animanga by wpr1947


									                     The Animanga Rebels club will meet four times this year
                     near the end of each grading period after school in the
                     media center. We will have a short activity focusing on
                     Japanese culture, then we will snack and watch a movie!

                          Possible videos below are all available from the
                               Orange County Public Library system:

                                        My Neighbor Totoro

                            Dragonball Z (Super Saiyan or Ginyu Force)

                                            Porco Rosso

                           Fullmetal Alchemist (Conqueror of Shamballa)

                                       Beyblade G Revolution

                                 Megaman NT Warrior (Net Battle)

                                          The Cat Returns

                                     Pokemon Advanced Battle

                                        Whisper of the Heart

Interested students should check back regularly for specific dates, times, and
activities! New information will be posted near the graphic novel section.

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