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									MICHAEL W. HALL         8307 Tobin Road Annandale VA 22003      cell 571-236-1918
Wife Teresa C. W. Hall Son Michael W. Hall II Daughter Rebecca L. Hall

         Michael has just hit the bull’s eye for his major life goal of qualifying for the 2008 FLW Tour and
becoming a full time professional bass fisherman. By finishing 10th for the 2007 fishing year in the highly
competitive FLW STREN Northern series Michael has earned a priority entry as a professional in the 2008 FLW
Tour. Michael is excited and is looking forward for an opportunity to be a member of one of the FLW outdoor
sponsor fishing teams. Michael is ready to use his advanced public speaking and leadership skills to be a
spokesperson for sponsor team products. Michael will be bringing energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to help take
his sponsor fishing team to the next level of success. Michael will be an active ambassador for the future of the
sport of bass fishing across America.

         Michael’s recent fishing accomplishments include the 2007 STREN Northern series where Michael had a
9th place finish at the Potomac River in July catching over 50 lbs of bass and a 14th place finish on a very tough
Hudson River in September 2007. Michael has won a major FLW Outdoors tournament, the August 2005
EVERSTART Tournament on the Potomac River. It was Michael’s first major bass tournament win. Michael has
worked for years to take his communication and leadership skills to an advanced level. He is a Distinguished
Toastmaster and is highly skilled at communication and leadership.

        Michael graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1976. He has
worked 32 years for the U.S. Navy. His business accomplishments include being named the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA) office Government agent of the year in 1985 for managing the Navy Battle
Management Program. This program resulted in Artificial intelligence technologies, including expert systems,
being integrated into the Navy operational command center at CINCPACFLT.

        During 1976-1985 Michael designed, developed, and delivered several Command, Control, Computer,
Communication, and Intelligence (C4I) systems to Navy operational sites worldwide. These included the
Geographic Analysis Correlation Terminal (GACT), the Ocean Surveillance Information System (OSIS), and the
Operations Support Group Prototype (OSGP). The OSGP has evolved into the Global Command and Control
System (GCCS) which today supports fast intelligence analysis worldwide by our Joint forces.

        Michael has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2000. He is considered an
expert in leadership principles, strategic planning, and project management disciplines. Michael recently
completed his Advanced Master’s Certificate in Projected Management from the University of George Washington.

        Michael’s career goal he set over 3 years ago was to transition from his naval engineering job to full time
professional fishing by 2008. Michael is a strong advocate of continual learning and loves working with people.
He is president of a large Bass club, “OBC BASSMASTERS”, and is past Area Governor for Toastmasters. In
2006 Michael has attained Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). This is the highest level of Toastmaster recognition
for both leadership and communication skills.

         Michael is a highly skilled Bass fisherman, energetic public speaker, and persuasive in explaining benefits
of the products he uses. He has over twenty years’ bass fishing experience and a large network of fishing contacts.
Michael actively supports many yearly family fishing events and teaches children’s Sunday school with his wife


       Professional Bass Angler with continuous bass fishing experience since 1983.
       Project Management Professional (PMP) certification since 2000 and recertified through 2010
       Expert in Future planning and strategic alignment.
       Speaking & Leadership - Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) certification in May 2006
       Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University in February 2006
      Selling - Experience in speaking before a varied audience selling ideas and products, including high level
       Government officials, and various media including TV and radio.
      Leadership experience includes being President of OBC BASSMASTERS, Toastmaster Area 13 Governor
       in 2004, President of Crystal City Talkers Toastmasters, and Coach of various sports
      Teaching – Experience Teaching leadership principles on the job, at sporting events, 1st-2nd grade Sunday
       School, Adult Discipleship classes, strategic implementation, and schedule management.
      Leading Family Fishing Events including Family Fishing Days & BASS Casting Kids’ Contests, Wal-
       Mart’s Operation BASS Children’s Event, and Leading Armed Forces Fishing Events at Bolling Air Force
       Base on the Potomac River.


      2007 Qualified for 2008 FLW Tour as a Professional
      2007 Qualified for the STREN Championship to be held on the Alabama Mobile Delta 8-11 November
      2007 10th Place finish for the Year in the STREN Northern
      2007 14th Place finish in STREN Northern Hudson River
      2007 9th Place finish in STREN Northern Potomac River
      2006 86th Place finish in STREN Northern end of year
      2005 85Th Place finish in STREN Northern end of year ( only fishing two of the four tournaments)
      2005 - 1st Place EVERSTART Tournament 17-20 August 2005 on the Potomac River
      2005 - 1st place Virginia Bass Federation Region 9 Lake Anna
      2004 - 114th END of Year Finish in BASS Southern Opens
      2004 - 11th place WAL-MART BFL Potomac River May 2004
      2003 - 70th END of Year Finish in BASS Southern Opens
      2003 - 42nd place in Southern BASS Open at Lake Eufaula
      2002 - 34th END of Year Finish in BASS Northern Opens
      2002 - 22nd Place BASS Northern Open Hudson River New York October 2002
      2002 - 25th Place WAL-MART BFL Super Tournament Potomac River September 2002
      2002 - 43rd Place BASS Northern Open Potomac River August 2002
      2002 - 10th Place WAL-MART BFL Potomac River May 2002
      2001 - 19th Place WAL-MART BFL Potomac River May 2001
      1999 - 16th Place WAL-MART BFL Chevy Trucks Wildcard November 1999
      1989 - 1st Place Region 1 Virginia Bass Federation Fall Classic 1989
      1989 - 2nd Place Pro-Am Teams Potomac River May 1989
      1989 - 27Th Place in BASS Megabucks in Leesburg Florida February 1989
      1987 - 3rd Place Virginia Bass Federation Region 1 for the Year 1987
      1986 - Won 1st Place Region 1 Virginia Bass Federation Lake Gaston in March 1986
      Won Mr. BASS with Commonwealth BASSMASTERS in 1983 & 1988, and with OBC BASSMASTERS
       in 1999 & 2001


      Fish EVERSTART tournaments to Qualify for FLW Tour
      Start full time Professional bass fishing career in 2007
      Be on a Boat and motor manufacturer’s Pro fishing Team
      Write a book about life and fishing
      Obtain a career job to Promote BASS Fishing in a Professional capacity
      Obtain a career job to Promote BASS Fishing products through seminars starting in 2007

   Mr. Lendell Martin 936-615-7165
   Mr Chris Jones 270-252-1000
   Mr. Jack Wade 865-719-2489

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