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Improving Communication with @SIParticipants through #SocialMediaOutlets

Presentation by: Ryan Ferguson, Aisha Marshall, and Joshua Adams
Voice From The Past

 “The truth is no online database will replace
  your daily newspaper…Yet [the] director of the
  MIT Media Lab, predicts that we’ll soon buy
  books and newspapers straight over the
  Internet. Uh, sure.”
         Clifford Stoll (Newsweek, 1995)
What Clifford Does Now

He sells blown glass Klein bottles.
From his website.
Is Social Media a Waste Of Time?
 Social Media Stats

• 400M+ users          • 26M as of 2010          • 159K Active Apps
                                                   iPhone App Store
• Population of USA=   • 200% growth
  309M                   between 2008 – 2009     • 11K educational apps

• 45M Status Updates   • 1.2 Billion Tweets in   • 2B downloaded by
  Daily                  January 2010              Sept 2009

Facebook1              Twitter2                  Apps3
(or, why should we mess with this stuff?)
Traditional Model
A Note From a Professor

 “The program may consider alternative ways to
  communicate with students. Those who may need the
  most help tend to avoid class and may not be aware of
  the SI’s contact information and schedule…In-class
  announcements appears to have been one of the
  primary ways that the SI communicated with
What’s the
In an ideal world…
How Social Media Can Help
More Simply…


                 SI        Student

Even Better…
Practical Applications
Practical Applications
Practical Applications
How Would It Work?

 Cross Platform App
   iPhone & Android. (Blackberry?)

 Incorporate Up-to-Date SI Schedule
   Personalized
   Current

 Link to vital resources (and only vital resources)

 Functionality
Walkthrough-Open the app
Walkthrough-Home/Load Screen
Walkthrough-List of Programs
                    “My Courses” should be
                     first link.

                    We want information to
                     feel immediate and

Walkthrough-SI Screen
                    All Courses
                      Students need option
                       to see global view as
                       well as isolate one
                    Add/Delete a course

Walkthrough-My Courses
                    Current Location
                      More personalized
                      Easier access
                    Programmable Map

Walkthrough-Campus Map
Walkthrough-Session Info
                    Where is my SI Leader
                      Gives students a voice

                      Makes coordinators
                       more aware of
                       attendance and
                       punctuality issues.

Walkthrough-Where Is My SI

 Personalized

 Easy To Use

 Up-To-Date

 Gives Students a Voice
The Future
Going Lo-So
The Future-Going Lo-So

•A GPS based social networking game.

•Users “Check-In” to locations, adding a Shout

•Users accrue points and badges based on how
many locations they have been to that day.
How We Can Use This

       SI Leader opens the app.
How We Can Use This

       SI Leader chooses their location
How We Can Use This

  SI Leader adds a Shout that their session is starting.
How We Can Make It Our Own

 What if students had access to a campus map that updates,
 in real time, with current and up-coming SI sessions?

 Smartphone Buy-In

 Technology Gap

 Privacy

 Cost

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