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    Honours Degrees

    Ravi Govind-Kamble – Amigo

    Computer animation and computer-             At Bradford we’ve been teaching                Both our computer animation degree
    generated imagery (CGI) have become          computer animation for over a decade,          courses enable students to develop
    integral to all areas of moving image        and our graduates now work as animators        extensive creative skills and technical
    media; cinema, television, advertising,      in the film, television and games industries   knowledge. The BSc Computer Animation
    the Internet, interactive media and video    all over the world. Our animation courses      and Special Effects course has a technical
    games all utilise this new and rapidly       are designed to enable you to develop          emphasis covering programming, systems
    developing technology and art form.          the creative and technical skills that         and networks as well as character creation
    The animation industry has never been a      this growing industry is crying out for.       and special effects, whilst the BA Computer
    more exciting or innovative place to work    Students utilise some of the most up-to-       Animation course focuses more on the
    and there are fantastic opportunities, not   date animation and CGI software (such          artistic and creative side of animation looking
    only in the major studios such as Disney     as Maya and AfterEffects), professional        at storytelling, design and aesthetics as well
    or Dreamworks, but also in a plethora        training materials (Escape Studios             as the techniques and practices of computer
    of smaller outfits in America, Britain and   Courseware) and industry standard              animation. Both courses have a largely
    elsewhere that are clamouring to be the      hardware and facilities such as our            similar first year so that you can transfer from
    next Pixar. Even Aardman (creators of        Vicon 16-camera Motion Capture Suite.          one to the other at the end of stage one
    plasticine superstars Wallace and Gromit)    Combining these tools with their own           should you find your interests beginning to
    and BBC Television are getting in on the     creativity our students regularly produce      change. In the third year of each course you
    computer animation act.                      high quality, award winning animations         will be able to produce your own individual
                                                 and special effects.                           animation or CGI work and be involved in a
                                                                                                major professional group project.

2      Computing, Informatics and Media
                                                                    BA Computer Animation
                                                                                                UCAS Code G450 BA/CAn

            BSc Computer Animation and Special Effects
                                                                                          UCAS Code G443 BSc/CASFX

Both courses cover                                                  On the BA Computer Animation course you cover…
n Conventions of animation                                          n Graphic design
n Introduction to 3D computer animation                             n Contextual and theoretical studies
n Animation production and studio practice                          n Visual communication
n History of Animation                                              n Visual research and development
n Visual communication                                              n Theory dissertation
n 2D computer animation                                             n Media Ethics
n Storyboarding
n 3D computer modelling and animation                               We offer a number of options on both courses including
n Professional skills development (career/portfolio guidance)       n Advanced character animation
n Texturing and lighting                                            n Technical animation
n Rendering                                                         n Tool development
n Character design and animation                                    n Concept and idea development
n Sound recording and development                                   n Digital video
n Compositing                                                       n Facial modelling and animation
n Motion capture                                                    n Digital photography
n Video production                                                  n Individual specialisation
n Observational Drawing
                                                                    Whether you choose to take the science degree or the arts degree
In addition to the shared components, each course has its own       you will be well equipped to embark on an exciting career in
specialist modules.                                                 computer animation, CGI special effects or film and video post-
                                                                    production, as well as working in animation departments in other
On the BSc Computer Animation and Special Effects course you        fields such as the video games industry. The comprehensive nature
cover…                                                              of our courses means that other fields also offer great career
n Script programming                                                possibilities, in areas such as video production, television, motion
n Technical animation                                               graphics, graphic design or photography. Alternatively, you may
n Computer systems and networks                                     want to continue your studies on one of our Master’s-level courses
n Computer-generated special effects                                in Advanced Computer Animation and Special Effects, Visual
                                                                    Computing, Digital Arts and Media or Digital Cinema.
Please note: These courses are also available as a part time
option via the University’s ‘New Route’ pathway. Full information
regarding these programmes can be found on the centre pages.

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                                                                            Computing, Informatics and Media                               3