THE LONE STAR MESSENGER
                                                     Texas State Court
                               ―We must not only give what we have; we must also give what we are.‖ Joseph Cardinal Mercier
S EPTEMBER 2006                                                                                             

Olga Samaniego                      MISS ION S TATEMENT: Catholic Daughters of the Americas strive to embrace the principle of faith
State Regent                        working through love in the promotion of justice, equality, and the advancement of human rights and
1801 Billy Casper                   human dignity for all.
El Paso, T X 79936
915-593-6653                              MESSAGE FROM THE STATE REGENT
Carolyn Bachmann
First Vice State Regent             My Dear Sisters in Christ,
19417 FM 172
Scotland, T X 76379-6500            Welcome to an exciting, new CDA year; and are we ever starting the year off with a
940-541-2569                 bang! Eighty-seven delegates and thirty-one alternates and non-delegates attended the
                                    National Convention held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in July. It was truly an amazing
Sheila Martinka                     experience filled with equal parts of hard work, learning, and great fun. As most of
Second Vice State Regent
2401 Primrose                       you know, we now have a new National Regent, Claudia Bosch, from North Dakota.
Pasadena, TX 77502                  She is a vibrant leader, and I know she will do a terrific job of continuing to move our
                                    organization forward. We wish our out-going National Regent all the best. M. Joan
                                    McKenna is a hard-working, dedicated woman; and it was a pleasure to work with and
Carolyn Malik                       for her.
State Secretary
P.O. Box 243
Shiner, TX 77984                    I am proud to announce that Texas supported two candidates at the convention, and
361-594-3170                        both were elected. Libby Ramirez from Victoria is the first ever to hold the office of              National Regent Elect! She will work closely with Claudia, and I know the two will
Peggy Rosales                       be a great team. CDA will be in great hands for the next four years! We also have a
State Treasurer                     new National Director from Texas: Duchess Collins from Sugar Land. We don’t
8003 Doe Meadow Dr.
Austin, T X 78749
                                    know what her assignments are yet; however, we do know that she will work hard and
512-288-2877                        represent Texas well.
                                    I have one more bit of exciting news! Contracts have just been signed, and Texas is
Loraine Hilscher
State Parliamentarian               going to undertake a second Habitat for Humanity build! This build will be a joint
2404 San Medina                     project of this administration and the next, and the home will be built in Wichita Falls,
Dallas, TX 75228-3112               Texas, in October 2007. We are venturing into new territory with this build. First of
214-327-6708                  all, the State and Local Courts of Texas will provide all the funding for this home. It
                                    will be a challenge to do this without the support of the National Office, but we know
Most Rev. Armando Ochoa
State Chaplain
                                    that the members of Texas are up to this challenge. I am happy to announce that
Office of the Bishop                Susan Walton of Wichita Falls has accepted the chairmanship of this project, and I
499 Saint Matthews St.              know that she is raring to go! Susan will be contacting you with more information
El Paso, T X 79907
915-872-8426                        soon, but as your court sets up its budget for this new term, please consider making a
                                    donation to this new Habitat House. We are asking that each court in Texas
Rev. Donald Ruppert                 contribute at least $100.00 toward making this home a reality. Send your checks
State Clergy Consultant
P.O. Box 1325                       made out to the Texas State Court to Susan Walton, Habitat for Humanity Build 2007
East Bernard, T X 77435-1325        Chairman, at 305 Galleon Drive, Lakeside City, Texas, 76308, and write Habitat for
                                    Humanity on the notation line. Together we can truly make a difference in a family’s
                                    Members across the state have been asking God to show us what He would have us
                                    do, and boy is He ever putting us to work! Roll up your sleeves, and do not be afraid.
                                    Whatever He calls us to do, He will empower us and equip us to do.

                                         Catholic Daughters of the Americas
                                                 Texas State Court

                                                   Mission Statement

The members of the Texas State Court love Christ and His Church and are dedicated to leading others to Christ and
to His service through Catholic Daughters of the Americas.

    1.   To be women of faith and prayer.
    2.   To bear witness to our faith through our actions and interactions.
    3.   To support our clergy and women religious and to foster vocations.
    4.   To promote the fact that CDA is a relevant, vibrant organization for today’s church.
    5.   To increase membership.


     Emphasize that all courts are to implement the Spiritual Enhancement portion of the Circle of Love
     Encourage courts to undertake all other aspects of the Circle of Love prayerfully.
     Provide two state-wide retreats to foster a deeper understanding of the Eucharist.
     Be highly visible in the state to encourage prayer and service.
     Encourage and suggest new area of service that are relevant to today’s women and that meet the needs of a
      changing world.
     Institute more Missions of Mercy projects in different parts of the state.
     Provide more training and time for discussion at district and multi-district meetings.
     Provide more support for courts that are struggling through the Court Outreach Program.
     Encourage the study of the bylaws, parliamentary procedure, and protocol.
     Develop more women to undertake leadership roles in their courts.
     Encourage more courts to become more actively involved with our youth.
     Encourage more participation in our Circle of Love, newsletter, scrapbook, and membership contests.
     Encourage courts to become more visible and active in their churches and communities and to publicize
      their activities.
     Develop innovative ways to encourage women to join us in our work.
     Develop court incentives for increasing membership.
     Continue to work with technology so that it enhances the efficiency of each officer.

    THE LONE STAR MESS ENGER is a publication of the CDA Texas
    State Court and is published four times a year, in September,
    December, March, and June. It is mailed to State Officers, National
    Officers, District Deputies, State Chairmen, and Court Regents. If one
    of the listed above is not receiving her newsletter, please send in the
    form on the last page of this newsletter with her name and address.
    With each issue, several newsletters are returned as undeliverable, so            As a Catholic Daughter,
    please keep us up to date regarding this matter.                                   does your light shine?
    If there are other court members who would like to receive the
    newsletter in the mail, the member subscription price is $7.00 per year;         “You are the light of the
    make the check payable to CDA. If, you already have a paid                       world…Let your light
    subscription, your exp iration date is on the mailing label.                     shine before everyone
                 Rosemary Olson, State Newsletter Edi tor                            that they may see your
                        Kathleen Tayl or, Co-Edi tor                                 good works, and glorify
                              10809 Newton                                           your Creator which is in
                            Houston, TX 77075                                        Heaven.”
                             RLO05@ao m                                         Matthew 5:14, 16

                                       Letter from the State Clergy Consultant

                             My Dear Catholic Daughters,

                             Summer vacations are over. School bells ring once again; and it is time for
     BACK                    CDA to get back into the “groove.”
        TIME IS             I went to the National CDA Convention in Minneapolis looking forward to a
       SCHOOL               respite from the Houston area heat and humidity. A parishioner was visiting
                            friends in St. Paul the week before the convention and called home to say
                            how much she was enjoying the chilly mornings and mild days. When I
                            stepped out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport late Saturday night, I thought I
never left Houston. What is it about CDA national conventions? We went to Tacoma in 2004 and had
people falling over from the heat during the opening Mass. We go to Minneapolis and get into the middle
of a “once every 100 years” heat wave. I’m almost afraid to go to Albuquerque in 2008. We’ll probably
battle knee-deep snow!

I was proud of the Texas delegation during the national convention. You were assertive, but not too
aggressive. Most of you used the right forks at the banquets and came home with your boots fairly clean.
The old adage, “It’s hard to be humble when you’re from Texas,” is often true. Congratulations to Libby
Ramirez, our new National Regent Elect, and Duchess Collins, National Director. Texas returned home a

You will be in my prayers as you prepare for a new year. I congratulate the newly installed officers and
extend my best wishes to you and your courts. May God bless you as you work together for the good of
the Church and the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. May Mary, the Mother of Jesus, guide your
decisions so that all you do is in accord with the two great commandments: “Love God above all things,
and love your neighbor as yourself.” PRAY OFTEN, WORK HARD, HAVE FUN, and be truly

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Don Ruppert
State Clergy Consultant

                                  Message from National
Libby Ramirez
National Regent Elect

The excitement of the convention is still in the air. What a wonderful convention. The members of the
Minnesota courts did a wonderful job. We all know that hosting a convention is a lot of team work, and
we all saw what team work can do. The convention was very well organized.

My first thought is to thank all of you for your support during the convention. I am very proud to serve
you in our organization, and I am extremely proud to be a member of CDA in Texas. I will serve you the
very best I can. I look forward to serving as National Regent Elect for the next two years. I ask for your
prayers for all the members of the board as we enter into a new term.

The essence of the convention is the changes that take place in the governance of our organization. This is
done through the changes to the bylaws that rule our order. Many changes were made at this convention.
Study them carefully. If you have a doubt about any of the changes, contact your State Regent before you
give the information out to the membership. Be sure that your members get the right information. The
resolutions passed at this convention were brought to the floor of the convention by our State Regent Olga
Samaniego who was, as always, very proficient. Study those carefully and implement them where they

As you read this, the Texas State officers and District Deputies are busy training the new officers in their
respective jobs. When the workshop comes to your area, please make an effort to attend the meeting. It is
for your benefit and the progress of your court. The program they offer is very impor tant for the growth
of your court. It is imperative that you know the programs and the proper procedures for conducting
business in your courts. Our State has incorporated Spirituality and Membership into the training also, as
they feel that without spiritually you will not have membership.

Membership continues to be a very important aspect of our program. How long has it been since your
court held a membership drive? Did you bring in any members in the past six months? How many were
deleted from your roster? Were they due to death or did they resign? If they resigned, did the financial
secretary make a personal contact or phone call to find out why they were resigning? Is it time for us, the
membership, to get more involved in the reasons our members are leaving our courts? We have a
wonderful organization. We need to let all our members know how good it is, and we all need to get
involved in membership.

We are all looking for the success of our courts and we will achieve it if we have determination and faith.
I will close with the following:
Phil. 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed
bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats
called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance
called Faith, a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called Success.       -Anonymous-

                                                               I want to thank all of the District Deputies who were
           Court Development/Membership                        so helpful and instrumental in bringing it all together.
   Carolyn Bachmann- First Vice State Regent                   Whatever I asked you to do to help prepare, you were
                                                               there; and I am most appreciative of your hard work
As summer is coming to a close and fall is just                and dedication to CDA! Big thanks to all of the
around the corner, I hope that all of you had a                officers and members who gave of yourselves and
pleasant summer and came up with some ideas to                 took time from your busy lives to be with us!
bring in new members. In the last newsletter, I asked
all courts to come up with a membership drive that             The State Board updated the information and
would suit your court. It is now time to set dates for         readjusted the format of the presentations; we had
the membership drive your court has decided upon.              nothing but rave reviews from all of you! Thanks so
If you have not talked it over with your court and             much for your input. All of you make my job as
membership chairman, you will need to do this soon.            Leadership Chairman so easy. I wish you a joyful,
New members bring new talents, new ideas and more              successful, and fun-filled two years in your office;
hands to carry out your court’s projects. I want to            and I leave you with this quote from Frank Outlaw,
make your court a winner of the Membership Contest             taken from one of our presentations:
sponsored by the State. I would like each court to                Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
work on bringing in at least five new members by                   Watch your words; they become your actions.
January 1, 2007. I know all of you can accomplish                  Watch your actions; they become your habits.
this small task. Go CDA, Go CDA, We are #1.                       Watch your habits, they become your character.
                                                                   Watch your character, for it will become your
Court development is coming along. Several District                                   destiny.
Deputies and their helpers are working on new court            *******************************************
prospects across the state. If you hear of any new
leads or areas that have an interest in learning more                       Dues and Assessments
about CDA, please contact me; and I will check into                      Carolyn Malik, State Secretary
it. We need to share with all women the sisterhood
we share with one another as Catholic Daughter                 I do hope you are enjoying what we have left of our
members. or 940-541-2569                   summer vacation. With the beginning of a new
*******************************************                    school year, we are also beginning a new CDA year.
                                                               I encourage all to meet with your new officers for a
   Officer Training/Leadership Workshops                       planning session and pray, pray, pray for a successful
                                                               CDA year. Please remember in your prayers our
   Sheila Martinka, Second Vice State Regent
                                                               young men overseas fighting for our country. I know
The summer is over, and it surely did go by fast! We           we all have friends or relatives involved in these
have almost completed officer training in the state of         peace-making efforts.
Texas. Members of the State Board started officer
training on June 3rd in San Angelo and continued               New Officers – please obtain a current list of your
throughout the summer to New Braunfels, to the                 state officers from the past regent of your court so
“Lights of Marfa,” then Moulton, Columbus, Tyler,              that you will be sending your reports to the proper
Dallas/Irving, Corpus Christi, Deer Park/Houston               person. For those of you who have not sent in
area, Ganado, and Mission. We will take our “road              election of officer reports, please send them to our
show” to Amarillo in October. Many of the training             State Regent, Olga Samaniego. I DO NOT receive
sessions were multi-district, and I appreciate all of          these reports. Miss-sending reports only results in
you “going the distance” to participate in the training.                  additional expenditures for the State.

                                                                           ALL COURT CHECKS REQUIRE
                                                                           TWO (2) OFFICER SIGNATURES!

                                                                  National Office know if you have any
                                                                  discrepancies.    Their e-mail address is
          Dollars and Cents                              or the telephone
          Peggy Rosales, State Treasurer                          number is (212-877-3041).
                                                                 Please make sure that your court number is
Congratulations to the newly-elected and installed                on any checks sent in, whether they are court
Court Officers. It has been a pleasure to have met so             or personal checks – we need your court
many ladies at the Officer Training Workshops.                    number for our records.
                                                                 Smile and have a good time with your
Quarterly tips:                                                   Catholic Daughter “sisters.” Show your
                                                                  community the joy that CDA has given you!
     Financial Secretaries – it’s time to order an
      updated membership roster from the National           Happiness is the delicate balance between what one
      Office; these need to be reconciled with your         is and what one has.             –F. H. Denison-
      court membership records. Please let the


                    Sheila Martinka                                          Janis Wright
     Congratulations to all of our Memorial                 Hi, ladies! Summer has gone too fast. I hope
     Scholarship winners!! This year we were able to        yours was fun and relaxing. My best wishes to
     award 30 deserving young and enthusiastic              the new officers who have recently assumed
     people scholarships totaling $29,000. Thanks to        their duties. I hope you’ve had a chance to
     all of the members/courts who continue to              attend an officers’ workshop.
     support this worthwhile project!
                                                            On June 9, the state officers and the state
     Ladies you have done a wonderful job of                financial review committee met in Shiner at the
     keeping me busy by requesting Mass cards.              home of State Secretary, Carolyn Malik. The
     Keep up the great work! Remember, for $2.50            state books were reviewed for the period June 1,
     you or whoever you are sending the Mass card           2005 through May 31, 2006. The books were
     to receives a year’s worth of masses each first        found to be in good order, well organized and
     Friday of the month offered by our State               very accurate. Keep up the good work, ladies.
     Chaplain, Bishop Ochoa. Now where can you
     get a better deal for $2.50 than that?                 Congratulations to Libby Ramirez and Duchess
                                                            Collins for winning their elections! We’re so
     Please send your requests for cards to my              proud of you and know you will do a great job.
     attention at 2401 Primrose, Pasadena, TX 77502
     or you can call me 713-946-5847 or e-mail at           It’s time again for Regents and District Deputies                                to schedule the court financial reviews for the
                                                            period April 1, 2006 through September 30,
     When requesting cards, please let me know who          2006. The reviews are held in October and the
     to send them to and the number of                      District Deputy must be present at all court
     cards/envelopes you need. Thanks again ladies          reviews.
     for all of your support!
                                                            Have a great year and I hope to see you soon.
                                                            I’ll keep you in my prayers and ask you to keep
                                                            me in yours.

READ ACROSS AMERICA CHAIRMAN                               E-mail me at or call me at
         Cynthia Novak                                     281-489-1033 (home) or Cell 281-787-3430. If
                                                           you have any questions, I'll be more than happy
A new CDA year has begun and so has a new                  to help you. We had 2 first time entries win last
school year. That means it’s time to start                 year. Good Luck.
planning to join the National Education
Association (NEA) for the 2007 Read Across
America event. Regents, have you appointed a                   STATE SCRAPBOOK CHAIRMAN
chairman for this fun and rewarding event held
annually on or around March 2nd ? Now is the                           Jo Ann Jalufka
time to start contacting schools, day care centers,        The time is passing by very quickly; and just in
libraries, clinics, etc. If your school has some           a few more months it will be the 2007 state
type of reading program, you might want to                 convention in Dallas, Texas
contact the person in charge of that program. If
not, contact the principal. If you are not able to         Hopefully by now each court has a scrapbook
set up a reading event, don’t get frustrated –             chairman and is collecting photographs and
there are many other ways to participate in this           items for the scrapbook to be entered at the
event. Last year several Courts purchased books            convention. Time is getting short.
or held book drives and donated the books to               Also, please send your pictures of your court’s
schools, libraries, and churches. So, put on your          functions to me for the State Regent’s scrapbook
thinking cap and start planning an event in your           to be presented to the state regent at the
area. Visit the NEA web site at                            convention. I will start putting the scrapbook to get ideas and more               together shortly.
information. You can even order stickers,
bookmarks, pencils, tattoos, certificates, etc.            Please do not wait to send your pictures to me
After the event, remember to send in your report           the last two months before the convention, as it
to me. This year each Court that sends in a                puts them out of order. If you remember, the
report received a NEA’s Read Across America                last scrapbook had latecomers.
Certificate of Appreciation from National. If              If anyone needs a set of guidelines, please let me
you need additional information or have                    know and I will be happy to send them. Thanks
questions, please contact me at:                           to all of the Regents who left messages for me to
777 E. Eblin                                               send them to you. Hope everyone has received
La Grange, TX 78945                                        them. Thanks again to all of you for your
979-968-4072               cynovak            cooperation. I can be reached at:
                                                           P. O. Box 3122
                                                           Victoria, Texas 77903-3122
                                                           361-575-6045 or
          Charlene Gwosdz
Regents and Newsletter Editors: It is time to
start thinking about entering the Local Court              HEAR YE, HEAR YE!
Newsletter Contest for 2007. You will need the
last three issues of your newsletter. Be sure to
send me 3 packets, that's 9 newsletters - 3 of             STATE NEWSLETTER WINS
each issue. Also you will have a paper to sign             2nd PLACE at NATIONAL
stating that this is the newsletter you sent to your       CONVENTION.
members all during the year. Check with the
Regent when she receives her Regent’s packet               Congratulations to Rosemary Olson, Editor,
from Olga Samaniego, State Regent, and it                  and State Regent, Olga Samaniego.
should have details about the deadline of March
1, 2007.

      STATE PARLIAMENTARIAN                              -   Should the name of the member who
                                                             seconded the motion be recorded in the
           Loraine Hilscher                                  minutes?
Questions Frequently Asked:                                  No. The name of the person making a
- What is Parliamentary Procedure?                           second should not be recorded in the
   Parliamentary Procedure is a set of rules                 minutes. In fact, it is not necessary to state
   providing for the orderly conduct of                      the motion received a second. The motion
   business. “Where there is no law, but                     either received a second or did not require a
   every man does what is right in his own                   second or it would not have been
   eyes, there is the least of real liberty.”                considered.
                         Henry M. Roberts

-   What are the duties of a parliamentarian?                 QUALITY OF LIFE CHAIRMAN
    A parliamentarian should have a working
                                                                    Linda Dierschke
    knowledge of parliamentary law.            A
    parliamentarian is not a figurehead and              Welcome new officers and chairmen. This is
    should never be appointed just to fill a             going to be a wonderful year for Catholic
    vacancy.      The parliamentarian is a               Daughters. Our State Convention will be next
    consultant who advises the president/regent          year and all courts are expected to participate in
    and other officers, committees, and                  some of the contests. The Quality of Life
    members on matters of parliamentary                  category is one that all courts are active in, but a
    procedure. The parliamentarian’s role is             lot do not send in reports. Let's make this a
    purely advisory, since it is the chair alone         banner year and have great participation. This is
    who has the authority to rule.                       an extensive category that our courts devote
                                                         numerous hours and dollars to.
-   Who is responsible for determining that a
    quorum is present?                                   There are 5 categories for Quality of Life:
    A quorum is the number of members who                        I.   Family Life Issues
    must be present for business to be legally                   II. Restoration of Family Values
    transacted. Before calling the meeting to                    III. Family Health Issues
    order, it is the presiding officer’s duty to                 IV. Community Issues
    determine that a quorum is present, although                 V. Worldwide Issues
    she need not announce the fact.
                                                         Courts should choose the areas they are most
-   Is it true that the president/regent can vote        interested in and concentrate on time and $s for
    only to break a tie?                                 that category. It is almost impossible to work in
    No. The presiding officer has the same right         all 5 areas. At the September meeting, it would
    to vote as any member; however, the                  be helpful for regents to have print outs
    impartiality required of the presiding officer       available with each category and what is
    precludes exercising that right while                included under that topic. This can be found in
    presiding. When the vote is by ballot or             your Circle of Love. It does help members
    whenever the vote will affect the result, the        realize what they have been involved in. Also,
    presiding officer may vote. If the presiding         time can be recorded by individuals doing
    officer votes by ballot, he/she may not vote         volunteer hours. It does not have to be a court
    to make or break a tie.                              participating in a project to count hours and $s.

-   What is a majority vote?                             Wishing all courts a blessed and active year. If
    A majority vote is more than half not one            you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
    more than half.                                      call or email Linda Dierschke
                                                                       5954 St. Hwy 208
                                                                       San Angelo, Texas 76903

      STATE PUBLIC RELATIONS                                     STATE WAYS & MEANS
             CHAIRMAN                                                CHAIRMAN
           Henriette Jalowy                                              Cathy Bittner

             I hope you had a pleasant summer           Second Call for donations for the State
             and are ready for a super year in          Convention. Have you remembered to send a
             CDA. My directive on the state             copy of your court's cookbook for our cookbook
level is to publicize Catholic Daughters with           basket? We are planning an "Old Fashioned"
news releases and pictures. I am willing to help        raffle, so we need homemade items such as
publicize events in your area if invited well in        quilts, afghans, ceramics, etc. We will be
advance.                                                using cash donations to buy handcrafted items.
                                                        Your court's help is needed to make this event a
Hopefully, each regent will appoint a public
                                                        success. Tickets will need to be printed and
relations chairman and plan a yearly publicity
                                                        distributed in November 2006, so please get
program. Published articles may attract new
                                                        your donations to me as soon as possible. Send
members. Each regent will be receiving a
                                                        donations to:
handout in her Regent’s Packet on guidelines for        Cathy Bittner, Ways & Means Chairman
writing a news release.                                 3307 Pecha Ln.
It is important to let the public know WHO the          Rosenberg, TX 77471
Catholic Daughters of the Americas are, and             281-344-1772 (D) or 281-232-4207(N)
most importantly, WHAT the Catholic
Daughters DO. It is important to let the world
know that we are a group of hard-working
Christian women making a difference with our
spiritual, charitable, and educational projects
through the “Circle of Love” program. We want
to be noticed. We accomplish a lot as individual
courts and as a State court.                                                 WALKING ROSARY?
In the past year I have sent articles to the            I couldn’t help but call the Regent, Dolores
Diocesan newspapers and many secular                    Odle, of Court Holy Family #2060 to find out
newspapers throughout the state. I thank State          what the heck a “Walking Rosary” is. Dolores
Regent Olga for her support in my efforts.              informed me that while at a CDA event in East
                                                        Bernard they had taken part in a Walking Rosary
Again, have a great year and let’s spread the           and thought it was such a good idea they would
good news about Catholic Daughters.                     plant one on their Church grounds.
                                                        The Walking Rosary is made out of stepping
                                                        stones formed into the shape of a Rosary. The
                                                        ten stones for each of the five decades are alike.
                                                        The stones marking the Our Fathers are different
                                                        shape or color. Each person is assigned a stone
                                                        and recites the prayer that matches that stone.
                                                        The Rosary is anchored permanently into the
                                                        ground, and can be used by any group in the
                                                        church. What a wonderful way for little ones to
       Happiness keeps You Sweet,                       learn their prayers and Rosary! What a
                                                        wonderful gift from the Catholic Daughters to
          Trials keep You Strong,
                                                        their Church.
        Sorrows keep You Human,
        Failures keep You Humble,                       Court Holy Family is now waiting for the
       Success keeps You Glowing,                       construction to begin on their Walking Rosary.
      But only God keeps You Going!                     They raised funds for this project by having a
            You are so special!                         Spaghetti Dinner.             -Rosemary Olson-

                                    MISSIONS OF MERCY – Lillian Hansen

  A new year is beginning for the Catholic Daughters and many of us have new Regents. I am inviting all of
  you to get involved in the needs of the less fortunate and include the Missions of Mercy in your giving budget.
  Perhaps you could consider a fundraiser for the benefit of MOMS projects.
  One of the members in our court hostesses a salad luncheon during the summer when there are no regular
  meetings. Some guests also bring small gifts to auction off and whatever amount is raised is given to the court
  for one of the MOMS missions.
  Also our court has an annual garage sale and all funds are earmarked for charity. This is an easy way to get
  members to works together and have fun together. We mark all items in increments of 25 cents and up (we
  figure if it’s not worth 25c it’s not worth putting in the sale) which makes making change very easy. We get as
  many members as we can to work an hour or two, or if they don’t want to do that, they are encouraged to
  furnish the food and drinks for the crew. Actually the workers are our best customers.
  After the sale, the leftovers are sorted and items then taken to our nearest Mission of Mercy (which happens to
  be Casa Juan Diego in Houston), the Abused Women’s Shelter, Boys and Girls Club, and the nursing home
  gets the nightgowns, pajamas, cardigan sweaters, and socks, and we give the baseball caps to the Veterans
  Hospital. Anything we can’t find a use for is then taken to our Second Time Around Shop that is run by the
  Retarded Children’s Council for resale benefiting their clients.
     Matthew 25: 35-36, 40: “I was hungry and you gave me food. I was a stranger and you welcomed me…I was
   naked and you gave me clothing...I was sick and you took care of me” and ―Truly I tell you, just as you did it to
                     one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”

                                PLEASE KEEP THIS INFORMATION HANDY
                DALLAS                                               Send Parcels by UPS to:
2727 Harlandale Ave                                                  San Felipe de Jesus Catholic Church
Dallas, Texas 75216                                                  2515 Rancho Viejo
Convent: 2704 Harlandale Ave, Dallas, Texas 75216                    Bro wnsville, Texas 78526
          (214-374-3351)                                             Mail checks payable to “San Felipe De Jesus C harity
Shelter: 2727 Harlandale Ave, Dallas, Texas 75216                    Account” to
          (214-274-9595)                                             Father Mike Seifert
Before making a delivery or visit, and fo r more info rmation        San Felipe de Jesus Catholic Church
about what is most needed, please contact:                           P. O. Bo x 8093
Cleo S mith: smi (cell: 972-979-1979)             Bro wnsville, Texas 78528
Randa Gonzales:                                 Before making a delivery or visit, and fo r more info rmation
 (cell: 972-896-5253)                                                about what is needed most, please contact:
                                                                     Alicia Gomez: ami (958) 982 2007
           CASA JUAN DIE GO – HOUSTON                                                    Taken from the
                                                                                  Salesians booklet of prayers:
Parcels can be sent by UPS or deli vered to:                                      Oh God, when we have food,
Casa Juan Diego                                                                  Help us to remember the hungry.
4818 Rose St
Houston, Texas (exit I-10 on Shepard/Durham towards                                   When we have work,
downtown, Left on Rose.                                                          Help us to remember the jobless.
                                                                                  When we have a warm home,
Cash donations can be mailed to:                                               Help us to remember the homeless.
Casa Juan Diego                                                                     When we are without pain,
P. O. Bo x 70113                                                              Help us to remember those who suffer.
Houston, Texas 77170
                                                                              And remembering, help us to destroy
                                                                           our complacency and bestir our compassion.
Before making a delivery or visit, and fo r more info rmation
about what is most needed, please contact:                             Make us concerned enough to help by word and deed
 Mark or Louise Zwick (713) 869-7376.                                   Those who cry out for what we take for g ranted.

                                                    NATIONAL NEWS

                                   National Convention
                                              Minneapolis, Minnesota
                                                Hyatt Regency Hotel
                                                  July 16-21, 2006
                                                  Henriette Jalowy
                                          State Public Relations Chairman

When I attended the CDA National Convention, I felt            I will remember the opening Mass with the lively
a warm fuzzy feeling being around 900 delegates,               Polka music. I don’t think I can carry a tune, but I
alternates, members, clergy, spouses, and guests.              don’t worry about that with polka music. I am
Everyone was friendly. There was sense of serenity             enjoying one of the band’s CDs at home. I will also
during the week. I was always looking for a familiar           surely remember Texas Night at the Fondue Pot.
face from previous conventions. I have made many               That’s another story.
friends at these events. All of us were ready to work
and to have fun.                                               The State officers, Libby, Duchess, and Father Don
                                                               Ruppert, our State Clergy Consultant, were so
Libby Ramirez and Duchess Collins will represent us            patriotic in their red, white, and blue shirts at
well on the National level. Libby, from Victoria, was          Candidates Night. They were a lively bunch. I saw
elected National Regent Elect (a newly-created                 them near the end of the evening and they were still
position). Get ready for the 2008 convention in New            going strong.
Mexico when she will be named National Regent and
then in 2010, she will preside at the National                 Guest speakers inspired, informed and motivated me.
convention in New York. That’s wonderful, Libby.               Keynote Speaker Mother Mary Agnes, Sister of Life,
We are cheering for you.                                       S.V., spoke movingly of the order formed by the late
                                                               Cardinal O’Connor and its tireless work on behalf of
Duchess from Sugar Land will do well also as one of            pro-life, a position supported by the Catholic
nine National Directors. She will represent a section          Daughters. Marie Boneli, Court of Redeemer Angels
of the states, and will be on committees. Way to go,           #2426 in Mechanicaville, Virginia, introduced three
Duchess.                                                       young members of the Junior Catholic Daughters of
                                                               the Americas court there, and expressed the
Lovely State Regent Olga Samaniego was such a                  tremendous satisfaction one gets from working with
gracious lady as she accepted a certificate for the            “Juniors.” Judy Kullman from St. Paul, Minnesota,
State for winning second place in its division in the          motivated the audience with information about
National Newsletter contest. Texas was also awarded            “T.G.I.S.” (Thank God It’s Sunday) The recipient of
certificates for outstanding participation in the              CDA’s “Woman of the Year” Award, Mary Ann
following Circle of Love categories: Education,                Kuharski of PROLIFE Across America, talked about
Leadership, Quality of Life, National Charitable               the organization’s billboard campaign and what it is
Projects, and Legislation. She also accepted a plaque          like to raise 13 children.
for the State for having instituted the most new courts
and a certificate for participation in Read Across             The Basilica of St. Mary is simply breathtaking.
America.                                                       Everyone was comfortable in such a spacious setting.
                                                               I was so proud of Libby and Duchess when they were
Olga did an outstanding job at the podium as chair of          installed as national officers at the beautiful altar.
the Resolutions committee. National Regent M. Joan
McKenna of Massachusetts is a lovely strawberry                As reports were presented, I was amazed at the
blonde with such a sense of humor. She and Claudia             tremendous amount of time and money that is given
Bosch, First Vice National Regent and now the                  by my fellow sisters in Christ. I am so proud to be a
National Regent, entertained us well. The meetings             member of this hard-working group of Catholic
began on time and were run quite efficiently.                  women. I look forward to the next gathering of my
                                                               CDA friends.

                                        Circle of Love/National Charities
                                                A New Beginning
                                   Just so, your light must shine before others,
                                     That they may see your good deeds and
                                          Glorify your heavenly Father. Matthew 5:16

We were quite busy last year and now we are ready to start a new one. It was a joy reading all the required national
charitable reports that were received. There are many charitable acts of love that contribute and exemplify the
“Heart of Jesus.” Each of the 218 courts in Texas light the way to Jesus. We are truly blessed!

Ninety-one (91) annual reports were received. This is forty-two per cent (42%) of the 218 courts. The 2006
submitted CDA reports indicated the generosity of the membership in time, talent and treasure.

                           Local court donations as per state records:                     $ 2,440
                           Local court donations through 91 annual reports:                  7,413
                           Hurricane Relief contributions as per state records:             11,355

From your reports, the report to the state was compiled. As I said before, there are so many wonderful things going
on in every court.

As we begin our new year, it is our hope that your court will include the National Charities Project in your budget.
We have eight (8) projects and the recommended offering is $10 for each project. A court check in the amount of
$80 with the regent’s and treasurer’s signatures should be made out to the Texas State Court and sent to State
Secretary, Carolyn Malik, P.O. Box 243, Shiner, TX. 77984. We want to keep current with our contributions and
mailing the offering to Carolyn Malik will allow us to keep accurate Texas charity records.

As you already know, an annual report to the state chairman is required. These reports serve as records of our
charity and service. The reports that were sent this year were interesting in that some courts make an offering of
$25 to each of the eight national charities. This is very commendable.

Keep up the good work and May God Bless and guide us as we continue on our journey of love.
                                                              Rosalinda Gutierrez, State Chairman
                                                                 National Charitable Projects


                                FYI FOR S ERIOUS CATHOLIC DAUGHT ERS ONLY!
                                                      By Rosemary Olson

       While going through the various court newsletters, gleaning out information, I came across this blip in Ct. Our
       Lady Queen of Peace’s newsletter. Hard line Catholic Daughters, this is something to consider for yourself or
       for a Sister in your court who has served faithfully and is being considered for a special tribute. I looked up the
       phone number fo r further information if you need it: 412-571-5651.

                                            BRONZE CEM ETERY M EMORIA L
         A CDA bronze Memorial emblem is available for placing on tombstones from Matthews Memorial
                          Bronze, Jas. H. Matthews & Company, Pittsburgh, PA.

                               National Contest Winners

                                           NEWSLETTER CONTEST
Award                  Court                   Category                           City             Regent_______
Second Place           Mother of Unity # 2292    CAT II DIV I                     Houston          Kathleen Taylor
First Place            St. Bernadette #1108      CAT III DIV I                    East Bernard     Terrie Vacek
First Place            St. Pau l # 1604          CAT III DIV III                  Shiner           Mary Machacek
Second Place           Texas State Court         CAT II DIV II                    Rosemary Olson, Editor

                                           EDUCATION CONTESTS                                 PROJECT
ART DIVIS ION I                                                                              HANDCLASP
Third Place   Tanya Cazares        St. Mary Madgalene #1989, Laredo                            AWARDS
ESSAY DIVIS ION I                                                                           PRES ENTED TO:
Third Place   Joe Martinez         Our Lady of the Gu lf #2267, Port Lavaca
COMPUTER ART DIVIS ION II                                                                   Court St. Bernadette
First Place   Emily White          Our Lady of St. Hyacinth #2361, Deer Park                #1108, East Bernard
POSTER DIVIS ION I                                                                        Ct. St. Joseph of Honey
Third Place   Sam Matusek          Our Lady of Guadalupe #206, Yoaku m                          Creek # 2260
POETRY DIVIS ION III                                                                               Bulverde
Third Place   Lauren Lev           Holy Rosary #1476, Rosenberg
                                                                                            Texas State Court

                                            MERIT AWARDS
Outstanding Participation in Youth Program                    Outstanding Participation in JCDA Program
Court St. Theresa of the Little Way #2384, Premont            Court Mary St. John #2197, Baytown

Outstanding Participation in Legislation Program              Outstanding Participation in Membership Program
Court St. Lawrence #2402, Sugar Land                          New Courts - Most New Members during the Institution
                                                                                   Third Place
                                                              Ct. Daughters of the Holy Trinity #2548, Mt. Belvieu

                                     TEXAS STATE COURT AWARDS
   Outstanding Participation in the Membership Program --             Most New Courts Instituted in 2004-2006
                         Outstanding Participation in the Leadership Program
                 Outstanding Participation in Quality of Life—Health and Life Issues
                         Outstanding Participation in the Legislation Program
               Outstanding Participation in the National Charitable Projects Program
                     Outstanding Participation in the National Education Program
                   Outstanding Participation in the Read Across America Program

                             Refer to the specific areas in your CDA Bylaws.
                       Adopted amendments to Articles are italicized and underlined.

Sec. 1 Membershi p                                            ARTICLE VI DUTIES (PAGE 11)
….support the Church and the Holy See                         Sec. 3 The Vice National Regents, in order of rank,
ARTICLE VI OFFICES (PAGE 7)                                   Delete paragraphs 2 and 3, and re-number
Sec. 2 Eligibility                                            paragraph 4 to 2
…or Past State Regent, and serve no more than 3
terms (6 years), as a National Director in a lifetime.        ARTICLE VI OFFICERS (PAGE 13)
                                                              Sec. E National Directors shall:
ARTICLE VI OFFICERS (PAGE 8)                                          2. (New) Be appointed to serve on National
Sec. 5 Vacancies                                                         Committees
    A. (New) The National Regent Elect shall                          3. (Former 2)
       assume the office and duties of the National
       Regent.                                                ARTICLE VII NATIONAL BOARD (PAGE 14)
    B. (New) The office of National Regent Elect              Sec. 2 Duties
       will remain vacant until the next Biennial                     K. Select the date and site for the Biennial
       Convention.                                                       National Convention meetings for a
    C. (New) The Second Vice National Regent                             period of four (4) years prior to the
       shall assume the office and duties of the First                   Convention.
       Vice National Regent.
    D. (Former B)                                             ARTICLE VII NATIONAL BOARD (PAGE 15)
    E. (Former C)                                             Sec. 2 O. (New) Adopt an annual budget.
    F. (New) If the assumed or appointed term is
                                                              ARTICLE XII NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS
       more than twelve (12) months:
                                                              (PAGE 21)
           1. Executive Officers will not be                  Sec. 1
               eligible to run for an additional term                 B. If a member of the Nominating
               in that office.                                           Committee intends to become a
           2. Directors will be eligible for one                         candidate for office, she must resign
               additional term.                                          from the Nominating Committee, by
                                                                         December 1 st of the year prior to the
ARTICLE VI OFFICERS (PAGE 10)                                            Convention, to the National Regent.
Sec. 6 Duties
        A. The National Regent shall: (Paragraphs
                                                              ARTICLE XII NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS
           1-7 remain the same and insert new                 (PAGE 23)
           paragraph)                                         Sec. 4 Elections
               8. (New) Appoint a                                     C. Only one (1) Officer and one (1) Director
                   Parliamentarian who serves                            may be elected from any one State.
                   without a vote and cannot serve
                   as a Delegate at Convention.               ARTICLE XIII STATE COURTS (PAGE 25)
           Numbers 8 through 15 then change                   Sec. 3 Officers
           accordingly.                                                C. Eligibility
                                                                          To be eligible for State Office….and
ARTICLE VI OFFICERS (PAGE 11)                                             available to her State to handle all
Sec. B National Regent Elect shall:                                       responsibilities the office entails, a
            3. (New) In the absence of the National                       current or past State Officer…
               Regent, assume her office and duties.

        MORE AMENDED BYLAWS                               ARTICLE XIII STATE COURTS (PAGE 37)
                                                          Sec. 7 Nominations
ARTICLE XII S TATE COURTS (PAGE 25)                               D. If a member of the Nominating
Sec. 3 Officers                                                      Committee intends to become a
         D. Forfeiture of Office                                     candidate…Committee by December 1 st
          4. (New) The State Regent must be                          of the year prior to the State Convention,
             excused from attending the above                        by submitting her written resignation to
             specified meetings by the National                      the State Regent.
             Supervisor or forfeit her office.
Sec. 3 F. Duties                                          Sec. 3 D The Fi nancial Secretary shall:
      E. (New) Appoint a Parliamentarian who                      4. (Add) All changes in membership must be
          serves without a vote and cannot serve                     in the hands of the National Office no
          as a delegate at Convention.                               late than April 15 for dues billed in May
      Paragraph D becomes E, E becomes F, etc.                      based on the membership as of March 31
                                                                    and no later than October 15 for dues
ARTICLE XIII STATE COURTS (PAGE 28)                                 billed in November based on membership
Sec. 3 Duties                                                       as of September 30.
      L. Submit a State financial report to the
         National Office covering the State’s             ARTICLE XIV LOCAL COURTS (PAGE 50)
         Fiscal year, following the review of the         Sec. 13 CONVENTIONS A. State Convention 2. (a)
         State books by the Financial Review              Representation shall be:
         Committee.                                               (2) And an additional delegate for each
                                                                      twenty-five (25) members or major
ARTICLE XIII STATE COURTS (PAGE 32)                                   fraction thereof.
Sec. 4 STATE BOARD Duties C
     (c) Meet (delete quarterly or) as often as
                                                          ARTICLE XIV LOCAL COURTS (PAGE 51)
         necessary in order to discuss the program        Sec. 13 CONVENTIONS B. Nati onal Convention 2.
         of THE ORDER in the State, but no less           (a) Representation shall be:
         than four (4) times a year.                              (2) And an additional delegate for each
                                                                      seventy-five (75) members or major
                                                                      fraction thereof.
Sec. 6 Conventions D Notice (1)
      1. The dates and sites of the next State
                                                          ARTICLE XIX DISBANDING OF COURTS (PAGE
         Convention shall be selected by the State        54) NEW ARTICLE
         Regent at least one (1) year in advance,         The National Court policy on disbanding a court
         with the approval…
                                                          outlines the procedures to follow under the direction
ARTICLE XIII STATE COURTS (PAGE 34)                       of the State Regent. This policy is available from the
Sec. 6 Conventions E. Quorum                              National Office and is printed in the “Tools of the
      A Majority of voting members…or ten                 Trade,” Section One, Membership and Extension
      percent (10%) of potential Delegates,               Manual and must be followed.
      whichever is less…
                                                          The present ARTICLE XIX PAGE 54 becomes
                                                          ARTICLE XX.

"No arsenal, no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage
                           of free men and women." – Ronald Reagan


        Regents – Share these Resolutions with your membership.

                               RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED AT THE
                          CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAS
                           51ST BIENNIAL NATIONAL CONVENTION
                                  MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA
                                       JULY 16-21, 2006
No. 1
WHEREAS,     we were created to know, to love, and to serve God, and
WHEREAS,     our service is the way we witness our faith, and
WHEREAS,     service is what attracts others to join our order, now therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    that spirituality and enhancing our relationship with God, both as individuals and as a sisterhood,
             will be our primary focus so that our spirituality is reflected in our service.
No. 2
WHEREAS,     throughout the world thousands of children are born with cleft lip and cleft palate anomalies, and
WHEREAS,     the repair and restoration of these anomalies can change the life of that person forever, and
WHEREAS,     the surgical repair takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and currently costs only 250 U.S.
             dollars, and
WHEREAS      there is a national organization named The Smile Train that is dedicated to restoring smiles on
             these faces everywhere, and
WHEREAS,     the Catholic Daughters of the Americas is a charitable organization committed to helping others in
             need, now therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    that the Catholic Daughters of the Americas adopt The Smile Train as a National Charity.
No. 3
WHEREAS,     umbilical cord blood stem cells have successfully treated thousands of patients with dozens of
             diseases, and
WHEREAS,     with the birth of every child, there are umbilical cord blood stem cells available, and
WHEREAS,     The Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act of 2005 (H.R. 2520/ S. 1317) was signed into law by
             President Bush on December 20, 2005, bringing the use of umbilical cord blood to the attention of
             research, the medical profession and the public, and
WHEREAS,     Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan have enacted or are in the process enacting legislation to create a
             stem cell bank to store umbilical cord blood; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    that in those states where legis lation has not been enacted, the State and Territorial Court Legis lative
             Chairs make contact with their state legislators to promote the enactment of legislation to create a stem
             cell bank to store umbilical cord blood.
No. 4
WHEREAS,     Pope John Paul II in his January 1990 World Day of Peace message called attention to
             “environmental pollution,” and
WHEREAS,     the Catholic Bishops of the United States (by letter dated March 13, 2006) state, “as stewards of
             God’s creation, we are called to respect and protect our natural resources not only for ourselves but
             also for future generations,” and
WHEREAS,     the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA) desires to implement the concerns of the late Pope John
             Paul II and unite with the efforts of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in their concern
             for the environment; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    that CDA will undertake to promote education and awareness of Church teaching on the
             safeguarding of God’s creation; and be it further
RESOLVED,    that articles and other materials on protection of the environment as well as governmental action
             affecting our natural resources will be utilized to promote awareness and to alert our membership
             as to ecological problems.


No. 5
WHEREAS,     The World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization (WUCWO) is recognized as the prime
             representative of international women’s Catholic organizations by the Holy See, and
WHEREAS,     The World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization maintains consultative status with the
             Pontifical Council for the Laity and maintains relations with the Secretary of State and networks
             with other international organizations, and
WHEREAS,     The World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization fosters awareness of cultural diversity and
             the respect of human rights, therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    That the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, through the National Regent or her designee, be made
             aware of the workings of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization (WUCWO) and its
             agenda regarding women’s issues through timely updates.
No. 6
WHEREAS,     Apostleship of the Sea serves seafarers on cruise ships and cargo ships, and
WHEREAS,     Apostleship of the Sea is often the only support system these seafarers have during the many months
             they are away from home, therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    That our National Regent, on behalf of the members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, send a
             letter to the USCCB affirming our support of Apostleship of the Sea and strongly encouraging them to
             continue their support of Apostleship of the Sea.
No. 7
WHEREAS,     There are a vast number of illegal immigrants in the United States, and
WHEREAS,     There is much debate about how to handle the many questions and problems posed by illegal
             immigration, and
WHEREAS,     Many illegal immigrants are law abiding, hard working, tax paying members of our society, and
WHEREAS,     Many illegal immigrants have children who were born in the United States and therefore are legal
             citizens who would be deported if their parents are deported, therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    That members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas pray that the dignity of the illegal immigrants
             and their families be respected and pray that all public discourse be marked by prudence and
             compassion leading to a positive resolution to the issue of illegal immigration.
No. 8
WHEREAS,     Many men and women of our military are in harms way defending our freedom at home and abroad,
WHEREAS,     Having a parent or spouse deployed often puts a financial and household strain on the family, therefore,
             be it
RESOLVED,    That the members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas pray for the safety of our military
             personnel and, be it further
RESOLVED,    That the members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas be encouraged to seek out ways to assist
             the families of our military personnel who are stationed away from home; either financially,
             emotionally, or through assistance with household chores, yard work, child care or any other needs
             they may have.
No. 9
WHEREAS,     Human trafficking is a major violation of human rights which exists in today’s society, and
WHEREAS,     The majority are women and girls who are forced to work as domestic workers, garment workers or
             sex slaves, and
WHEREAS,     A national 24-hour hot line for human trafficking resources is available, therefore, be it
RESOLVED,    That members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas pray for and seek ways to assist these
             women and girls legislatively, financially, emotionally or with any other needs they may have, and
             be it further
RESOLVED,    That our National Regent, on behalf of the members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, send a
             letter to each of the four major manufacturers of Feminine Hygiene produc ts, urging them to print the
             hotline number for human trafficking resources on their product packaging.

                                                    MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA
                                                         JULY 16-21, 2006

                   CANDIDATES ’ NIGHT                            Olga Samaniego (on left) with Past State Regents of the Texas
Kneeling l to r: Sheila Mart inka - 2nd Vice State Regent        Court, Dee Scheetz, Duchess Collins, Libby Ramirez, Amy
Duchess Collins - National Director                              Rueda, Eunice Perusic, Dolly Pena, and Cecina Koeijmans.
Peggy Rosales - Treasurer
Standing l to r: Libby Ramirez - Nat’l Regent Elect
Caro lyn Bach mann - 1st Vice State Regent
Olga Samaniego - State Regent
Caro lyn Malik - Secretary

                   NATIONAL OFFI CERS
                           (left to right)                                                 Olga accepting various awards for
        Anne Nelson - 2nd Vice National Regent, Maryland                                       TEXAS STATE COURT
       Claudia R. Bosch - National Regent, North Dakota
         Libby Ramirez - National Regent Elect, Texas
       Joanne Tomassi - 1st Vice National Regent, Florida
   Shirley Seyfreid - National Secretary Treasurer, Minnesota.

                                                                                                 NATIONAL DIRECTORS
                                                                                                        (left to right)
                                                                                                 Evelyn Sa xton, Oklahoma
                                                                                               Lorayne Zimmerman, Oregon
                                                                                               Margaret Bingham, Vermont
                                                                                                 Duchess Collins, Texas
                                                                                                Vicki Broussard, Louisiana
                                                                                                Lucretia Coates, Maryland
                                                                                                Letty Calvetti, Pennsylvania
                                                                                               Teresa Kocer, South Dakota
                                                                                                  Lois Nelson, Minnesota

                       TEXAS STATE NEWS

                                     Quarterly Prayer Intentions
The following are the prayer intentions for the new quarter. Please share them with your courts. The intentions can
be remembered in many ways such as in the opening or closing prayers of your meetings, at corporate communions,
by your prayer min istry, and hopefully by each individual member in her daily prayers. Jesus tells us in Matthew
21:22, “Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive.” Let us place our trust in Him as we lift up the
following intentions:

       For the safety of our soldiers and all who suffer during their absence,
       For teachers and students, that they will be blessed with patience, mutual respect, and a safe learning

                              Congratulations to our ne west Texas Courts:

                                           Court Holy Queen #2573
                                         Anna Marie Hernandez, Regent
                                              241 Camaro Way
                                            San Marcos, TX 78666

                                         APRIL 26 - 29, 2007
                                       WHAT AN EXCITING TIME!
                                Joyce Pierce - Convention Chairman

The excitement is building with plans and volunteers who are giving their Time and Talent. We will soon
be sending out letters for the Program Ads. When you come together for your fall meeting, please bring
up the subject and plan for the layout. Ad prices are scheduled to be the same as last year. Ads help pay
for the convention book and operating expenses for the State Court. To help in this endeavor, we
suggest each court make a call to those who advertise in their respective bulletin. With the cost of
running a state the size of Texas, this would be a big help.

Please keep an eye out for items to put in the tote bag. Companies are generous, but they need to be
asked. We have a letter prepared for these tax-exempt donations. Please feel free to call or email me at should you need this memo.

State wide, courts and especially yours truly are blessed to have chairman and workers who are "Women
in Service for the Lord."

                 Most Merciful Father, we commend our departed into Your hands…..
 Justine Poklad Nick...Charter Member                       Lenore Castillo
 Eri as Byrd                                                Dorothy Murphy
 Ct. Mary Immaculate #1719, Dallas                          Ct. Louise #209, Fort Worth
 Agnes Stary                                                Leol a Mercado
 Ct. Our Lady of Peace # 1374, El Campo                     Ct. Our Lady of St. Hyacinth #2361, Deer Park
 Thelma Noster                                              Lena Oltremari...Charter Member
 Ct. Mother of Un ity #2292, Houston                        Ct. St. Theresa of Lisieu x #2211 Sugar Land
 Carmen Amparan                                             Mag dalena Kocks…Mother of Carolyn Bach mann
 Ct. Regina Coeli #1959, Houston                            Ct. Our Lady of Good Counsel #309, Wichita Falls
                                                                          Member for 48 years

              MARCH             Libby Ramire z will again be participating in the March for Life in
             FOR LIFE           Washington D.C, in January 2007. Look for more information in
                                your National Newsletter, and make plans to sponsor Libby.

   It’s not too late to sign up for the State Retreat in San Angelo on September 22-24, 2006.
   A registration form was included in the June state newsletter. Call Carolyn Malik, State
   Secretary at 361-594-3170 or Olga Samaniego, State Regent at 915-593-6653 for more

                                                           REGENT’S RESOURCE PACKETS
                                                           New Regent’s Resource Packets will be sent to
             CDA LOGO                                      all court regents, district deputies, state
                                                           chairmen, and state officers in September. The
               The fourth batch of letters for             packet will contain updated rosters and very
courts that have requested permission to use the           valuable information concerning the operation of
CDA registered logo will be going out soon.                your courts and upcoming events and contests.
Please remember that all Texas courts must have            If you do not receive your packet in September,
a letter on file with the State in order to use the        please contact the State Regent.
registered logo on stationery or newsletters.
Each court regent who is missing a letter will             REMINDER
have to be contacted individually in September.            We will have a very busy fall and spring leading
Please help cut down on this time-consuming                up to the State Convention in Dallas. If you
task by sending in your letter as soon as                  would like state representatives to attend your
possible. The letter can be very short, but it             court functions, please schedule them with the
must include your court’s name and number.                 State Regent as early as possible. All district
Email letters are fine. Thank you for your help.           deputies are reminded that all district meetings
                                                           must be scheduled with the State Regent before
                                                           invitations are sent out. Plan for multi-district
                                                           meetings whenever possible.
August 5, 2006                Officers’ Training, Irving
August 12, 2006               Officers’ Training and Installation of Officers, Corpus Christi
August 19, 2006               Officers’ Training, District #38 and Galveston/Houston
August 26, 2006               Officers’ Training, Districts #14, #34, #19
August 27, 2006               JCDA Commission Meeting in Hallettsville
September 9, 2006             Officers’ Training, Mission
September 22-24, 2006**       Board Meeting and State Retreat, San Angelo, Texas
September 30, 2006            District Meeting, Sugar Land
October 14, 2006              Officers’ Training, Amarillo/Lubbock
November 11, 2006             Galveston/Houston Memorial Mass

January 2007*                 Board Meeting, Dallas
January 16, 2007              50th Anniversary, Ct. Christ the King #1750
January 20, 2007              Meeting, District #38 Alvin
January 20, 2007              40th Anniversary, Court St. Clare #1966, Hebbronville
February 24, 2007             Multi-district meeting in Gregory, #16, #36, #41, #47
March, 2007*                  Board Meeting, El Paso
April, 2007                   Financial Review, Houston
April 26-29, 2007             CDA State Convention, Dallas

                           Eagle Brand Macaroni Salad

                            1 ½ - 2 lbs. Elbow Macaroni
                                1 lb. Grated cheese
                              1 can pitted ripe olives
                              1 can Eagle Brand Milk
                                    1 cup vinegar
                                     1 cup Mayo
                                     ¾ cup sugar
                                   1 teaspoon salt
                                 1 teaspoon pepper

   Cook macaroni according to instructions and cool completely. Chop up olives
   and add to macaroni along with cheese. Stir together the Eagle Brand, vinegar,
   mayo, sugar, salt and pepper in a medium size bowl. Pour this mixture over
   macaroni mixture and mix well. Cover and put in ice-box. This is better made a
   day ahead of serving.

               C D Angels can be anyone and anyone can nominate an angel. Angels are women who are doing their
               regular jobs in an extraordinary manner, women who have gone “above and beyond” and have given sp ecial
               service to a court, or women who have been quietly reliable and trustworthy whom you would like to
               recognize for their faithfulness. Be creative, and let’s recognize the Caring, Devoted, Absolutely terrific
               women of Texas. Send your nominees to State Regent, Olga Samaniego, at:
               or 915-593-6653.

Barbara Britton is truly an angel in her court and in District 40. She was instrumental in instituting a senior court, and junior
court, and is now hard at work to help raise interest in a campus court at Incarnate Word College in San Antonio. She is
cheerful, d iligent and truly a great joy in CDA.

Lynette Broll of Court Hol y Cross #1598, Yorktown, has been a member of Court Holy Cross for less than a year and has
been chairman of our raffle fundraiser that netted over $1800. She has been banner bearer for the Bi-District meet ing for
Districts 12 & 30 and also for the Bi-District Installation of Officers for both districts. She also participated in “Make a
Difference Day” of the court by beautifying the local cemetery.

The Regents of District #12 are C D Angels who have done a super job during their terms: Maggie Jahn, Our Lady of
Guadal upe #206, Yoakum; Sally Goebel, Court St. Michael #347, Cuero; Joyce Machicek, Court Sacred Heart #797,
Halletts ville; Linda Willms, Court Hol y Cross #1598, Yorktown. They made great progress in their respective courts by
increasing their memberships; filing Circle of Love reports for the first time and winning a total of 5 awards between the courts
and carrying out many charitable projects for their co mmunity, state and nation.

Geri Combs is a charter member of Ct. Mother Seton #2513, Keller, established January 2003. She was the first Regent of
this young court and was responsible for laying the foundation for future leaders and members. Geri’s leadership on various
committees and dedication to Ct. Mother Seton has always been evident t hrough her example and hard work. She has been an
integral part of our annual fundraiser of t-shirt sales for our fall festival. Most recently, she devoted countless hours as the
ceremonial coordinator of our installation mass for new members and officers. She worked diligently on so many details and
also prepared the beautiful program used by everyone at the Installation Mass. Geri is also our resident photographer and
web master. We thank God for g iving us Geri Co mbs who shares her gifts so freely and devotes herself so unselfishly to CDA.
We honor her as our C D angel who we count on for so much.

Tunie Burke has been a devoted member of Ct. Mother Seton #2513, Keller. She is a new member, but has already
accepted responsible to become the next Court Treasurer. She’s served on various committees when we needed volunteers.
Tunie’s positive attitude and generosity are such an inspiration to others around her. She is always there with a smile and
ready to assist the Court with her talents. Recently, she helped in the installat ion mass preparations by making the centerpieces
used at the mass and reception. She purchased purple fabric that she used as the tablecloth for the cake table at the reception
and was responsible for the candles used during the installation. I can go on and on about Tunie; but suffice it to say, she is
also a blessing to our court and we are truly b lessed to have her in our midst.

Catherine Moore has onl y been a member of Ct. Mother Seton #2513, Keller, for two short months, however, her
leadership skills and talents shone brightly as she became an integral part of the installation reception co mmittee she chair ed
for our Court honoring new members like her and new officers. She didn’t hesitate to step up to the challenge of planning and
hosting a luncheon reception when it would have been easier to go out for lunch instead. She wanted as many people to stay
for the reception held immed iately after the Mass and recommended that we partner with the KC to host the luncheon re ception
ourselves. Her “can do” attitude resulted in a first for Ct. Mother Seton. We successfully accommodated over 130 guests
including our Bishop, our Chaplain and two other special priests. We also shared our joy with CDA members fro m two other
courts, Ct. Louise and Ct. Martha. We thank our angel, Catherine, for her leadership and “can do” attitude.

Rose Patek from Court of the Angels #2505, Seguin, is our C D Angel. Rose was very instrumental in establishing our
court, as we are young, only four years old. In the past four years, we have accomp lished the following: taking school supplies
to a Colonia in Brownsville, helping Katrina victims, Father Peyton’s Rosaries, attending a retreat in San Juan, all closely
following the Circle o f Love. She brought an energetic enthusiasm, great ideas and her deep faith has given our Court an
excellent foundation. As the Past Regent, she is still caring, has a cheerful attitude for whatever the task is; she will con tinue to
be our mentor. She is a true examp le of someone living her faith.
Ivy Lott from Court Mother of Grace #1906, Pasadena, knitted 80 caps for the Seaman’s Project. She suffers from arthrit is
in her hands, but was still able to do God’s work.

Court #2540 Immaculate Heart of Mary, Li vi ng Rosary in McAllen has a beautiful member who never once co mplained
nor said “no”. She is involved with St. Vincent de Paul Society of our Parish; she is a member of the Pastoral Council and a
leader in the Living Rosary group of our Parish. She is also a lector at our Parish. She has been on the calling committee of
our court and the hospitality co chair. She is also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to a beautiful family. No
matter who what when or where this Lady is always giv ing, kind and loving. This is the reason why I would like for Mrs.
Teodora ―Nena‖ Cavazos to be recognized for all of her “Yeses” as our Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary did when the Angel
Gabriel came to her. Thank you Nena for co ming into our Court!

Chris Dumanski of Court St. Monica #1262, Olfen, is an examp le of the great things CDA can do. Knowing we needed help
with parliamentary procedure, she volunteered to be our parliamentarian. She took an active ro le on our calendar co mmittee
and new member development committees. She has taken the layout of both tasks on as her own task. She volunteered to
handle the audio visual portion of the s tate convention – with a simple “it’s not hard.” She vo lunteered to chair our anniversary
tea/membership drive. She attended officer’s training – just because. She also volunteers with her grandson’s Cub Scout pack
– serving as committee chairman. She’s a Eucharistic Min ister in her parish. When Chris says she’s going to do something
you can count on her to do her job, do it well and in a timely manner.

Anna Smiley of Court St. Monica #1262, Olfen, is a quiet force. She shows up for just about every activity our court
undertakes. She made the quilt for our court raffle. She makes baby quilts for our Parkland Hospital Ministry, and she
recently agreed to chair our monthly Bingo game at a local nursing ho me.

Court Christ the King #1750, Houston, has many angels, but the two that I want to nominate as C D Angels are Patricia
Chersky and Dorothy Urbanovsky. They are the Court’s Scrapbook Chairmen. Six members of our court went to play Bingo
with the senior residents at St. Domin ic’s Village and they just took the complete planning of this on their own (we had no
appointed chairman). They called and set up the date, prepared the cupcakes, bought some of the bingo prizes (we had over 40)
and Patricia even took us there in her van. The seniors had a good time playing and loved the cupcakes and punch. Several of
them came up and wanted to know who baked the cupcakes because they were the best they had ever eaten. They are both
GOOD COOKS. They are both Eucharistic M inisters, both in the St. Theresa’s Women’s Club and do a lot for their parish,
which is St. Theresa’s in Houston. They take seniors to the doctor, etc. They are never at home. They are always doing things
for others. They are truly angels and they are always smiling.

Last, but not Least!
Olga Samaniego, Texas State Regent of El Paso, is an exemplary model of a true Catholic Daughter. She is a woman of
faith, of love, of knowledge, and of leadership. Her love for the Lord is shown through her talks and her actions with others.
She approaches all duties in a positive manner. Olga is defin itely a C D Angel.
(We tried to keep this a surprise; however, Olga sees the final copy before going to print. We had a hard time convincing her
to leave it in. It is, indeed, a well-deserved nomination.)

Courts In Action
Ct. Our Lady #2337, Dallas, had a Corporate Co mmun ion and Mass Supper. CDA also participated in dedicat ion of
    Mary Immacu late’s new church.
Ct. Louise #209, Forth Worth, has their Our Lady of Grace statue visiting various members’ homes.
Ct. St. Helen # 2330, Pearland, gave a reception for Father Reggie.
Ct. Immacu late Heart of Mary # 1884, Conroe, held a going away party for Sister Marion Grace.
Ct. Holy Family # 2060, M issouri City, gave a going away party for Father Hugh Curran.
Ct. Mercy o f Jesus #2407, To mball, has a Mother of Perpetual Help Novena every Thursday.
Ct. Holy Rosary #1476, Rosenberg, donated 3,700 rosaries to the Medical Mission in El Salvador.

Ct. Mary Immaculate #1719, Dallas, held a reception for the winners of the Education Contest.
Ct. Mary A Drake # 1288, Tyler, donated $500.00 to the Tyler Catholic School Foundation
Many Courts awarded schol arshi ps to seniors. Some of these were :
Ct. Our Lady Queen of Peace #1374, El Campo
Ct. Mother of Unity #2292, Houston
Ct. Our Lady of Grace #1734, Rowena
Ct. Our Lady of St. Hyacinth #2361, Deer Park
Ct. St. Bernadette #1108, East Bernard
Ct. St. Theresa of Lisieu x # 2211, Sugar Land
Ct. Immacu late Mary #2134, Angleton
Ct. Ancille Mariae #1886, Crosby
Ct. St. Helen # 2330, Pearland
Ct. Mary St. John #2197, Baytown
Ct. Mary A Drake # 1288, Tyler

Ct. Our Lady #2337, Dallas, held a baby shower and potluck.
Ct. Mother of Unity #2292, Houston, had a baby shower to benefit a family with quads and the Gabriel Pro ject.
Ct. Our Lady of St. Hyacinth #2361, Deer Park, had a Father/ Children Breakfast.
Ct. Ancillae Mariae #1886, Crosby, sponsored a book sale for kids.
Ct. Mercy o f Jesus #2407, To mball, made a donation to St. Anne’s School.
Ct. Mary A Drake # 1288, Tyler, have 2 adopted children in the Near East.

Ct. Our Lady #2337, Dallas, donated $3,750.00 to the Scottish Rite Hospital.
Ct. Mary Immaculate #1719, Dallas, held a “Meet Your New Board” wine and cheese party.
Ct. Our Lady of the Hills #2415, Round Rock, held a School Supply drive with the Church and collected school s upplies that
    were taken to Brownsville. The wo men of the court purchased cleaning supplies/cups and other snack items.
Ct. Our Lady Queen of Peace #1374, El Campo, had a Su mmer Coffee Brunch.
Ct. Mother of Unity #2292, Houston, held an Ice Cream Social in Ju ly and a Murder Mystery Tea in August.
Ct. St. Bernadette #1108, East Bernard, hosted a Blood Drive.
Ct. Ancille Mariae #1886, Crosby, hosted a Senior Cit izen Luncheon.
Ct. Holy Family # 2060, M issouri City, held their annual banquet at Johnny Carinos Restaurant.

Ct. Maria Galante #115, Austin, prepared birthday cupcakes for the Austin State Hospital. They also provided food for the
    Child Protective Serv ices meet ings.
Ct. St. Theresa of Lisieu x # 2211, Sugar Land, did their monthly Bingo and Dinner at the rest home.
Ct. Regina Coeli #1959, Houston, made plastic canvas crosses as well as rosaries.
Ct. Our Lady Queen of the Apostles #2391, Austin, is help ing with lunches for the Habitat for Hu manity Project.
Ct. Mary A Drake # 1288, Tyler, provided lunch for Hab itat for Hu manity Project.
Ct. Holy Family # 2060, M issouri City, have an Ushering Sunday Project.
Ct. Mary St. John #2197, Baytown, hosted coffee and donuts at the Church.
Ct. Mother of Grace # 1906, Pasadena, continues to work on knitt ing hats for the Seamen’s Bo xes Pro ject.

Ct. Mary Immaculate #1719, Dallas, held a Lenten Fish Fry and Dessert Sale.
Ct. St. Isidore, Patron of the Land #2340, Needville, raised funds by selling tickets to the Quilt Raffle.
Ct. St. Theresa of Lisieu x # 2211, Sugar Land, had a successful Kountry Kitchen.
Ct. Mercy o f Jesus #2407, To mball, held a bake sale Father’s Day weekend.
Ct. Christ the King #1750, Houston, had a successful Games Party.
Ct. Immacu late Heart of Mary # 1884, Conroe, had a Fiesta Party to raise funds.
Ct. Our Lady of Apostles #2391, Austin, had a Fashion Show.
Ct. Mary St. John #2197, Baytown, held a Festival.
Ct. St. Ann #369, Victoria, had a Games Party.

                   Junior Jazz                                             Fall 2006

   JCDA Court Bishop M.S. Garriga #1935 in
    Corpus Christi took time out o f their busy
    summer schedules to pray the rosary at the
    “Monument of the Unborn.” The court members also            2006 OUTSTANDING JCDA MEMBER
    invited the member of their church to participate in
    the rosary.

   All through the summer members of Court St.
    Faustina have been collecting yogurt tops to raise
                                                                         Katie Byrd
    money for Breast Cancer Research.                                     Court St. Faustina
                                                                            Dallas, Texas
 Check us out online at
  You will find up to date information as well as
  this newsletter.
                                                               The State Court would like to congratulate
                                                              Katie Byrd on being chosen the Outstanding
                                                                JCDA Member for 2006. Katie has served
    IT’S C OMING!!!!                                             her church and community in numerous
                                                               capacities, volunteering many hours of her
                                                                          time to helping others.

    22nd Biennial JCDA                                                        FUN STUFF:
                                                                Annual - Shakespeare at Winedale (July 27)
                                                               Summer Fun at Schlitterbahn or an Astros
     State Convention                                         Game
                                                               Making a parade float for the Fayette County
                                                              Fair Parade
                                                                          Court Annunciation #1962
         Wichita Falls, TX                                           Trip to Crystal Beach in Galveston
                                                                        Court Ancillae Mariae #1886
         June 29-31, 2007
                                                              As we all begin another year in our courts,
                                                              please remember to update your information
    Look for more information                                 with the State JCDA Court. Court Chairman,
                                                              Officers, emails, and telephone numbers all
          coming soon.                                        need to be submitted to the State JCDA Court.
                                                              By you being proactive, helps us stay up to date
                                                              and saves time. Please feel free to email Tearsa
                                                              Smesny or Linsay Kolar.

                                                                                                       Question, Comments, Issues?
                                                                                                       Please feel free to contact:
                      SERVICE:                               CONGRATULATIONS
                                                              Vanessa Snodgrass!                       NATIONAL CDA NEWS –
 Did everyone go on Vacation!!!
                                                              Court St. John in Baytown,               STATE CDA NEWS –
                                                                    Texas was like to        
Bracelets for Scottish Rite:
                                                                  congratulate Vanessa
JCDA mom, Janith Mills, set up a service project                                                       Catie Wicke
                                                                Snodgrass. Vanessa was                 JCDA State President
for Officers and 8th graders needing service
                                                              awarded a scholarship from               (979)335-4178
hours on June 10. Everyone made bracelets that
                                                             National Catholic Daughters      m
were then sold to benefit the kids at Hand Camp                of the Americas. Vanessa
through Scottish Rite Hospital. The girls made 57                                                      Katherine Dronka
                                                               donates her time to others
bracelets. Way to go!                                                                                  JCDA 1 st State Vice President
                                                              by working at the Baytown                (832)643-5142
                                                               Crisis Center, serving her    
CDA Meet and Greet for JCDA Officers:
                                                                church as an alter server,
The new JCDA Officers for Court St. Faustina                 lector, sacristan, Eucharistic            Jamie Pilat
attended the CDA Pot Luck Supper on June 14 and                                                        JCDA State 2nd Vice President
                                                                   minister, hospitality
were introduced to the CDA members and their                                                           (361)594-2100
                                                                minister, and member of      
husbands who were in attendance. They were later
                                                               the youth choir as well as
treated to an ice cream social that helped them get
                                                                 played her flute at the               Krystal S mesny
to know one another.                                             masses. She was also a                JCDA State Secretary
                 Court St. Faustina                                                                    (281)420-6995
                                                                      member of the
                                                                  Archdiocesan Youth
                                                                  Council. Vanessa is a                Karen Nors
                                                             charter member of Court St.               JCDA State Reporter
                                                                John in Baytown #2197.                 (254)826-3844

                                                                                                       Olga Samaniego
                                                                                                       State CDA Regent

                                                                                                       Tearsa Smesny
                                                                                                       CDA State Youth/JCDA
      ATTENTION: COURT                                                                                 Chairman
Please send pictures, newspaper articles and all                                                       Linsay Kolar
   other court media to your State Reporter,                     Planning on attending?                CDA State Youth/JCDA Co -
Karen Nors. We want every court represented                       Baylor University                    (512)663-1981
   in the State Scrapbook at Convention in                                Or                 
                                                             University of Texas in Austin
              2007. Don’t be left out!                                                                 Calling all NEWSLETT ERS !!!
                                                               Chairman of courts, please inform
                                                              any graduating seniors that plan on      Does your court not have a
                                                             attending Baylor, that there is now a     newsletter? That’s okay!!! Just
                                                                 CDA court on campus! At the           send Linsay Kol ar articles or
“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!   University of Texas the court is in the   the minutes from your court
In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living     formation process and looking for       meeti ngs so we can recognize all
hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the        girls wanting to provide leadership.     the great service projects every
                                                                                                       court gi ves to their community.
                                   1 Peter 1:3

                                                               priest he was arrested for demonstrating against
                                                               abortion. The crest he designed when he was
                                                               appointed auxiliary Bishop of San Antonio
SPIRITUAL BOUQUET – There is a tradition                       incorporated the “precious feet”. The active Bishop
within the Church of giving spiritual bouquets. These          was instrumental in closing down seventeen out of
are basically lists of prayers, sacrifices or other            nineteen abortion clinics in Amarillo. He has spoken
devotional acts that have been, or will be, offered for        at conferences given by the American Life League,
the specific intention of the individual or his                and even served on their Board of Advisors.
                                                               At age 75, a bishop is required to submit his
Our State Regent, Olga Samaniego, has requested                resignation to the Vatican. The Vatican can let
that the Catholic Daughters of Texas take a minute to          Bishop Yanta continue as bishop for a short time
honor Bishop John Yanta on his 75th birthday. She              longer or it may accept his resignation now. A fitting
would like you to send to her a card or letter                 tribute for this caring Bishop is the largest Spiritual
containing your Spiritual Bouquet intentions. She              Bouquet that we can “pick.” Please, as an individual
will then forward them to be presented to Bishop               or as a group, let Olga receive many bouquets to send
Yanta, on his birthday, October 2, 2006.                       Bishop Yanta for his birthday from the ladies of
                                                               Texas. These can be in the form of rosaries said or
Bishop Yanta is from the Diocese of Amarillo,                  going to be said, individual prayers, Masses,
Texas. He has worked tirelessly for the rights of the          sacrifices, and other devotional acts that you have
unborn since the beginning of his career. As a parish          offered or will offer for the Bishop’s intentions.

                                             ALL SOULS’ NOVENA
                  Say once a day for nine days, starting on the 24th of October until the eve of All Souls’ Day.

             O, God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant to the souls of Thy servants and handmaids
             departed, the remission of all their sins; that through pious supplications they may obtain the pardon
             they have always desired. Who lives and reigns with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Ghost,
             God, world without end. Amen


                                            CORRECTION FORM

Please use this form to make corrections to the roster. Please remember to send any changes also to the National
Office. Thank you for your assistance.

______________Address/Phone/E-mail Change                             ____________________Officer/ Chaplain Change

Court Name____________________________________________Court #__________________________________________

Name_________________________________________________Office __________________________________________


Phone Number___________________________________E-mail_____________________________________

Send to:

Olga Samaniego, State Regent                                               Peggy O’ Brien
1801 Billy Casper                                                          CDA National Headquarters
El Paso, TX 77736                                                          10 West 71st Street
E-Mail:                                          New York, NY 10023

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