Jennifer Guillen by sallyflower


									                                      Jennifer Guillen
          Piano/Accordion/Harpsichord/Keyboard Harmony

       Jennifer Guillen holds a Bachelor of Music from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where she
       specialized in music history. She has studied with teachers such as Dina Namer and Valerie Tryon and
       has taken part in numerous masterclasses, led by well-known pedagogues such as Kendal Taylor and
       Earl Moss. Ms. Guillen is a former organist and assistant choir director at St. John’s West Toronto,
       where she had the opportunity to work with autistic children through music. Ms. Guillen currently
       works as Manager of Academic Services at RCM Examinations and teaches piano privately at the
       Kingsway Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario.

RCM Examinations                                                           Members of the College of Examiners
                                                                          November, 07

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