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					                                                    SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES
                                                    OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES

                                                    Newsletter                                                                          Summer 2006

                                                    Annual Spring Fundraiser:
                                                    “Walk and Roll 2006”
                                                    By Audrey De Chadenedes

                                                      After weeks of rainy days, the sun shone on
            Article Index                           Kezar Stadium for our 5th annual Walk &Roll,
                                                    which took place on Sunday, April 30th.
                                                    Over 200 participants came out to enjoy the
                                                    activities, food and entertainment. We had
                                                    bluegrass music from Gayle Schmitt & the
Annual Spring Fundraiser...........1                Toodela Ramblers, Magic Jeanne walked
Dear Shannon.............................1          among the crowd doing sleight-of-hand
Resource Conference                                 tricks, and Owen Baker Flinn juggled and             Walk & Rollers used their feet and all kinds of
     Report...................................3     joked.                                                wheels around the track at Kezar Stadium.
CAFEC Participation                                                                                    All kinds of wheels were on hand - bikes,
     Fund......................................4      New this year, and very popular, was the
                                                    T-Zone, an area especially for Transition-age    adapted and not, wheelchairs, skates, skate-
Special Needs Inclusion                                                                              boards, scooters and many kinds of strollers. Kids
                                                    Youth with activities which included a grafti
Project.........................................5   wall, a trust obstacle course and a “Walk        and youth who completed the course around
Parent Mentor                                       and Roll Idol” karaoke contest. We also          Kezar were rewarded with prizes, buttons,
     Update..................................5      introduced the “Rolling Relay Challenge”,        certicates and Walk & Roll T-shirts.
High Risk Infant Interagency                        a relay race in wheelchairs. Participants this
     Council (HRIIC)....................6           year represented San Francisco law rms. First     W e could not have made this event the
                                                    Place went to the team from Luce, Forward,       success it was without our wonderful vol-
Family Voices Health Summit
                                                    Hamilton & Scripps, with Allan Low as Team       unteers - groups from Hands-On Bay Area,
     Report ...................................7                                           , USF, Galileo High Red
DateBook.....................................8      Captain. The Second Place winners were
                                                    Covington & Burling, with Bruce Deming           Cross Club, Mercy High School, Sacred Heart,
Support Groups...........................9                                                           Riordan, and SF State and, of course, Doodles
                                                    Team Captain, and coming in at Third Place
Signs of Issues............................11       were Farella, Braun + Martel, led by Team        the Clown. We also thank our hard-working
Improving Transitions Outcomes                      Captain David Lazerwitz.                         Planning Committee - Keta Bill Selvin, Audrey
     Project (ITOP)......................12                                                          deChadenedes, Alison Stewart, Jan Watson
Open Forum...............................13         In the Crafts Area, a variety of fun crafts      and John Weber; and great big thanks to all
                                                    projects (designed by Alison Stewart, our        of our generous sponsors and donors, listed
Library Reviews..........................14
                                                    Crafts Guru) were available for kids to get      on page 15.
Thank Yous.................................15
                                                    creative.                                         Be sure you don’t miss Walk & Roll 2007! v

                                                     Dear Shannon - Column by ITOP Youth Facilitator
                                                     Coordinated by the Improving Transition Outcomes Project
                                                    This is an advice column for families and        just how many physical barriers people
                                                    youth. Shannon Ng is a transition aged           in wheelchairs confront on a daily basis.
                                                    youth working with the ITOP Interagency          There are numerous times when my son
                                                    Council. The opinions expressed here             has put himself in harm’s way by going
                                                    are solely those of the author and do            out in dangerous trafc, or desperately
  Support for Families of Children with
  Disabilities is a nonprot, support,
                                                    not represent the views of Support for           trying to nd an alternative route, simply
  resource and networking organiza-                 Families of Children with Disabilities. If you   because there is not a curve cut-out that
  tion for families of children with spe-           have any concerns or issues please email         he could use.
  cial needs and the professionals                  them to
  who work with them. Our purpose
  is to support families as they                                                                     At times, he arrives at his destination only
  face challenges. All services are                 Dear Shannon,                                    to nd that he cannot enter the building
  free of charge including resources,                                                                because it is not physically accessible.
  phone-line, drop-in center, support                 My son is 14 years old and has as a            Even driving becomes a major theatrical
  groups, workshops & family gather-                major disability. He uses a wheelchair
                                                                                                     production. We both feel the enormous
                                                    and I often observe him when we go               stares from people. One day my son asked
                                                    out. He has very low tolerance with              me, “Why do people look at me like I am
                                                    people who stare at him. He instantly            some kind of of space alien?” This breaks
                                                    becomes angry. I was never aware                 my heart. I can feel that he is changing.
                                                                                                                               Continued on page 2
SUMMER 2006                                  SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                                2
continued from page 1                           his disability and becomes comfortable             there. If you and your son discover public
Shannon, as a youth with a disability,          with it, it won’t matter how many people           areas that are non-accessible (such as a
what advice could you offer me to assist        stare at him. Happiness star ts from               curb with no curve cut), you could write to
my son?                                         within.                                            or call the Mayor’s Office on Disability who
                                                                                                   will do their best to resolve the problem.
Signed:                                         You can help him get involved with activi-
Mother with Open Arms                           ties in which he can interact with other           As your son develops self-confidence and
                                                young individuals with disabilities. He will       finds a passion doing something he loves,
Dear Mother with Open Arms,                     probably be more comfortable around                people will be staring in amazement for
                                                other teens that face similar struggles.           all the right reasons.
   At one point in my recovery process,         It’ll allow him to come out of his shell,
I was in a wheelchair. I got so angry           develop his self-esteem, and have fun at           Thank you so much for sharing your
when people would stare at me because           the same time.                                     story.
I knew they would do it to others who
were in wheelchairs as well. I hated it         There are many summer camps through-               Love,
because it constantly makes you aware           out California which provide a fun and             Shannon
that you are different.                         accommodating environment for disabled             (Letters to Dear Shannon can be emailed
                                                children, teens, and adults. Try getting in        to
You could be going about your daily life        touch with the coordinators of Interagency
while forgetting about your disability and      Transition Project (ITOP) and Support for
all it takes is for someone to stop and         Families Open Gate Resource Center.
stare to remind you that you have one.
They say when a child hurts; the pain of        They can tell you more about the various
a parent is ten times worse.                    recreational and social activities that are
                                                happening locally for people your son’s
Although you love your son a great deal,        age. Your son is very lucky to have a
it is imperative that you remember that it      very supportive and devoted parent like
is his disability and not yours. You can’t      yourself. I struggled with a lot of personal
control anyone else’s actions or make           issues after I was disabled. My mom
strangers stop staring. However, you            couldn’t make the disability go away or
can take steps to empower your son and          fix all the things that troubled me, but
boost his confidence. Once he accepts           it helped tremendously just to have her

                                              Support for Families of Children with Disabilities
                                                            Board of Directors
          Board of Directors                         Advisory Board                          Nancy Hudgins, Attorney
          Bruce Deming, President                    Janet Green Babb, RPT                   Jude Kaye
          Jeff Harrell, Secretary                    Mim Carlson                             Betty Lituanio
          Valerie J. Mulhollen, Esq.                 Joanna Cameron                          Peter Manseld
          Mary Phillips                              Lucy Crain, MD                          Dennak L. Murphy, MSW
          David L. Rothman, D.D.S., Vice             Mildred Crear, PHN                      Sally Spencer
          President                                  Diana Tang-Duffy, MD                    Robert Verhoogen, MD
          Lisa Shirley, Treasurer                    Suzanne Giraudo
          Alyson Sinclair                            Suzanne Graham, RN, PhD
                                                     Carla Greenwald

Juno Duenas, Executive Director                Avilone Franklin, Community Resource Parent         David Witmer, Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Adams, Community Resource              Bill Lewandowski, Director of Operations            Lisa Yee, Community Resource Parent
Parent                                         June Hew, Parent Health Liason, CRP
Joanie Becker, Mental Health Social Worker     Nathaniel Jenkins, Information & Resource           HRIIC-High Risk Infant Interagency
Debra Benitez, Special Needs InclusionPro-     Manager                                             Council
ject Coordinator                               Pat Mejia, Education Manager                        Patsy Hampton, HRIIC Coordinator
Nina Boyle, Family Resource Center Program     Keith Rockhold, IT Manager                          Tito Arana, HRIIC Development Screener
Manager                                        Shelley Simpson, Ofce Manager                      Zulema Rubalcava Barron, Special Needs
Elaine Butler, Librarian                       Sonia Spisz, Parent Mentor Coordinator              Project Program Manager
Emilio Crixell, Jr. Community Resource         Alison Stewart, Open Access Coordinator             April Finocchi, Developmental Screener
Parent                                         Linda Tung, CCS Parent- Health Liaison              Maria Hanley, Public Health Nurse
Jo Cummins, Training Coordinator               Linda Vossler-Swan, Family Voices                   Ana Vanesa Plasencia, Data Evaluation
Audrey deChadenèdes, Special Events            Coordinator                                         Specialist
Coordinator                                    Jan Watson, Development Director                    Linda Thomas, Public Health Nurse/HRIIC
Cory Ervin, Donor Development Coordinator      John Weber, ITOP Coordinator                        Facilitator

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                              SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                    3
Highlights & Thank You’s from the 2006 Information and Resource Conference
submitted from Pat Mejia, Education Manager
 Thank You to Our Wonderful    easy for those who can donate their
 Volunteers!                   time. Thank you to the many individ-
                                            ual volunteers who helped with set-
The 2006 Information & Resource             ting up, throughout the day of the
Conference held Saturday, March             event and clean up, and especially
25 was a huge success! Despite              Robert and Maureen who helped out
the threat of thunderstorms, with           both days.
14 workshops, an AT Lab, over
65 exhibitors and 300 parent                w Riordan High School (Marlena
and professional attendees, John            Johnston, Volunteer Coordinator):
O’Connell High School was abuzz             Another “return” group. The energy
with energy.                                and positive and fun attitudes of
                                            these students is spectacular!             & Family, Esther Cheng, Jen Col-
The success of this event rests             Connor Ahlbach, Dominic Barsetti,          lette, Robert Costa, Liz Cruger,
heavily on a lot of behind-the-scenes       Jake Dancer, Abel Esquivel, Kevin          Crystal Duong, Sarita Escobar,
support. Support For Families of            Estrada, Ricky Fong, Marc Grillo,          Alvina Franklin, Estyr Freeman,
Children with Disabilities would like       Julio Leon, Alvaro de Leon & Brian         Gilda Guerrero, Robbie Hines, Mike
to take this opportunity to thank the       Mejia                                      Huhman, Ginger Karels, Midie Lao,
many volunteer organizations and                                                       Vincent Leddy, John Lee, Tina
individuals, who contributed their          wSan Francisco State University            Leung, Greg Lue, Joseph Luger,
time and talents to us. We apologize        (Ann Carr, Volunteer Coordinator):         Lorena Macias, Miriam Nathanson,
                                            Thank you for helping make child-          Ivan Mejia, Linda Mickelson, Peggy
                                            care a fun and safe experience             O’Grady, John Seeman, Debbie
                                            for all! Janine Camp, Leya Copper,         Schedivy and our numerous friends
                                            Chelsea Miller, Tammi Ng & Kyle            at City College of San Francisco,
                                            Plumb                                      San Francisco State University
                                                                                       and University of San Francisco,
                                            w Stuart Hall High School (Ray-            for encouraging their students to
                                            mond O’Connor, Volunteer Coor-             volunteer with us: Tracy Burt, Katy
                                            dinator): First-time volunteers who        Lusson, Nancy Robinson, Carlo
                                            came through with a very last-minute       Rossi, Elaine Schilling, Gloria Soto,
                                            request for help-thank you!                Carol Stevenson and Caroline
for any names that are left out inad-       Cliff Costa                                Vance.
vertently:                                                                             Thank you and we look forward to
                                             wUniversity of San Francisco              another great event next year! v
w United Transportation Union               (Tess Reid, Volunteer Coordinator):
1741 (Laidlaw) (Meg Felts, Volun-           As they do every year, USF provided
teer Coordinator): Special thanks to        the bulk of our childcare staff the day           Parent ACTION Grants
UTU 1741 members who so gen-                of the event. Thank you on behalf of           Do you have an idea for a new
erously give of their time whenever         SFCD, parents, and kids alike!              or improved service that Support for
they are called upon, who helped            Kimberly Adams, Christine Baker,            Families could provide to help families
remind us how things were set up            John Becker, Meghann Hayes,                 of children with disabilities or special
last year (amazing!) and always help        Mariah Knight, Katie Matl Meghan            health care needs, ages birth through
us enjoy ourselves during the most          McGowan, Browning Neddeau,                  5 (such as a new Support Group,
difficult times of the day: set-up and      Katie Newman & Morgan Smith                 library collection, workshop, or other
clean-up! Brock Estes, Meg Felts,                                                       idea)? San Francisco First 5 funds
                                                                                        small Parent ACTION Grants to help
Marc Jondall, David Kush, Kim-               And the many individual volun-
                                                                                        parents develop new projects.
shree Maufus, Harriet Ratto, Kevin          teers who helped in so many dif-
Shanahan & Joe Vesco                        ferent ways:                                   If you have an idea that you’d
                                                                                        like to explore, please contact Jan
wOne Brick (Kristina Velarde, Vol-          Oscar Arteta, Stephen Bass, Erika           Watson, Support for Families Develop-
unteer Coordinator): A wonderful            Bobrow, Mara Lea Brown, Tracy               ment Director, at 415 282-7494 ext 17
organization that makes volunteering        Burt, Steve Butler, Arnulfo Cardona

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                           4
California Association of Family Empowerment Centers (CAFEC )
Reprinted with permission from Jim Lockwood, Executive Director, CAFEC

What is the Family Participation ment.                                                       to:
Fund?                                           * $1,000.00 per household per year           CAFEC
                                               maximum.                                      Attn: Family Participation Funds
    The California Department of Education * Total number of meetings reimburs-              1029 J Street, Suite 120
is committed to helping family members able per month is two (2) meetings.                   Sacramento, CA 95814
become involved in decisions regarding
                                                 * Complete application must be              Fax Number: 916-325-1699
education policy. In order to help make family
voices heard, the Department of Education
                                               received within 30 days of the meeting
has created the Family Participation Fund. that was attended.                                Frequently Asked Questions
This fund, created through the State Improve- Note: Fund policies may be changed             How much is the stipend for attending
ment Grant, provides financial assistance at any time to more effectively achieve            meetings?
to families participating in education related the goals of the State Improvement            You will receive $50 for a half-day meeting
meetings where they can make a difference. Grant.                                            and $100 for a full-day meeting. Any meeting
The fund assists families who do not have                                                    that is four hours or less is considered a
any other agency support to become active                                                    half-day meeting. Meetings longer than four
members of decision-making committees,                                                       hours are considered full-day meetings.
task forces and other policy-making bodies.                                                  What if the meeting is longer than one
Trainings, workshops and conferences are                                                     day?
not paid for under this program.                                                             Multiple-day meetings are paid according
                                                                                             to the length of the meeting. For example,
When a parent or guardian of a child with a                                                  attendance at a three-day meeting would
disability attends a decision-making meeting,                                                qualify for a $300 stipend while a day-and-
they are eligible for an attendance stipend                                                  a-half meeting would pay $150. Additionally,
as well as reimbursement of most expenses        In order to receive Family Participation    the multiple-day meeting is counted as just
related to attending that meeting. The stipend   Funds, you must submit the following:       one of the two meetings you may claim in
is a payment to the parent or guardian                                                       each month.
simply for attending the meeting. Expenses                                                   Are there limitations on the expenses
                                                 1. Copy of the Meeting Agenda - All
include mileage or travel expenses, childcare,                                               that I can claim?
meals, and lodging, when those expenses          requests must have a copy of the meet-
                                                                                             Yes, lodging can not exceed $84 a day and
are necessary for meeting attendance.            ing agenda included with the request.
                                                                                             meals can not exceed $37 a day. Mileage
                                                 Most application denials are because        is paid at 34 cents a mile. Receipts must be
How to Qualify for Family Participation          agendas are not included.                   submitted for all expenses except mileage.
Funds                                            2. Stipend Request Form - This form         For bus or train fare, you may use your ticket
                                                 provides the information needed to          as the receipt.
To qualify for funding, families must:           receive a stipend for meeting atten-        What are the most common reasons
  * Have a child with disabilities.              dance.                                      for denying a Family Participation Fund
  * Attend local, regional or statewide          3. Request for Reimbursement of Other       claim?
meetings to provide their ideas to deci-         Expenses Form - This form requests          The most common reason that claims are
                                                 reimbursement for meeting related           denied is the failure to provide a copy of
sion makers about education policy.
                                                 expenses. If no expenses are being          the meeting agenda with the claim. Other
  * Not be receiving a stipend from the                                                      common reasons include: submitting the
agency conducting the meeting.                   claimed, this form is not necessary.
                                                                                             claim after the 30-day deadline, failure to
These meetings include, but are not              4. Family Participation Fund Survey -       include receipts for expense reimbursement,
limited to, the following:                       This survey gathers information about       incomplete forms, or exceeding the number
  ~The Interagency Coordinating Coun             the parent’s participation in the meeting   of claims allowable each month.
    cil (ICC);                                   and is used to evaluate the effective-      Can both my husband and I submit a
  ~The Regional Coordinating Councils;           ness of the program.                        claim for the same meeting?
  ~The State Special Education Advi                                                          No, only one member per household may
    sory Committees;                   Each of these forms (except meeting                   submit a claim for a meeting. And that
                                       agendas) may be downloaded from our
  ~Task forces/committees where families                                                     household may only submit two claims per
                                       website at Or call:                    month.
provide input on issues affecting the
                                       916-325-1690 Ext. 306 and ask about
education of children with disabilities, to
                                       forms for Family Participation Funds.                 What can happen if I submit a claim for
appropriate decision makers.
                                       From our web site, simply click the                   a meeting I did not attend?
                                                                                             Submitting fraudulent claims is illegal. If you
Other restrictions include:            button for the Family Participation Fund
                                                                                             knowingly submit a claim for a meeting
* One person per household per meeting and page down until you find the link                 you did not attend, or if you fraudulently
may apply for stipend and reimburse- to each form.                                           attempt to receive claims in excess of the
                                       Forms may be sent by mail or fax
                                                                                                                  continued on page 7
 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                              SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                 5
Special Needs Inclusion Project
by Debbie T. Benitez, Ph.D, Project Coordinator

   Last quarter, The Department           children and
 of Children, Youth and Families’         youth they                                     Parent Mentor Update
 Special Needs Inclusion Project          serve.                                         by Sonia Spisz, Parent Mentor
 was in the process of addressing                                                        Program Coordinator
 the inclusion needs of children and      Our hope is                                     Won’t You Consider Becom-
 youth with disabilities and their        to serve as                                     ing a Parent Mentor?
 families through a formal survey         many agen-
 that was distributed. Community-         cies as pos-                                    The next Parent Mentor Training
 based organizations from across          sible so that                                   conducted in English is sched-
 the city completed the survey,           they have the                                   uled for June 16th, 17th and
 which elicited information on the        tools neces-                                    24th.
 training and technical assistance        sary to provide successful inclusion            If you’ve been thinking about
 needed to build, increase, and           experiences to both children and youth          becoming one of Support for
 maintain an inclusive program.           with and without disabilities.                  Families’ mentors, now is your
                                                                                          chance. The training focuses on
 Fortunately, we had an over-             As a way to inform our strategic planning       assisting parents of children with
 whelming response to the survey,         process, we are also conducting focus           special needs in increasing their
 which indicated something signifi-       groups to gain more specific information        knowledge of disability related
 cant: professionals throughout the       on the needs and interests of families,         resources and laws; systems
 city are ready and willing to build      professionals and children and youth            navigation; self-advocacy and
 capacity in their programs to effec-     with disabilities.                              positive communication skills.
 tively include and support children
 and youth with disabilities.             In total, we are holding 11 family (7           For those of you who are new
                                          English groups, 2 Spanish groups                to San Francisco or new to Sup-
 To address the training needs of         and 2 Cantonese focus groups),                  port for Families, the Parent
 the DCYF funded organizations,           4 provider and approximately 3                  Mentor Program has been offer-
 the SNIP Inclusion Council (com-         children/youth focus groups.                    ing parent to parent support for
 prised of City departments, com-                                                         over fifteen years. The program
 munity based organizations with          Each focus group will last approximately        is designed to offer parent to
 expertise in serving children and        2 hours and we are hoping to draw at            parent support in a positive,
 youth with disabilities, and family      least 8-12 individuals per group. This is       non-judgmental and resourceful
 representatives) will be providing       a large turnout to expect, but the more         manner. In addition, families
 three large trainings for profes-        voices we hear within these groups, the         receive ongoing support through
 sionals by mid summer.                   better we will be able to illustrate the        the mentor coordinator who helps
                                          need for inclusion in community-based           provide a network of support in
 Over 81% of the agencies wanted          programming.                                    a time of need.
 their staff to be trained in:
                                          We would like to extend our thanks to           As the parent mentor coordina-
 (1) Disability Awareness,                our Inclusion Council members who               tor, I encourage you to receive
                                          have been working so diligently in devel-       support from a mentor and/or
 (2) Identifying and Working with         oping the tools we need to effect positive      become a mentor yourself.
 Children and Youth with Disabili-        change for our children and youth in San
 ties, and                                Francisco.                                      To learn more about this pro-
                                                                                          gram, the training and the parent
 (3) Systems, Services, Laws, and         If you are a city professional or a             mentor support groups, please
 Rights.                                  family member of a child with (or               call me, Sonia Spisz, Parent
                                          without) a disability, and would like           Mentor Coordinator at (415)
 Once these larger trainings are          to be a part of our Council, please             920-5040       or    email     at
 underway, we will also begin offer-      contact:                              
 ing training and technical assis-
 tance to individual agencies who         Debbie Benitez, Special Needs                   I hope to hear from you ! v
 requested specific information and       Inclusion Project Coordinator at
 topics for their staff, families, and    415/282-7494 v

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                    SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                       6
High Risk Infant Interagency Council (HRIIC)
submitted by Patsy Hampton, HRIIC Coordinator - for more Information about HRIIC or the SNP call: 415/206-7743
                      General Mission and Activities

                      HRIIC’s mission is to ensure that all children birth to five, who are at risk for, or who have developmen-
                      tal delays, receive family-centered services in a timely and coordinated manner through interagency

                      HRIIC’s objectives and activities are to act as a central body for interagency efforts to coordinate and
                      improve services and to increase service capacity. We do this by:
                                  and coordinating the Round Table and Multi-Agency Team
                      ˜Coordinating interagency stakeholder meetings
                      ˜Coordinating developmental screening and data collection for Pre-School for All

                      ˜Overseeing the Special Needs Project

  HRIIC will coordinate and conduct parent, professional & community training efforts by:
  ˜Developing   training opportunities for families and professionals
  ˜Serving   as a co-sponsor of the annual Information and Resource Conference
   HRIIC will conduct public awareness and outreach on the importance of early referral, child find efforts and current
  projects by:
  ˜Developing   and coordinating of public awareness materials
  ˜Conducting   targeted outreach

                                                                            Special Needs Project              PreSchool for All
Special Needs Project                           What?                      One of 10 demonstration         A city-funded initiative to pro-
˜One   of 10 demonstration sites partic-                                   projects across the state       vide universal access to free
ipating in planning, implementing, and                                     with a focus on developmen-     part-day preschool programs
analyzing effective strategies and sys-                                    tal screening, coordination     for all San Francisco 4-year
tems improvements, providing the basis                                     of services, inclusive child-   olds. Each year new neigh-
for future First 5 program standards and                                   care, and evaluation.           borhoods will be added.
advocacy efforts.
˜Enhanced service delivery approaches,
                                                                           Mission (94110) and Potrero In year one: Mission (94110),
which include a continuum of support            Where?                     (94107) neighborhoods       Excelsior (94112), Bayview
appropriate to children’s individual needs,                                                            (94124), and Vis Valley
will be accessible to families.                                                                        (94134).
˜Each demonstration site is associated                                     All children 0-5 years of age 4 year olds enrolled at spe-
with a School Readiness Initiative Pro-         Who are we Targeting?      in these two neighborhoods. cific pre-school sites (there
gram                                                                                                     are 26 sites)
                                                                           We are using 4 screening        Because we want to build a
Four primary emphasis areas:                    How are we doing the       tools required for all of       city-wide system that is con-
1. Universal access to screening for            screening?                 the demonstration sites: the    sistent, Preschool for all is
early identification/diagnosis and referrals                               ASQ-developmental; ASQ-         using the ASQ-developmental
for physical and developmental issues                                      Social-emotional; PSI-SF        and a health survey.
(including social/emotional/behavioral)                                    and a health survey.
2. Improved access to and utilization
of services and supports through coor-                                     Community agencies such     We are hiring staff to do the
dination and reallocation of existing           Who is doing the screen-   as CARECN, Portreo Hill     screening.
resources and building of new supple-           ing?                       Family Resource Center,
mental resources                                                           San Francisco General, Mis-
3. Inclusion of young children with dis-                                   sion Head Start, Family
abilities and other special needs in appro-                                Development Center and
priate typical preschools, child care and                                  others.
development and other community set-                                       Lead agency for the over-       Overseeing the screening
tings with provision of necessary sup-          What is HRIIC’s Role?      sight and administration of     efforts at each site.
ports to help the child succeed in these                                   the project
4. Evaluation to identify effective prac-                                  Support for Families, First 5, First 5 is the lead administra-
                                                Who else is involved?      school readiness sites, Round  tor for this project.
tices and to improve programs, and train-                                  Table, mandated agencies,
ing and technical assistance v                                             community agencies in targeted

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                   SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                             7

                                              of California
Family Voices of California’s 5th Annual Health Summit and Legislative Day!
submitted by Linda Vossler-Swan, Council Coordinator for Family Voices of California
    On March 15th Family Voices of             ation of mandating enrollment in Medi-
California held its 5th annual statewide       Cal managed care for children and youth             On March 16th, following the Health
Health Summit on the fifteenth floor of        with special health care needs.                  Summit Family Voices of California held
the California Dental Association Build-                                                        its fourth annual Legislative Day. After
ing overlooking downtown Sacramento.               Participants heard from the Depart-          attending the Health Summit, families
Families of children and youth with spe-       ment of Health, the Chairs of both the           met in a hearing room in the Capitol
cial health care needs, consumers, pro-        California Senate and Assembly budget            Building.
viders, advocates, policy analysts, health     subcommittees on Health, various advo-
plans, state agency representatives and        cate groups and, providers and families               After receiving information and
legislators gathered together to discuss       concerning budget proposals impacting            training, they visited their legislators
access to health care for children and         children and youth with special health           to provide information about their chil-
youth with special health care needs.          care needs. Participants                                               dren and their special
                                               had an opportunity to ask                                              health care needs
   This years Health Summit looked             questions and hear from                                                and how budget pro-
at “Challenges to Accessing Appro-             a variety of different per-                                            posals might impact
priate and Affordable Family Centered          spectives, which led to                                                their family. Families
Health Care for Children and Youth             lively discussions involv-                                             visited twenty-four
with Special Health Care Need.” Partic-        ing all participants at the                                            legislators, and a
ipants focused their attention on current      Summit.                                                                couple families
health care proposals/initiatives impact-                                                                             received a surprise
ing children and youth with special               Families did a won-                                                 glimpse of Governor
health care needs, and serving children        derful job in the discus-                                              Schwarzenegger in
and youth with special health care needs       sions of articulating how the various poli-      the hallway by his office. In all, it was a
in managed care.                               cies supported or created challenges to          very successful day! It is always impor-
                                               accessing the special health care they           tant for people making decisions to hear
    Speakers from across the state,            need for their children and changes that         from those who will be impacted by the
as well as from Washington D.C., pro-          would be helpful.                                decisions
vided information about the changes to
Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) in the           Finally, participants developed a                 We hope even more families will par-
recently passed federal budget that will       prioritized list of strategies for improve-      ticipate in next years March 2007 Health
impact families of children and you with       ment to work on in the coming year. A            Summit and Legislative Day.
special health care needs who are Med-         full write up of the proceedings of the
icaid beneficiaries, and the need to           Health Summit will be available in early         If you have any questions, please call:
develop appropriate performance mea-           May on the Family Voices of CA website           Linda Vossler-Swan at 282-7494; or
sures for health plans, prior to consider-     at                      email: lswan@supportforfamilies.orgv

   continued from CAFEC on page 4                from the claim upon receipt and names are         According to the IRS, the stipends are con-
                                                 never associated with any survey. Your eval-      sidered taxable income. The expense reim-
household limitations, you                       uation is very important to the California        bursements are not taxable. You should
may be restricted from sub-                      Department of Education.                          speak with a qualified tax person to fully
mitting any future claims.                                                                         understand your tax obligations.
This includes attempts to                        Is my Social Security Number required?
claim funds for multiple                         Yes, the IRS and state law require us             Are the Family Participation Funds unlim-
family members by using post office boxes        to maintain social security numbers on            ited?
or different addresses.                          anyone receiving Family Participation Fund
                                                 stipends. However, we go to great lengths         Unfortunately no. While every effort will
How important is the survey?                     to keep this number confidential. Access to       be made to honor all requests for funds,
The survey helps us gather information           your social security number is restricted to      the Family Participation Fund is limited and
about your participation in meetings and         only the people processing your claim. The        there is no guarantee of funding to any
                                                 number is not released to any other entity,       applicant.
other activities that were paid for by this
                                                 not even the State of California.
fund. This information is used to evaluate
program efficiency and is in no way tied
                                                 Will I be taxed on the Family Participation
to funding eligibility. Surveys are removed
                                                 Funds that I receive?

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                             SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                  8
Trainings and Events at Support for Families
SFCD offers a variety of free training opportunities for families and
 All trainings/clinics listed below take   To register for a PPW, call 920.5040
 place at Open Gate, 2601 Mission          (Reserve early as space lls up fast!)
 Street (@22nd St.), 3rd Floor (unless                                                 Dale Law Firm-Special Needs Trust
 noted otherwise). We are located in       HRIIC (High Risk Infant Interagency         Workshops
 the U.S. Bank Building at the corner of   Council) WORKSHOPS                          August 26, 2006 Walnut Creek, CA
 22nd and Mission Streets.                 All workshops are from 6:30-8:30pm          For further information phone:
                                           at Support for Familes. Light supper        925-280-0172
 To attend a workshop, and/or to           will be provided. To attend a work-
 reserve childcare or interpretation       shop, and/or to reserve childcare           Dale Law Firm-Limited Conservator-
 services, you must RSVP at least one      or interpretation services, you must        ships for Persons 18 Years or Older with
 week in advance at: 920.5040.             RSVP at least one week in advance           Developmental Disabilities
                                           at: 415.206.7743.                           August 26, 2006 Walnut Creek, CA
 CLINICS (afternoons from 4-6pm)                                                       For further information phone:
 offer small group trainings on                                                        925-280-0172
                                           ˜ September 26 – Transition from
 specic topics and are repeated           Early Intervention
 monthly.                                                                                         September 2006

                                           ˜ October 10 – Understanding                Aspire, Achieve, Empower: The First
                                           Early Intervention                          Conference on Mentoring for Youth
 ON HOLD FOR JULY 2006                                                                 with Disabilities to be held from Sep-
                                                                                       tember 13-15, 2006 - Boston, MA.
                                                     SAVE THE DATES!!                  For more info :
 ˜ I.E.P. (Cantonese)
 Thursdays, August 3, September 7                                            
                                             October 2006 - Annual Fall Fund-          conference.htm
 Learn about special education laws,
 services & the IEP process.
                                             For more info Audrey Special
                                             Events Coordinator at
 ˜ I.E.P. (English) Thursdays, August
 10, September 14
  Learn about special education laws,
 services & the IEP process.
                                           EVENTS BY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS:
 ˜ I.E.P. (Spanish)
 Thursdays, August 17, September 21
                                                           July 2006
 Learn about special education laws,
                                           Developing Local Systems of Care
 services & the IEP process.
                                           for Children and Adolescents with
                                           Emotional Disturbances and their
 ˜ Transition Planning in the IEP
 Thursdays, August 24, September 28
                                           July 12-15, 2006, Orlando, Florida
 Learn about transition services for
                                           For further information phone:
 children aged 14 and over and
                                           202-687-5000 or email
 how to effectively participate in the                                                 Photo caption:
 development of your child’s transition
 plan.                                                                                 Ron Dorey, President of the
                                           National Down Syndrome Congress:
                                           34th Annual Convention Open Possi-          Pamakid Runners Club, presents
 PARENT/PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOPS                                                         a check for $5,000 to Executive
 (Saturdays, approximately
                                           July 21-23, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia          Director Juno Duenas and Devel-
                                           To Register check website at                opment Director Jan Watson. The
                                           National Down Syndrome Congress.            Pamakid Runners have supported
                                                                                       SFCD for many years through their
                                                        August 2006                    annual San Francisco Half Mara-
 ˜ PPW in September 2006
                                            US Autism and Asperger Association
 TBA,                                                                                  thon race held every Super Bowl
                                            Internation Conference
 Saturday, September 9th,                                                              Sunday!
                                            August 9-12, 2006, Park City Utah
 9:30 am-2 pm
                                            For more information go to website

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                     SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                                 9
Support Groups
Support Groups Sponsored by Support for Families
All SFCD support groups are free of charge and most provide childcare. Many are held off-site (not at Open Gate), so if you are interested in
participating in any of these groups, call Open Gate, (415) 920-5040 for information/location.

Alternative Families Support Group                                                                      Provides monthly training, individual con-
                                                    Mission Head Start Group
For gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered                                                                  sultation, information and referrals.
                                                    Meets: One day a month
parents of young children with disabilities.                                                            Call Avilone Franklin at (415) 920-5040.
                                                    For Spanish speaking families of children
Currently this group is on hold. If you             0-5 with special needs, providing a
are interested, please call the number              support group, individual consultation,
listed above. Meets: One Tuesday a                  and information/referral to community               Support Groups Sponsored by
month.                                              services.                                           Other Organizations
                                                                                                         There are several organizations in the SF
Asperger’s Group                                    Parent Mentor Group-English                          Bay Area that offer similar support groups
Meets: 1st Saturday of the month                    Meets: Every 3rd Thursday of the month.              as SFCD. These organizations offer many
A forum for families to talk, share informa-        For parents who are participating in the             more groups than can be listed here, so
tion, and learn with other families in similar      Parent Mentor Program (a program which               contact the organization convenient to you
situations. It will also provide opportunities      matches parent mentors who have been                 and you may find the support group that
for guest speakers and social gatherings            trained by SFCD to assist parents). This             serves your needs.
for families.                                       group has a strong training and
                                                    educational component.                               In Contra Costa County:
Chinese-Speaking Groups. Currently,                                                                      CARE Parent Network
we offer 3 Chinese speaking groups:                 Parent Mentor Group-Spanish                          925.313.0999
a) For families of children 0-5 years old, (in      Meets: Every 1st Saturday of the month.    
partnership with the Chinatown Child                Similar to the support group description
Development Center), providing a monthly            above, only presented in Spanish.                    In Alameda County:
support group, individual consultation, &                                                                Family Resource Network
information/referral to community                   Prader-Willi Group                                   510.547.7322
services. Meets: Every 3rd Monday of the            Meets: Every other month on the 3rd Sat-             (no www)
month;                                              urday. For families of children with Prader-
b) For families of children with any kind           Willi Syndrome. Sibling component also
of special health care need, any age                provided.                                            In Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano
Meets: Every 4th Sunday of the month;                                                                    Counties:
c) and the Sunset Parents Group                     Sibling Support Groups                               MATRIX Parent Network & Resource
Meets: Every 2nd Saturday of the month              Meets: 3 Mondays a month. There are cur-             Center
For more information, call                          rently 2 sibling groups. They provide peer           415.884.3535
Lisa Yee at 920.5040.                               support for children & teens who have a    
                                                    brother or a sister with a disability.
Deaf /Hearing Loss Group                                                                                 In San Mateo County:
Meets: Every 3rd Thursday of the month              NEW! Sibling Support Group on                        MORE Family Resource Center
(during the school year).                           Saturdays!                                           650.259.0189
For families who have children with hearing         Meets: One Saturday a month. Come                    (no www)
loss or deafness. It is a collaborative effort      attend this new group that will provide peer
between SFCD and the UC Center on                   support for children & teens who have a              In Santa Clara County:
Deafness.                                           brother or a sister with a disability.               Parents Helping Parents
Family Links to Mental Health                       Spanish Speaking Group                     
Group                                               Meets: Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the
                                                    month. For Spanish-speaking families with            DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SPECIFIC GROUPS
Meets: Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the
                                                    children with any kind of disability.                San Francisco Unified School District
                                                                                                         Autism Parent Support Group (for the
For families of children with emotional and
                                                    Tuesday Night Group                                  2005 school year). Meets: 2nd Thursday/
behavioral concerns. Group offers support
                                                    Meets: Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the                month at an SFUSD location. For more
& guidance in dealing with challenging
                                                    month. For families with recently                    info call Rachel Goldstein 415.487.6870.
behaviors and navigating the mental health
                                                    diagnosed infants or young children.                 Childcare can be provided at Open Gate
                                                                                                         ONLY with 2 weeks notice to 920. 5040.
                                                    OMI Support Group                                    Autism Task Force Subcommittee
Living with Loss Group                                                                                   For more information call Priya Sodhi at
Meets: 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month               Meets: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month
                                                    A new community resource for children                415.355.7727
For families with medically fragile children
and/or families facing issues of loss due to        Birth to 5 years with specials needs.
illness or death.                                                                                                            Continued on page 10

  2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                    SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                       10
Continued from, Support Groups, p. 9
                                                3:20pm. Call Emily Bittner at 627.6939.          GRIEF GROUPS
Autism/Pervasive Developmental Dis-
                                                Mission High School Group: Meets                 Grief & Loss Group Westside CalWorks
order Support Group
                                                Wednesdays 2:30-3:20pm. For high                 Counseling Program: 170 Otis Street,
Helen Rossini at 415.600.6200
                                                school & transition students with                1st Floor. Call 522.7130
Asperger’s Late-Teen & Young Adult
                                                cognitive disabilities. Contact Emily            Grupo AMPARO: Pregnancy Loss or
Group: For support and social activities,
                                                Bittner at 627.6939.                             Infant Death (in Spanish) St. Luke’s, 3555
Camilla, 415.285.4915
                                                                                                 Cesar Chavez, 415.764.0211.
Autism Parent Support Group
                                                LEARNING DISABILITIES
Angie Redamacher, 925.556.5551
                                                Center for Independent Living (CIL)              Support After Neonatal Death (SAND)
Children with Pervasive Developmental
                                                Young Adults (ages 14-22) with LD Sup-           meets 2nd & 4th Wednesday at California
Disorder (PDD) Oakes Children’s Center
                                                port Group                                       Pacific Medical Center, 3700 California St.
provides outpatient therapy for groups of
                                                This group focuses on assisting young            For information, Chris 415-282-7330 or
6-15 year olds with PDD. Groups concen-
                                                adults in understanding their LD and             Mark 415-522-7400.
trate on socialization skills including peer
                                                how it impacts multiple areas of their lives.
relations, near age-appropriate behaviors,
                                                Meets: Wednesdays, 5-6:30pm, Oakland             Living with Illness, for families living
development of interests, and capacity for
                                                Public Library, 125 14th St., Oakland.           with a life threatening or catastrophic
working together. Contact Debbie Vuong,
                                                Contact: Luciana R. Sandoval at Center for       illness. 6:30-7:30pm, 2nd & 4th
MA, 415.564.2310
                                                Independent Living, 510.841.4776, x132 or        Tuesday at Institute for Health and
PARCA-Parent Support Meeting
                                                             Healing, California Pacific Medical
3rd Tuesday of every month, 7pm,
                                                                                                 Center, 3700 Calif. St, Child
South San Francisco Community Center
                                                Center for Independent Living (CIL)’s            Development Center.
33 Arroyo Dr (in the office area or
                                                Community Giving Back (CGB) Support              Dr. Iverson 415.600.3660
Betty Weber Room). For more info, call
                                                Group for youth ages 14-22 with LD and/or
Sue Digre at 650.312.0730 x111 or
                                                ADHD. The purpose of this group is to build      Family Grief Support Groups: Hospice
                                                self-esteem, awareness and to learn how to       By the Bay offers 8 week, low-cost grief
Support Group for Parents of Kids with
                                                help the community. The group goes out into      support groups for families who have
Disabilities at the San Francisco Church
                                                the community & learns about ways it can         experienced the death of a loved one,
of Christ in Burlingame. For more info, call
                                                help. The first tour took place on               with concurrent but separate sessions for
Tracey Howell at 650.571.7482
                                                June 17, 2004. Contact: Luciana R. San-          children, teenagers and adults.
                                                doval at Center for Independent Living,          Beth at 415.626.5900
                                                510.841.4776, x132 or
Coalition of Parents & Educators of the
                                                             JAPANESE SPEAKING SUPPORT GROUPS
Deaf/Blind (COPE D/B)
Jackie Kenley, 415.239.0545                                                                      Father’s Group: Contact Mr. Kubo at
                                                Adults with Learning Differences/                408.376-0350.
Epilepsy Foundation of Northern
                                                Learning Disabilities (LD)                       Intergrated playgroup for children with/
California Support Group: 2nd
                                                “Moving Forward” support group is free of        without disabilities presented by PHP of
Thursday of every month, 7-9pm, Cal
                                                charge and meets on first Wednesday of           Santa Clara. Contact Kazue Lowenstein:
Pacific Medical Center, Level A, Dining
                                                each month. Sara Diamond 415.255-1801            408.727.5775 x165 or or
Room 1-2, 2333 Buchanan Street. Call
                                                or                         check out:
Diane DelCiaro at 415.600.6000
Little People of America Parent                                                                  Infant Group
                                                CHADD of Northern CA (Children &                 This new support group for infants (0-3)
Support Group Shirley Figone,
                                                Adults with ADD/ADHD)                            and their families will meet at PHP. For
                                                Drop-in group for adults & teens with            more information, please call Yoriko at
Robert Louie Family Cancer
                                                ADHD & their significant others.                 (408) 956-1256.
Support Program. A program
                                                Marin Community Mental Health,
committed to providing emotional &
                                                Greenbrae. Contact: Beverlee at
social support for children &                                                                   Continued from, Datebook, p. 8
teenagers with cancer and their families.                                                               Ongoing Meetings
Meets: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
of the month at the corner of Lake and
                                                FATHER’S SUPPORT GROUPS
                                                Fathers’ Support Group-Woodacre                 ˜Golden Gate Regional Center Board
Arguello. Call Anquanitte at 510.444.5096
                                                Meets: Every 2nd Saturday of the month.         of Trustees meets the 3rd Monday of the
Support and Advocacy Group for
                                                Get together with other fathers of children     month at 7:30 pm. Call 415.546.9222 for
Parents of Children with Fragile X
                                                with disabilities, share your experiences and   location.
Syndrome monthly meetings.
                                                pull together resources.                        ˜Area Board 5 meetings are the 4th
Call Stephanie, 925.938.3150 or
                                                2 Bird Cafe, Woodacre                           Wednesday of the month. Call
                                                Contact: Michael McQuilkin, 415.883.2952        510.286.0439 for location.
                                                Japanese Speaking Group for Fathers             ˜Community Advisory Committee on
                                                from Parents Helping Parents of Santa           Special Education (CAC) meets the 4th
Ulloa Group: Support group for
                                                Clara: Contact Mr. Kubo at 408.376-0350.        Thursday of the month, 7-9pm at Open
children with disabilities meets at Ulloa
Elementary School, Mondays 2:30-                                                                Gate.

  2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                             SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                                      11
Signs of Behavioral, Emotional or Mental Health Issues
From the soon-to-be-published Guide to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth in San Francisco, a collaborative project of
Support for Families and San Francisco Community Behavioral Health Services

    Before you seek a complete assessment, you may want to try:
          xTalking with your child to discover how she sees things
          xTaking your child to the doctor to identify any physical causes that may be affecting your child’s behavior, such as allergies, hearing problems, or
          change in medication
          xDetermining if new changes in the family - moving to a new home, divorce, death, or new baby - could be a cause of the behaviors
          xModifying your child’s routine to see if that helps
          xTalking with friends, relatives, or school personnel to nd out if they see the same problems or have suggestions for helping your child and family
          xLearning new ways to support your child through behavior management or conict resolution classes

    If you have ruled out obvious causes of your child’s behavior, but still aren’t sure if your child needs more help, consider the following

    The Duration of a Troublesome Behavior - Does it just go on and on with no sign that the child is going to outgrow it and progress to
    a new stage?

    The Intensity of a Behavior - For instance, while temper tantrums are normal in almost all children, some tantrums could be so extreme that
    they are frightening to parents and indicate that some specic intervention might be necessary. As parents, you should pay particular attention
    to behaviors such as feelings of despair or hopelessness; lack of interest in family, friends, school, or other activities once considered enjoyable;
    or behaviors which are dangerous to the child or to others.

    The Age of the Child - While some behavior might be quite normal for a child of two, observation of other children of the youngster’s age may
    lead to the conclusion that the behavior in question is not quite right for a ve year old. Not all children reach the same emotional milestones at
    the same age, but extreme deviations from age-appropriate behaviors may well be cause for concern.

VERY YOUNG CHILDREN (UP TO FIVE YEARS                      trician. Ask for a checklist that can help you iden-   ˜ Have trouble paying attention or concentrating
OLD)                                                       tify the stages of infant development. If needed,      on tasks like homework?
                                                           your child’s pediatrician can refer you to pro-        ˜ Seem to have lost interest in hobbies like music

Sometimes very young children show early signs             grams that specialize in assessing very young          or sports?
of developing signicant behavior or emotional             children.                                              ˜ Show signs of using drugs and/or alcohol?

disorders. Early identication and early interven-                                                                ˜ Talk about death or suicide?

tion can help.                                             CHILDREN, YOUTH AND TEENS (5 TO 18)
                                                                                                                  The Center for Mental Health Services suggests
Infants (up to a year old) may need an assess-             As children progress through elementary school,        that if you answered yes to 4 or more of these
ment when they:                                            middle school, and high school they go through         questions, and these behaviors last longer than 2
                                                           many stages. Parents are sometimes unsure              weeks, you should consult with your pediatrician
˜ Don’t react in a developmentally appropriate             which behaviors are normal for their child’s stage     or contact a mental health professional.
way (not responding to parents’ smiles; not fol-           of development and which behaviors are signs of
lowing objects with eyes)                                  deeper problems that need treatment. The follow-       Family Links to Mental Health Services
˜ Overreact to stimuli - cry constantly, startle very
                                                           ing questions may help you identify your areas         If you are interested in peer support, professional
easily                                                     of concern:                                            consultation, assistance in accessing mental
˜ Lose weight or don’t gain weight                                                                                health services or participating in our new parent
                                                           Does my child...                                       group, you can call or drop in at Open Gate Family
                                                           ˜Often seem sad, tired, restless or out of sorts?      Resource Center at 2601 Mission St., 3rd Floor,
Young children (ages 1-5) may need a closer
                                                           ˜ Spend a lot of time alone?                           415/920-5040 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri-
look by professionals if they show a six-
                                                           ˜ Have low self-esteem?                                days from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; and Tuesdays
month or more delay in developing:
                                                           ˜ Have trouble getting along with family, friends      and Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
 ˜ Language
 ˜ Motor skills
                                                           and peers?
                                                           ˜ Have frequent outbursts of shouting, complain-       * Adapted from A Guidebook for Parents of
 ˜ Thinking skills
Other signs of possible problems include biting,           ing, or crying?                                        Children with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders,
                                                           ˜ Have trouble performing or behaving in               Pacer Center, Third Edition, 2001 Minneapolis,
head banging, hitting and difculty in developing
affectionate relationships with relatives and care-        school?                                                MN and AACAP, Facts for Families
                                                           ˜ Show sudden changes in eating patterns?              v
givers. If you are concerned about your infant’s or
                                                           ˜ Sleep too much or not enough?
young child’s development, talk with your pedia-

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                    SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                                  12
Summer Transition: Taking Charge to Access Services
by John F. Weber, Improving Transition Outcomes Project Coordinator

Mark Twain - A famous playwright once said, “The coldest Winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco.”
   In San Francisco, cold or hot, for many youth in our city, summer means high school graduations, going on long vacations with the family,
hanging out with friends at Stonestown Galleria, checking out the latest ick at the Metreon Theatre and landing that perfect summer job!
Unfortunately, this is not the reality for hundreds of youth with disabilities. Summer often represents boredom and long days and nights at home.

   As the ITOP Coordinator, I had the privilege to listen to 58 youth with a variety of disabilities and 48 parents who candidly expressed their need
to access social and recreational services, supportive employment, housing and services for youth with disabilities. I was deeply moved by their
experiences and as a person with a disability, I also remember the long lonely summers looking out of my bedroom window.

   If you are interested in building San Francisco’s capacity to serve youth with disabilities, please join the Improving Transition Outcomes Project
(ITOP) Council. The ITOP Council meets the second Wednesday of each month. For more information on how to get involved, contact John Weber,
ITOP Coordinator at (415) 282-7494 or

    If you require assistance in nding services now, please call the Support For Families phone line at 415-920-5040.
In addition, below is a tool that youth and families may nd useful in their search.

   This TRANSITION SERVICES PHONE INTERVIEW GUIDE is made available from National Information Center for Children and Youth with
Disabilities (NICHCY). When you start cold calling and searching for service providers, start with agencies that can refer you to other organizations,
such as Support for Families, Vocational Rehabilitation or an Independent Living Center. You should obtain [1] Name of Organization [2]Name
of Person You Spoke with [3] Position [4] Address [5] Phone Number [6] Fax Number and; [6] Date Contacted. Below is sample phone script
that you can use as a guide.v

                 Sample phone script:
                 “Hello, this is _____________________.
                 I am a (teacher, parent, family member, administrator, coordinator) of a youth (young adult) who is”
                 [OR if you are the student, then “I am”] __________ (exploring career options, exploring where to live after graduation,
                 interested in a recreational program, or whatever ts your ultimate goals).
                 I am looking for information to help in planning for my (own, son’s, daughter’s, family member’s, student’s) future.
                 I found your organization through ______________________________ (another agency, the yellow pages, a publication)
                 and I am interested in learning more about what services you provide (or what your organization does). Could you tell me
                 who in your organization I should talk to about this? Thank you.

                   1. Please tell me about your agency/organization. Who do you serve? What services do you offer?
                   2. How does one get involved with your agency/organization? Are there special eligibility or admission requirements?
                   How does one apply?
                   3. Are there costs involved in participating in your agency’s or organization’s programs? If so, how much are they?
                   Do you offer special rates?
                   4. Do you have any ideas about how your agency or organization might help meet a need such as: [Describe a
                   “specic problem or need” that you might have, for example: youth has a visual disability and needs assistance
                   changing buses; youth has physical disability and is interested in playing a sport; teen parent with a learning disability
                   needs child care so that she can go to work after school; and so forth.]
                   5. Could you refer me to some other people, agencies, or organizations that might offer some services to meet
                   this need?
                   6. Do you have any written materials describing your agency (or organization)?
                   If so, could you please send them to me _________________[your name] at______________________ [your
                   address]. Thank you for speaking with me today. This information is very helpful in planning my (own, student’s,
                   son’s, daughter’s) future as a member of our community. Best wishes for fullling your agency’s (or organization’s)

                   To obtain the full copy of the NINCHY Publication - Transition Planning: A Team Effort, please contact
                   the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities,
                   NICHCY Transition Summary #TS10,
                   A publication of NICHCY
                   P.O. Box 1492 - Washington, DC 20013 -1-800-695-0285 (Voice/TT)-(202) 884-8200 (Voice/TT) - E-mail:

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                               SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                       13

Open Forum
The following bulletins have been placed at the request of various parents & professionals. These are not
endorsements, but are included for your information below.

 EasterSeals launches new site !
                                                                                            AblePlay, products for will provide vis-
                                              NEW MEDICAL GUIDE ABOUT                       children with Special Needs
 itors with a wealth of information,          CHILDHOOD DEPRESSION                          has a new website with
 resources, and practical guidance on         A large coalition of medical                  independant customer ratings
 inclusion.                                   professionals recently launched               of toys.
                                    , a new
 http://                                      resource center for parents of chil-          Check out their website at:            dren and adolescents with depres-
                                              sion. Check out new site at:        

  SIDS/ID Project of the National
  Center for Cultural Competence
  has added a new feature to their
  website. This feature is a list of
  frequently asked questions about           NEW PROGRAM HELPS SPECIAL
  the whats, whys and hows of                NEEDS KIDS LEARN SPEECH AND
  providing language access for              LANGUAGE                                      Families USA produces new Action
  the individuals and families you                                                         Kit for Community Leaders that make
  serve. It contains useful links to                                                       public programs work for Communities
  an array of resources.                     Wordwindow is a fun new
                                                                                           of Color
                                             way for special needs
  The web site can be found at:              children to learn speech                      Its focus is on advocacy and health dis-
                                             and language basics.                          parties (January 2006)                                                       Please goto their website for further infor-
  languageaccess.html                        Available in VHS & DVD.

                                             For more information                
WestEd releases a new training               goto:                                         for-advocates/kits/minority-health-
module for Early Childhood edu-                                                            tool-kit.html
For more information go to                                                          A National Institute on Disability Proj-
rs/800                                       Disaster Prepareness Guide published          ect called RECTEC offers an easy to
                                             by the Florida Institute for Family           use database for people with disabli-
                                             Involvement                                   lites.
        New from NICHCY
                                             This guide will assist families in disaster   Go check it out at:
The National Dissemination                   planning, preparation, response, and
Center for Children with Dis-                recovery.                                     equipments/index.php
abilities lauches new Research     
Center. Please visit them at http:/          PDF%20Files/
                                                                                            African-American family of son
                                                   Oral Health for Children                 with Autism runs NEW! website.
                                                                                            They have lots of resource
                                                                                            links to other sites specific to
                                              National Institute for Health has
 If you do not have access to the             published several documents specic           Autism.
 internet, you can find a public              to oral health for babies and chil-
 computer at the public library or            dren. (English & Spanish PDF les)            Check it out:
 at Open Gate. Or call Open Gate
 at 920-5040 and we can print out              
 information for you.                         HealthInformation/                            aboutus.shtml

 2601 MISSION STREET, SUITE 606 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (415) 282-7494
SUMMER 2006                                  SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                              14

News and Reviews from the Joan Cassel Memorial Library at Open Gate
By Elaine Butler, Librarian
   When the rainy season in March and            free life. It is a user- friendly book that       ten a guidebook that addresses a very dif-
April become distant memories, and the           easily fits into a purse or briefcase. There is   ficult period of every child’s life with or
kids want to play outdoors, remember the         an attached ribbon bookmark to keep your          without a disability. A child on the Spec-
Toy Lending Library at Open Gate. You            place.                                            trum faces these changes differently than
can pick up your books and a toy at the                                                            “normal” children. She discusses several
same time; both are due back on the                                       The Indian Parent-       new health risks such as: seizures, depres-
same day, so no extra return trips are                                    ing Book: Imparting      sion, sexuality and a need for social skills.
necessary.                                                                Your Cultural Her-       Book is written for the parent or the care-
BOOK REVIEWS                                                              itage to the Next        giver, with the last chapter dealing with the
                                                                          Generation by            need to plan for transition. It is well indexed
                     Caleb’s Birthday Wish                                Meenal Pandya            and offers a useful bibliography.
                     by David Villanueva Jr.                              Many of the readers
                     Everyone has a birth-                                of this newsletter       Adapted Games & Activities From Tag to
                     day and this book is                                 are from another         Team Building by Pattie Rouse
                     about Caleb and a very                               country or first gen-    Students, regardless of their abilities need
                     special wish. He wants                               eration U.S. citi-       a chance to play with others who may or
                     to leave his wheelchair     zens. This book enriches our collection           may not have disabilities. The author was
                     and fly. His wish comes     in the area of cultural understanding. The        successful in demonstrating how to suc-
                     true and his adventure      author is from India, but lives in the United     cessfully foster the participation of all stu-
                     begins or does it? The      States. She gives us practical solutions to       dents. It easily can be used by both par-
book is illustrated with bright colors and       the difficulties of accepting a new culture       ents or professionals. The Table of Con-
contains drawings that show a lot of             while staying true to the important values                                 tents is actually a
movement, and are humorous. This book            from your culture of origin.                                               game finder. There
is well suited for new readers in the first or                                                                              are charts listing
second grade, or can be read aloud by an         Asperger Syndrome & Your Child, A Par-                                     games by name,
adult at home or at school.                      ent’s Guide by Michael D. Powers with                                      number of players,
                                                 Janet Poland                                                               skills needed,
                                                 Dr. Powers is known to many of us                                          equipment and the
A Rainbow of Friends: A Book to Cel-                                     through his classic                                page number. On
                       ebrate Diversity by                               book, Children With                                the game pages,
                       P. K. Hallinan                                    Autism: A Parent’s                                 there are rules, vari-
                       Children will enjoy                               Guide. In his new                                  ations, adaptations
                       the wonderful world                               book, he shares                                    and teaching notes.
                       of friendship. They’ll                            useful information        Diagrams are given when applicable. Book
                       find no bullies here.                             about living with         is small and can be carried easily in a
                       Bright colors dom-                                Asperger’s Syn-           purse or briefcase.
                       inate the                                         drome. The story is
                       cartoon-like style of                             told from the per-             DONATIONS TO OUR LIBRARY
                       the illustrations. The                            spective of children                  THANK YOU!
                       book’s theme is a         and young adults who live with this puz-
                       celebration of differ-    zling syndrome. The truthful vignettes fill        wKathryn Rato, Toys & 4 books
ences that make the world rainbow filled         the book with wonder. The chapter titled,          wIDEA 2004 by Author House Publishers
with real and potential friends. Read this       “The World Beyond,” offers insights and            wKaty Franklin, 6 books by Abovo Pub-
book to your preschooler over and over           hope for the young adult with Asperger’s           lishing
again at home or at school.                      Syndrome as he transitions into the world          wBeacon Street Girls - series - 3 Cds
                                                 of independent living. Book includes an            and 3 hardbacked books by Schwab
TEA by Ratanjit S. Sondhe                        Index, Questions and Answers, Bibliogra-           Learning
                 One issue that every-           phy, Resources and more helps.                     wParent’s Guide to Children’s Congenital
                 one faces at different                                                             Heart Defects - Gift Certificate
                 time is stress. How we                                                             wFriends of the SF Public Library - 16
                 handle stress dictates          Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum: A              books & 4 videos
                 whether our day will            Parent’s Guide to the Cognitive, Social,           wSpecial Needs Project (HRIIC) 1 box
                 be a good one or a              Physical, and Transition Needs of Teen-            0-5 Resources
                 bad one. TEA is an              agers with Autism Spectrum Disorders by            wVirginia Gee - Office Supplies (twice)
                 acronym for the formula         Chantal Sicile-Kira                                wThe Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun by Kim
                 to remove stress. The           Chantal is a familiar author to users of           Nguyen
author uses poems and stories full of            the Autism Section of our Library. Her first       wMarilyn Dong of SF Learning Differ-
wisdom to describe how to live a stress-         book was a guide for parents facing the            ences Collection, 79 Booksv
                                                 Autism Spectrum diagnosis. She has writ-

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 SUMMER 2006                                           SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES NEWSLETTER                                                                                             15

Thank You !                                                              Support for Families gratefully acknowledges gifts from the following indivduals, groups, and
                                                                         businesses. We apologize for any omissions or misspellings! Please contact us if there is an error
                                                                         so we can correct our records.

Gifts received January 21, 2006 through April 30, 2006:
                                                                          Walk & Roll 2006                         Guevara                                  Mitch Paradise
ORGANIZATIONS, BUSINESSES,                                                                                         Roberto Molina                           Kathleen and Henry J. Salvia
CORPORATIONS:                                                                                                      Sam’s Gold Imports                       Carol Ann Taylor
                                         Fred Schalda:                    Event Sponsors:                          Texis Jewelry                            Irma and Ralph Thaler
Mineral Acquisition Partners,
                                                                          Jane LaPides and Murray Cahen, in        Miguel A. Rodriguez Zepeda               Jeanette and Seymour Thaler
matching the gift of M. Fajardo          Carla and Hank Greenwald                                                                                           Roslyn Lifshitz and Bruce C. Zangwill
                                                                          honor of Valerie deChadenedes
University of San Francisco Martin       In memory of Holly Ptzer:                                                For Skylar Selby:
                                                                          AAA of Northern California,
Baro Program                             Karen Kerner                     Nevada,and Utah                          Joan and Bryan Selby                     For the Bien Family:
                                         In memory of Timmy:                                                                                                Lorraine and Frank Bien
INDIVIUDALS:                             Wendy and Robert Wright          In Kind Sponsors:                        For Team Kayla:                          John S. Bien
Anonymous                                                                 Amoeba Music                             Marilyn C. Alford                        Jennifer Houser
                                         In support of                    KFOG                                     Elaine Becker
                                                                          Farley’s                                 Eugenia Blanding                         For Thomas’ Team:
Bill Bivins                              Jeanne Braguine                                                           Catherine M. and Eugene Carter           Emilia Burchiellaro
Camilla and Ronald Bixler                Jewel Beaman                                                              Kathryn A. and Joseph M. Cleberg         Tina and Brian Cash-Walsh, in
                                                                          Patty Herstien
Barbara Tomash and Edward Bussa          Anne Carew                       Keta Bill Selvin                         Pat Coleman                              memory of Kevin Walsh
Margaret Kendrick and Angel Con-         Catherine Devencenzi                                                      Ann Daniels                              Ella Driscoll
treras                                   Kim Hagemann                     Individual Sponsors and Donors:          Jacqueline L. Durmas                     Laura Evans
Bruce Deming                             Jim Johnson                      Anonymous                                Dora Epps                                Nicole Hayward
                                         Nina Lamadora                    Juno Duenas                              Meg Evans                                Caroline Herter
Patricia and Thomas Donovan
                                                                          Dakota Hare                              Frances Grahamjones                      Kristen Hewitt
Blanca Estrada                           Sylvia Maher                                                              Pamela Cook                              Annabelle and Dan Ison
                                                                          Jason Kimbrough
Sandy Mui-Hin Eng-Feifer and             Lou Martinez                                                              Ellen Inada                              Jennifer Kline
                                                                          Timothy Lechuga
Donald Feifer                            Carol Monti                      Lisa and Edwin Yee                       Terri L. Johnson-Fields                  Malinda Lennihan
John Geraci                              Ero Oaiya                                                                 Cherese LeBlanc                          Lorelei MacDonald
G. Gloria Gillogley                      Annette Sozzi                    For Andres’ “Jumping Tiger” Team:        Gladys E. LeBlanc                        Vishwa Marwah
Jeff Harrell                             Carla Ugarte Box                 Gregory P. D. Landau                     Joan Lewis                               Susan and Chris Peterson
                                         Alexandra Vallejo                Nina Serrano                             Elizabeth Luke                           Mary Powers
Linda Grifth and Paul Korntheuer
                                                                          Cristina Velasco                         Ieva A. Lundberg-Greenlee                Ernest Selander
Lynn and Ron Laupheimer                  Dee Watt                                                                  Garlene Maxwell                          Kyle Suen
                                                                          Christina Velasco-Lagajit
Valerie Mulhollen                        Elaine Wohlmuth                                                           Dorothy A. Moore
Mary Houle Phillips                                                       For Edana Contreras:                     Hazel Norris                             The Rolling Relay Challenge:
Lisa Shirley                             In support of Shandy Mullikin    Cassandra M. Calhoun                     Yvette Norris                            For Team Covington (Covington &
Alyson Sinclair                          John Adams                       Pamela Collett                           Adrian Resendez                          Burling)
                                         Jack Ballenger                   Irene C. Contreras                       Jackie Rice                              Veronica Canton
                                         Rhonda Ballenger                 Juanita Contreras                        Cheryll Rosales                          Covington and Burling
                                                                          Margaret Kendrick and                    Rosalind R. Sanders                      Evan Cox
In honor of                              Jacquelyn Mullikin                                                        Hazel Stitt                              Sarah Cunningham
                                                                          Angel Contreras
Bill Bivins’ service to SFCD                                                                                       Susie Terri                              Robert Darling
                                                                          Nancy and David Gray
Alison and Brock Fuller                  CAR DONATIONS:                   Barbara Kendrick                         Jocelyn Tsai                             Beverly and Robert Deming
In honor of the birthday of Marjorie     Andy Forrest                     Paul Kendrick                            Gloria and Willie Turner                 Ken Ebanks
Duenas                                   Niolce Lockey                    Renny and Tobin Kendrick                 Lizzie Turner                            Matthew Fust
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                                         COMPUTER DONATIONS:                                                       Melanie A. West                          Linda Justice
In honor of the birthday of Maureen
                                                                          For Humberto Tuyub:                                                               Kenneth Mielen
Lynch:                                   David Lazerwitz                                                           For Team Lizzie:                         Y. Kim and S.A. Schrader
                                                                          Maria Tuyub
Stacey Barlett                           Farella                                                                   Kathleen Stewart and David L. Anderson   Erin Smith
In memory of Grace St. John and          Braun + Martel                   For Keta Bill Selvin:                    Sandra Jeanne and Sidney Peter Briggs    Chelsea Tanaka-Delgado
                                         LLP                              Jeanne T. Ames                           Alison C. Fuller and F. Brock
                                                                          Valerie Bianquis                         Jean Davis                               For Team Farella (Farella , Braun &
                                                                          Frank Caueld                            Julie Ann and R. Lee Hagelshaw           Martel):
                                                                          Meli H. Cook                             Jennifer A. and Samuel M. Hocking        Bradley R. Anderson
                                                                          Laura Tibbals and Douglas Fielding       Ellen McLean and Anthony A. Imhof, III   Jerome I. Braun
Our Thanks to the Pamakid Runners Club and the indi-                      Jennifer C. Betti and Peter K. Jackson   Steve Leslie                             Margaret deGuzman
viduals below for donations from the 2006 San Francisco                   Amber Kennedy                            Mary Roper                               Brian Donnelly, in honor of Noah Laz-
Half Marathon and 5K Run:                                                 Montessori Children’s Center             Christine and Dave Ryan                  erwitz
                                                                          Antoinette O’Neill                       Susan Sherman                            Clare Hart
The Pamakid Runners Club,              Madan Kumar                        Debbie and Dave Sholin                   Linda Woodworth                          Ingrid Hester
                                                                          Sugar Plum Properties                    Mary and Phil Albert                     Robert Hines
Ron Dorey, President                   Lawrence Low                                                                                                         Susan Hunt
Denise Abersold-Boyd                   Robert Magee                                                                For Team Valerie:                        Steve Lowenthal
                                                                          For Leslie Owyang-Chin:
Michael Amaro                          Marie Nguyen                       Leslie Owyang-Chin and Don Chin          Rosamond Cobert                          Mark Petersen
Anonymous Anonymous                    Patricia Ogura                     Madeline E. Minor                        Marilyn and Larry Cohen                  Carolyn and Gerald L. Schnurmacher
Kim Berlin                             Tracy Parola                       Jan and George Perrenod, Jr.             Edith deChadenedes                       Grant Thompson
Lauren Cassidy                         John Rickards                                                               David deChadenedes                       Judy Todd, in honor of Noah Lazer-
Paul Charles                           Monica Rivera                      For Samantha Monterrosa:                 Rebecca and David Donohue                witz
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Teresa Cuseo                           Jack Russo                                                                  Lucy Flanigan                            Maria T. Zappas
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Emmanuel Hernandez                     Mona Vertin                        Samantha Monterrosa and Aracely          Betty Kamen                              Jane and Allan E. Low
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