Pay Less Per Click by ps94506


									Get new business fast with
less time & money invested.
Track every lead & focus only
on lead-producing keywords.

Pay Less
How to increase your internet
traffic and minimize your cost
per click with the Blue Raptor™
automated website marketing
system using Google Adwords™
and other search engine pay per
click advertising.

Pay Per Click Shortcuts
by Gary Arndts
                              “I’ve tried many different Internet marketing
                              approaches and nothing has been as consistently
                              effective as BlueRaptor.”
                                      Rick Lane
                                      Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning
                        Like all ‘good’ shortcuts, the tips in this
                        book aim to take you where you want
                        to go without spending extra money or
                        sacrificing results.

                         FROM THE BOOK
                         “Lots of books have been written about how to manage pay
                         per click campaigns. This is not one of them. This book
                         tells you how to avoid the need to manage one, yet still get
                         all the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.”

                         “Pay Less Per Click is for people who want to succeed at
 Think Shortcut and      search engine marketing without personally doing the
  Shortcut Guy are
    trademarks of        hard work or spending a fortune on SEO or internet
   Think Shortcut
   Publishing, LLC.      marketing experts.”
Book cover designed
 by Aleesa Drennen

        GARY ARNDTS is                     This essential guide includes:
        founder of BlueRaptor, a
        pay per click management                 How to get free landing pages
        firm that utilizes the
        advanced ReachLocal
                                                 How to eliminate wasteful spending
        platform. He is a 30-year
        marketing veteran, former                on non-productive keywords
        owner of a full-service
        advertising agency, award-               How to avoid overpaying for pay per
        winning copywriter and                   click campaign management
        author. Gary is also a
        lifelong lover of shortcuts
        and is always searching                  How to track every lead and capture
        for ways his clients can                 your prospects’ contact information
        benefit from new time
        and money-savings                        How to use simple reports and
        technologies.                            diagnostics to turn your website into                    a money-maker

“Amazing results with many new leads                “Gary Arndts is an electronic rain maker
 coming in and developing into clients.”             for the 21st century!”
        Jessica Wentworth                                    Steven LaVelle
        Owner                                                Editor of Insider Secrets for a
        Tutoring Results                                     Successful Restoration Business

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