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Holiday cheer


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									L a fay E t t E S q U a R E • B E N tO N Pa R k • C O M P tO N H E i g H t S • f O x Pa R k • g at E D i S t R i C t • L a S a L L E Pa R k • M C k i N L E y H E i g H t S

 DECEMBER 2009                                                    Founded by the residents of Lafayette Square                                               VOLUME 31, NUMBER 12

Holiday cheer
  Annual Holiday Parlor Tour to return Dec. 13; event
    highlights Lafayette Square’s Victorian heritage

   On Dec. 13, the residents of Lafayette            in the 1800s. The Victorian Christmas
Square will continue their long tradition            traditions shaped the future of Christmas
of opening their homes and businesses to             celebrations throughout the world. In
visitors from the surrounding area for the           Victorian England trees were decorated
annual Holiday Parlor Tour.                          with cookies, ribbon, candies, paper chains
   This year nine homes will be open and             and tinsel. These items all are a part of the
decorated for the holiday season. These              modern celebration.
homes all reflect the architecture of late               The Lafayette Square neighborhood
19th century Victorian St. Louis. Each               is anchored by Lafayette Park, which was
homeowner will have his or her home                  dedicated in 1851 and is one of the oldest
decorated in a unique manner, reflecting             city parks west of the Mississippi. Origi-
both the style of the home and the indi-             nally a grazing area for cattle, Lafayette
vidual tastes of the homeowners.                     Park was created as a Victorian strolling
   In addition, the Lafayette Park United            park. Today the park serves as the loca-
Methodist Church will open its doors to              tion for such things as vintage base ball
visitors. The church is over 150 years old,          (baseball as played in the Civil War era)
and is an integral part of many neighbor-            and bi-weekly band concerts throughout
hood activities. At various times during the         the summer. In addition, the park has
afternoon of Dec. 13, the church will offer          a number of garden areas, which were
music in celebration of the holiday season.          created and are maintained by residents of
   Other amenities will be offered along             Lafayette Square.
with the tour. Horse-drawn carriage rides                Today Lafayette Park is maintained
will be available from St. Louis Carriage.           and being improved as a joint effort of
These will be offered free of charge to              the city of St. Louis and the Lafayette
individuals attending the Parlor Tour, and           Park Conservancy. The Conservancy has
will allow visitors to take a leisurely tour         several projects underway, designed to
through Lafayette Park in a carriage that is         restore this beautiful city park to its 19th
reminiscent of 19th-century travel.                  century grandeur.
   Carolers from various organizations will              The Parlor Tour begins at the Park
be on hand at different locations to add to          House, 2023 Lafayette Ave. (The Park
the mood of the holidays.
   A number of area businesses will open
their doors to visitors on the day of the
                                                     House is within Lafayette Park, near the
                                                     intersection of Lafayette and Mississippi).
                                                     Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 on the
                                                                                                                   Season’s greetings
tour. Some will offer free amenities such as         day of tour. Individuals may obtain more           This year, the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee will offer holiday cards in con-
cookies, hot chocolate, coffee or cider.             information about the tour or purchase             junction with the Holiday Parlor Tour. The cards, sold in packs of eight, feature the
   The modern Christmas celebration                  tickets in advance by visiting www.lafay-          artwork above, which was created by Lafayette Square resident Sharon Stockmann. The
was born in the Victorian era. Christmas             ettesquare.org. Telephone orders may be            5-by-7-inch cards may be purchased before the tour by visiting www.lafayettesquare.
trees were introduced to Queen Victoria              placed by calling 772-5724.                        org or by calling 772-5724.

State task force takes on school dropout rate
       By Jeanette Mott Oxford                       from standard practice in the Missouri          tations at the first hearing was by Tim        invest in children who do well. We assign
      59th District State Representative             House of appointing chairs and vice chairs      Decker, director of the Missouri Division      them the best teachers and coaches, send
                                                     only from the majority party, Speaker           of Youth Services. This is another place       them to elite training experiences, and
   Speaker of the House Ron Richard                  Richard named Rep. Jamilah Nasheed,             where Missouri is providing national           provide them additional resources. But
recently appointed me vice chair of the              another St. Louis legislator from the           leadership — youth in the MO DYS               when children fail, we tend to “dis-invest
Dropout Prevention Task Force. Breaking              minority party, as chair of the committee.      system are completing their GED’s at a         in them” until the accumulated disadvan-
                                                     There’s clearly an intriguing background        rate two to three times higher than the        tages lead to dropping out.

       Inside the                                    story there somewhere, but in the mean-
                                                     time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to seek
                                                     out expertise and tackle a problem that
                                                                                                     national average. MO DYS even won the
                                                                                                     Annie E. Casey Innovations in American
                                                                                                     Government Award in Children and
                                                                                                                                                       • Programs alone do not change
                                                                                                                                                    people; relationships matter. Youth are
                                                                                                                                                    often disconnected from positive adult

        Marquis                                      deeply concerns me.
                                                         Interestingly enough, given that
                                                     Missouri ranks in the 40-somethings on so
                                                                                                     Family System Reform from the Harvard
                                                                                                     Kennedy School of Government, Ash
                                                                                                     Institute, in 2008.
                                                                                                                                                    and peer connections and support. The
                                                                                                                                                    transience in St. Louis Public Schools
                                                                                                                                                    magnifies this problem as frequent moves
 LSRC president’s letter ......................2     many measures of social well-being, rela-           Decker summarized lessons DYS has          prevent bonds of trust with caring adults
 LPUMC news.....................................3    tive to other states, Missouri is among the     learned this way:                              from being formed.
                                                     top 15 in graduation rate (81.1 percent             • All young people want to do well and        The task force held its first hearing
 Beautification news ............................3
                                                     Missouri average versus a U.S. average of       succeed — even the most resistant youth        at Forest Park Community College on
 LSRC membership list .......................4       73.4 percent). However, not all areas of        hunger for approval, acceptance, and           Sept. 29. The second took place Nov.
 Cannon restored! ...............................5   the state do so well. The graduation rate       accomplishment.                                13 in Kansas City and a third is sched-
                                                     is much lower among Hispanic, African               • Dropout is more of an evolution than     uled for Nov. 20, again in St. Louis. I am
 Barr Branch events ............................5
                                                     American, and Native American students.         a resolution — we must understand the          especially pleased that Master Sgt. Isiah
 March LSRC minutes ........................6        Large disparities also appear when fami-        dynamics of “accumulative disadvantage”        McHellen of Roosevelt High School has
       January Marquis Deadline:                     lies are compared by income level, as           if we want to lower dropout rates. That        agreed to bring some Roosevelt students
           Wednesday, Jan. 6                         one might expect, with students living in       is, children who persist to graduation and     to testify on Nov. 20. I welcome your
                                                     poverty more likely to dropout.                 move on to college “accumulate advan-          call if you would like to speak at the
                                                         One of the most compelling presen-          tage” through a series of successes. We        remaining hearing.
2                                                            MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’ Near Southside Neighborhoods                                                                     Dec 2009

                                                                                                             LSRC seeks input
                                                                                                             from young families                             Some individuals may not feel that they
                                                                                                                        By Linda Skinner
                                                                                                                           LSRC President                    have anything new to offer since there are
                                                                                                                                                             already so many dedicated residents who
                                                                                                                 As the new president of the LSRC,           are generous with their time and talent.
                                                                                                             I have many hopes and goals for my                  Whatever the obstacle may be, I
                                                                                                             term, but there is one goal that excites        firmly believe there is a solution. I want
                                                                                                             me most. That goal is finding ways to           anyone who wants to participate in our
                                                                                                             get young families more involved in our         neighborhood to be able to. The more
                                                                                                             neighborhood. Anyone who attended               collaboration we have from all residents,
                                                                                                             the Halloween Parade in Lafayette Park          the more meaningful our actions will be.
                                                                                                             saw firsthand how many children are now         Maybe we can arrange for low-cost baby-
                                                                                                             living in the neighborhood. I was excited       sitting during LSRC meetings; it would
                                                                                                             to see so many kids having fun, and not         be wonderful to see some fresh faces!
                                                                                                             just because I am a grandma to a few of         Or we can make discussion about issues
                                                                                                             the kids in attendance! It is truly thrilling   affecting our neighborhood more interac-
                                                                                                             to see the new life that is blossoming          tive, outside of the neighborhood meeting
                                                                                                             around us. I take the sight of these chil-      venue. Perhaps a committee can be
                                                                                                             dren as evidence that our neighborhood is       formed to address the needs specifically of
                                                                                                             thriving and filled with potential.             families and to plan events that keep them
                                                                                                                 The challenge with families is finding      engaged.
                                                                                                             ways to enable parents to actively partici-         The bottom line is that whether you
                                                                                                             pate in neighborhood events and decision        are a single person or a family of eight,
                                                                                                             making. Some families may be connecting         our neighborhood will benefit from your
                                                                                                             with other families, but are unable to          voice being heard. Please let me know
                                                                                                             connect to the neighborhood as a whole.         what suggestions or ideas you have of how
                                                                                                             Some parents may want to attend the             we can make neighborhood participation
                                                                                                             monthly LSRC meetings, but are not              easier. Feel free to call me at 436-4595 or
                           McAVOY REALTY                                                                     able to because they would have to hire         email me at lskinner@lafayettesqr.com. I
                                                                                                             a babysitter. Or there may be families          look forward to hearing your comments
                    1415 MISSOURI                       $425,000                                             who prefer to do things together and are        and I hope to see your faces at the next
                     Historic gem sitting on a beautifully                                                   looking for family-friendly opportunities.      neighborhood meeting!
                     landscaped double lot facing
                     Lafayette Park. The home has been
                     beautifully renovated with 4 BR/4.5
                      baths, updated kitchen, hardwd flrs,
                          gorgeous stained glass, pocket
                           doors, insulated windows and
                                                                                                             Light your candles for Parlor Tour
                           a 2 story 2 car garage.                                                                       By Bob Bischoff                     throughout the Square. These grand old
                                                                                                                           Lafayette Square                  painted ladies look especially endearing
                            JAMES CHESTNUT                                 (314)-283-1484                                                                    with one or more candles in every front-
                                                                                                                Early season’s greetings, everyone! It’s     facing window. We started doing that at
                                                                                                             getting closer and closer to that exciting      our house last year, and it really makes a
                                   Editor’s Note                                                             winter event in Lafayette Square, the
                                                                                                             Holiday House Tour! Terry Linhardt is
                                                                                                                                                                 So this is my plea to all of you this
       It is the goal of this publication and those who support it to bring you the news                     leading the overall charge, but he’s asked      season. Would you give serious consid-
    about your neighborhood each month. This is your news, and we want to do our                             me to help pump up the ambiance of the          eration to decorating your windows with
    best to bring it to you in the most accurate and professional manner possible. So if                     event for our tour goers.                       lit candles? I know that all of our Parlor
    you have something you’d like us to include, feel free to contact us. We’re always                          One idea that we both like a lot is          Tour visitors would get a kick out of it,
    happy to accept article submissions, photos, press releases or story ideas from                          to have electric candles “burning” in           and the Square will be that much cozier
    anywhere in our coverage area, and we’ll do our best to include them.                                    as many house windows as possible               for all of us who live here too!
       As your community newspaper, we want your contributions and input. So keep
    us informed and we’ll do the same for you.

                                              — Kara Krekeler, editor
                                             367-6612 x30 or kara@westendword.com

    The Marquis is published monthly by Virginia Publishing Company on behalf of the Lafayette
Square Restoration Committee. Originally founded by Lafayette Square Restoration Committee as a
small newsletter, the paper has grown into the voice of St. Louis’ strong near southside neighborhood
groups, serving Benton Park, Compton Heights, Fox Park, Gate District, Lafayette Park, LaSalle Park,
and McKinley Heights neighborhoods.
    Submissions, including articles, photos and story ideas, are highly encouraged, but the editor
reserves the right to edit for grammar, space, clarity and appropriateness. Deadline for submissions is
the 18th of the prior month. Contact the editor at kara@westendword.com or call 314-367-6612 x29.
For advertising info, contact jsackman@westendword.com or call 314-367-6612 x23.

                                                                 President Jeff Fister
                                                         Sales Representative Jake Sackman
                                                                 Editor Kara Krekeler
                                                            Creative Director Ben Pierce
                                                           Graphic Designer Kate Huffman
625 N. Euclid, Ste. 330
PO Box 4538                                                            Contributors
St. Louis, MO 63108                                           Bob Bischoff, Debra Crowe, Erin Guss,
(314) 367-6612                                         Jeff Jensen, Terry Linhardt, Jeannette Mott Oxford,
(314) 367-0727 Fax                                                Linda Skinner, Linda Weiner
 Dec 2009                                            MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’ Near Southside Neighborhoods                                                                  3

Volunteers plant Park Avenue,
in community garden Oct. 24
                                                                                             LPUMC to host slew
           By Linda Weiner
             Lafayette Square
                                              volunteering to take a stab at the Jefferson
                                              median, which has again experienced
                                              water problems; thanks to Steve Mann,
                                                                                             of Christmas events
                                                                                                        By Debra Crowe                   choice of two. At 4 p.m., there is a
                                                                                               Lafayette Park United Methodist Church    family-friendly service, and at
           Quote of the month                 Robin Kruse, Bill and Sue Heggerty, and
                                                                                                                                         11 p.m., a traditional candlelight
                                              Sue and Terry Linhardt for supervising
                                                                                                 At this writing, Christmas is just      service. Before the late service, you’re
    At the moment of planting a bulb, all     and getting their hands dirty! The final
                                                                                             one calendar page away! As the              invited to a casual gathering for coffee
is hope, no dismay. Then there is surely      workday to plant the remaining bulbs and
                                                                                             holiday season approaches, you are          in the downstairs Fellowship Hall. (Our
something hauntingly symbolic about           lilies will be on Nov. 15. Many thanks
                                                                                             warmly invited to join members and          sister church, Centenary UMC at 1610
burying a living thing toward a sure resur-   go to Michael Knight, Marilyn Lane,
                                                                                             friends of Lafayette Park United Meth-      Olive St., will have a traditional candle-
rection, at a moment in the season when       Linda Skinner and DeSmet High School
                                                                                             odist Church as we celebrate the most       light service at 7 p.m.)
everything else is dying or on the way out.   freshman Tim Adcock.
                                                                                             wonderful time of the year.                     If you’re like many people and are
           — May Sarton, American writer                                                         If you live in the neighborhood,        trying to live on a somewhat streamlined
                                                    Poetry event raises funds for            you’ve probably driven by the lovely        budget, you’ll want to visit the Resale
SLU and neighborhood volunteers plant               community garden columns                 church at the southwest corner of the       Boutique for a little holiday shopping.
 Park Avenue and community garden                                                            park many times. If you’ve ever been        Located on the lower level of the church,
                                                                                             curious about how it looks inside, you’ll   the shop features household items, gifts,
                                                  An evening of fantastic poetry
                                                                                             have the opportunity to find out during     collectibles and more. You can’t beat
    Many thanks go to Operation Bright-       reading by three Lafayette Square poets,
                                                                                             the Lafayette Square Winter Parlor Tour     the prices, and because the cost of each
side, St. Louis University volunteers and     Virginia Slachman, Margaret Howard
                                                                                             on Dec. 13.                                 purchase goes to support the church,
a multitude of neighbors for planting the     and Keith Welsh, was held at the 33
                                                                                                 The sanctuary will be open following    even the money you spend is a gift!
bounty from our Operation Brightside          Wine Bar on Nov. 11. The event was
                                                                                             services from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Enjoy        If you always feel a little let down
grants on Oct. 24. We now have boxwood        our second annual fundraiser to help
                                                                                             the light streaming through the beautiful   after all the holiday activities have
and roses to beautify Park Avenue, and        with the costs of building brick columns
                                                                                             stained glass windows. Marvel at the        ended, mark your calendar for Jan. 16,
the “living fence” along Dolman at the        to create a new entrance to the commu-
                                                                                             subtle beauty of the historic pipe organ.   2010. That’s the date of the first of a
community garden is finally complete!         nity garden. If you were unable to attend
                                                                                             Pause for a moment to relax and enjoy       series of Family Fun Nights at Lafayette
Next year we will finalize our planting as    but would like to contribute to the beau-
                                                                                             the peaceful nature of this holy house.     Park UMC. The evening will feature a
we did run a bit short of materials. We’ll    tification efforts, please submit a check
                                                                                                 For a look at the church from a pew,    potluck dinner with an international
also have to decide what to do about          made out to the LSRC with a nota-
                                                                                             why not visit for worship some Sunday       theme. Attendees are encouraged to
the bumpout across from Square One            tion in the memo section that it is for
                                                                                             morning? On Dec. 20, you’ll have the        bring family favorites from their region
that continues to get run over by large       “community garden columns.” Thanks
                                                                                             added pleasure of the Christmas cantata     of origin or choice!
trucks, which has ruined the plantings on     to 33 Wine Bar owner Jeff Stettner for
                                                                                             during the 10 a.m. service. This annual         Lafayette Park United Methodist
numerous occasions.                           use of his space, to the poets for volun-
                                                                                             celebration in song may well become         Church is located at 2300 Lafayette Ave.,
    Thanks to Tim Delahanty for trans-        teering their time, to Steve Mann and
                                                                                             one of your favorite holiday traditions.    one block east of Jefferson. You may
porting equipment and materials to the        Robin Kruse for helping with arrange-
                                                                                                 If one of your current traditions       reach us by phone at 771-9214 or visit
site and for using his bobcat to dispense     ments, and to all those who attended or
                                                                                             is Christmas Eve service, you have a        our website at www.lp-umc.org.
mulch; thanks to Patricia Barber for          sent along a check!
4                                MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’ Near Southside Neighborhoods                                   Dec 2009

    LSRC Membership List
    GeneraL MeMBerShip       Vicki Houghton                 Paul Sauer           Mary Kay Jung             Michael Green
                                Mitch Hunt                 Susan Sauer             Mark Kalke             Charlie Hoffman
         Jeff Archuleta
                           Devyani Mehta Hunt             Tim Schmidt            Michael Knight           Patricia Hoffman
          Richard Batt
                               William Jelin          Anabel Wootie Selby         Anton Krawat             Chelia Holmes
           Vern Bauer
                                 Jeff Jensen             Linda Skinner             Kara Krawat               Cheri Jones
         Mac Bergson
                               Jocelyn Jones              Steve Skinner          Mark Lammert               Wayne Jones
       Rebecca Bergson
                                 Tom Keay                Deborah Smith             Alan Meyer            Hannah Krigman
       Jerome Ted Berni
                                Lynne Keay              Thurman Smith            Jeaninne Meyer            Tony Malench
          Bob Bischoff
                                Robin Kruse              Houston Smith         James Paul Peterson         Elizabeth Odell
        Shirley Bischoff
                              Michael Lance            Leigh Anne Smith            Rick Ponder             William Odell
      Carole Hale-Bishop
                               Marilyn Lane               Karen Snyder          Mary Lou Ponder           Erin Staine-Pyne
          John Bishop
                             Cynthia eRouge                Pete Snyder         Sharon V. Santa Cruz      Frank Staine-Pyne
         Matt Brazelton
                               Sue Linhardt               Ian Stallman           Lucy Schreiber               Jon Ritter
        Chet Breitweiser
                              Terry Linhardt            Dorthy Strasser              Brian Till              Kate Savage
      Creighton Brinson
                                 Alan Loehr               John Strasser            Kaye Mayer            Suzanne Sessions
           Kim Cerny
                               Dan Lohman                  Jim Stringer            John Weller           James Smallwood
       John Culbertson
                                Liz Lohman                 Judy Taylor           Jeff Winzerling              Ed Smith
        Thomas Danisi
                              Carey Loomis                  Ron Taylor           Christy Wynne              Joseph Seria
       Barbara Davidson
                                Sue Loomis               Daphne Terrill             Jeff Wynne               Toni Smith
         Bob Davidson
                           Edward J. Machowski              Don Terrill                                      Jeff Stevens
        Andrew Denny
                           Mary Ann Machowski            J Watson Scott         reStOratiOniSt           David Visintainer
       Amanada Denny
                              Steven Mann                 Linda Weiner                                     Mary Visitainer
          David Diehl                                                               Terry Barber
                                  Joe Mills               John Weston                                      Gwen Williams
           Ann Divine                                                                Pat Barber
                                Sandy Mills             Jennifer Weston                                     Otis Williams
            Jay Divine                                                          Wm. David Bridwell
                              Tom Modglin                 Wayne White                                       Jim Wilmore
          Larry Dodd                                                               Nancy Bridwell
                              Lynne Nabors            Julie Padberg-White                                Carolyn Wilmore
         Wendy Dodd                                                                Ward Buckner
                              Matthew Negri                Marcia Wolf                                      Steve Wilson
         Bill Donahue                                                              Melissa Drane
                              Shane Nelson                  Ben Zabel
          Judy Dwyer                                                            Mary Ruth Donnelly
         Thayne Erney        David Odenbach                                                             MarquiS CirCLe
                                                      renOvatiOniSt             Llewellyn Heigbaum
          Mark Etling         Pat Odenbach                                                                Tamara Keefe-Do
                                                                                 Ella Jo Heigbaum
          Terry Etling        Sean Normile              Paul Anderson                                       Tom Dahms
                                                                                Cynthia McCafferty
          Sue Ferrario        Cheryl Paben               Tony Bassett                                      Merry Dahms
                                                                                    Mike Tolliver
          Steve Fichet          Gary Paben               Gail Cassilly                                      Wayne Jones
           Blake Frey           Libby Peters             Danita Davis                                       Cheri Jones
                                 Pete Peters                                preServatiOniSt/FaMiLy
        Gwen Friedman                                    Glenn Eckert                                     William Kincaid
          David Gratz         Kim Peterson                Pat Eckert            Genevieve Barlow          Marilyn Kincaid
           Jack Grone          Roy Peterson              Amy Finkel                Diane Davitt
         Justin Guerra        Michael Petetit            Barbara Foy               Sarah Duffy        FrienDS OF the LSrC
         Maria Hadlow          John Peukert               Mike Foy                David Fisher
                                                                                                            Denette Jett
        Patrick Hadlow          Jule Peukert             Joan Gerard               Carol Fisher
          Steve Heady         Julie Piatchek             Mike Gerard             Chris Goodson        Greater St Louis Base Ball
            Don Heus        Susan Pinker-Dodd            Gary Hubler            Mary Ann Goodson         Historical Society
        Keith Houghton        Adam Rucher                Chuck Jung               Lynda Green                 Pat Meyer
 Dec 2009                                               MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’ Near Southside Neighborhoods                                                                             5

Library to host holiday open house
   Please drop by Dec. 16 for Barr Library’s    Instrumental Jew Age Music; and Yo-Yo Ma’s
Holiday Open House from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.!      Songs of Joy and Peace.
Listen to holiday music, enjoy some refresh-       Among the holiday books available
ments, make a craft and visit with friends.     are: Papercrafts for Christmas: Making Cards
   To help get you into the holiday mood,       and Decorations by Judy Balchin and Polly
check out some festive CDs, including           Pinder; Holiday Hero: A Man’s Manual for
Kwanzaa Ceremonial Music by Afi Ama and         Holiday Lighting by Brad Finkle; The Holiday
Wafafanisha; Charlie Brown Christmas by         Yule Log; and, offering a bit of comic relief,
Cyrus Chestnut and Friends; Neil Diamond’s      Joshua Piven and Borgenicht’s The Worst-
Christmas Album; The Hanukkah Lounge’s          Case Survival Handbook: Holidays.

  Barr Branch Public Library upcoming events
 2         Peppermint Bath Salts. Just in       17       Storytime. Stories, songs and
 time for the holidays. Mix up a batch of       more. Groups of five or more register in
 peppermint-scented bath salts to treat         advance. Toddler/Preschool. 5:30-6 p.m.
 yourself or give as a gift. Grades 6-12. 4-5
 p.m.                                           19       Knitting Circle. Bring your proj-
                                                ects! Adults. 1-3 p.m.
 3        Storytime. Stories, songs and
 more. Groups of five or more register in
 advance. Toddler/Preschool. 5:30-6 p.m.
                                                22        Graham Cracker Gingerbread
                                                House. Construct your own edible home.
                                                                                                                    Ready, aim, fire!
                                                Groups of five or more register in advance.       The Lafayette Park Conservancy recently completed Phase I of the planned restoration of
 5        Knitting Circle. Bring your proj-     Families. 4-6 p.m.                                three Revolutionary War cannons in Lafayette Park. The cannons are from a British warship
 ects! Adults. 1-3 p.m.                                                                           that sank in the Charleston, S.C., harbor in 1776. Raised from the warship wreckage in
                                                23        Family Movie: Polar Express.            1887, the cannons were placed in Lafayette Park in 1897. It is rare to find British artifacts
 9       Got Game? Play Xbox 360 or             Families. 4-6 p.m.                                from the Revolutionary War, particularly displayed west of the Mississippi River. The refur-
 Wii games. Grades 6-12. 4-6 p.m                                                                  bished cannon and carriage were installed in the middle of Lafayette Park on Oct. 21 and
                                                                                                  stand proudly, ready for public viewing. Planning and fund raising is currently in process
                                                                   *****                          to complete restoration of the other two cannons.
 14      Game Time. Play board and card
 games. Grades K-6. 4-5 p.m.
                                                    All events take place at the Barr Branch of
 16       Coffee Filter Snowflakes. Design
 your own colorful snowflakes. Grades K-6.
                                                the St. Louis Public Library, 1701 S. Jefferson
                                                Ave. For hours or more information call
                                                                                                                          McAVOY REALTY
 4-5 p.m.                                       771-7040.                                                             430 ADAM S/VICTORIAN GEM
                                                                                                                      5 bedroom historical home situated
                                                                                                                      on a corner lot with a beautiful wrap
                                                                                                                      around porch, gorgeous entry foyer

  GOT NEWS? CONTRIBUTE!                                                                                               and beautiful woodwork. 2 car 2 story
                                                                                                                          garage! Final repairs in progress
                                                                                                                          on this renovated manor.
  Email Kara with your idea: kara@westendword.com
                                                                                                                          CAROLYN MCAVOY                         (314) 757-1007

        In Cooperation with Vintage Home Trim Supplier,
                  WOOD INNOVATIONS
              Nov. 19, 20 and 21 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
         UP TO 80% SAVINGS — Vintage Home Supply
     AS SEEN IN: Van Dyke’s • RestoRation HaRDwaRe • RestoReRs • House of antique HaRDwaRe                                                                      • Plumbing
                                                                                                                                                                • Hardware
                                                                                                                                                                • radiator Flanges
                                                                                                                                                                • Hooks
                                                                                                                                                                • Hinges
                                                                                                                                                                • PusH Plates
                                                                                                                                                                • switcH Plates
                                                                                                                                                                • FarmHouse sinks
                                                                                                                                                                • coPPer sinks
                                                                                                                                                                • Vessel sinks
                                                                                                                                                                • Forged tiles
                                                                                                                                                                • cabinet Hardware
                                                                                                                                                                • window liFts
     QUESTIONS? email: vintagedirection@aol.com                                                                                                                 • amazing sHower Heads
                                                                                                                                                                • Faucets
     www.brasselegans.com/www.eodfaucet.com                                                                                                                     • mucH more
                                                                                                                                                                If you own a vIntage
     (314) 881-9537 • 2400 S. Jefferson – South Door                                                                                                            home, don’t mIss thIs!
 6                                                   MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’ Near Southside Neighborhoods                                                             Dec 2009

November LSRC membership meeting minutes
mINUTeS FOr NOV. 10, 2009 LSrc                 house tour tickets. Civic engagement              beautification — Linda Weiner reported                  Announcements
GeNerAL memberSHIP meeTING                     remains a priority for the neighborhood,       that volunteers will plant 500 daffodils on
                                               and bringing the schools more into the         Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon. There is a           The President’s Awards dinner is sched-
   The meeting was held at Lafayette           community will be addressed through            fundraiser for the community garden at 33      uled for 5 to 7 p.m. Nov. 22 at SqWires.
Park United Methodist Church with              Community Affairs.                             Wine Bar from 6 to 8 p.m. Nov. 10.
approximately 60 residents in atten-              Holiday House Tour — Nine homes                Lafayette Park conservancy — The
dance. President Linda Skinner called the      have been secured for the Dec. 13 tour         annual meeting and commemoration of                       Upcoming meetings
meeting to order at 7 p.m. A motion was        in addition to the Park House and the          the reinstallation of the restored civil war
made, seconded and passed to accept the        United Methodist Church. Six thousand          cannon will by at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 15.              The Capital Projects Committee will
October meeting minutes.                       “save-the-date” cards have been mailed                                                        meet at 7 p.m. Nov. 30 at the Park House.
                                               out and the postcards will be dropping just                  New business                        The LSRC Board of Directors will meet
                                               prior to Thanksgiving. A new resident,                                                        at 7 p.m. Dec. 1 at the Park House.
            committee reports                  recently relocated from Cuba, created
                                                                                                 A motion was made and seconded to              The LSRC General Membership will
                                               posters. Jennifer Weston is coordinating                                                      meet at 7 p.m. Dec. 8 at Lafayette Park
   Safety — Don Owens reported on              docents and day-of ticket sales. Carol         approve the proposed LSRC 2010 budget.
                                                                                              It will be voted upon in the December          United Methodist Church.
problem properties. A construction             Fisher is in charge of pre-tour ticket sales                                                     The Development Committee will not
company purchased a property on 18th           and Terry Linhardt, house tour chair, is       general membership meeting.
                                                                                                                                             meet in November.
Street. The committee will follow up on        coordinating poster distribution.
the plans for restoration of the property.        Development — The fire damage in                           Old business
                                                                                                                                                President Linda Skinner adjourned the
Tuck-pointing has begun on the Zumwalt         the building at 18th and Lafayette has                                                        meeting at 8:10 p.m.
building on Dolman. Captain Spicer             resulted in American Family Insurance             Holiday card — The new holiday                 The after-meeting social was hosted
reviewed the recent crime activity in the      relocating down the street. The LRA-           greeting cards featuring the restored Park     by Lafayette Fire Company No. 1 at 1801
neighborhood and reminded everyone             owned lot at Jefferson and Rutger has been     House and Gazebo are now available.            Park Ave.
to be extra aware of his or her surround-      requested to be developed into parking         They are $10 for eight cards and enve-            Many thanks to our hosts!
ings and leave no property in the car.         for a proposed restaurant. The Develop-        lopes and will be available for purchase at
Officer Elston reported that car cloutings     ment Committee is against this proposal.       local shops, online and during the Holiday                        Respectfully submitted,
are down dramatically from their earlier       The house damaged in the Praxair inci-         House Tour. Four hundred and fifty cards                                      Jeff Jensen,
levels.                                        dent at LaSalle and Missouri attached to       have already been purchased online.                                membership secretary
   Finance — Income for 2009 is $52,000,       the former Edge Restaurant will be torn           Historic Walk committee — The
80 percent of projections and expenses are     down and rebuilt to historic standards         new historic plaque is in place in the
$32,561, 60 percent of projections. Net        with new construction. The non-historic        Fountain Plaza.
income is $24,000.                             Edge Restaurant can be torn down. The
   community Affairs — Steve Skinner           insurance company is still challenging
updated the membership on new tech-            the building that collapsed during restora-
nology being implemented to coordinate         tion on Preston Place. The lot is still not
communication and share electronic             cleared. The proposed plans for a new resi-
media more easily. The new PBX internet        dence on Vail Place have been approved.
system is in place, which will significantly   There is no development meeting in
increase the efficiency of purchasing          November.
                                                             Cla                                                                                                                           367-66
Dec 2009                                  MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’ Near Southside Neighborhoods                                                                                                           7

                                                                                      Classifieds 367-6612
                                                                                          Services                                           Chairs re-glued. Exclusive refinisher for Jon
                                                                      GUTTER CLEANING – US ARMY engineer takes
                                                                                                                                             Paul’s antiques. Pick up/Delivery. Free estimates

                                                                      on any roof for gutter cleaning & roof repairs.                        CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS * PATIOS * WALKS *
                                                                      No house too tall, no job too small Fully insured.                     New and Replacement * Traditional * Exposed
                                                                      314-220-3638, ask for Matt. Now accepting all                          Aggregate * Stamped Concrete * Free Estimates
                                                                      major credit cards.                                                    * St. LOUIS CONCRETE 314-822-0849 www.
                                                                      PROUDLY HELPING RESTORE AND BEAUTIFY
                                                                      THE CITY - Carpentry, roofing, brick laying, tuck                      PEACEABLE KINGDOM, PET SITTING. Loving and

                                                                      pointing, plastering. 20 years experience, local                       responsible pet care in your home. Insured and

                                                                      references available. Insured, highest quality                         bonded. 12 years experience. References avail-

                                                                      work, free estimates. Call anytime. 314-220-                           able. Call Debi (314) 655-8024

                                                                      3638 ask for Matt. Now accepting all major
                                                                                                                                             U R BUSY BUT NEED A CLEAN HOME 2 B HAPPY
                                                                      credit cards.
                                                                                                                                             & HEALTHY. Call me 4 great work also personal
                                                                      WOOD REFINISHING BY SUE WHEELER - Furni-                               care if needed. References available 314-832-
                                                                      ture, antiques, cabinets, architectural woodwork.                      2789.

                           LAFAYETTE PARK                                          Lafayette Square Restoration
                                                                                   LAFAYETTE PARK CONSERVANCY
                           CONSERVANCY                                                      Committee
                                                                                           MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS
                           MEMBERSHIP FORM                                            2009 Membership Form
                                                                       BENEFITS AT ALL LEVELS
                                                                       -Advance notice of special events and projects in the Park
                                                                        MEMBER INFORMATION
                                                                             Name(s) Conservancy events
                                                                       -Invitations to..................................................................................................................
                                                                       -Conservancy Corner seasonal newsletter
                                                                       -Notice of volunteer opportunities, working in the Park
                                                                             Address ...................................................................................................................
                                                                       or on Conservancy committees
   Name(s) ____________________________________________                MEMBERSHIP LEVELS
   Address ____________________________________________                      level includes all benefits at preceding levels)
                                                                       (EachTelephone ...............................................................................................................
   Telephone __________________________________________                $35 FRIEND
                                                                            Email address .........................................................................................................
   E-mail address ______________________________________
                                                                        MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY
                                                                       $50 FAMILY
                                                                            _____ General ($10 per person)
   MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY                                                 newsletter
     q Friend - $35 per person                                                   _____         Renovationist ($35 per person)
     q Family -$50                                                     $75 BOTANIST
                                                                             _____    Restorationist ($60 per person)
     q Botanist -$75                                                   historic park booklet, reprint- 1874 Board of Improvement Report
                                                                             _____    Preservationist ($150 – Individual or Family)

     q Historian -$150                                                           _____         Marquis Circle ($250 – Individual or Family)
                                                                       $150 HISTORIAN of LSRC (Non-resident -- $10 per person)
     q Preservationist -$300
                                                                            _____   Friends
                                                                       Lafayette Park Conservancy t-shirt
                                                                       ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
     q Benton Society -$500
                                                                                             _____            I am interested in volunteer opportunities (e.g. House
     q Lafayette Society -$1000                                        $300 PRESERVATIONIST
                                                                                    Tour, Bike Race).
                                                                       set of Lafayette Park notecards
                                                                                             _____            This donation is eligible for a corporate matching gift.
   Please return with check or money order to:                                               (*Please submit a matching gift form from your company.)
   Lafayette Park Conservancy,                                         $500 BENTON SOCIETY
   2023 Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63104
                                                                                    _____    I am new resident and
                                                                       two tickets to the “Gala inathe Grotto” eventwould like to receive a
                                                                                             Welcome Packet.
                                                                       $1000 LAFAYETTE SOCIETY
                                                                                   Please return with check or money order to:
                                                                       walking tour of Lafayette Park and tea service
   Memberships are valid for one year.
                                                                                 Membership, 2023 Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104
                                                                           LSRC 20 guests
                                                                       for up to
   If your contribution is eligible for a matching gift, please
   submit a matching form from your company.
                                                                                    Memberships are valid for the calendar year.
                                                                            Memberships are tax deductible to the extent allowable under IRS
8                                                                                    Serving St. Louis’ Near Near Southside Neighborhoods
                                                                                 MARQUIS • Serving St. Louis’Southside Neighborhoods                                                                                                                                        Dec
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       December 2009

            M AVOY REALTY                 c
                                                                                                              (314) 531-1900

     7714 WALINCA TERR.                      $949,900      1172 WOLF LANE                             $799,900        5092 WESTMINSTER PL. $550,000                           4100 FLORA PLACE                       $500,000        430 ADAM S/VICTORIAN GEM
     Stunning contemporary 15 year old home                Historic manse overlooking the Mississippi                 Great Central West End home located on a                                                                       5 bedroom historical home situated on a

                                                                                                                                        OLD                                                     OLD
     on a great lot in the heart of Clayton. Open                                                                                                                             Arts and crafts style home on a fantastic
                                                           River Valley in Cape Girardeau. Central                    very family friendly private street. 5 beds, 3.5                                                               corner lot with a beautiful wrap around porch,
     floor plan with too many amenities to list
     including steam shower, premium kitchen,
     and 10' ceilings. Luxury. low maintenance. 3
                                                           walnut staircase, fireplace mantel from 1904
                                                           World's Fair, wrap-around porch, poolside
                                                           patio, 6-stall horse barn and many more
                                                                                                                      baths, 3 car garage and a fantastic designer
                                                                                                                      kitchen, enclosed porch, landscaped yard.
                                                                                                                                                                              tree lined private street.   5 gorgeous
                                                                                                                                                                              bedrooms and 3.5 luxury baths along
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     gorgeous entry foyer and beautiful woodwork.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2 car 2 story garage! Final repairs in progress
     bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage home.                                                                                Call Carolyn McAvoy (314) 757-1007.                     with a fantastic 1st floor layout .                    on this renovated manor.
                                                           features make this a one-of-a-kind.

     4002 BOTANICAL                         $449,900 2229 PARK AVE                                  $475,000          2110 LAFAYETTE                        $440,000          1415 MISSOURI                         $425,000         4763 WESTMINSTER                         $356,900
     Elegant 3 story home just one block from              Overlooking Historic Lafayette Park, this                  Victorian manor facing Lafayette Park with a            Historic gem sitting on a beautifully                  Renovated 3 story Central West End home
     Tower Grove Park. 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath                                                                                                                                   landscaped double lot facing Lafayette Park.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     with 5 bedrooms, 3.5 luxurious baths, a

                                                           Victorian style home is unique & pristine!                 spacious updated interior and a great blend of
     with approx. 4000 sq feet of beautiful living                                                                    historic elegance paired with modern updates.           The home has been beautifully renovated                luxurious kitchen, spacious living and dining
     space. This magnificent home has it all               Gourmet kitchen. Mahogany library w/                       This beauty has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 premium              with 4 BR/4.5 baths, updated kitchen, hardwd           room, 3 fireplaces, a 2 car oversized garage,
     including an in-ground pool and 2 story               secret sauna, 3 large bedrooms                             bathrooms in 4200 sq. ft.                               flrs, gorgeous stained glass, pocket doors,            large fenced lot, jacuzzi tub, hardwood floors,
     garage!                                                                                                                                                                  insulated windows and a 2 story 2 car garage.          decks, great location and much more.

     3500 VICTOR ST.                       $349,900 1136 WASHINGTON                                  $346,000 1828 CHOUTEAU                                  $309,900         125 THORNCLIFF                  KIRKWOOD               1831 SIDNEY ST.                            $280,000
     Victorian beauty with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths.         One of a kind loft offers 1876 sq/ft w/ 2                  This Grand Victorian Lady has undergone an extensive    Beautiful center hall colonial home with full          Contemporary 4th floor Benton Park condo with
     Unbelievable wotodwork, a sweeping staircase,         BR & 2 full BA w/extra office space easily                 renovation from top to bottom to offer most all of                                                             fantastic views of the Arch and downtown skyline.
                                                           converted to a 3rd BR. Custom DR w/swing                   today's demands for comfortable yet elegant living in   front porch located in Greenbriar Country              Open floor plan features ten foot ceiling, wood floors,
     fireplaces with exquisite mantels, gourmet
                                                           public & private doors, partially exposed                  Lafayette Square. Some features include a wonderful     Club area overlooking a Bird Santuary Park.            chef's kitchen, breakfast bar. Jacuzzi tub and walk in
     kitchen.                                                                                                         gourmet kitchen, 2 master suites, original woodwork,
                                                           brick walls & 3 10 ft windows . Limitless                  new wooden windows, wood, marble and tile floors        Great 4 bedroom 3.5 bath Kirkwood home                 closet in master. Located next to Niche, Sidney Street
                                                           upgrades including indoor secured parking.                 throughout and off-street parking.                                                                             Cafe and other attractions. Large entertainment space.
                                                                                                                                                                              being sold as-is.                                      on rooftop deck. Property taxes are abated.

     2347 PARK                              $264,500       1229 ALLEN MKT LN.                        $259,900         4128 SHENANDOAH                         $223,500 1151S. KINGSHIGHWAY $215,000                                  4162 CLEVELAND                             $200,000
     Elegant renovated townhome in a secluded private      Multiple building property which contains                  Lovely 2 story brick home in Shaw near Tower            Commercial building with parking lot near              Great unpainted woodwork in this 4
                                                                                                                                                                              Forest Park. Property would be ideal location          bedroom plus home with 2.5 baths! Master
     sanctuary. Great layout with an entry foyer, formal   3 separate living spaces. Main building is 3               Grove Park and The Gardens. This spacious
                                                                                                                                                                              for medical or professional service offices.           bedroom suite is huge with a bay window
     living and dining, eat in kitchen, spacious deck,     bedrooms with an amazing master suite. Call Scott          3 bedroom 2 bath home is updated and ready                                                                     and walk-in closet! Clean, spacious, lovely
     family room, 3 large bedrooms, 2.5 premium baths                                                                 for a new owner. Great layout perfect for               Great location. Sale can be combined with
                                                           Maddux at (314) 369-3786 for more information.                                                                     neighboring property for 20,860 SF of land.            home with an oversized private yard and
     and a 2 car garage                                                                                               entertaining with a family room in the rear.                                                                   great deck.

     1212 SHENANDOAH AVE. $189,000                           2348 RUTGER STREET                                       4233 FLAD                                $185,000 805 RUSSELL                                  $175,000        4462 OAKLAND AVE.                          $175,000
     Terrific townhouse style, 2-family in the heart       Great renovated brick Victorian 3-family in                Historic Shaw home just 1/2 block from the              This is two fully renovated townhomes. The front       3 BR townhome w/hardwoods throughout the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     first floor, open premium kitchen w/new, stainless
                                                           Lafayette Square all with 2-bedroom units! All             Missouri Botanical Garden. Large family 4 bedroom
     of Soulard. Each unit has been remodeled w/                                                                                                                              unit is two stories with bamboo floors premium         steel LG appliances. 2nd floor has the master suite
                                                           apartments have well thought-out floor plans               2 bath brick beauty with a spacious landscaped                                                                 w/walk-in closet & private full. 2 blocks from
     carpet, fresh paint, updated kitchens & bath.                                                                    double lot. All systems updated, newer roof, new        kitchen and open space with an upstairs bedroom
                                                           and come with all the appliances including                                                                         and bath. The main home has a private yard, 1st and    Forest Park & around the corner from the Grove and
     Well appointed w/exposed brick, stained glass.                                                                   bathroom, replacement windows, refinished wood                                                                 its wonderful restaurants & nightlife.
                                                           washer and dryer in every unit!                            floors and much more.                                   3rd floor bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1st floor laundry.

    244 HILL                         $169,900              2315 RUTGER                               $157,000 2016 JAMES                                       $150,000       9910 PARKWAY DR.                       $150,000        2216 HICKORY                             $149,000
    Charming farmhouse on 1.66 acres in close in           20+ year old townhome in Historic Lafayette Sq.            Charming Renovated Benton park home with                This sprawling ranch is located on a hill              Charming attached wall townhouse in
                                                           Newly renovated & upgraded. Oak flrs, gas fireplace,       two spacious bedrooms and two full baths!               overlooking the Mississippi River. Great               Lafayette Square with true Victorian facade and
    location. Hinged shutters, pine floors, huge                                                                                                                              new windows give a stunning view of the
                                                           new carpet & paint throughout, gorgeous new baths          Hardwood floors, spacious premium kitchen,              Mighty Miss. New kitchen, updated baths,               spacious front porch that overlooks a delightful
    addition and fresh modern decor combine to             w/granite vanity & new ceramic tile work, oversized
    make a one of a kind home 3 bedroom 2 bath                                                                        2nd floor master suite and a large private yard         and new bamboo floors complete this 3                  courtyard. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, fireplace,
                                                           1 car basement garage, deck w/ arch view!                  are only part of the package.                           bedroom 2.5 bath home.                                 garage parking.
    home. Sharp and Adorable!!!

      1153 GLENSIDE                         $134,900 5432 DELOR ST.                                  $130,000          3235 PULASKI                           $129,900        7344 DARTMOUTH AVE. $127,900                           5235 PATTISON AVE.                       $101,000
      Great 3 bedroom brick ranch home in                  Historic brick and stone gingerbread with hardwood          Remodeled 3 BR, 2 bath home, converted                 Charming 3 bedroom condo in University                 Great starter home with hardwood floors in the
      University City. Updated kitchen, spacious           floors in the living/dining and 1st floor bedrooms. 1       to single family. Hardwood floors on                   City with garage parking, hardwood floors,             living, dining and both bedrooms. Great thermal
      20x12 living room, offstreet parking, large          car garage with additional off-street parking. Lots of      1st, granite countertops in kitchen, deck              separate living and dining rooms, upgraded             windows, extra storage with a full basement,
      fenced yard and an unfinished basement               stained glass, period light fixtures and copper gutters.    off master bedroom, off-street parking.                kitchens and baths. Great unit being offered at        fenced private yard with a tool shed. Charming
      combine to make a great starter home.                2 bedrooms on 1st floor and 2 bedrooms on 2nd.              Call Scott Maddux (314) 369-3786.                      a special price.                                       ranch on a quiet street.
                                                           Great home being sold in as-is condition.


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