Curriculum Vitae

Orod Bajelan
Pilegaardsvej 59 2730 Herlev
Phone:             +45 28 14 09 83
Ho mepage:
Linked-In profile: m/ in/orodbadjelan

                                               Work experience
Security Coordinator:
Period : April 2008 – now (I still emp loyed)
Emp loy ment type: permanent emp loyee at “Koncern IT - Regionhovedstaden” as special consultant
                 -    Operationalisation and Imp lementation of DS-484
                 -    Participating in emergency planning(beredskabsplanlægning) and preparedness in the actual events
                 -    Participating in external review (revision)
                 -    Evaluation of changes that threaten the security
                 -    Security advisory
                 -    Participation in Six-Sig ma projects as project managers / process designer
                 -    Coordination / investigation of security incidents
                 -    Targeted combat against spam and viruses in Reg ion H.
                 -    Region H representative in various international co mmittee (ISF, ISACA, osv.)
                 -    Control / restriction of exchanging sensitive data with external partner
                 -    Establishment of Virus Incident Response Team (VIRT)
                 -    Organize meetings with vendors regarding purchase of security equipmentParticipation in do mestic
                      and international seminars in terms of producing new technologies
                 -    Vu lnerability Scanning selected server and wireless network

Security Management Consultant:
Period : October 2005 – Mars 2008
Emp loy ment type: permanent emp loyee at DK-CERT (Dan ish Co mputer Emergency response Team)
                 -  Security Management
                 -  DK-Cert representative in various international committee(ENISA, FIRST, TF-CSIRT, TI etc)
                 -  Project manager for various Security projects
                 -  Security advisory for DK-CERT customers and citizens
                 -  Vu lnerability Scanning of customer networks (Scanning, Analysis and Presentation)
                 -  Supervision of students writ ing projects / thesis at DK-CERT
                 -  Research in the new technologies (IDS, Honeynets, botnets, spyware, etc).

Java Developer/System Designer:
Period : August 2002 – September 2005
Emp loy ment type: permanent emp loyee at Unwire) as senior developer
                 -  Project manager
                 -  Develop ment of web, wap, s ms, mms applications in a Java environ ment
                 -  Handling of various protocols and standards for different mobile networks operator
                 -   Develop ment of user interfaces (jsp, java, php, xml, ht ml, mysql, etc.)
                 -   database tuning

Danish CV can be obtained at my web-site.
Period : September 2002 – January 2003
Emp loy ment type: 3 hr/ week as Instructor for the course web programming at the ITU
Responsibilities: help students with their assignments (html, xml, php, MySql, Java scripts, etc.)

Administrator assistant:
Period : May 2002 – September 2002
Emp loy ment type: 15 hr/ week as Student job at Pannum Institute
Responsibilities: assist employees with operating systems, database, small script, etc

Practical expe rience:
Information security:             ISMS, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, BS7799, DS-484, Person datalov, Security policy,
                                  Continuity planning, disaster recovery, Risk assessment, BIA, legal & Regulat ion
IT – Security:                    Co mplain & Investigation, Network security, Vu lnerability Scanning, Awareness,
                                  Wireless security, Co mputer security, Incident handling, A V-response team, etc.
Process design:                   ITIL3, Six-Sig ma.
Operative systems:                Unix, Linu x, Microsoft Windows, Dos, OS2.
Programming:                      Java, C, C++, M L, Lisp, Emerald, perl
Web development:                  JSP, PHP, XM L, HTM L, JavaScript, CGI, JDBC
Network:                          IP/TCP, IPSec, VPN, firewalls, IDS(snort), tcpdump, Nessus, nmap etc.
Database:                         MySql, Oracel, Access

Academic competencies:
Sikkerhed:                        Security planning, Security policy, Risk analy ze, Network Security, Cryptography,
                                  Firewalls, Intruder detection systemes, smartcards & bio metric.
Sikkerhedsprotokoller:            IP-Sec, SSH, SSL, SLT, SET, PGP, Kerbros, VPN.
Netværks protokoller:             Appernet, IP/TCP, SNMP, SMTP osv. (see education & university curses)
Algorit mer:                      The most used/known algoritmes used by programming language (Dat2P- DIKU)
Krypterings algorit mer:          DES, Diffe-Hellman, RSA, ElGamal, Elliptic Curves, Merkele -Hellman Knapsack osv.
Database design:                  Relation &Object Oriented database design, database tuning.

Personal competencies:
I am a very energetic, outgoing and humorous person with huge commit ment and responsibility. My work means a lot
to me, wh ich is why I take g reat pride in doing a good job. The co mbination of my theoretical knowledge and technical
background and my work experience enables me to process and discover comp lex problems in order to find appropriate
and effective solutions. I am a focused employee and I do not stop working until the task is satisfactory completed.

Klaus Hansen (DIKU)
Title:           Lector at Copenhagen university, Datalogi institute (my advisor).
Address:         Universitet parken 1                             2100 København
Phone:           +45 35 32 14 00
Direct phone:    +45 35 32 14 47
E-mail:          khan@diku.d k

Shehzad Ahmad (DK-CERT)
Title:           Chef Consultant at DK-CERT (Current chef at DK-CERT ).
Address:         DTU , Bygning 356, Centrifugevej             2800 kgs. Lyngby
Phone:           +45 34 87 88 87
Direct Phone:    +45 34 87 88 87

Danish CV can be obtained at my web-site.
Preben Andersen (UNI-C/DK-CERT)
Title:           Chef Consultant at UNI-C (former chef at DK-CERT ).
Address:         Olof Palmes Allé 38                           8200 Århus N
Phone:           +45 89 37 66 66
Direct Phone:    +45 40 25 14 48

Thomas Hildebrandt (ITU)
Title:         Associate Professor at IT-university (Responsible for curse web programming).
Address:       lokal 4C12      Rued Langgaards Vej 7           2300 København S
Phone:         +45 72 18 50 00
Direct Phone: +45 72 18 52 79

Ivan Sandqvist (Unwire)
Title:           Chef Consultant at Unwire
Address:         Sankt Peders Stræde 30C. 2. sal              2100 København K
Phone:           +45 33 93 14 34
Direct Phone:    +45 22 17 69 89


GCIA: Intrusion Detection In-Depth (2006 – SANS course 503 in London)
Course description:

GSPA : Security Policy and Awareness (2007 – SANS course 524 in San Diego)
Course description:

AWBA: Advanced Network Worm and Bot Analysis (2007 – SANS course 524 in San Diego)
Course description:

GAWN: Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks (2008 – SANS course 617 in Copenhagen)
Course description:

ITIL3: ITIL v. 3 foundation (2009 – Service & Support forum – Westergaards Management in Ballerup)
Course description: kurser/foundation

6 - ∑ : Six Sigma Green Belt træning (2009 – Storm Management A/S in Holte)
Course description: 113.asp x

TCSP/TCS E: Trend Micro OfficeScan 10 level 2 OSCE (2010 – Arrow ECS Denmark A/S in Copenhagen)
Course description: http://www.arro x

CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional (2011 – PWC in Hellerup)
Course description:

CISM: Certified In formation Security Manager (2011 – ISACA in Copenhagen)
Course description: m/dk/da/kurser/cism.jht ml

CISA: Certified In formation System Auditor (2011 – ISACA in Copenhagen)
Course description: m/dk/da/kurser/cism.jht ml

GCFA: System Forensics, Investigation & Response (2012 – SANS course 508)
Course description:

Danish CV can be obtained at my web-site.
Master courses
Analyze of intruder detection systems (“Thesis” 2003- 2004 DIKU)
Topics: Threats and vulnerabilities on network; Analysis and architecture for d ifferent types of defenses focused on
Intruder detection systems, honey pots and a brief study of Snort.

Strong authentication by using smartcards and biometric (“written project” 2002 DIKU)
Topics: Discussion on issues to consider password-based authentication systems, smartcard / java card technology and
biometric solutions that eventually results in a perfect authentication mechanism using the latter two systems.

Security analyze of Firewalls (“written project” 2001 DIKU)
Topics: Threats and vulnerabilities on the network, Boundary Protection System, analysis and architecture for various
types of firewalls and Intruder detection systems, Honey Pot & Padded Cell, VPN, Virus scanner etc.

Design of E-co mmerce systems (2000 DIKU)
Topics: Designing e-co mmerce systems, Database Integration, Network Security, Pay ment Systems, Client / server
Programming: Java, MySql, HTM L, CGI, JDBC, SET, SSL and much more .

IT-Security (2000 DIKU)
Topics: Co mputer / Network Security; orange book, security models, network vulnerab ilit ies, malicious programs,
physical security, firewalls, virus scanners, Intruder detection, etc.

Cryptography (1999 DIKU)
Topics: A mathemat ical operations on private / public key systems, classical and modern cryptography, cryptanalysis,
legal issues, payment systems, etc.

Apparat (2001 DIKU)
Topics: Introduction to Java2 Platform (M E), Java ring, Smart Cards, Mobile IP, Jini, SLP, Wireless PDAs, Bluetooth,
Energy-saving methods for devices on the network, etc.

Projects within Data-net(computer networking) (2001 DIKU)
Topics: Extended topics in networking; socket, Package, Routing Protocols, Firewall design, Web security,

Introduction to Parallel programming and Distributed systems (2000 DIKU)
Topics: Message-passing computing, partitioning and Divide-and-conquer strategy, synchronizing, programming with
shared memory. Distributed systems (Emerald); mounting, etc.

DistOs (2001 DIKU)
Topics: Extended topics in distributed operating systems, distributed file systems, name services, interprocess
communicat ion, Distributed objects and Remote Invocation etc.

Multimedia Programming (2000 DTU)
Topics: Java, Java Scripts, java Payton, Director, Flash osv.

Autonomic Robots (2000 DIKU)
Topics: Robots who can create their intelligence and identity fro m interaction with the environment.

Topps Seminar (1998 DIKU)
Topics: Seminars about relevant topics in the programming language

Danish CV can be obtained at my web-site.
Bachelor courses

Datalogi 0 (1996-97 DIKU)
Topics: Data Structure, Function Programming (Lisp and ML) and object orientation design (Emerald)

Discreet Mathematic (1998 HCØ)
Topics: Log ic calcu lation, Graphs, etc.

Datalogi 1E (1997 DIKU)
Topics: Co mputer arch itecture (C + + and SimSys) and Co mp iler Construction (MosML; Lex and Yacc)

Datalogi 1F (1998 DIKU)
Topics: Operating Systems (C), Co mputer networking (C + +)

Datalogi 2P (1998-99 DIKU)
Topics: Relational and Object-oriented databases (SQL (2 and 3) and Oracle) and Design and Analysis of Algorithms (C + +)

Advanced Topics Inside of computer network (1999 DIKU)
Topics: Various relevant issues to complement computer network part of the course Datalog 1F

Advanced Topics inside of Operative Systems (1999 DIKU)
Topics: Various relevant issues to complement operative systems part of the course Datalog 1F

Seminars: Among others, I have held seminars in the following topics: Kerberos, AFS, IP-Sec, Firewalls, IDS and

Language skills: English, Danish and Persian.

Hobbies / Other Interest: Family, friends, sport, nature, computer, film.

Danish CV can be obtained at my web-site.

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