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									                                              Penguin Press
                                Newsletter of the Rawls Byrd PTA
Volume 7, Issue 4                                                                                                        March 2007
         Rawls Byrd Elementary School 112 Laurel Lane Williamsburg, VA 23185 (757) 229-7597

                 From Our Principal                                                              SCA News
                                                                                              “Hat Day” and Field Day are slated for
 Parents,                                                                                                     th
                                                                                              Friday, March 30 .

 I want to thank you for making the pick up car line so
 successful. However, several people have been
 parking in the 15 minute parking spaces, in order to                                         “Wacky Tacky Day” will be on Friday,
 come in and get their child (children). That works well                                      April 13 . Show your Penguin Spirit and
 during the school day. Unfortunately, around 3:40,                                           dress wacky, mismatched and a little
 the pick up car line backs up and blocks those cars in.
 If you are coming in to get your child (and especially                                       During the month of April, leading up to
 if you are in a hurry), please consider parking on the                                       Earth Day, Rawls Byrd will partner with
 blacktop where the basketball goals are located. This                                        Fresh Market and have all Rawls Byrd
                                                                                              Penguins decorate grocery bags with
 way you will not be blocked in and will be able to make                                      colorful pictures and Earth Day
 your appointment/activity. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN                                             messages. The bags will then be
 THE FIRE LANE. Thanks for your support.                                                      distributed to Fresh Market shoppers on
                                                                                              Earth Day, April 22 .
 Nancy S. Dunn
 Principal                                                                                    The students and staff at Rawls Byrd
                                                                                              have just recently completed their
                                                                                              Pennies for Patients collection. For the
                                                                                              past 3 weeks, students, teachers, staff
                                                                                              and parents have been collecting coins
                                                                                              to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma
                                                                                              Society. Last year alone, $310,000 was

                 Inside This Issue
                                                                                              collected from schools throughout
                                                                                              Virginia, and $15 million was raised
                                                                                              nationally. Pennies for Patients helps to
From Our Principal......................................................... Page 1            create public awareness for blood
SCA News ........................................................................ Page 1      cancers and more importantly, raises
PTA News & Upcoming Events ...................................Page 2                          funds for patient aid programs and local
                                                                                              blood cancer research at the University
Parent Power Institute.................................................Page 2                 of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth
Students of the Month ................................................Page 3                  University. The money is being counted
                                                                                              and one lucky top raising classroom at
March & April Event Calendars ..................................Page 4                        Rawls Byrd will win a Hospitaliano
4th & 5th Grade Honor Roll ...........................................Page 5                  (lunch from Olive Garden Restaurant)!
SOL Testing Schedule ..................................................Page 5                 The top raising classroom will be
                                                                                              announced soon!
Relay for Life News ......................................................Page 6

                                                                            Penguin Press 1
                           PTA News and Upcoming Events
                                                Masks of Mali
On February 9th, The PTA sponsored a Young Audiences of Virginia Masks of Mail workshop for all third grade
students. In celebration of Black History Month, the talented Austina Hume taught the children about the country of
Mali in Africa. She intrigued the children with African country facts and art details. All students designed their own
beautiful butterfly mask to take home.

                            PTA Sponsored Cultural Arts Assembly
On February 20th, our kindergarten, first, and second grade students were pleasantly surprised when Antonio
Rocha took everyone on a journey through the Amazon Rainforest through the magic of mime and storytelling. Mr.
Rocha, formerly a feature performer at the world-famous National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee, enchanted
the students as he told the story of the chicken who arrived at the waterhole first. Mr. Rocha turned into a
rattlesnake, a jaguar, and a chicken, all through mime. All the students had a wonderful time!

                                               Coming Soon!
Trashanator II is coming to our school this month! Trashanator II is a funny play about waste reduction that teaches
the importance of environmental preservation and conservation. The Old Dominion University's PlayTime Theatre
will be performing on March 10th for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. This play teaches about garbage, science,
pollution, and the importance of recycling! A big thank you goes out to Ms. Privette, the James City County
Recycling Coordinator, for helping the PTA bring this event to our children.

                                               Coming Soon!
On March 26th, the PTA will be sponsoring a wonderful reading assembly for all Rawls Byrd penguins. Dr. Rich
Davis will be entertaining our children with his program: Magic of Reading with Ben Franklin. This world-class
school assembly will lead the children on a path of a modern-day Benjamin Franklin. They will learn about reading,
history, and of course, Benjamin Franklin. Our children are sure to be amazed at all of the interesting facts and
contributions Benjamin Franklin has given to our society.

                             Theme: Relationships, Information, Support, & Enrichment
                              When: Saturday, March 24, 2007, 10:00 AM until 12:00
                             Where: Bethel Restoration Church, 6205 Richmond Road
   Registration Form:

   Name of Parent:_____________________________
   Zoned School:_______________________________ Grade Level of your student:___________________
   Address: ___________________________________ City/Zip Code:______________________________
   Number and age(s) of Children Attending the Parent Institute:_____________________________________

   **Please return this completed form to Ms. Dunn. Thanks!!!

                                                  Penguin Press 2
                                    Students of the Month
A student of the month may be selected from each classroom from October to May. At the end of the month, Mrs.
Vazquez and Ms. Dunn host a luncheon to treat the students who have earned the recognition. Each student also
receives a certificate. Students may be selected as Student of the Month if they:
1. Follow Directions
2. Show best effort
3. Take responsibility for actions
4. Show good citizenship in all classes
5. Respect feelings and property of others

     Teacher’s Name                   December                              January             February

     Dana Marguilies                Jacob Sandling                  Diana Delgado          Jackson Anderson
       Beth Maxwell                   Ellie North                   Brock Carawan            Addy Reeher
       Bonnie Wade                    Luke Wilder                       Lazuli Cristol       Jacob Shaw
        Joyce Walk                 Georgios Haramis                 Avery Walters        Joanna Stathopoulos
      Linda Woodard                  Justin Cokley                      Sarah Buliat          Emily Davis
      Leslie Coleman                 Bryant Ricks                       Emily Payne          Jakob Weiss
     Elizabeth Gillette              Albon Yowell                  Zachary Shontz           Julia Perkinson
     Heather Judson                 Jazmine Holmes                 Carolina Grijal’va       Terrel Jackson
       Trish Reeher                  Ethan Agnello                  Jana Considine           Emily Sharp
     Hannah Willhauck                Joseph Pagan                 Rebekah Saunders          Justin Williams
       Diane Danks                   Jamie Kendall                  Jacob Johnson           Brandon Wood
      Ellen Glassgow                Braydon Venus                   Anthony Sagely           Liam Walters
      Donna Marshall                Maya Robinson                   Kameron Cook             Reeve Forget
       Karen Mason                   Sarah Gaddis                   Caroline Steele         Timmy Warren
    Caroline Noffsinger                No Name                     Victoria Brunson        Abubakar Alawy
       Rose Burwell                  Jonah Wilder                       Tatiana Sylva        Ryan Kenaley
       Carolyn Cox               James Daniel Rae III             Caroline Schweitzer      James Shumaker
      Megan Holland                 Christopher Lee                     Rylee Spong         Lance Salyards
       Carolyn Lewis                  Sean Allred                   Maggie North             Quilbie Burks
      Ann Bradshaw                   Kevin Ravida                  Marisa Considine          Rachel Stump
       Ginger Flynn                Jonathan Delaune                     Cailin Agnello    Corniesha Robinson
       Jude Mantos                   Sarang Patel                   Makayla Blake           Jarod Walker
     Debbie Williams              Christopher Leonard               Allison Everson        Mekailah Battles
      Barbara Flynn                 Victoria Bowen                  Spencer Forget          Nicholas Steele
       Scott Holland               Maria Schweitzer                 Alaina Ambler           Corbin Kenaley
     Glenn Roettinger                Djuna Knight                  David Smethurst           Kevin Warren
        Dave Ross                     Tyler Cupp                        Sarah Space         Parker Mercer
      Oretha Debrew                    No Name                            No Name              No Name
       John Dubose                     No Name                            No Name              No Name
      Pat Riggleman                  Zachary Dion                       Danielle Epps          No Name

    Sponsors Needed for Students of the Month Luncheon
Rawls Byrd is seeking sponsorship for our Student of the Month Luncheons. Last year, some of the luncheons
were sponsored by Greg Garrett Realty, Haramis Painting, Casey Toyota Scion, & Waltrip Recycling. If you
are interested in sponsoring one month, please send a check made out to Rawls Byrd Elementary School for
$100. This covers the cost of pizza, drinks, cookies, tablecloths, and paper products. Thank you for
supporting our Student of the Month Lunch! For details, call Ms. Dunn at 229-7597.

                                                      Penguin Press 3
                                                          March 2007
     Sunday              Monday                 Tuesday          Wednesday            Thursday             Friday           Saturday
                                                                                 1                    2                3
                                                                                                      Pajama Day –
                                                                                                      Read across
4                   5                    6                    7               8                       9                10
                                           th                  th
                    School               5 Grade              5 Grade Writing                         Spirit Day
                    Breakfast Week       Writing SOL          SOL
11                  12                   13                   14                 15                   16               17
                    PTA Council          PTA Meeting                                                  Spirit Day
                    Meeting 7:00PM       7-8 PM
                    Domino’s Pizza
18                  19                   20                   21                 22                23                  24
                                         10:00                                   2:00 PM            Spirit Day
                                         Trashnator –                            dismissal – Staff
                                         Recycling                               Development       Skate Night at
                                         Assembly, Gr.                                             WISC
25                  26                   27                   28                 29                   30               31
                                                               nd                                     Field Day
                                         Student of the       2 grade play
                                         Month                2:00 & 7:00PM                           Hat Day

                                                            April 2007
      Sunday                Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday         Thursday            Friday            Saturday

       Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has
     reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to
                              Booker T. Washington 1856-1915
1                      2                    3                   4                5                   6
                       Spring Break                                                                  Spring Break
                       Starts                                                                         Ends

8                      9                    10                11                 12              13                   14
                       No School            4 Marking                            National Drop Wacky Tacky
                       Teacher Work         Period Begins                        Everything and Day
                       Day                  History Alive,                       Read Day
                                            10:00 (grade 3-5)                    Report Cards go
                                            PTA Meeting                          home
                                            7-8 PM
15                     16                   17                18                 19                  20                21
                       Domino’s Pizza                                            Early Release,      International
                       Night                                                     2:00PM Teacher      Tattoo Festival –
                                                                                 staff development        th
                                                                                                     all 5 graders
22                     23             24             25                          26                  27                28
                       SELP testing   SELP testing SELP testing                  SELP testing        SELP testing
                       (ESL students) Student of the
29                     30

                                                                Penguin Press 4
                          Honor Roll &Gold Card
                 5 Grade                                             4th Grade
Rachel Allred              Jesse McCue-             Daniel Bunn
Alyssa Alpino              Gomes
Alaina Ambler              Christopher Mercer       Indigo Cristol
Claire Arbuckle            Corey Pavlosky           Amarra Daniels
Victoria Bowen             Chad Payne
                                                    Tanya Hoatson
Jakob Brender A            Noor Rahman
Brandis                    Nick Ravida              Parker Hoey
Jessica Burks              Jade Reimer              Brett Huckstep
Willie Burwell             Catie Savarese
                                                    Erik Kuschner
Tyler Cupp                 Maria Schweitzer
Daniel Dolph               Theresa Selje            Ximena Lane
Spencer Forget             Mitchell Sillery         Andy Lindquist
Alec Gilliam               Haley Simonsen
Aaron Grymes               Lauren Simonsen          Sarang Patel
Colin Haigh                David Smethurst          Braden Ricks
Ian Hemerlein              Ashley Smith             Emily Salamy
Stephen Howard             Sarah Space
Camille Jones              Nicholas Steele          Jeffrey Stout
Dylan Kelsh                Barrett Terrell          Rachel Stump
Corbin Kenaley             Taylor Williams
                                                    Jarod Walker
Natalie Kendall            Jeffrey Turner
Djuna Knight               Benjamin Wahls
James MacGowan             Alexandra Walther
Paige Majdic               Patrick Ward
Sophia Martino             Jalen Williams
Thomas Higgins             Hannah Trueblood
Maggie Fox

            Honor Roll                              Gold Card Improvement
      th                          th
    4 Grade                       5 Grade                4th Grade                 5th Grade
Cailin Agnello             Charleen Anderson        Matthew Kelly          Nicholas Cox
Daniel Blankinship         Danielle Slavin                                 Cari Smith
Joshua Golub               Cari Smith                                      Patrick Kelly
Megan Wiltshire            Rhys Kimmel
                           Jeremy Packer
                           Dylan Sewell
                           Patrick Kelly

                            Spring 2007 SOL Testing Schedule
Week of May          Monday            Tuesday        Wednesday       Thursday          Friday
 3rd grade           No testing         Reading         Reading         Math           Make ups
 4th grade           No testing        No testing      No testing     No testing       Make ups
 5th grade           No testing         Reading          Math          Science         Make ups

Week of May          Monday            Tuesday        Wednesday       Thursday          Friday
 3rd grade           No testing         History         Science        Make ups        Make ups
 4th grade           No testing         Reading          Math         VA Studies       Make ups
 5th grade           No testing        No testing      No testing     No testing       Make ups

                                            Penguin Press 5
                             Relay for Life Team News

   The team continues to accept donations of any kind to benefit the American Cancer Society.
    Luminaries to honor those who are fighting or have survived cancer and in memory of those lost to
    cancer are still for sale.
   Relay for Life bracelets, Spirit Penguins, and other items will be available at the bookstore in the
    morning. Bracelets and Spirit Penguins will be $1.00. The team will begin displaying Spirit Penguins in
    the cafeteria very soon.
   Raffle tickets for the compact stereo system are still available at $1 per ticket or 6 tickets for $5.
   Another Parents’ Night Out will be held on either March 23 or April 20. Look for flyers soon.

** Any donations in check form whether it’s just a donation or it’s in payment for an item, an activity, or a
   luminary should be made payable to the American Cancer Society. Donations may be submitted via
   teachers. Please mark your envelope "Relay for Life" so the teachers can forward them to Mrs.

                                                 Penguin Press 6

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