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					                                            KEN MYERS SOUND

                                       EQUIPMENT INVENTORY
                                                       Updated August, 2006
-Yamaha GA32/12 32ch/10bus + stereo.
           (Current configuration setup for four stage monitor mixes, stereo FOH, stereo recording, and eight channels of effects.)
-Yamaha ProMix 01 - 16 channel digital mixer
           (Capable of stereo FOH, two monitor mixes, and two stereo effects channels.)
-Behringer PMX-2000 250 watt (x2) 10 channel powered mixer

Sennheiser ew-135 Wireless handheld cardioid with diversity receiver (750 Mhz programmable))
Audio Technica AT-228 Wireless handheld cardioid with diversity receiver (200 Mhz fixed)
6- Sennheiser 835 dynamic cardioid
3-Marshall MCA-SP1 large diaphragm condenser
2-Marshall MXL-V57M 1” large diaphragm condenser
1-Marshall MXL-990 ¾” large diaphragm condenser
1-EV RE20 large diaphragm dynamic
1-AKG C452EB + A51 + CK1s small diaphragm condenser
1-AKG D-1000E dynamic
1-AKG D-222 dynamic
1-AKG D-112 large diaphragm dynamic
1-Audix D6 Large diaphragm dynamic (kick drum mic)
1-Superlux PRA-218A dynamic supercardioid (drum mic)
4-Superlux PRA-228A dynamic supercardioid (drum mic)
3-Behringer XM-8500 dynamic cardioid (modified)
3-Shure SM-57 dynamic
1-Shure 545 SD dynamic
1-Shure 540 S dynamic
2-Shure Beta 57A dynamic super cardioid

1- T.C. Electronic D-TWO delay (stereo)
1-Yamaha SPX-90 effects processor (stereo)
1-Yamaha REV-7 effects processor (stereo)
1-Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP-2024 (2 channels)
1-Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP-1000P (2 Channels)
1-Symetrics 528 processor
1-Behringer MDX-2200 gate/comp/limiter (2 Channels)
2-Behringer MDX-1400 gate/comp (4 Channels)
1-Samson Scom4 comp/lim/gate/exp (4 Channels)
2-Behringer MDX-4600 gate/comp/lim (8 Channels)

2-Behringer DSP-8024 RTA/EQ (4 Channels total)
1-Behringer GEQ-3102 Graphic EQ (2 Channels)
1-BBE Sonic Maximizer (2 Channels)
2-Nady GEQ-215 15 band EQ (4 Channels)
1-Behringer MDX-4400 comp/lim (4 Channels)
1-Behringer CX-3400 crossover
1-Behringer DCX-2496 <Ultradrive Pro> crossover

AMPLIFIERS: (7,700 watts total)
1-Carvin DCM-1000 <1000 watt amp> (Monitor)
2-QSC RMX-1450 <2800 watts total>(Sub-woofers)
1-Carvin DCM-2000 <2000 watt amp> (FOH)
1- PMX-2000 (2 x 250 watts) *see mixer section.
1- Behringer EP-1500 <1400 watt amp> (Utility)
1- QSC RMX-800 <800 watt amp> (Utility)

                                10174 N HARMONY PENDLETON • BRAZIL • IN / 47834
                                                      • PHONE: 812-448-3087 •
                                                                     –2–                                       KMS

                                   EQUIPMENT INVENTORY cont’d
6-15 inch /2-way traps (FOH) (250/500 watts)
8-15 inch /2-way traps (FOH/Monitor) (200/400 watts)
4-12 inch /2-way wedges (Monitor, extra fill) (150/300 watts)
4-Propietary folded horn sub-woofers (600/900 watts each)

2-Roll's active DI boxes
2-Behringer DI-100 Active DI
1-Behringer GI-100 Active DI (4x12 simulator)
1-EWI Passive Stereo DI <Keys>
3-passive transformers
-various quantity of isolation transformers to connect to in house, broadcast, or other facilities

1-Cd recorder
1-Dual deck Cd player
1-AM/FM Receiver
1-Tascam DA-88 8 Track recorder
2- Tripod mount speaker stands (sticks)

1-24 x 4 snake 100 feet with Elco’s
1-16 x 4 snake 100 feet
1- 8 x 4 snake 100 feet
1- 6 channel drop snake 50 feet
1- 2(video) / 3(audio) / 1(Edison) TV snake cable 90 feet
1-4 channel return snake 175 feet
various other cabling
100’s of feet of AC power cabling

In order for the equipment to work at peak performance, the following guidelines are recommended.

Requirements for our services:

Electrical – 4 separate circuits total…
4 separate 120 volt, 15 amp, grounded circuits (normal “Edison” receptacles) within 50 feet of the center of
the staging area. Circuits will be used for six power amplifiers that are placed on floor level in front of the stage
area. These circuits must be separate, as each amplifier circuit is capable of using the entire capability of one
circuit. Results not guaranteed unless 4 circuits are used. Circuits may be more than fifty feet from upon
advance notice.

1- 120 volt, 15 amp, grounded circuit (normal “Edison” receptacle) within 100 feet of the stage area. This
circuit is used for mixing console, effects rack, and drive racks. Total current draw is roughly 5 amps.

An area at least 6 feet by 8 feet is required within 75 feet of the stage. This area is used for mixing console,
effects rack, and drive racks. Ergonomics and good sound dictate that placement be somewhere near the center
of the venue so that technical people can see the entire stage, and hear, without distraction. If lighting crew will
be sharing space, their space is to be added to the above.

Other considerations are invited.
The rest is up to you!

                                 10174 N HARMONY PENDLETON • BRAZIL • IN / 47834
                                                        • PHONE: 812-448-3087 •

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