

Regular Operating Hours:

        Professional Child Care and Presc hool
        6:00 AM – 6:00 PM* – Monday – Friday

        *All children and families MUST transition OU T of the LALA facility by 6:00
        PM, or late charges may be assessed.

Special Arranged Operating Hours:

        6:00 AM – 10:00 PM – Arranged Hourly – Drop-in Care (Monday – Sa turday)

       Hourly and drop-in care are a t-need progra ms for parents/guardians who need care
        just for a day, etc. Children MUST be enrolled in LALA prior to a ttendance. When
        children come consi stently on a FT or PT ba sis, the enrollment ca tegoriza tion will be
        changed from hourly care accordingly. Only 50 hours total a ttendance per month i s
        permi tted with hourly care per sta te regula tions.

       If there is an emergency on a specific day, please allow 1 hour before arrival to
        confirm a slot in hourly care on a particular day, or you may contac t the Academy to
        verify a space before dropping off your c hild. Any ti me reserved MUST be paid
        even if there is a cancellation unless thi s space is filled by another child.

        Part-time Preschool Program

                6:00 AM – 6:00 PM – M, W, F or T TH – Full-day
                Ages 3-5 years (a few spaces may be available for children ages 2 years )

        AM Part-time Preschool Program (based on Springfield Public School
       Schedule) for children ages older 3 – 5:

                AM Progra m: 8:30 AM – 12:00 noon
                MWF or T TH or M-F

        School-age Care (Before and Af ter School, Holiday/Vacation Care, Summer
        Academy): (Monday-Friday)

           School-age Ca re is available Monday - Friday, school holidays, and inclement
            weather school closings on a first-come, first serve basis. Special ra tes apply.
            Children may take the sc hool bus to and from the Learning Center facility if
            they qualify. Other transporta tion may be provided by LALA. A sepa ra te
            contract and full or partial non-refundable payment upfront for c ertain
            vacations and summer will be required to hold a space ( holidays and breaks – full
            payment; summer 4 weeks of tuition due) .

        Parents’ Night Out: One Sa turday of eac h month unless otherwise re-scheduled
        because of ex tenua ting circumstances, e.g., holiday weekends, etc .

           Only pre-enrolled children may a ttend hourly care and Parents' Night Out.
            Hourly care and Parents' Night out slots are sc heduled on an a t-need basis, and
            space availability on a first come, first serve basis. A slot cannot be guaranteed
            unless you ha ve pre-scheduled at lea st one day in advance.

           Parents/guardians' Night Out ha s a set tui tion for the enti re evening.

Holiday Closures: We will be closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, New
Year’s Eve at 1:00 PM, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving
Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (if Christmas is on a weekend,
we will close either Friday and/or Monday closest to the holiday, and/or other days as
determined by LALA). If a major holiday that LALA recognizes falls on a weekend,
LALA will close either Friday or Monday depending upon the general consensus among

bank and state government closures. Reminders will be posted . Tui tion will remain
consistent through these ti mes as part of LALA’s continuous payment policy.

Inclement Weather: During severe wea ther, Li ttl e Angels Lea rning Academy will always
try to remain open. However, in the event road conditions become hazardous with a road
warning, or deemed dangerous to travel by LALA ad ministra tion, we will close the Academy.
This is to protect the safety of the children and Academy tea m members. You can listen
for closing on the local TV and radio sta tions, or contac t the Academy. An inclement
weather closing notification will also be left on the LALA Websi te: Tui tion will not be reduced during these ti mes of
closure as part of LALA’s continuous payment policy.

Alternative Care: There are several LALA teachers who may be available to watc h your
children during ti mes of closure, including weekends and evenings. This i s an arrangement
between tha t teacher and you, and will be your responsibility to pay thi s person direc tly for
weekends or evening ti mes. You may ask a teacher specifically if he/she is available for
alterna ti ve care of your child(ren), or inquire about interested teac hers from the LALA

During ti mes tha t LALA is closed for inclement wea ther, there may be teachers a vailable to
watch children in their home and LALA will pay the teachers direc tly for thi s ti me. The
child must be enrolled at LALA with regular a ttendance on the day of closure. This
arrangement is between the family and the teac her – and LALA will not be liable for this
arrangement, including accidents, etc. Available teachers and phone numbers will be made
available to LALA fa milies, or you may ask the LALA ad ministra tion or LALA teac her
directly for informa tion and availability.

Please note: Teachers understand that they may not be recruited for regular employment
by already enrolled and attending families of LALA that would involve leaving LALA’s
employment to be a family’s nanny, babysitter, etc., thus de-enrolling a child from LALA
specifically for this arrangement and purpose. This is considered interfering with a legal
contractual agreement already signed by all LALA families. Legal action may be taken to
protect the interests of LALA.

Attendance, Daily Check-in/-out Procedures

It is very i mportant to keep accura te record s of your child's a ttendance a t the Academy.
Please contact us in the morning by 8:30 AM when your child will not attend for the
day; if your child arrives after 9:00 AM and you did not call regarding late arri val, your
child may not be allowed to stay due to staffing schedules, meal prepa ra tions, and special

Please follow the following procedure for checking in and checking out:

           All parents and guardians, a t least 18 years of age, must sign own child in and out
            each day at the centralized a ttendance check-in and check-out vertical file
            where your child’s folder is located, in child’s classroom.
           To enter the secured classroom/nursery area: Use the c heck in clock a t the
            front of the foyer – allow it to read your fingerprint, thus push in your code to
            enter the secured part of the building to drop off your c hild. Make sure you
            check in or out your child on the key pad of the secured door will not open.
            Repea t the steps to check out your child a t the end of the day/ ti me wi th us a t
            need to sign your child out a t the Sign-in and Sign-out Folder in the child’s
           To gain access to the facility throughout the day, you may use the key pad, or
            ring the bell to notify someone to come to the front desk if someone is not
            available and we will happily open the securi ty door for you.

Pick-up/Release Policy

1. Parents/guardians are to escort their children to and from their designa ted classrooms,
   OR PARKING LOT TO WALK IN BY HIM-/HERSELF. Transi tion out of the center a t
   the end of the day must be done by 6:00 pm to a void any late c harges.
2. In the case that a family has an infant and a preschooler, the older child MUST
   BE dropped off first and picked up last according to Dept. of Health policies and
   procedures, to avoid the older child being in the infant unit.
3. When a child enrolls a t LALA, specifically approved person s are listed as the pri mary
   pick-up designees on the enroll ment form. If there is ever a change in pick-up, the
   parent/guardian must notify the Academy Tea m members in writing or by communica ting
   with us by phone or computer using your predetermined code or pa ssword.
4. All those persons who pick up a child must be a t lea st 18 yea rs of age with an approved
   driver's license and appropria te, safe transporta tion for the c hild , including an approved
   car sea t as applicable.

5. The al terna te pick-up person MUST be listed on the enroll ment form. The person's
   driver's license/picture ID will be checked before the release of the c hild. If there
   are ex tenua ting circumstances, the established password may be used when contac ting
   the Academy of a specific arrangement.
6. It is the policy of Li ttle Angels Learning Academy NOT to rel ease a child to anyone who
   is not on the enroll ment/emergency list.
7. Divorced or legally separa ted pa rents/guardians MUST provide a copy of a current
   court ordered custodial agreement and arrangements. LALA cannot do anything to stop
   a biological parent from picking up his/ her children if appropria te court papers are not
   provided to us. Please do not get LALA in the middle of custody ba ttles with shared
   custody, or specific pick up arrangements tha t are not wri tten and placed in the child’s
   permanent enroll ment folder. Daily pick-up c hanges a re very difficult to track unless
   provided in written form each ti me.
8. It is the policy of Li ttle Angels Learning Academy NOT to release any child to a person
   who is considered to be a risk to the child's safety. Any person regarded as being
   under the influence of drugs or alcohol may require the p olice or other persons listed on
   the child's enroll ment form to be contac ted for assistance.
9. All pick-up persons must have sui table and appropriate child safety restraint sea ts in
   his/her vehicle.


Parents/guardians will receive a monthly calendar of special activi ties, dates, and events.
Please see Holiday Closures for days the Academy is closed.

We will follow the Springfield School Distric t calendar for our part-ti me AM/PM presc hool
progra m and school year. When the AM/PM preschool progra m i s not in session according to
the public school calendar, the school-age c hildren will be in attendance, including during the
summer months. Only full-ti me and specially arranged part-ti me enrolled children will
attend all year and are to pay full-ti me enroll ment.

School-age children who a ttend before and after school, as well as during the summer, will
be accepted on first-come, first-serve ba sis until we are full during other sc hool holidays
and vacations. A separa te contract and non-refundable full tui tion payment for holiday and
vacation a ttendance is required in order to hold a space for your child. A 4 week non -
refundable payment and sepa ra te contract a re due to reserve a spot for the school -age
Summer Academy.


The Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy progra m is designed to provide for the development of
the total child: physical developoment, social development, emotional development, and
cognitive d evelopment. Our progra m is not only age-appropriate, but is also individually
developmentally appropria te tha t allows children to work at their own pace. The needs and
differences of each and every child are taken into considera tion when designi ng and

facilitating the activi ties of our progra m, including individual lessons and opportuni ties with
goals and objecti ves. Academy tea m members keep abreast of current researc h of the
young child through ongoing and job-embedded prof essional development.

The Academy offers a child-centered and play-based progra m ba sed on the specially-
designed LALA curriculum. We believe tha t c hildren develop knowledge through play,
discovery, communica tion with others, and explora tion through the careful facilitation of
the teacher.

The LALA curriculum i s designed from the principles from the Projec t Construc t and High
Scope curricular philosophies based upon the construc ti vist theory tha t maintains c hildren
crea te their own knowledge through thei r experiences in the learning process when they a re
ready and have interest. Teachers facilita te the learning environment based upon
observa tions and input of the children a t LALA, as well as goals from thei r
parents/gua rdians. Thi s enables the c hild to build their know ledge base a t the ti me tha t is
most cri tical and thei r interest i s peaked .

Children are given mul tiple choice of ac tivi ties throughout the day. These include a
schedule of activi ties tha t are: balanced (active/quiet; small group/individual;
indoor/outdoor; challenging or new/familiar; spontaneous/planned); developmentally
appropria te; and designed for all children to experi ence success no ma tter their
developmental level or cogni tive abili ties. From thi s specialized a ttention, appropria tely
facilitated enriching and sti mula ting learning environment, c hildren build problem-solving
and critical thinking skills.

Our classroom design consists of individual and group activi ties, including carefully designed
learning centers tha t are arranged throughout the room in themes established and planned
by the c hildren with the help of the teac her/instruc tor. Small and large group ti me may
include discussions about the calendar, days, months, holidays, respec t to the pledge,
weather pa tterns, current events and news, music and movement, show-n-tell, special
teacher-directed art acti vi ties, foreign language instruc tion, and literacy ac tivi ties.
Children are encouraged to participa te in all learning centers, group ti me, and individual
lessons. Children may bring things from home for show -n-tell; certain i tems may need prior
permission from the classroom educa tor to bring and sha re with the class.

Learning centers within the classroom may include:

       Building (blocks, Legos)
       Constructi ve Play
       Cooking
       Transporta tion Play
       Career Awareness
       Literacy Center Including a Library and Wri ting Center
       Learning Ga mes
       Dra ma tic and Housekeeping Play Areas
       Science, Discovery, and Explora tion

      Sensory Integra tion
      Crea tive Art
      Environmental Ma th and Ma th Manipulati ves
      Puzzles
      Woodworking
      Large Muscle
      Technology (Computers, Ga mes, Ac tivi ty Centers)
      Fine Motor Development Activi ties (puzzles, peg boards, lacing cards)
      Light Table
      Opportuni ties for Manipulation of Various Compounds (PlayDoh, Clay, Dirt, Dough)
      Mul ti-cul tural Including Foreign Language Instruc tion
      Quiet Area for Reflection and Relaxa tion
      Play Houses for Dra ma tic Play
      Play Stages in the Preschool and School -age Classrooms
      Gross Motor Development
      Lofts or Cli mbing Structures
      Technology
      Quiet spaces for children to have solita ry ti me to rest, look a t a book, cuddle with a
       sof t toy, etc.

Outdoor play is essential to a well child physically and mentally. Li ttle Angels Learning
Academy has the philosophy tha t all children MUST experienc e na ture in the outdoor world
as much as possible. Children in the Academy progra m have the opportuni ty to explore the
natural world and enjoy the sky, sunshine, ea rth, trees, plants, worms, birds, dirt, mud,
grass, vegetable and flower gardens, etc., in our specially designed play garden. Experiences
in the preschool and school-age play garden may include:

      Climbing Structure
      Swings
      Dra ma Playhouses (clubhouse, one-room school house, market, barn)
      Trike Trail and Trikes
      Garden
      Flowering Vines, Trees, Shrubs, and Tall Grasses
      Sensory Table
      Sand Box
      Outdoor Musical Instruments
      Art
      Balls
      Jump Ropes
      Basketball
      Picnic Area
      Green Space for Running and Playing Games
      Push Toys
      Construction Toys
      Digging Tools and Buckets
      Gardens

       Various Tex tures (mulch, gra ss, dirt, sand)

The infant/ toddler partially shaded play garden fea tures:

       Climbing Tot Tree
       Playhouse
       Sand Box
       Sensory Table
       Trikes
       Gardens
       Slide and Climbing Structure
       Balls
       Digging Tools
       Push Toys
       Construction Toys

The infant/ toddler playground is placed upon pads and grass tha t allows for little ones to
crawl, walk, and run in comfort.

Children will get dirty as they explore na ture in the outdoor play garden. It is
recommended tha t children do not wear their Sunday best to the Academy progra m since
they will be exploring, discovering, and enjoying the grea t out-of-doors.

All children a t LALA, including infants, have the opportuni ty to experience instruc tion in
music and foreign language. Special teachers visi t LALA, a t no additional cost to the LALA
families, for this special instruction.

We are very fortuna te to have a child-size ki tc hen to enhance our curriculum. Children
learn so many things through the cooking process including: mea suring, observa tion,
literacy, ma th, following directions. Your child will have a grea t ti me crea ting snacks and
meals tha t rela te to the curriculum ac tivi ty plan!

LALA tea m members encourage independence for all children by allowing involvement in
routine activi ties including:

        Picking Up Toys and Putting Them Where They Belong
        Clean-up (after activi ties and meal ti mes)
        Serving Self Through Fa mily Style Meal Ac ti vi ty
        Personal Grooming (toileting, washing hands, washing face,
        combing hair)
        Choosing Learning Ma terials and Ac ti vi ties
        Other Self-help Skills (putting on own coat, putting on shoes)

                                Activity Schedule Example
                               FULL DA Y SCHEDULE EXAMPLE

     SCHEDULE                              ROUTINE                                   POSSIBLE LEARNING EXPERIENCES

6:00 AM - 8:30 AM    Arrival                                                    Various Table Activities
                     Individual Learning Activities (Table Activities, 1-on-1   Distributing Things
                     Learning, Opportunities, Folder Activities, Work Jobs,     Following Directions
                     etc.)                                                      Academic Skills Reinforced
                                                                                Name Recognition
                                                                                Item Recognition
                                                                                Free Play Choice
                                                                                Quiet Time

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM    Wash Hands                                                 Cooking
                                                                                Distributing Things
                     Breakfast                                                  Environmental M ath
                                                                                Communication Skills
                                                                                M anners

As needed            Restroom/Diapering, Wash Hands, Drinks

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM    Class M eeting (Circle Time)                               Attendance
                                                                                Pledge of the Allegiance
                                                                                M eeting/Discussion
                                                                                Stories from Students – Show and Tell
                                                                                Group Games
                                                                                Guest Speakers
                                                                                Foreign Language Instruction and Activities
                                                                                Plan and Schedule for the Day
                                                                                M usic & M ovement
                                                                                Planning for the Day

9:30 AM - 9:45 AM    Literacy (Language Arts)                                   Listening to Stories
                     Some tasks may be group and some tasks may be              Personal Reading
                     individual                                                 Personal Writing
                                                                                Creative Writing
                                                                                Group Writing
                                                                                Listening Skills
                                                                                Letter Recognition
                                                                                Word Recognition

As needed            Restroom/Diapering, Wash Hands, Drinks

9:45 AM – 10:45 AM   Learning Centers                                           Creative Art
                                                                                M ath
                     Choice Time                                                Games
                                                                                Dramatic Play
                     Individual and Small Group Activities                      Blocks
                     Reflection of what is being learned and what the child     M usic and M ovement
                     can discuss with the parent/guardian at a later time.      Transportation
                                                                                Library - Reading

                                                                                Listening Activities
                                                                                Foreign Language
                                                                                Communication Skills
                                                                                M easuring
                                                                                Eye-Hand Coordination
                                                                                Fine M otor Activities (sewing, zipping, buttoning,
                                                                                writing, tying)
                                                                                Sensory Integration
                                                                                M ulti-cultural
                                                                                Quiet Time

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM     Clean Up                                                M atching
                        Restroom and Wash Hands                                 Self-help
                        Preparation for Outdoor Play                            Self-help Skills

11:00 AM – 12:00 noon   Outdoor Play in Play Garden                             Observing, Experiencing, Discovering Nature

                        *See schedule at end for classroom outside playtimes.   Gross M otor Play and Development

                                                                                Getting Along
                                                                                Dramatic Play
                                                                                Communication Skills
                                                                                Sensory Integration
                                                                                Creative Art
                                                                                M easuring

                                                                                Running, Balancing, Jumping, Walking,

                                                                                Outdoor M usic

(11:45 AM – NOON)       Closure for AM Preschool                                M eeting/Discussion
                                                                                Review the M orning
                                                                                Notes About the Day

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM      Lunch Preparation, Eating, and Clean Up                 Getting Along
                                                                                Following Directions
                        Restroom Break                                          Reading and M ath Skills Reinforced
                        Wash Hands and Faces                                    Distributing Things
                                                                                M anners
                                                                                Environment M ath
                                                                                Communication Skills
                                                                                Self-help Skills

1:00 PM – 1:15 PM       Quiet Reading Time                                      Calming Bodies for Rest

                                                                                   Basic Book Handling Skills
                                                                                   Letter and Word Recognition

1:15 PM – 3:00 PM         Night-Night Book and/or Song                             Listening to Story
School-age: Field Trips   (everyone on cots)                                       Phonics
in the Afternoon                                                                   Sequencing
                          Resting/Napping (all full-day infants, toddlers, and     Letter Recognition
                          preschool children must rest quietly for a minimum of    Visualize Story
                          30 minutes and will not be forced to remain on the cot
                          longer than 1 hour if not asleep –at that point, the     Taking Care of Self
                          child may get up and play quietly until others are

                          School-A ge: Quiet Time for at least 15 minutes

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM         Put Away Rest Items, Restroom and Drink Break            Following Directions
                                                                                   Distributing Things
                                                                                   Environmental M ath
                                                                                   M anners

4:00 PM – End of Day      Outdoor Play in Play Garden                              Gross M otor Play and Development
                                                                                   Getting Along
                          Group or Individual Activities, Learning Centers,        Exercise
                          Tables Activities, and Choices                           Communication
                                                                                   Dramatic Play
                          End of the Day Review and Closure Activities             Sensory Integration

                                                                                   M eeting/Discussion
                                                                                   Review the Afternoon
                                                                                   Notes About the Day

                                                                                   Reinforcement of Academics
                                                                                   and Skills

As needed during          Restroom and Water Break                                 Taking Care of Self
afternoon                                                                          M anners

Extra-curricular and Outside Playtime S chedule (may be subject to change without notice):

Spanish – M onday M ornings

Room 1: 8:45 – 9:00
Room 2: 9:00 – 9:15
Room 3: 9:15-9:30
Room 4: 9:30 – 10:00
Room 5: 10:00 – 10:30
Room 6: 10:30 – 11:00
Room 8: 11:00 – 11:30
School-agers for Summer: 11:30 – 12:00

M usic (Tuesday)

9:00- 9:30 – Room 5
9:30 – 10:00 – Room 4
10:00 – 10:30 – Room 6

M usic (Wednesday)

9:30 – 10:00 – Room 8

M usic (Thursday)

9:00 – 9:15 – Room 1
9:15 – 9:30 – Room 2
9:30 – 10:00 – Room 3

Stretch-n-Grow (Wednesday)

8:45 – 9:30 – Room 4
9:30 – 10:15 – Room 5
10:15-11:00 Room 6
11:00 – 11:45 – Room 8

Stretch-n-Grow (Tuesday)

9:30 – 10:00 – Room 3
10:00-10:30 – Room 2

Gold M edal Gymnastics:

Friday M ornings – Rotate Preschool and School-age Classrooms – See M aster Activity Calendar

Outside Playtime:

Rooms 3, 4, and 7:            7:30 – 8:00
                              10:00 – 11:00
                              3:30 – 4:30

Rooms 5, 6 and 8:             8:00 – 8:30
                              11:00 – 12:00
                              4:30 – 5:30

The schedule may change depending upon the specific activities of each classroom.

Infants and toddlers will follow a similar schedule, however, out door play, naps, snacks, and meals may
depend upon the individual child and classroom. All classrooms will have learning centers, and
individual and group lessons.


Ongoing assessment is done for eac h child according to the goals of the LALA curriculum
and appropria tely researched-ba sed developmental milestones. Parents/guardians are
informed of their child(ren)’s progress through Daily Ac tivi ty Reports, the comprehensive
LALA Keepsake Portfolio System and twice yearly scheduled, and as needed, parent/ teacher
conferences. Each day, and during specially designed parent/guardian
meetingsparents/guardians have the opportuni ty to give input into the curriculum and
individual goals of their own children through Daily Ac ti vi ty Report correspondence and
daily interactions between the teacher and parent/ guardian. Portfolios of sa mple work are
maintained to support goal performanc e.

Community Outreach

At Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy, we believe tha t c hildren should develop a sense of
communi ty and apprecia te diversi ty a mong our popula tion through communi ty outreach
projects. As part of our curriculum and progra m ac tivi ties, we adopt different agencies
through various activi ties such as: Dona tion of mi ttens and ha ts during the winter ti me for
children, collection of winter coa ts, adopting fa milies during Christmas, food drives, as well
as visi ts, music, cards, and art work for individuals who are receiving medical care during the

Extra-curricular Activities

Children a t LALA have the opportuni ty for ex tra -curricular ac tivi ties. As pa rt of regular
tui tion, children receive foreign language and specia lized music instruc tion from special
teachers on a weekly basis. (Children who a ttend only part-ti me may or may not recei ve this
special instruction depending upon the days of a ttendance and/or enroll ment.) Throughout
the year, other special events and/or vi si tors come to LALA for an additional cost, i.e.,
puppet shows, Mad Science (in-class field trips). Other ti mes, we have the opportuni ty to
participate in grant-funded progra ms, i.e., library story-ti me, Fi t-for-the Future a t no
additional cost to parents. LALA also participa tes in communi ty service projec ts throughout
the year.

Children ages 3 and older have the opportuni ty to participa te in a struc tured gymna stics
progra m a t lea st every other week in an off-si te facility for an addi tional activi ty cost.
Transporta tion i s provided by LALA to and from Gold Medal Gymna stics in Rep ublic, MO.
The cost for this activi ty is in addi tion to LALA’s regular tui tion. Cost for this ac tivi ty is
outlined in your contract.

Stretch-n-Grow is a fitness and nutri tional progra m for children from age 1 and walking,
preschool, and LALA’s summer school-age progra m. This ac tivi ty cost is in addition to
regular tui tion. All children may participa te in this on -si te progra m, facilita ted by the
Stretch-n-Grow company. Cost for this ac ti vi ty is outlined in your contrac t.

Permission and liability forms MUST be completed before a c hild may participa te in certain
activi ties.

Since we do not want children lef t out of participa ting in ex tra -curricular acti vi ty progra ms,
LALA ad ministra tion researches the cost, benefi ts, and desire to participa te in progra ms
before they are i mplemented a t LALA. Ex tra -curricular ac tivi ty progra ms and charges are
a consensus a mong the LALA fa milies, and/or approved by the Parent Ad viso ry Commi ttee,
and families are given written notice with a permission form/enroll ment form for the
activi ty with ex tra costs outlined with ac ti vi ties. These costs for ex tra-curricular
activi ties may be withdrawn from your Tui tion Express account a t the designa ted ti me.
Financial concerns may be discussed with LALA ad ministra tion. Stretc h-n-Grow and
gymna stic fees a re continuous pay, even for absences, as pa rt of the agreement with these
progra ms to maintain lower fees for our progra m. Ac tivi ty fees ar e in addition to regular
tui tion and are payable by children in foster care if they c hoose to participa te in these
progra ms, i.e., this does not include transporta tion costs per contrac tual agreement with
the sta te of MO.

If you elect for your child to not pa rticipate in a particular ex tra -curricular progra m while
at LALA, we will make other arrangements for ca re during this ti me, i.e., placement in
another classroom.

Preschool Graduation - In the spring, those children who are planning to a ttend kind ergarten
in the fall (must be age 5 years by or on July 31st to a ttend public schools) will have the
opportuni ty to pa rticipate in a preschool gradua tion ceremony. This fun event is held in a
large facility, usually a local church in the communi ty, with f a mily and friends invi ted . A
small progra m with children in caps and gowns, ceremony with the awarding of preschool
graduation diplomas, and a reception af terwards are planned.

Field Trips

Classroom activi ti es are enhanced with field trips tha t suppo rt a particular theme.
Children enrolled in the preschool and school-age progra ms have the opportuni ty to add to
their knowledge base by visi ting special places in the communi ty. Field trips may include:
Trips to the pumpkin pa tch, apple farm, dairy farm, indoor pool for winter swimming like the
penguins and polar bears, Ted E. Bea r factory to make our very own teddy bears, fire
sta tion, zoo, apple orchard, pumpkin pa tch, airport, Jump Mania or Wacky World, a local
park for lunch and to play, and library. Some classes, especially children under the age of 3
years (if 2 years old, almost 3 years old and child is enrolled in the upper preschool progra m,
he/she may participa te in off-si te field trips), may take walking field trips around the LALA

facility, or do in-class field trips with Mad Science, Dickerson Park Zoo ani mal progra m, and
other guest speakers.

Children are transported to field trips in our high-safety ra ted shuttl e bus by a qualified
and appropria tely licensed driver. As applicable by law, children are placed in child restraint
harness systems tha t are already installed in the LALA shuttl e bus.

Field trip fees are in addition to regular tui tion for all children, including childre n in foster
care. Fees are applied for transporta tion costs, but not for c hildren in foster care due to
our sta te contractual agreement. Every c hild on the field trip MUST have a permission
form completed by the parent/guardian with fees paid, or he/she may not be allowed to
participate in the acti vi ty and will stay a t LALA. Children may also not be allowed to
participate in a field trip activi ty if he/she is deemed to be a danger to hi m-/ herself,
including not listening to teachers and/or causing disruptions and discipline problem before
or during the field trip. If child causes discipline problem or i t a threa t to hi m-/ herself
during the field trip, the parent/guardian may be required to pick up child a t the field trip
si te.

Children younger than 2 -3 years of age may participa te in in-class field trips. These
activi ties may also require additional fees not part of the regular tui tion ra te.

Payment policies for field trips: Generally, field trips are paid for by parents/guardians the
next Friday in the nex t TE ba tch request, af ter the field trip is held – all others who pay
directly for field trips MUST pay for field trips before or a t the ti me of the trip. The
amount due for every field trip is found on the top of the field trip permi ssion form and is
to be retained by parents/gua rdians for payment due.

For certain field trips, non-refundable tickets are purchased in advanced from a written list
of children whose parent/guardian have signed up and agreed to a ttend the field trip.
These tickets are non-refundable, and unless a substi tute is found for the child to take the
ticket (which may be another child, parent/guardian, grandparent, etc .), the original child’s
family is responsible for the cost of the ticket.

Unfortuna tely, for those fa milies with past due tui tion, children will not be allow ed to
participate in ex tra-curricular field trips until the full balance is paid to LALA. If you ha ve
questions or need a Financial Agreement Payment Plan, please contac t Dr. Ruth Ann direc tly
for approval.

Identifying Children with Special Needs

LALA tea m members work coopera tively to observe and assess a child throughout the c hild’s
LALA enroll ment to d etermine of the c hild is meeting developmental milestones, and/or if
the fa mily may need addi tional services to support the child. This may be done through
observa tions in different environments, and documenta tion using the LALA comprehensi ve
Keepsake Portfolio System with the developmental milestone chec klist.

If a child is suspected of having an undiagnosed, potential special need, the LALA direc to r
and CEO are contacted by the LALA teac her for further observa tion and informal
assessment. The child’s parent/guardian is also involved with the process as pa rt of the
tea m, including discussions about wha t the tea m has been observing and sharing of
documenta tion throughout the informal observa tion and assessment period. The LALA
director and/or CEO may help by making a recommenda tion(s) and/or referral to the
appropria te agency such as First Steps, social service suc h as WIC, public school system for
an Early Childhood Special Education screening, and other agencies/ therapi sts tha t may
assist the child and family, to determine if indeed the child and/or family does have a
special need tha t needs evalua ted further, with an appropria te follow -up plan-of-ac tion.
The plan-of -action may include special accommoda tions, therapy, and/or placement in a
special progra m such a s a public school early childhood special education progra m part of
the week, or on -si te therapy services for speech.

Oral and Written Communication

Communication is very essential to the development of the child. Throughout the day,
Academy tea m educa tors will converse with c hildren frequently by: Asking children open -
ended questions, having conversa tions, na ming objec ts, inform children of upcoming
activi ties and events, the child planning his/her day, the c hild reflecting on wha t he/she ha s
learned tha t day and wha t he/she will discuss with hi s/her own parent/guardian, and helping
a child describe his/ her feelings. Children who ha ve very li ttle expressive language are
encouraged to communica te with sounds, gestures, sign language, or other forms of
communication. When a child is being discussed and they are present, we will involve them
in the discussion.

Wri tten communica tion begins a t a very early age. Throughout LALA’s daily experiences and
lessons, children ha ve the opportuni ty to build fine motor skills tha t develops la ter into
more wri ting achievement.

It is very i mportant tha t communication continue in the home enviro nment to maxi mize your
child’s development. Exa mples of ways tha t you can help your c hild develop communication
skills is by reading every day, having conversa tions about your c hild’s day (see Daily Ac tivi ty
Report for conversa tion starters), singing, naming objec ts, helping your child describe
feelings and needs, and providing interac tions where communica tion is used.

The Academy tea m works with the fa mily to continue language acti vi ties a t home through
special parent/guardian progra ms tha t we offer throughout the year. Center newsletters
and classroom activi ties tha t involve the parents/guardians are exa mples of ways tha t LALA
will help build literacy between the child and his/her home environment.

Special Seminars for Children

Throughout the year, LALA children will have the opportuni ty to listen to guest speakers,
teacher presenta tions, and receive yearly training in such things as:

    1.   Proper Hand Washing (teachers will also cover this concept a t least quarterly)
    2.   Tooth Brushing (to be done by the county heal th nurse)
    3.   Safety – Including Emergency Drills (bike, sun, water, fire, tornado)
    4.   Poison Prevention (to be done by the county heal th nurse)
    5.   Health, Nutri tion and Physical Fi tness

Transition Plan

Littl e Angels Learning Academy believes tha t i t is very beneficial to have a consistent tea m
of educators working with your child. We strive to retain quali ty and experienced staff
during this very i mportant developmental period for your c hild. Therefore, as your c hild
grows and develops, we plan to have a consi stency of care plan through the infant years and
then through the preschool years. LALA’s classrooms and progra m are consistent
throughout the infant to school-age classroom with si milar expec ta tions, lessons, schedule,
and curricular activi ties. Children a re transi tioned to the nex t classroom upon reaching the
birthday as of August 1 st designa ted for tha t particular classroom. As your c hild transi tions
to the nex t level, special events and ac tivi ties will be planned to help your child and family
with this transi tion.

Children who will be entering kindergarten the nex t school year may have the opportuni ty to
participate in kindergarten day at their new school the spring prior to the fall enrollment.
LALA may a rrange this ti me, and/or L ALA will provide informa tion to pa rents about this
special day hosted by the child’s own kindergarten. One of your child’s educa tors may
escort your child on thi s special day as he/she tours the school, plays on the playground,
meets the principal and teachers, and enjoys a meal.

LALA educators will work with therapists, various agencies, and the transi tion into the
public school setting for all children with special needs. We will work with the IEP tea ms to
provide for the appropria te assessment of skills and levels, with parental permi ssion, to help
ease this transi tion for your child.

Parents are encouraged to contact your c hild’s school for the sc hool calendar, kindergarten
screening da tes, and to ga ther other i mportant informa tion applicable to kindergarten.


Littl e Angels Learning Academy was established as a safe, posi tive, and secure lea rning
environment for all children, their fa milies, and LALA Academy tea m members. Our goals
for each child in thi s area include:

        1)   Develop self-control and self-discipline;
        2)   Develop a posi tive self-concept;
        3)   Learn how to be independ ent and take care of oneself;
        4)   Learn pro-social beha vior including proper manners and social skills.

We have structured the progra m for children tha t mini mizes beha vioral problems by having
opti mal nurturing and posi tive a ttention from adults, as well as crea tive, vari ed, hands-on,
and interesting learning activi ties. Academy tea m members mod el appropria te beha vior and
interactions for children on a daily basis. Children will develop and discuss daily appropriate
behavior expecta tions and safety rules for their learning environment and communi ty, under
the guidance of the Academy tea m, so tha t our environment continues to be safe and secure
for everyone. Children will also be expected to d evelop independ ent skills, at age -
appropria te levels, tha t include the c hild being an integral part of the communi ty and
completing certain tasks such as if there is a spill of milk made by the child, the c hild will be
encouraged to clean up his/ her own mess. Children a re expec ted to take care of the
learning environment, including putting away learning ma terials in designa ted area s.

Children learn by exa mple. Li ttle Angels Learning Academy tea m members, as well as
parents/gua rdians should encourage, plan for, and guide development of posi ti ve social acts
and feelings by accepting diversi ty, coopera tion, turn taking, sharing, compromi sing,
friendship, affection, and humor. Academy educators promote social interac tion between all
children rega rdless of differences/abilities.

Tea m members are trained in posi tive beha vior interventions, including examples of
different types of beha vior progra ms. Exa mples of tec hniques used to handle a discipline
si tua tion whenever appropria te includes redirec tion, distrac tion, posi ti ve choices, praise,
posi tive feedback, examples, and modeling. "Time-out" will be used as the last resort until
the child is ready to come back to the group in an appropria te manner. Ti me-out i s defined
as having ti me away in a safe place from the group to regain control no more than 1 minute
per age. Ti me-out will not be used as a form of puni shment. Children will not be sha med or
criticized, or have food withheld. Nei ther physical or corporal punishment will ever be
applied. Children will not be allowed to hurt others or hi mself/herself and steps for
protection will be made as needed a t the ti me.

Children will be held accountable for thei r behavior. If the property of LALA is
intentionally and/or maliciously destroyed by your c hild, your family may be responsible for
replacing or repairing i t. Children may also be dismi ssed, or suspended until relea sed by a
medical professional to safely a ttend a c hild care progra m, if behavior is deemed unsafe and
causes continual disturbance of the LALA learning environment. Dismi ssal or brief
suspensions do not consti tute voidance of continual tui tion payment and/or the required

two-week notice and tui tion payment even if dismissed immedia tely due to inappropria te
and/or dangerous behavior.

Littl e Angels Learning Academy promotes a posi tive lea rning environment for all children.
The Academy is fortuna te to have a beha vior specialist on the tea m to work with
parents/gua rdians, children, and Academy tea m members to develop this posi tive
environment. Every a ttempt is made within reason to help a child who has behavioral
concerns mini mize disruptions to the learning environment.

Meals and Snacks

Littl e Angels Learning Academy only serves balanced and nutri tious meals and snacks. We
take pride in tha t most all of our meals and snacks a re homemad e from fresh produc ts
specially designed to appeal to young children. Our menu i tems provide the opportuni ty for
children to explore and ta ste different foods. It is a rota tional seasonal menu, with 5 full
weeks of varied meals and snacks to c hildren to ea t nutri tionally, as well as learn about good
nutri tion. Exa mples of menu i tems may include: Riga toni casserole, spaghetti and mea tballs,
homemade mea tloaf, turkey and dressing, tuna casserole, cheese quesadillas, cheese ravioli,
homemade vegetable soup, fish sticks and macaroni and cheese, sof t tacos, baked ha m and
scalloped pota toes, chili, hot ha m and cheese sandwiches with toma to soup, fresh frui ts and
vegetables, homemade pizza, yogurt and homemade muffins. Milk is served with every meal;
infants under the age of one drink formula or brea st milk with their meals. Children 2
years and older drink 1% milk, while those under the age of 2 year s drink whole milk.

We have rota ting menus, however, food served may change depending upon the current
classroom theme, i.e., green (colored) eggs and ha m for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Menus a re
revised periodically with input from parents/guardians, LALA staff, and children to reflec t
the season and availability of fresh foods. Menus are available for parents/guardians on
our Parent Board, Web si te, and/or upon request.

Meals and snacks are served fa mily style to allow children to learn various skills including:
Environmental ma th, sha ring, eye-hand coordina tion, manners, sani ta tion, and self-help skills.
Children are also encouraged to say prayers before meal ti me s.

Children learn about proper nutri tion through conversa tions with their teac hers while ea ting
together, and through the Stretch-n-Grow progra m.

Children are encouraged to learn to f eed themselves. Appropria te sized ea ting utensils
provided by LALA helps to facilita te this proc ess. Academy educa tors will work with
infants to teach them how to drink from a cup, with a goal of being off the bottl e by one
year of age. Food served to infants and toddlers i s cut into small pieces to avoid a choking

We take special precautions when preparing food to ensure the heal th and safety of your
child. All LALA tea m members have been trained in safe food handling. Children and the
Academy tea m wash hand s before and af ter ea ting, as well as sanitize tables before and

after snacks and meals. Foods brought from home for all children to consume MUST be
store packaged and unopened to ensure safety of the food , as well as nutri tious for the
consumption of our young children.

If your child has a specific food allergy or dietary restric tions, i t is very i mportant tha t you
provide the Academy with detailed informa tion regarding the condition upon enroll ment or
as applicable from medical personnel and/or nutri tionist, AND KEEP LALA UPDATED IF
THERE ARE ANY CHANGES. LALA tea m members will substi tute foods a s deemed
necessa ry to address a child’s particular allergy, however, in some cases, special milk or
other special foods or ex tensi ve menu changes and requirements may be the responsibility
of the parent/guardian to provide the proper meal and/or snack while child is in attendance
at LALA if LALA does not have a contrac t for USDA rei mbursement, and/or LALA may
rei mburse the fa mily for these i tems if they are difficult to find food items tha t a re not
easily accessible. To be rei mbursed, a receipt must be submi tted to the LALA direc tor.
Food provided especially for a child with dieta ry restric tions must ha ve the c hild’s name on
the food and the da te when i t was rec eived. LALA will provide the parent/ guardian of the
child, with special dieta ry restrictions, a menu of meals and snacks, and it is the
responsibility of the parent/guardian to mark the menu of wha t the c hild may or may not be
served accordingly, with applicable substi tutions tha t may be made.

Unless a child has a medically documented need to ha ve a special diet, food sent f rom home
will not be specially prepared except to warm i t a s applicable for infants; i t will not be
prepared and cooked. Any foods sent f rom home tha t a re not considered age -appropria te
and/or a choking hazard will not be served by Academy tea m members and will be
substi tuted with something si milar or sui table. If a child is a picky eater and you feel tha t
his/her diet needs to be supplemented with addi tional food from home, a doctor’s note is
required to be on file sta ting thi s and the rea son.

Unless medically documented as a food allergy, etc., all children ages 1-12 years a re served
milk for breakfast, lunch, and supper; if your child does not like milk, he/she will still be
served milk and encouraged to drink i t, however, the c hild may pour i t out and dri nk water

Infants will be served meals and snacks according to the plan and schedule developed
between the parents/guardians and LALA, based on the requirements and suggestions of
the USDA food progra m. Infants will be served appropria te baby f ood items until which
ti me they are ready for table food. Breast milk may be brought from home to gi ve to your
infant by bottle; mothers a re invi ted to brea st feed thei r infants a t LALA in a quiet,

Please do not send snacks or special meals with c hildren age from 1 yea r to sc hool-age
children unless for a special occasion and/or given as an option by LALA. We follow the
rule tha t if you do not have enough to share with everyone, please leave i t a t home or in the
car. We ha ve a separa te area available if you would like to share a priva te, special meal
with your child during the day.

Breakfast will begin serving in classrooms a t 8:30AM in the classrooms starting with the
infants. Lunch is served beginning at 11:30 AM – noon beginning with the infants and
toddlers, with preschoolers a t 12:00 noon. An af ternoon snack for full-ti me c hildren is
served a t approxi ma tely 3:15 – 3:30 PM. The PT presc hool progra m will receive an
afternoon snack, but will have breakfast served in the morning PT presc hool progra m.
Children arri ving after our scheduled breakfast, lunch, or supper ti me must ea t before
arriving a t Li ttle Angel s Lea rning Academy. Plea se let our Academy tea m know ahead of
ti me when your child will not be in attendance for a certain meal. Because of our designa ted
meal ti mes, if your child arrives early in the morning, please make sure he/she ha s a small
breakfast snack before arriving. It is recommend ed tha t children leaving LALA la te in the
afternoon ha ve a small snack such as cereal or crackers a vailable to them in their cars to
help bridge the af ternoon snack and their supperti me.

Periodically, LALA will host various opportuni ties for fa milies to sha re a meal together, i.e.,
Sweethea rt Luncheons a t Valentine’s Day, Grandparents’ Day.

LALA may pa rticipa te in the USDA fed eral food progra m a s applicable based upon the
required student popula tion. All children in the LALA progra m are to be enrolled in the
USDA food progra m with the approved form found in the enroll ment packet. Those who
qualify are also asked to complete the f ree and reduced food application, also found in the
enrollment packet, so tha t LALA may meet the USDA eligibility guidelines. Any c hanges in
income must be reported in writing to the LALA direc tor i mmediately.

LALA opera tes by the policy tha t food will not be used for rewards or for punishment.

Parties and Celebrations

LALA will host several parties per year to celebra te different events and holidays. These
may include a Grandparent’s Day, Fall Festival/Halloween, Thanksgiving (Pumpkin Pie
Palooza), Christmas, Valentine's Day Lunc h with Your Sweetheart, and 4th of July
Celebra tion. Other parties and festivi ties are held throughout the yea r per theme-rela ted
activi ties. Parents/guardians are invi ted to help provide healthy trea ts, volunteer, and join
in the festivi ties for each of these special occasions.

Children's birthdays a re always a special occasion. If you would like to celebra te your
child's birthday, you may provide hi s/her class with a healthy trea t as outlined. It i s also
highly encouraged tha t non -food i tems and physical activi ties/ga mes be provided for the
party instead of food. Please ma ke appropria te arrangements wi th your child's Academy
instructor/care provider.

If your family does not celebra te a pa rticular event, holiday, or celebra te something
different a t a particular ti me of year than LALA, please feel free to discuss with your
child’s teacher how to share your family’s culture and beliefs with the rest of the class. We
want to embrace and celebra te differences to help continue to build diversi ty and mul ti -
cultural awareness.

If you would like to contribute and bring trea ts for the c hildren, we can only serve i tems
tha t have been store purcha sed and are sealed when brought to school per heal th and
sanita tion regula tions, and/or a t LALA. We a sk tha t these trea ts be nutri tionally balanced
and healthy and appropria te for the age group. Approved trea ts include: Frozen yogurt
pops, popcorn (for preschoolers and older), fruit pops, 100% juice pop and juice, pretzels,
muffins, cheese sticks, yogurt drinks, yogurt and granola, fresh frui t, vegetables and d ip,
grapes and cheese cubes, chocolate covered bananas, fruit cups, granola bars, small party
sandwiches, trail mix, Chex mix, or crackers and cheese. Please refrain from bringing in
peanuts or peanut butter due to allergy concerns of children in our faci lity. Certain trea ts
are unacceptable and will be respectfully sent back home wi th you including soda, hard
candy, dangerous toys, excessively sweet i tems, chips, suga ry drinks, as an exa mple.

Potty Training

Littl e Angels Learning Academy has a si mple and successful step-by-step procedure to help
children successfully potty train. Academy Tea m members will work cooperati vely with
parents/gua rdians to help children potty train once certain potty training signs are
exhibi ted, e.g., staying dry for longer periods of ti me, expressing discomfort when wet or
dirty, verbally letting you know when he/she has messed in his/ her diaper, and able to pull
up and down own pants. It i s i mportant tha t there is consistency between home and the
Academy setting for this process to be successful. Please keep in mind tha t i t someti mes
takes several weeks or months before a child may become completely trained. The
important thing to remember i s tha t children will do it when THEY are ready. When your
child is ready for potty training, arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher to start this
journey and develop a plan-of-action including the highly successfully training in the step-
by-step potty training method. The Successful 101 Potty Training Technique card is
available at the front desk or in the Parent Resource Library.

Rest Time

Daily rest ti me is required for all infants, toddlers, and preschoolers a t the Academy who
attend full-ti me. Rest ti me is scheduled for the sa me ti me everyday to maintain
consistency, however, infants will determine their own schedule as needed . During rest
ti me, children will lay quietly on thei r assigned cots, or in cribs for c hildren under the age of
1 year, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Af ter 1 hour, those c hildren not sleeping may
participate in quiet acti vi ties until the rest period is over. Children a re allowed to sleep
until they awaken, or when there i s a pre-determined ti me set by the parent/guardian or

Infant rest ti me i s based on individual needs and schedule.

Sheets, blankets, and pillows (for children on cots) for the cots and cribs are provided by
the children’s fa milies. Sheets and blankets a re required for every child. These i tems are
sent home for laundering on Fridays. If a child does not ha ve a s heet or blanket a vailable,

LALA will provide one for a day. If a blanket and sheet are not provided in an appropria te
ti mefra me, LALA may purcha se these i tems, and $15 will be charged for a sheet and $15
will be charged for blanket to the fa mily’s TE account.

School-age children will have a quiet period for a mini mum of 15 minutes a day when
attending the LALA progra m full-ti me. They will not be required to nap on a cot.

If your child does not actually sleep during napti me, you may work with your c hil d’s
classroom teacher to develop and provide a quiet ac ti vi ty ki t for a child to do while others
are sleeping. Ki ts may be in the form of a backpack with several ac tivi ties enclosed. Your
child may use hi s/her activi ty ki t af ter a 30 minute rest period only.

Separation Routine

At ti mes, children may ha ve difficulty sepa ra ting from his/her pa rents/guardians. Children
may ex hibi t separa tion anxiety during different stages throughout his/her young life as
he/she grows and develops. We encourage you to establish a separa tion routine tha t is
followed everyday. This may involve the following step -by-step procedure:

        1. Entering the classroom and greeting the teac her(s)
        2. Signing in your child and having your child sign in hi mself/herself on the
           appropria te sheet (as applicable)
        3. Helping your child ta ke his/her things to his/ her locker/cubby
        4. Giving your child a hug and kiss and saying good-bye
        5. Directing your child to an ac tivi ty in the classroom
        6. Leaving the classroom i mmedia tely

If your child wants to cling to you and not involve hi mself/herself in an activi ty and tell you
good-bye, it i s i mportant tha t you take your c hild to one of the teac hers and ha ve the
teacher help your child with the separa tion.

CONSISTENCY IN SCHEDULE is very i mportant for a child to help adapt to his/her a t
LALA, especially if LALA is a fairly new place for the child and/or if there ha ve been
changes with the fa mily structure/home. Children thrive on struc ture and consistency, and
need a consistent routine and traditions to feel co mfortable and have this ba sic need met.

We encourage you to ei ther call during the day or observe your c hild on our secure Internet
cam to check on his/ her acti vi ty. Usually, within minutes – someti mes seconds, your child
will be actively involved in the day’s fun activi ties once you leave the classroom.

Working with Therapists and Other Service Personnel

The Academy is a mul ti -service professional child care and early childhood progra m wi th an
individualized program for all children based upon thei r level of grow th and development.
We will work with school districts, therapists, and other agencies in providing an integra ted

educational progra m a s determined through an ea rly childhood individualized education plan,
e.g., IEP, IFP, etc. Therapists are always welcomed and encouraged to provide therapy in
the child’s LALA classroom. LALA does not ha ve the personnel to transport children to
outside therapy sessions.

If your child’s therapist will be providing therapy a t LALA, you will be required to complete
a permission and release of informa tion form. This will also allow the therapist and teac her
to discuss your child’s therapy, goals, and implementa tion of progra m throughout the week
by the classroom teacher.

The classroom teacher will communicate with you about your child’s therapy session by
indicating tha t the therapist was present on a particular day. Thi s informa tion will be noted
on the child’s Daily Angel Report. You may also request to speak to the lead teacher about
your child’s therapy and conversa tions with the therapist.

LALA teachers and ad ministra tion will work with your child’s special needs tea m to help
develop goals, provide input, and overall support your child’s individualized plan while your
child is enrolled at LALA.

                            ORIENTATION, and ALUMNI of LALA

From ini tial interest, ad mi ssion and enroll ment, through to gradua tion and becoming an
alumni member of Li ttl e Angels Lea rning Academy, LALA is a prestigious prof essional early
childhood progra m for all children regardless of ability, developmental level, achievement,
special needs, race, religious background, or income. We consider all enrolled children and
their fa milies a pa rt of the LALA fa mily.

Initially, it is very i mportant to orienta te a child and his/her fa mily to Li ttle Angels
Learning Academy to make the transi tion into our progra m a posi tive and successful
experience. In order for a child to officially be accepted and enroll in the Academy
progra m, the fa mily MUST complete an Ini tial Interest Interview, fully complete an
Application/Enrollment Packet, then be formally accepted into the LALA progra m, pay all
applicable fees, and complete an orienta tion tha t includes a transi tion period into the
classroom for the child. We do not allow free days for children to “try-out” our facility
free of charge and without meeting certain enrollment requirements. We do allow you to
visi t the facility and specific classroom wi th your child before officially enrolling your child
– this is done on a very li mi ted ba sis so to not upset the regular dyna mics of the classroom
for other children who are already enrolled a t LALA.

Initial Interest in LALA Program

        1.    Interview with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and child (may be over phone or in
              person – reference to wri tten ma terials may be found on LALA’s Web si te)
        2.    Provide copy of Li ttle Angels Learning Academy broc hure and review
        3.    Review LALA’s curriculum goals, objec tives, and acti vi ties
        4.    Review of application process, fa mily enrollment fees, and tui tion payment
              policies, as well as LALA Contrac t
        5.    Provide an in-house copy of the LALA Pa rent Handbook (also available on Web
              si te) and basic review
        6.    Tour of facility
        7.    Question/answer period regarding our progra m.
        8.    Letter of Agreement review and signature for understanding of application and
              enrollment fees, and tui tion policies (copy for parent/guardian)
        9.    Signature of Intent to Enroll Child Letter of Agreement when interested in
              completing enroll ment and orienta tion process without full family enroll ment fee
              at the ti me, but wants space held for child (this agreement may also be faxed)
              and wants child to start i mmedia tely
        10.   If interested in enrolling, go to nex t step of enrollment and orienta tion.

Through the Ini tial Interest process when a fa mily inquires about the LALA progra m and
shows interest in applying for an available space, pre-screening is conduc ted to determine if
there may or may not be any concerns tha t would prohibit a c hild being enrolled before any
enrollment fee i s paid, however, this may no t be true in all cases.

Littl e Angels Learning Academy was established on a safe, secure, and posi tive Christian
principled early childhood learning progra m. LALA may refuse to enroll a child in our
progra m based upon the application informa tion ei ther before or af ter completion of the
full Application/Enrollment Packet, and/or ad mission into the LALA progra m. As part of
this standard, LALA ha s the right to refuse ad mission or continued enroll ment in the LALA
progra m, with the parent/guardian forfei ting all fees, for things suc h as:

      Undisclosed history of aggression, violent behavior, including biting and property
      Undisclosed informa tion regarding dismissal from another early childhood progra m
      Continuous disruption of the learning environ ment
      Verbal and/or physical abuse/aggressiveness on the part of the parent/guardian
       with the child and/or toward a LALA tea m member
      Unrealistic expecta tions and requirements
      Making false allegations against a tea m member or another child
      Other upon discretion of the LALA CEO

Application/Enrollment Packet and Application Fee

Upon payment of a non-refundable application fee of $25, the fa mily will be provided a full
enrollment packet to complete. If your c hild is admi tted into the Academy progra m, the
$25 will be applied to the total of the one-ti me non-refundable family enroll ment f ee.

All items in the Applica tion/Enroll ment Packet must be completed fully before an
orienta tion may take place. T his packet includes:

          Parent/Guardian Policies and Procedures Handbook
          Application with all applicable complete addresses and phone numbers (no PO
           Boxes – all emergency information completed)
          Child’s Background and Family Survey (including any problem behaviors, past
           history in other early childhood progra ms, etc.)
          Copy of Immunization Records
          Medical Form from Physician (not applicable for school-age children)
          Emergency Contact Information and Pick-up Authorization
          Field Trip Authorization
          Sunscreen Application Authorization
          How did you hear about us? Form
          Signed Parent Policy and Procedure Handbook Statement
          Littl e Angels Learning Academy Enroll ment Contract
          Littl e Angels Learning Academy Release of Liability
          Parent's Special Instructions for Infant and Toddlers
          Permission to Sleep on Cot (for Children Age 1 and Older)
          Custody Order Documentation as Applicable
          USDA Food Enroll ment and Free/Reduced Qualification Form
          State Subsidy Form as Applicable

          Credit Application
          Special Needs Plan (including any allergies, medical needs, disabilities, etc.)
          Other Forms as Deemed Necessary

       The entire packet MU ST BE completed including a copy of the immunizations,
       before a child may attend Littl e Angels Learning Academy . A medical report MUST
       be completed within 30 days of the date of enrollment except in the case of a
       school-age child. If the medical report is not completed in 30 days, your child may
       be suspended from attending the Academy program until it is turned in fully
       completed based upon Dept. of Heal th and Senior Services regulations; tuition does
       not cease during this period with a signed contract.

Admission into LALA and Family Enrollment Fee

Upon completion of the Applica tion/Enroll ment Packet and admi ssion into the Academy
progra m, and orienta tion, payment of the non-refundable enroll ment fee and the first two-
week's tui tion (non-refundable) are to be submi tted before orienta tion (or the Tui tion
Express application for payment of the two-week tui tion completed).

Orientation Steps

       1. Welcome Packet
       2. Review of the Li ttle Angels Learning Academy Parent Handbook and have
           parent/guardian sign parent page for c hild’s file
       3. Review of enroll ment fee non -refundable policy
       4. Review of ill, and injury/accident procedures.
       5. Communication Plan established between designa ted LALA educa tor and LALA
           progra m i tself (daily notes, incident reports, phone contac t, medica tion
           administra tion policy, monthly newsletters, Web si te, etc.
       6. Discuss Difference and Difficulties Resolution Plan
       7. Review of snack and meal plans (note any allergies on Special Needs Plan form)
       8. Review of tui tion policy. and continuous fees and la te pick up fee policies, set
           tui tion for yea r beginning with age placement as of August 1st – complete
           paperwork for Tui tion Express
       9. Discuss the need for consistent a ttendance schedule and staying in one progra m
           for child’s well-being and adjustment – a s well as the i mpac t on c hild and others
           when a child leaves progra m prema turely
       10. Review of termina tion of enrollment (required written two-week notice - 10
           business days to begin the day af ter the date of acceptance of w ritten notice
           and payment of two weeks of tuition BEFORE the two weeks may begin - this
           tui tion policy also includes non-a ttendance when i t is agreed upon and
           communicated tha t the child would begin the Academy progra m on a certain da te
       11. Review beha vior expecta tions and policies
       12. Review field trip activi ties, field trip notices and permission slips, and type of
           bus harness already provided

        13. Discuss i tems and supplies to be brought from home (place clothes and
            medications in Ziplock bag with name on it, Emergency Preparedness Kits)
        14. Discuss toilet training, as applicable
        15. Discuss ma terials tha t are accessible to fa milies (staff background checks,
            Licensing Regula tions Book, child’s developmental history, curriculum and rela ted
            activi ties tha t may be checked out, etc.)
        16. Discuss child’s hours of a ttendance and la te pick-up fee policy including calling
            by 8:00 AM if child will be absent or late; if child arrives after 9:00 AM, or
            regularly scheduled ti me, without a phone call to notify LALA tha t child will be
            late, he/she may not be able to stay due to staffing sc hedules, meal
            prepara tions, and/or arrangements – notify us of any sc hedule c hanges a head of
            ti me, especially for meal count prepara tion
        17. Communication Plan Established Between Early Childhood Instruc tor and
            Parent/Guardian, Monthly Newsletter, Web si te, Daily Notes, Messages on Sign -
            in Clock, Field Trip Notices; Difference and Difficulties Resolution Plan
        18. Discussion of plan for care on scheduled school closing days (for school-age
            children and AM/PM preschoolers)
        19. Discussion of plan for back up care on inclement weather and holiday closure
        20. Parental access to child care facility during hours of child care
        21. Review policy for resolving difficulties and differences
        22. Parent/guardian and LALA’s communica tion plan
        23. Discuss field trips (notice given to parents/guardians about field trip) – field
            trips enhance curriculum and only for children ages 3 and older (unless 2 years
            old and placed in the upper presc hool classroom with 3s, 4, and/or 5s)
        24. Discuss ways tha t parent/guardian may support c hild’s Academy progra m
            through a ttendance a t special events and parent/ teacher conferences, as well as
            the development of communica tion and language skills at home with reading,
            songs, conversa tions, etc.
        25. Explain signing in and out procedures
        26. Set up parent(s)/guardian(s) in computer including fingerprinting and codes for
            check in and out children - review process with parent
        27. Explain Web si te secured viewing cam
        28. Discuss any special needs tha t the child may ha ve (complete appropria te Special
            Need s form)
        29. Discuss special curriculum ac tivi ties, i.e., foreign language, Stretch-n-Grow,
            gymna stics and applicable participa tion fees, and struc tured music instruc tion
        30. Introduce fa mily and child to classroom, children, teac hers, direc tor, and owner
        31. Questions of the parent/guardian and child

Transition into Classroom

Upon enrolling a child and completing the orienta tion steps, the child must visi t his/ her
classroom a t least once with hi s/her parent/guardian for a short period of ti me. During
this ti me, the child should become involved with the ac tivi ties of the classroom and shown
his/her locker/cubby. The pa rent/guardian may assist with this interac tion. This ti me

should be during a ti me tha t the teac her can spend a little ti me w ith the c hild and not be
distracted by the needs of the other children, or during a ti me to upset the dyna mics of
the classroom. A good ti me to do this i s during: Ti me outside on the playground, free-ti me,
learning center ti me, or a meal or snack.

The child’s teacher o r Academy ad ministra tion may visi t the c hild’s home during the
orienta tion process to assi st with transi tion into the LALA progra m as needed and

De-enrollment of a Child or Change in Program

A two-week written notice (10 business days with the count beginning the day after
receiving the notice) with the acceptance by the LALA director or CEO (not the
teacher) is required for all changes in any LALA program with including: De-enrollment
of child; moving from FT to PT; moving from FT to hourly; moving from PT to hourly. The
sa me contract f ee structure for the two-week period MUST be followed. A contrac t
change is made accordingly for the requested type of a ttendance/progra m.

Every effort is mad e to meet the needs of eac h child enrolled a t Li ttle Angels Lea rning
Academy. A child may be de -enrolled for the following reasons:

           A child's behavior tha t is detri mental to hi mself/herself or to others in the
            group. Termina tion may be i mmediate depending upon the severi ty and na ture of
            a behavior problem including disruption to the care and learning environment
            and/or harm shown to self or others. Every effort will be made to resolve any
            si tua tion and termina ting care will be the last resort. If possible, a grace
            period of one week may be given to find other care; however, this may not be
            possible under certain circumstances.
           Failure to sa tisfy i mmuniza tion and medical requirements set forth by the
            Department of Heal th or other enti ties.
           Failure to pay tui tion fees.
           Parent/guardian withdrawal of child.
           Unrealistic expecta tions on the part of the pa rent/guardian/social worker,
            therapist, etc.
           False allegations against a tea m member by a parent/guardian/social worker
           Verbal and/or physical abuse/aggressiveness of the child or parent/guardian to
            another child or a LALA tea m member.

Please be aware tha t these reasons are not all inclusive and parents/guardians are still
responsible for paying for the total two-week notice period even if dismi ssed for beha vior
reasons, etc. There may be other rea sons to termina te a contrac t wi th Li ttle Angels
Learning Academy to the discretion of the ad ministra tion.

A parent may choose to wi thd raw a child from the Academy with a two-week written notice
and FULL TWO-WEEK TUITION (10 business days) payment. The two weeks (10 business
days) WILL NOT start until the wri tten notic e (10 days begin the nex t business day after

the wri tten notice is received and acknowledged by the LALA CEO or direc tor and tui tion
received). If there are specialized tui tion arrangements for the la te tui tion payment, a
processing fee of $5 each day tui tion is late will be applied , and/or the regular weekly late
ra te. Again, the two weeks (10 business days) will begin the nex t day after rec eiving the
notifica tion.

If the child is withdrawn before the end of the two weeks, a parent/guardian may not be
exempt from obligation to pay the two-week's tui tion, unless there are special
circumstances approved by the LALA ad ministra tion. If LALA fills your child’s space
before the end of the two-week ti me period, LALA will reimburse you any tui tion

Failure to gi ve the required notice and failure to pay are contrac t viola tions and may resul t
in unnecessary costs and fees to the parent/guardian. Other contrac tual tui tion
agreements must also be honored. If tui tion is la te, any fees incurred for collec tion are
the responsibility of the pa rent/guardian including any attorney, court costs, collec tion
agency, interest, mailing, etc. There will also be a $100 monthly processing fee each month
tui tion is pa st due in addition to any other penal ties and interest per LALA policy .

If your child is de-enrolled for non-payment of tui tion and you wish to reinsta te hi m/her
into the progra m, you may only do so if space is still available and after the balance is paid in
full. You may also be required to pay a re-enroll ment fee.

If a child moves from full-ti me to part-ti me enroll ment or hourly care, the supply fee per
child is added to tui tion a t the original one-year enrollment anniversary.

Upon de-enrolling a child from LALA’s progra m, we ask tha t on your written notifica tion of
de-enroll ment, tha t you rela te the reason why the c hild’s enroll ment is being termina ted.
This informa tion will help us evalua te our progra m.

Waiting List and Fee Policies

Littl e Angels Learning Academy compiles several types of waiting lists for fa milies for
different reasons. LALA will contac t those on the waiting list according to availability of
enrollment space, as well as completion of ad mission requirements and payment of applicable
fees (those who complete the entire application, pay the enroll ment fee, and orienta tion
process are placed higher on the list to the nex t a vailable spot tha t i s available).

LALA will refund the enrollment fee to those fa milies who have applied and placed children
on the waiting list, but a spot does not come available for a period of six months after being
placed on the waiting list, or when needed (as agreed upon with LALA), and the c hild has to
be enrolled in another progra m. Enroll ment fees are not rei mbursed if a space comes
available when agreed upon and the fa mily does not accept the space when available.

LALA will not refund the enroll ment fee or application fee to parents/guardians who ini tially
applied and/or enrolled their children in the LALA progra m and set a sta rt a ttendance da te,
but decided to enroll them in another progra m.

Under certain special situa tions, the LALA ad ministra tion will decide to refund the full
application and/or enrollment fee s to a fa mily. Application must be submi tted in writing to
LALA’s ad ministra tion, with supporting reasons tha t may include: medical reasons supported
by physician, etc.

It is i mportant tha t those not wishing to remain on the waiting list contac t L ALA and have
their na mes removed.

If a sibling enrolls later a t LALA, the previous fa mily enroll ment f ee is applied, however, the
family will be required to pay upfront, a nonrefundable two weeks of tui tion to hold the
space with signing of a start da te on the contrac t. Tui tion will not be refunded if the c hild
does not start LALA on the sta rt da te .

Alumni Events

LALA hosts alumni events to come together with old and new friends from the LALA fa mily.
A major alumni reunion is planned during the summer each year. Please call for a schedule,
or check our Websi te or center newsletters. Please keep LALA upda ted of new addresses
so you can receive an invi ta tion to these special events and new s.

Current enrollees and LALA alumni are invi ted to be a Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy
Facebook “friend” to keep in contac t with friends from LALA, special announcements, and
other informa tion. You may “like” Li ttl e Angels by going to our Websi te: and pressing the Facebook button located on the

                               PARENT COMMUNICATION

At LALA, we feel tha t communica tion is essential and very i mportant. LALA teachers and
administra tors communica te with parents/gua rdians in a variety of means:

First, a t the ini tial meeting and orienta tion, parents a re given a tour of the facility, progra m
informa tion and safety and securi ty are explained, and there a re a mple opportuni ties for
questions to be answered. Please see the orienta tion sec tion of the handbook for further
orienta tion informa tion.

LALA communicates with parents/gua rdians in additional ways on a daily and monthly and
ongoing basis tha t include:

       Daily Angel Reports for each c hild
       LALA Websi te (
       Monthly Newsletters (Center and Classroom)
       Parent Informa tion Boards
            o Located in each classroom and the front foyer
            o Lesson Plans posted
            o Weekly Meal and Snack Menus
            o Classroom Activi ty Calendars
       Important notices placed in child’s check -in and out folder in classroom
       Notices and reminders posted on classroom door
       Active E-mail to the CEO and Direc tor
       Parent-Teacher Conferences (scheduled a t least 2X per year, and upon request)

At LALA, we feel tha t parents/guardians are a very valuable member of the tea m of thei r
children with LALA. Parents/guardians have an opportuni ty to provide input into the LALA
progra m in several ways and means. These include:

       Monthly Communica tion Forms (provide input on policies, child development and
       Parent-Teacher Conferences (2 X a year, plus as needed)
       E-mail System
       Locked Securi ty Mailbox – to place suggestions – Loca ted just inside the front
        securi ty door
       Yearly Progra m Evalua tion

Parent Advisory Committee

LALA has a Parent Advisory Commi ttee. This commi ttee allows interested parents/guardians
of currently enrolled LALA children to meet with the LALA direc tor to discuss things such
as: LALA policy, fundraiser ideas, communi ty service, menus, as well as to volunteer for
different enrichment opportuni ties a t LALA.

                               PARENT PARTICIPATION

Littl e Angels Learning Academy believes tha t parents/guardians and fa mily are key in the
development of a young child. There are many opportuni ties for a c hild’s family, specifically
parents/gua rdians, to be involved in their c hildren's day. These opportuni ties include:
              Room Parent
              Parent Ad visory Commi ttee ( An opportunity to give input and assist LALA
                teachers and administrators with various policy development, evaluation,
                improvements, fundraising, learning activities, etc.).
               Volunteering Ti me (reading stories, career day)
               Volunteering to Make Items for Academy Progra ms
               Special Luncheons
               Dona ting Items for Academy Progra ms (old clothes, business i tems for
                drama tic play centers, art i tems suc h as fabric pieces, pine cones, shells,
                paper towel holds;
               Attending Special Events (sc hool carnival, Make -It/Take-It Days, open
                houses, Grandparents’ Day, tea parti es, Sweetheart Lunc heons)
               Attending Parent-Teacher Conferences
               Giving Input on Child’s Goals
               Sharing Meals a t the Academy ($3.00 per meal – Please give us a day’s
                notice) (We have a conference room or a picnic area outside available if you
                would like to share a special meal that you have brought for your child from
                outside the Academy. Please call to make sure the conference room is
             Field Trip Chaperone
             Continua tion of Communica tion Skill Development a t Home (reading, singing,
              labeling objects, having conversa tions with child, etc.)

Parents/guardians are always welcome to visi t the classroom a t any ti me your c hild is
present. We a sk tha t vi si ts are kept to a mini mum so tha t disruptions are mini mized in the
classroom i tself for other children. However, parents/guardians are always welcome to
watch their children in the classroom from the hallways, through the large classroom
windows, or by the Internet ca ms available with connec tions f rom off -si te or f rom the main
LALA screen. Parents/guardians are always welcome to share a meal wi th their c hildren; if
a special meal is brought into the center, we ask tha t you si t with your c hild at the hallway
table and not bring this food into the classroom in front of the other c hildren. If
parents/gua rdians would like to sha re a meal with your children during the day in the
classroom, we ask tha t you give us a 24-hour notic e of your visi t so tha t we have enough
food on hand. A mini mal charge of $3.00 is necessary to charge for this meal and will be
assessed on your nex t TE bill.

                             PARENT RESOURCE LIBRARY

LALA maintains a Parent Resource Library with varied resources for parents/guardians to
utilize. Resources include: Child- and fa mily-rela ted books, articles, magazines, communi ty
resources, videos, and copy of the MO Dept. of Health Chi ld Care Licensing Standard s,
LALA Parent Handbook, emergency preparedness documents/booklet, and child heal th and
safety ma terials. There is also informa tion regarding priva te sc hools and ac tivi ties in the
area. Items may be checked out with the LALA ad ministra tion and/or copies mad e of
important informa tion for your use.

                                SAFETY AND SECURITY

Your child's safety is a top priori ty a t Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy. We strive to
maintain a very safe and secure learning environment for all children. We offer the
following programs to protect all children and to reassure you as a parent tha t your c hild is
in a safe, secure, and in a positi ve learning environment:

   Secure entrance with a mul ti-level a secured procedure/code to allow entrance into the
    childcare facility to pick up or drop off children. ( Please do not allow others through
    the secured door without them pushing in their code into the security pad. If they do
    not have a security code, someone will help him/her at the front desk. )
   Parental escort of child to check in and check out direc tly with teac her each day
   Internet secured ca mera to view your child a t a secured Internet loca tion while you are
    away at work or home
   Background securi ty check for all Academy tea m members and volunteers
   Drug screenings for all Academy tea m members
   Constant supervision of all children within the facility – following pre-approved
    teacher:child ra tios
   Teachers interacting with children constantly and taking a ttendance periodically
    throughout the day
   Policy and procedure development, a s well as ongoing training and evalua tion of our
    facility and progra m on safety and securi ty – for children and the LALA tea m
   Sharing safety expecta tions with children, i.e., Playground and Classroom
    Rules/Expecta tions for Good and Posi tive Behavior
   Providing well-kept supplies and equipment for c hildren
   Monthly fire drills
   Tornado drills every month
   Emergency Prepa redness Plan with Emergency Ki ts
   Licensure by the Department of Heal th in the area s of sani ta tion, child care standards,
    and fire safety
   All Academy tea m members are mandated child abuse and neglec t reporters
   LALA educators are trained in Child, Infant, and Adult CPR and First Aid Procedures
    and Crisis Management
   Cleaning schedules for sani ta tion
   Constant job -embedded professional development for all LALA tea m members
   On-si te LALA director and CEO
   Na me Badges Worn by All Tea m members, Vi si tors, and Volunteers
   Checking of IDs of unknown individuals in the facility

Please keep us abrea st of any custody orders with the proper paperwork.
Securi ty codes may be changed for safety of your c hild in thi s circumstanc e.

LALA Abuse and Neglect Policies and Mandated Reporter

                           LALA ABUSE AND NEGLECT POLICY


The Educa tion Insti tute, Inc. and Li ttle Angels Learning Academy policies and procedures
regarding abuse and neglect are designed to PROTECT the c hildren in care, PROVIDE for
their safety, and PREVENT inappropriate behavior with a child.


   1.   Individuals who have commi tted ei ther sexual or physical abuse, whether o r not
        convicted, are not to volunteer or become employed by Li ttl e Angels Learning

   2. Employees and volunteers are to complete an application indicating whether or not
      they have commi tted any abuse or neglec t.

   3. Background checks of all employees and volunteers are done during the interview
      and pre-employment process. This background check includes c hecking cri minal
      records. Cri minal record s checks will be done periodically throughout a person’s
      employment or volunteer period. Any evidence of abuse or a cri minal record such as
      a felony conviction, abuse or neglec t convic tion, or others as deemed applicable will
      disqualify a person from employ ment or being a volunteer in the Li ttle Angels
      Learning Academy progra m.

   4. Pre-employment drug testing and period drug testing during employment or a
      volunteer period will be conducted. Posi tive and confirmed possession of illegal
      drugs will consti tute i mmedia te dismissal from Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy .

   5. If a LALA tea m member or parent/guardian, or others who care for and/or around
      children, are accused of abuse or neglec t, an investi ga tion will ensue by the LALA
      administra tion tha t will include interviews and review of the fac ts of the si tua tion.
      As needed, support and guidance will be sought from LALA’s corpora te a ttorney, the
      licensing supervisor with the Dept. of Heal th, as others as deemed necessary. A
      report of the accusa tion may be made to the appropria te agencies a s necessary and
      applicable by law. The tea m member may or may not be placed on administra tive
      leave until the investi ga tion may conclude. The tea m member may or may not be
      termina ted, depending upon the degree of the si tua tion, from his/ her employment
      with LALA.

   6. All employees and volunteers should always observe the “two person” rule if a t all
      possible. This means tha t when working with children a t Li ttl e Angels Learning

        Academy, all employees and volunteers, including parent volunteers, should avoid
        one-on-one si tua tions whenever possible.

    7. During the enrollment process, parents/guardians are interviewed regarding their
       child’s past beha vior regarding abuse and neglec t. As needed, a plan will be
       established to manage and forestall behaviors designed and implemented by Li ttle
       Angels Learning Academy. If a c hild exhibits sexually inappropriate beha viors or
       abuses another child, the child may be dismissed from the progra m. An incident
       report completed and conference will be held with the parent/ guardian regarding
       the inappropria te behavior.
    8. Under sta te law, as child care providers and educa tors, we are mandated reporters
       of child abuse and neglect. LALA’s policies and procedures support us in this role.
       As a manda ted reporter, you are responsible for reporting to the proper authori ties
       through the DFS hotline, any possible abuse or neglec t, and must give your na me and
       role since you are an educa tor/c hild care provider. We are not necessa rily
       responsible for investiga ting these concerns, but need to ma ke sure there is
       sufficient reason to report the claim. All employees, volunteers, parents/guardians,
       and children involved in progra ms a t Li ttl e Angels Learning Academy should
       immediately report to the direc tor or CEO any beha viors or other incidents tha t
       seem abusive or inappropria te done by a child to another child, an adult to child, or
       child to an adult, adul t to an adult, etc ., especially true in cases of i mmedia te danger.
       All employees are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglec t and are to make
       the appropria te contacts, and inform the direc tor and/or CEO of c ontac ts made.
       The child abuse and neglect hotline # i s: 1-800-392-3738. ALL REPORTS OF
       immediate danger, call 9-1-1 to contac t authori ties.

        A completed written report of the contact MUST be completed and turned in to
        the LALA administration.

    9. Employees and volunteers have the opportuni ty to be trained in various areas
       including: the prevention and recogni tion of sexual or physical abuse of children,
       manda ted reporting, how to i mplement appropriate discipline for children, and sexual
       harassment, etc.

    10. The discipline of children should follow basic steps. The guidelines for effec tive
        discipline tha t Li ttle Angels Learning Academy encourages are:

            a. Prevention (always have a goal in mind in all we do – including age-appropria te
               activi ties and lessons)
            b. Guidance (stay involved with the child)
            c. Redirection (alter inappropria te behavior)
            d. Time out (for dealing with infrac tions of acceptable behavior and for the
               child to regain control of his/ her beha vior)

e.   Visi t with the director or CEO (for d ealing with continued unacceptable
f.   If needed, design an Individual Beha vior Intervention Plan. The Li ttle Angels
     Learning Academy tea m and parent/guardian may design and i mplement goals
     and objecti ves to help the child develop appropria te beha viors.

                              Definitions of Child Abuse/Neglect
               Missouri Laws Relating to Child Abuse and Neglect – Chapter 210

PHYSICAL ABU SE: Any physical abuse, sexual abuse or emotional abuse inflicted on a
person other than by accidental means by those responsible for his/ her care, custody, and
control except tha t discipline, including spanking administered in a reasonable manner, shall
not be construed to be abuse. THE EDUCATION INSTITUTE, INC. EMPLOYEES NOR

Signs of physical abuse include, but is not limi ted to, bruises, lacera tions, abrasions, bi te
ma rks, burns, head injuries, internal injuries, poisoning, etc.

SEXU AL MALTREATMENT: The sexual use of a child under the age of 18 by those
responsible for hi s/her care, custody, and control for the purpose of the individual’s
personal sa ti sfaction and/or gain. This includes, but is not li mi ted to, pornography and
prosti tution. Caring for a young child’s basic needs by a caregiver is not to be construed as
sexual mal trea tment; an employee and volunteer must try to maintain the “two person” rule
at all ti mes.

NELGECT: Failure to provide, by those responsible for the care, custody, and control of the
child, the proper or necessary support, supervision, nutri tion, or any other care necessa ry
for his/ her well being.

Neglect can include the physical condition of the c hild or the physical condition of the home.
This would include areas such as lack of food, appropria te clothing, hea t, and/or shel ter.
Also included in neglect are the issues of abandonment of a child, locking children in or out
and expelling from the home.

LACK OF SUPERVISION: To establish the lack of supervi sion there must be evidence tha t
those responsible for the care, custody, and control of the child were negligent in their
decision making or supervi sion of the c hild. Negligence i s present if the pa rent/caretaker
ignored or disregarded pertinent informa tion about ei ther the c hild’s behavior history and
self management abilities, or tha t of the person ac tually harming the c hild.

MEDICAL NEGLECT: The denial or depri va tion, by those responsible for the care, custody,
and control of the minor, of medical or surgical trea tment or intervention which is
necessa ry to remedy or a meliora te (make better) a life threa tening medical condition.

Animals Policy

Ani mals a t LALA are those only approved tha t are safe for c hildren. These include fish in
fish tanks. Parents/guardians are requested to ref rain from bringing animals such a s dogs
and turtl es, and other reptiles to LALA’s ca mpus to keep our children safe a t all ti mes. Only
approved special speakers/guests may bring ani mals to LALA to share with c hildren.

Classroom Rules/Expectations – General Safety Rules

The classroom teachers will set specific classroom rules/ expec ta tions in your c hild’s
classroom, with the children involved, and reviewed periodically with children in the
classroom. However, general rules for safe behaviors are the sa me for everyone whether
young or old. Please review the following classroom rules/expec ta tions with your c hild:

    1. Obey and follow directions of the teachers, direc tor, cook, and bus driver.
    2. Enjoy playing nicely with your friends. U se please and thank you. Use nice words.
    3. Share toys and supplies with your friends.
    4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    5. Put away your toys and supplies when finished.
    6. Wash your hands upon arrival a t LALA for the day, before and af ter ea ting, after
       using the ba throom, af ter wiping your nose, af ter playing outside, and when arriving
       home for the day.
    7. Use your inside voice so not to di sturb others.
    8. Use walking feet in the classroom, in the hallway, and on field trips.
    9. Tell your teacher when you get hurt and need help.

Playground Rules – General Safety Rules

The classroom teachers will set specific playground rules/expec ta tions in your c hild’s class,
with the children involved, and reviewed periodically in the classroom. However, general
rules for safe beha viors are the sa me for everyone whether young or old. Please review the
following playground rules/expecta tions with your child:

    1.   Go down slide feet first.
    2.   Stop the swing before getting out of the sea t – no jumping.
    3.   No standing in swings.
    4.   Jump ropes may be played with in the main play area between the building and large
         play structure tha t is by the main back door, in full view of the teachers a t all ti mes.
         Ropes a re not to used for jumping and not wrapped around the body a t any ti me.
    5.   Pick up and put away toys when finished playing.
    6.   Enjoy playing nicely with your friends. U se please and thank you. Use nice words.
    7.   Share your toys and ti me with your friends.
    8.   Wear a hel met when riding a trike – on playground and during bike days.
    9.   Tell your teacher when you get hurt, and need help.

   10. Run, laugh, climb, swing, explore, observe, dig in the dirt and mulch, enjoy the sun’s
       warmth, and birds singing, and have fun!

Plant Policy

Only approved, non-poisonous plants may be accessible to children, a ttending LALA, indoors
or outdoors. Certain vegetables may be grown in the classroom suc h as toma to plants, but
these will be placed out of reach of children so tha t they may not consume the leaf of the

The sanita tion representa tive may be contac ted to discuss and approve certain plants to be
used in the classroom, outdoors, and for gardening purposes.

Recall Notification

The LALA websi te ( ha s a direc t link to the Consumer
Product Safety Commi ssion produc t recall website. Parents/guardians may also subscribe to
the Consumer Product Safety Commission websi te to be notified by e -mail of any recalls.

Outside Playtime Weather Chart

A weather chart, provided to LALA by the Dept. of Heal th, outlines safe ti mes for c hildren
to play outside during questionable cold and hot days. The c hart informa tion i s used in
conjunction with informa tion provided to LALA on the Wea ther Channel websi te for the
area. It outlines safe outside playti mes, calculating wind chills, and other components. A
chart is a vailable to parents/guardians for review in each classroom, Parent Resource
Library, and the LALA ad ministra tion.

                          TUITION AND PAYMENT POLICY

In order for LALA to continue with a progra m of excellence and quality, and meet financial
obligations, we have set forth several payment policies. We have varied ra tes depending
upon your child's need s and family ac tivi ties . Please visi t our Web si te or consul t with our
administra tion for the ra te schedule per available progra ms. Continuous tui tion payment is
required and is not reduced for LALA closer due to: Vacations, sickness, inclement wea ther,
or LALA’s regular holiday closing schedule tha t is noted in this Handbook or special dates
announced by LALA in other forms .

AM/PM ½ Day Preschool (for children 3 yea rs of age and older) Tui tion – continuous tui tion
throughout the school year, but not during the summer. Attendance a t the LALA’s progra m
is during the Springfield School (may be Republic School Schedule as deemed appropriate
with current popula tion being served) schedule only. If there i s availability, child may
attend LALA’s full-ti me progra m classroom during school vaca tions a t no addi tional cost;
this arrangement is unavailable during the summer unless pa rent/guardian enrolls c hild on a
PT full-day or FT basis and pays the tui tion accordingly.

Hourly and Drop -in Care: In some cases, children may a ttend LALA on an hourly or drop -in
basis. Fa milies will be charged for hourly care until the hourly care a mount meets the daily
ra te. At tha t ti me, the daily rate may only be charged. If the a mount of days in a week
meet the weekly ra te (4 days in a row – considered full-ti me), then only the weekly ra te will
be charged (this i s pri marily the policy for sc hool-age c hildren).

We accept tui tion payments in several forms. We use Tuition Express as a method to
reduce processing costs, add efficiency for both L ALA and parents so tha t we can
concentra te more on the d evelopment and learning of your child, and add safety and
securi ty to our fiscal management process. We accept the following payments:

    1. Tuition Express: Payments direc tly withdrawn from bank account
    2. Check or Money Order w/ an additional processing fee added eac h ti me paid with
       this method.
    3. Credi t Card or Debi t Card (Visa and Mastercard) w/ additional ProCare Tui tion
       Express processing fees

All families are encouraged to use LALA’s Tui tion Express progra m. If not, there a re
additional processing fees to accept chec ks and Money Orders. Fa milies must also maintain
at least one full week of tui tion balance in child’s account if Tuition Express i s not used.

LALA will not accept cash as payment. We also will not accept payment by two
different methods.

There is a $10.00 charge for each time of request to hold or stop Tuition Express for
a certain amount of days. These requests must be made in writing to the LALA
director. $10.00 additional charges are applied when Tuition Express bank account
information is changed.

All those responsible for paying tuition, including grandparents, MUST sign the LALA
contract along with the parent and give applicable contac t information and social
security numbers and driver’s license number.

Tuition MUST be for the exact amount due; parents/guardians may pay for a maximum
of 1 or 2 weeks of time unless th ere are other special arrangements.

When paying by check or money order, i t is nec essary tha t you retain your receipt for the
money order or keep your check copy as proof of payment.       Any discrepancies in payment
schedule and amount defaul t to the LALA’s records in cases of difference when written
proof cannot be produced by the parent/guardian.

When paying tui tion in person, please use an envelope with the child's full name, week of
attendance, and total a mount enclosed. Envelopes may be dropped off at the lock box by
the director’s office, just inside the secure hall door. TUITION IS DUE THE FRIDAY OF
EACH WEEK FOR THE NEXT WEEK. Pre-payment i s necessary to accommoda te the
expenses incurred for your child throughout the week.

Littl e Angels Learning Academy will work with social services and military for any tui tion
rei mbursements. Because of continual delays in payment f rom DSS, i t is the policy of LALA
tha t any children in foster care and on sta te subsidy MUST provide LALA with written
approval from the caseworker tha t tui tion payment arrangements have taken place and child
is placed into system with LALA as the provider BEFORE a child may sta rt a ttending LALA -
- and/or the parent/ guardian MUST pay for full tui tion ra te as per policy until notification
is received from DSS. It is nec essary tha t we have the caseworker’s exac t na me, address,
and phone number for contact informa tion. LALA’s provider number may be obtained from
the Academy director or CEO.

Children in foster care MUST follow all LALA policies and procedures, including giving a two -
week de-enroll ment notice and usage of Tui tion Express for ex tra-curricular activi ties, i.e.,
gymna stics, in-class field trips, Stretch-n-Grow, field trips, shirts, etc., not financially
covered by DSS. A deposi t may be required from foster parents/gua rdians to ensure tha t
payment (especially for extra-curricular activi ties) and notification policies are followed, or
the deposi t may be forfei ted a t the end of enroll ment a t LALA to pay for expenses, etc.
Please see specifics outlined in your enroll ment contrac t.

A 5% discount for the second + c hild in tui tion is available for immedia te fa mily members
only who are enrolled full-ti me; pa rt-ti me or hourly care will not receive this discount. The
tui tion discount is applied to the least expensive tui tion ra te.

There is no reduced ra te for absences or when closed for holidays or inclement weather.
We will be closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, close on New Year’s Eve
by 1:00 PM, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4 th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and
the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (if Christmas falls on a weekend, we will
close either Friday or Monday). LALA reserves the right to close on Friday or Monday

if a holiday falls on a weekend, i.e., Independ ence Day. We follow what most banks
and state agencies do as far as closer for a major holiday. There may be oth er
holidays that we may be closed at the discretion of LALA. You will receive notification
of these dates ah ead of time, through other LALA communications. Remind ers will be

Tuition ra tes may change with a 4-week notice. Thi s informa tion will be posted on the
Parent Board and given to parents through a memo, as well as on the LALA Web si te.

An annual renewal (supply) fee is due at the beginning of your child's yearly anniversary
date for each child in the fa mily who attends LALA. Thi s ra te i s now $50. This f ee helps
to replenish classroom educa tional supplies such a s glue, pencils, crayons, paper, paint, and
other i tems on the playground including sand and mulch.

If a family is delinquent in paying tui tion, the child may not participa te in any ex tra -
curricular activi ties until which ti me the full balance of tui tion is paid.

Late Payment and Insufficient Funds Charges

Returned checks or other fees for insufficient funds will have an additional $35.00 fee
added. LALA reserves the right to elec tronically deduct the total tui tion due for any
returned check, returned Tui tion Express, and/or other fees. Returned c hecks may be
turned in to the prosecuting a ttorney’s office for legal charg es and/or collec tion, and/or
collection procedures may be made with the court system and collection agency to protec t
the financial interests of LALA. As agreed upon when enrolling, parents a re still responsible
for payment of past due tui tion and fees even if filing bankruptcy, as applicable by law.

Two returned checks will require tha t only money orders or direc t bank withdrawal be
accepted for payment for a period of six months. Any tui tion tha t is la te, past Monday
afternoon or the first day of mee ting for the week, will result in additional penalties, with
increase of penal ties wi th multiple la te payments ($10 first 2 ti mes la te, $35 3 rd ti me la te,
$50 4th and consecutive ti mes la te).

If there is a tui tion agreement between LALA and you to have your tui tion payment later
than the policy sta tes, then there may be a $5.00 daily late c harge applied , and additional
late weekly fees charged as outlined above.

If a family should fall behind more than one week in your tui tion payment, you may b e asked
to remove your child from the Academy progra m until tui tion is paid in full (in addition to a
two-week written notice of de-enroll ment and required tui tion as well). If tui tion is
delayed for two weeks without any communica tion with you, your c hi ld will automa tically be
de-enroll ment with payment of pa st due tui tion and a two-week notice and tui tion also due.
All late fees and interest, as well as processing fees may be added until payment is made in

Please speak wi th the Academy ad ministra tion if you are experiencing financial hardships.
Only the CEO may approve a Financial Plan Agreement.

Late Pick-up Charge with Regular Attendance Schedule

The Academy believes tha t fa mily ti me is ex tremely i mportant in the lives of children. It is
also VERY IMPORTANT tha t you pick up your child and transi tion OUT of the LALA facility
by 6:00 PM, our normal closing ti me, to allow our Academy tea m to also be wi th their

Our a ttendance policy is for your child to only stay in our care for approxi ma tely 50-55
total hours a week - 9 1/2 to 10 hours a day. Regular tui tion ra tes are based upon thi s

For pick up past 6:00 PM, our normal closing time, there will be a $10.00 late pick-up
charge for the first 15 minutes and a $2.00 charge every 0-15 minutes th ereafter
the FIRST late time. With continual abuse of the late pickup time, and on the third
late pick up time, there will be an automatic $10.00 for 0-5 minutes late, th en $2.00
per minute for every minute late after the first five minutes. The fee will increase to
$15 for 0-5 minutes, then $5.00 per minute afterward 5 minutes for each minute late
after th e fourth and continual late times. Foster parents will be held responsible for
picking up a child late by dismissal from th e program if this is a continual program as
assessed by the LALA administration.

If there is an emergency or problem and your child cannot be picked up in a timely
manner, please contact Little Angels immediately and notify us of the problem so
schedules may be adjusted.

Children who are only enrolled in the hourly care progra m may ONLY attend a maxi mum of
50 hours a month per Dept. of Heal th and Senior Services and LALA policy.

Other Fees and Charges

At yea rly enrollment anniversa ries, each c hild in attendance is charged a supply fee.

When child care supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, etc ., are not provided by the
parent/guardian as requested and LALA must provide these to properly care for your child,
there will be an additional cost added to your tui tion for the cost of supplies, as well as the
ti me cost for acquiring these supplies a t the ra te of a t least $25.00 per trip if applicable;
some ex tra supplies will be on hand at ti mes. The LALA tea m will notify you of the need for
supplies when supplies are getting low. Your child’s teac hers will provide you with this
informa tion on your Daily Activi ty Reports – plea se read them daily.

Littl e Angels Learning Academy reserves the right to seek legal action to redeem lost
tui tion. Any costs incurred for past due tui tion and fees from a ttorneys, accountants,

collection agencies, and monthly interest allowable by law is the responsibility of the
parent/guardian. A $100 monthly proc essing fee is added for eac h month tui tion is past

Vacation Policy

When taking a vaca tion, Academy ad ministra tion requests tha t you notify us a t lea st two
weeks in advance. Prior to your departure you will be responsible for paying in advance for
the tui tion you will be away unless other arrangemen ts have been made with the
administra tion. Failure to pre-pay may resul t in losing your child's slot.

A child must be in continuous enroll ment with proper payment of fees so his/her place in our
Academy is maintained.


Littl e Angels Learning Academy:                                           #417-883-3100

Emergency (Fire, Medical, Police, etc.):                                   #9-1-1

Non-emergency Fire:                                                        #417-881-9018

Non-emergency Police:                                                      #417-890-9876

Non-emergency Ambulance:                                                   #417-269-3773

Poison Control:                                                            #1-800-366-8888

Child Abuse Hotline:                                                       #1-800-392-3738

Child Care Resource and Referral:                                          #417-887-3545

Child Care Licensing:                                                      #417-895-6904
Address:        Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
                –Child Care Licensing - Southwest District Health Office
                PO Box 777
                Springfield, MO 65801-0777
                (Leah White, Licensing Supervisor)

Corporate Parenting Company:

        The Educa tion Insti tute, Inc. – Dr. Ruth Ann Wood-Humi ston, CEO

(For After Hours Emergencies ONLY please)
Dr. Ruth Ann's Cell Phone:                                                 #417-860-7681
Dr. Ruth Ann’s Home Phone:                                                 #417-732-4323

                                 Facility and Mailing Address
                                        4222 W. Sandy
                                   Battlefield, MO 65619

        Parent Policy and Procedure Handbook

I ________________________________ have read and
understand all policies and procedures outlined in the handbook. I
understand tha t failure to abide by the aforementioned policies and
procedures may resul t in termina tion of services or applicable fees.

Child's Na me (please print)

____________________________                   _________________
Parent/Guardian Signature/Print                Da te

____________________________                   _________________
Parent/Guardian Signature/Print                Da te

____________________________                   _________________
Littl e Angels Learning Academy Ad ministra tor      Da te

                            Your Own Angels
       Once upon a time there was a child ready to be born. So one day he
asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am
I going to live there being so small and helpless?"
       God replied, "Among the many angels, I have chosen very special ones
for you. They will be waiting for you and will take care of you."
       "But tell me, here in Heaven, I don't do anything but sing and smil e;
that's enough for me to be happy."
       God said, "Your angels will sing for you and will also smile for you
everyday. And you will feel your angels' love and be happy."
       "And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me,
if I don't know the language that men talk?"
       "Your angels will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will
ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angels will teach you how to
       "And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?"
       God said, "Your angels will place your hands together and will teach
you how to bow your head and pray."
       "But I will always be sad because I will not see you any more."
       "I will always be next to you. Your angels will always talk to you about
me and will teach you the way for you to come back to me."
       At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from
earth could already be heard, and the child, in a hurry, asked softly, "Oh,
God, if I am about to leave now, please tell me my angels' names."
       God silenced all fear when He said, "Your angels' names are of no
importance. You will know who they are as they love and watch over you
every day.”

                                                    --Author Unknown
          A Division of The Education Institute, Inc.

    "A Prestigious Program of Excellence with
             Storybook Beginnings."

Parent Policy and Procedure Handbook
           Reviewed and Revised - 2011

               #(417) 883-3100

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