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PO Box 11555_ UCSB


									                                                    PO Box 11555
                                                    UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93107
                                                    April 29, 2007

Dr. Robert Vascular
Director of Biomedical Engineering Board
Plainsboro Medical Center
3000 Hospital Rd.
New York, New York 53010

Dear Dr. Vascular:

My name is Brennan Maloney-Krips and I am a Mechanical Engineers undergraduate at
University of California, Santa Barbara pursing a Biomedical Engineering internship this
summer. In my pursuit of this opportunity I desire to further my knowledge in the field of
Biomedical Engineering. If possible I would like to schedule a brief interview with you at your

I have recently followed your work in your previous medical journals on Biomedical
Engineering prototypes and find your work absolutely amazing. I discovered your work and your
medical department while doing research on Biomedical Engineering earlier this year. Your
perspective and knowledge will benefit me greatly in this upcoming internship application and
overall in my pursuit in becoming a Biomedical Engineer. Your interview will give me
beneficial insight to the answers of my questions about Biomedical Engineering as well as an
outside perspective upon the field as a whole.

Currently I am studying the Mechanical Engineer major here in Santa Barbara. I have recently
begun my own personal research into the Biomedical Engineering field and am very enthusiastic
on my future school and work. I am currently interested in inquiring the specifics of the
profession, where BEs get their inspiration, and other specific questions about your work and
your findings.

I am flexible to talk with you at any time, at your convenience. If it is easier for you, a phone
interview would be perfect. Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns. My phone
number is (530) 417-1876 and my email address is I look
forward to meeting with you and sharing our passion of Biomedical Engineering.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts.


                                                    Brennan Maloney-Krips

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