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     100 Fanny Road
 Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046
      (973) 334-2820
  Welcome to the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA

August 2008

Dear Member,

Welcome! We are thrilled that you have chosen to become a part of our association and want you to know
that it is our desire to build a relationship with you that will last a lifetime.

The purpose of this handbook is to help you to understand the benefits of your YMCA membership as
well as the responsibilities associated with it. The handbook will also help you understand what you can
expect from us. Use it as a guide to how business is conducted here. By accepting this handbook you
agree to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with its content. Please discard any previous editions
you may have and keep this handbook in a place that is convenient for ongoing reference. If policy
changes should occur before the next publishing, you will receive a notification insert in the mail that you
can add to this copy.

As a community service organization affiliated with the United Way of Morris County, we are constantly
striving to meet the needs of our service area by developing new and innovative programs and services.
While we have changed through the years to keep pace with the times, we have not lost touch with our
Christian principles. Our professional staff is committed to providing quality experiences that help all
participants grow in spirit, mind and body.

The YMCA is a friendly, helpful organization. A kind word or smile is always appreciated. As you visit and
begin to use the Y on a regular basis, you may find that you have more questions. Please feel free to ask
a staff member or a volunteer or contact our Member Services Desk at (973) 334-2820.

Again - on behalf of our Professional Staff and volunteer Board of Governors – Welcome!


James F. McCrudden
Executive Director

                                        Our Mission
The mission of the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA is based on Christian principles encouraging members,
individuals, and families throughout our communities to grow in Spirit, Mind and Body. The YMCA
accomplishes this by providing diverse recreational activities, social services, and educational programs in
a wholesome environment.

               Table of Contents
                SECTION                      PAGE(S)
Our Mission                                     1

A Brief History                                 3

What Is the YMCA?                               4

YMCA Character Development                      4

Membership Benefits                             5

Membership Information                         5-8

Safety and Security                           8-10

Member Communications                         10-11

Program Information                           11-13

Be a YMCA Contributor                          13

Building Floor Plan                           14-15

Conduct                                        16

Facilities Descriptions & Usage Guidelines    16-25

       Pool                                   16-18

       Gymnasium                              18-20

       Health & Fitness Training Center       20-21

       Spinning Room                           21

       Teen Training Room                      21

       Kids Cardio Arcade                      22

       Group Fitness Studio                    22

       General Membership Locker Rooms        22-23

       Long Term Locker Rooms                  23

       Pavilion & Playground                   23

       Childcare                              23-24

       Babysitting                             24

       Lobby/Member Services                   25

Volunteering                                   25

Employment                                     25

Committees                                    25-27

Age Guidelines Overview Chart                  28

                                    A Brief History
Although the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary at this location in 2007,
the organization dates back to 1865 as the Boonton Area YMCA. Over the years the YMCA occupied
several sites in Boonton and offered off-site activities in local schools. In the early 1960s, a permanent
location was sought to consolidate the Y's activities. A five-acre site in Mountain Lakes was purchased in
1964 and fund-raising commenced; however, due to a zoning change, this property could not be used. In
1968 an eight-acre site on Fanny Road was purchased for $17,000, and the original property was sold for
$140,000, enough to pay for a portion of the site work and construction of the new building. A second
fund drive was begun and, with the help of local industries and concerned individuals, a mortgage was
obtained and groundbreaking was held in July 1971. The new facility, housing a 6-lane, 25 yard pool, an
all-purpose room, weight room and offices opened in December 1972. At that time the name was changed
to the Lakeland Hills YMCA, since it now served seven communities. In 1978 the name was again changed
to the present Lakeland Hills Family YMCA.

The early years were lean ones for the LHFY and it was a struggle to continue to function. However,
membership continued to grow. Several new programs were started including day care for children.
Aquatic and physical education programs were expanded, aerobics and senior programs were offered and
a popular "Adult Club" sponsored outstanding programs and trips. By 1978 membership had grown to
about 4800. An unexpected miracle bequest in 1977 relieved the financial pressure and helped make
possible LHFY's success. Esther Dutton, a wealthy Mountain Lakes resident, made the bequest that
eventually came to about $700,000. Mrs. Dutton was not a LHFY member, but she had visited the
facility and was so impressed with the volunteers and the loyalty of the people and their vision and
struggle over such odds, that she generously remembered the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA in her will.

In 1978 plans were formulated to double the size of the Y. The planned addition would include a
gymnasium, racquetball courts, a running track and other support facilities. A new main entrance and site
access changes were also provided. The addition opened in 1980.

Since the expansion, numerous renovations have taken place to keep current with program demands and
fitness trends. In 1999 the Y underwent the most significant renovation, which involved an internal
expansion to create additional childcare classrooms, provide for much needed program space and totally
revamp the weight and fitness training center, lobby and locker rooms.

In 2007 the Y was fortunate to be named in the will of trustee, generous donor and long time friend
Marion Mann Roberts as the recipient of a $1 million endowment. A dedication ceremony was held and
the Early Childhood Learning Center was renamed in her memory. Each year the interest on this gift will
be used to honor Marion's wish through the funding of approximately 30 scholarships for less fortunate
children to participate in childcare and day camp. Also in 2007 we strengthened our commitment to build
strong kids, strong families and strong communities by creating our Kid’s Cardio Arcade and Kid’s
Wellness Month as well as joining the national YMCA initiatives of Healthy Kids Day and Activate

Today the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA is Morris County's most complete family recreational facility with
a membership of over 11,000. The enriching and positive value of an LHFY experience comes from the
diversity and fellowship of the ten communities we now serve. We will continue to actively seek
representation from our entire service area, in both leadership and membership, to ensure our success in
fulfilling our mission.

                              What is the YMCA?
The YMCA is a volunteer, not-for-profit, charitable organization. It is operated by a volunteer Board
who, guided by a constitution, set policy and employ an Executive Director who in turn employs and
supervises all other members of the Association staff. The YMCA is a membership organization. You are
a member, not a customer. As a member, you are a part of the "LHFYMCA" family locally and the “YMCA”
movement globally.

The YMCA is open to all, regardless of age, race, sex, religion or residency. It is accessible to and offers
reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities. Financial aid is available to those who
qualify residing in our service area.

You can have a voice in "LHFY" affairs by:
• nominating and voting at the annual meeting for a volunteer Board that represents you
• influencing "Y" policies and plans by becoming a member of any of more than a dozen volunteer
   committees that work directly with department heads to advise the Board on all aspects of
• making suggestions through the concerns box in the lobby or on our website
• responding to surveys
• becoming a volunteer

As a member, you also have an obligation to:
• conduct yourself in a manner in keeping with the YMCA character values of caring, honesty, respect
   and responsibility
• safeguard the building, grounds and equipment from damage or thoughtless abuse
• keep down costs and ultimately membership fees by helping keep the building clean and reminding
   others to do so
• safeguard each other by reporting unsafe or suspicious behavior or conditions

If you would like more information on the YMCA Movement or wish to locate a YMCA in another city, call
1(888)333-YMCA (9622) or visit on the internet.

                   YMCA Character Development
The Y’s commitment to character development makes it extraordinarily valuable to the communities and
people it serves. Building on this commitment and making it part of everyday operations and programming
are our challenges.

The YMCA has identified these 4 core values:
                 Caring – to love others, to be sensitive to the well-being of others, to help others
                 Honesty – to tell the truth, to act in such a way that you are worthy of trust, to have
                 integrity; making sure your choices match your values
                 Respect – to treat others as you would have them treat you; to value the worth of
                 every person, including yourself
                 Responsibility – to do what is right, what you ought to do; to be accountable for your
                 behavior and obligations
The YMCA seeks to promote these values in every experience and relationship including staff to member,
member to member and staff to staff.

                               Membership Benefits
Full Privilege Membership
Entitles you to use of:
    •   Pool*                                      •    Kids Cardio Arcade*
    •   Regulation Size Gymnasium*                 •    Fitness Equipment Orientation
    •   Health & Fitness Training Center           •    3 Free Guest Passes/year (annual members only)
    •   General Membership Locker Rooms            •    A.W.A.Y. Privileges (below)
                            •   Group Fitness, Yoga, Pilates & Spinning Classes

Some age restrictions apply – see page 28 for clarification.

Many other programs and services are available at an additional fee including swimming lessons for all
ages, competitive aquatic programs, aquatic exercise, fitness evaluations, personal training, youth fun and
fitness, babysitting, childcare, nursery school, after-school care and summer day camp. Please consult
program brochure or visit our website for current offerings.

*Because these areas are used for programs, a time schedule shows when they are available for drop-in
(available opposite the elevator on the main floor and on our website).

All members receive the A.W.A.Y. (Always Welcome At YMCAs) symbol on their membership card. This
signifies to YMCA's throughout the country that your association participates in the national reciprocity
program. The A.W.A.Y. program allows you to use numerous YMCA facilities within the U.S. and abroad.
Some YMCAs do not participate in this program, others may charge a fee. (Please consult the Member
Services Desk or visit prior to traveling for information about other YMCAs).

Long Term Membership
This membership upgrade option for Adults (19 yrs. and up) includes everything a Full Privilege
Membership offers, plus an Adult only, controlled access locker room that includes:

   •   Assigned Locker                              •       Bathing Suit Spin Dryer
   •   Co-ed Steam Room                             •       Towel Service
   •   Sauna                                        •       TV

                          Membership Information
Membership Verification
Everyone must report to the Check-In Desk before proceeding beyond the lobby. A membership ID card
is issued to all members. Members age 12 and over receive a photo ID. Whenever you visit the YMCA,
whether to use general facilities or participate in a program, you must present your membership card at
the Check-In Desk. We reserve the right to deny admission to anyone who repeatedly fails to present a
membership card. Verification is done to enhance security and preserve the value of your membership by
ensuring that all persons using YMCA member facilities are current valid members. To avoid delays,
please bring your card.

We reserve the right to investigate or require proof of any information given on your membership
application that qualifies membership eligibility (i.e. birth date, relationship, residence). All member
guests must register at the Member Services Desk. Any attempt by a member to admit a non-member
without properly registering him/her could be cause for immediate termination of membership.
Unauthorized use of YMCA facilities is considered theft of services and is a prosecutable offense.

Building Access
For general facility use and programs, all members are to enter the facility through the main Lobby
entrance. Childcare/Preschool participants should use the side Marion Mann Roberts Early Childhood
Learning Center entrance.

Members With Disabilities
If you (or someone included on your family membership) have a disability, handicapped parking spaces are
available in the side and rear parking lots and are reserved for individuals whose vehicles display state or
municipal authorization to use handicapped parking. Members who possess this authorization may request
rear door scan card access. Applications for this privilege are available at the Member Services Desk. If
you (or someone included on your family membership) have a disability that prevents you from taking full
advantage of YMCA programs or services, please contact the appropriate director to discuss whether a
reasonable accommodation can be made to include you.

Membership Renewal/Cancellation
Members paying in full on an annual basis will receive a notice by mail approximately one month prior to
the expiration date stating the amount to pay to renew. The anniversary date remains the same
regardless of the actual date of renewal payment. Annual accounts not renewed within 60 days will be
rendered inactive.

Members paying via monthly credit card draft will have credit card charged each month on or about the
15th of the month. Credit card draft membership accounts are subject to annual rate increases that
typically take effect January 1st. New year’s rate will be stated in Winter program brochure typically
available in December. Credit card draft memberships may be cancelled at any time after the first full

Requests to cancel any membership inside the first year may not be granted. When you join the YMCA,
you are assessed a Joiner’s Fee that is used for Board-approved improvements. If your membership
should lapse and you wish to rejoin more than 60 days after your expiration date, you will be required to
pay the Joiner’s Fee again and your anniversary date will be adjusted accordingly.

Membership Upgrades/Changes
If, during the course of the year you wish to upgrade your membership (e.g., individual to family, full
privilege to long term locker option), you may do so at any time. You will pay the prorated difference
between the new membership and the existing membership. Upgrades done within the first year of
membership are also charged any difference in Joiner’s Fee between the two membership categories.
Other requests for change in membership should be directed to the Membership Administrator.

Replacement Membership Cards
If you lose your membership card, a new one must be purchased. The replacement charge is $5.00 and
must be paid prior to a new card being issued. Found cards will be held at the Check-In Desk. Please
check there before purchasing a replacement card. If your card no longer scans due to wear, a new card
will be printed at no charge when you turn in your old card.

Termination Of Membership
Membership is a privilege not a right. The YMCA reserves the right to terminate a membership at will
without refund.

Membership Hold
If, due to a physician-documented medical reason, you are unable to make use of the YMCA for a period
of a month or more consecutively, you may request to have your membership account put on hold until you
are able to return. When you are able to resume use of your privileges your account will be adjusted to
reflect the time you were inactive. NOTE to Long Term Locker Members – account hold/time extensions
will only be granted if locker is surrendered during the time you were inactive. NOTE to those with
Family memberships, in order to receive any adjustment for medical hold, all family members must
refrain from use of YMCA. Membership accounts may not be held/extended for any non-medical reason,
including travel.

Transferring Your Membership – Moving?
Please contact the Membership Administrator about the possibility of transferring your membership
closer to your new location. Memberships cannot be transferred within Morris County unless your
primary job or residence has changed. Membership fees are neither refundable nor transferable to
another party.

Scholarship Assistance
The YMCA believes in serving the needs of all members of our community, regardless of their ability to
pay the full cost of membership or programs. If you ever find yourself in this position, or know of
someone who is, please ask for a financial assistance application at our Member Services Desk or
download an application from our website at All information is strictly

Hours of Operation
We are open 7 days a week year ‘round. Hours of operation may vary based on demand. See program
brochure or our website at for current hours. Tours, new membership sales
and program registrations are handled during designated “Business Hours” within our hours of operation.
Weekend hours are usually slightly reduced in the summer. Summer hours take effect at the beginning
of the summer program session and end on Labor Day.

Holidays/Special Hours
        •  Easter Sunday                          •  New Year’s Day
        •  Labor Day                              •  Memorial Day
        •  Thanksgiving Day                       •  Independence Day
        •  Christmas Day                          •  Christmas Eve
                                                  •  New Year’s Eve

Special Closings
Annual Maintenance Shutdown
Facilities may be closed for up to 3 weeks (usually end of August/early September) for maintenance.
Occasionally some areas are closed for additional time for unusual repairs or major
improvements/renovations. These closings are considered part of your membership. During these times
we make every effort to arrange for free admission to other local YMCA’s for our members.

We reserve the right to close facilities for special events that warrant use of significant portions of the
Y. Notices will be posted in advance of these special closings. Occasionally it may be necessary to close
due to severe weather or emergency situations. Notice of these unscheduled closings is posted on our
website and recorded on our information Hot Line (973) 334-0091.

Age Requirements
Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian (19 yrs and up)
at all times while they are on the YMCA property except while participating in a program.
Parent/guardian is expected to accompany child to class and be present upon class dismissal.
Parents/guardians who choose to leave the premises during class are responsible for ensuring that the
emergency contact name and phone number on your account at the Member Services Desk are current.
See age guidelines for all areas on page 28.

Guests (Annual Members Only)
Members are encouraged to bring guests to the YMCA. All members may bring three guests per year
free. Guest passes are applied to your account when you join and when you renew each year after. You
may bring additional guests for a fee. See the program brochure or our website for the current fee. No individual may visit the YMCA as a guest more than 3
times per year and members are limited to 3 guests per visit. All guests must register at the Member
Services Desk upon entry. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and must stay with
them at all times. Guests 15 years and older may be asked to show a valid ID that confirms age. Guests
14 years and younger are not permitted in the Health & Fitness Training Center. Guests are subject to
the same policies and usage guidelines as members.

Photo Liability Waiver
Our staff members frequently take photos throughout the facility for a variety of uses. It is not our
intent to use photos against your will but because we can not guarantee that you won’t end up in a photo,
everyone is required to sign a photo liability waiver (included on membership application) assigning rights
to the photo and your likeness to the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA. You are welcome to ask not to be
photographed if you see staff taking photos in the area you are in, but, again, there is no guarantee you
will not appear in a photo.

Non-Sufficient Funds Policy
Anyone presenting a check or credit card that is returned for non-sufficient funds will be charged an
administrative and bank fee and subject to the following action:

       1st Return – Must replace payment, along with $25.00 fee, within one week or services for which
       the payment was made will be suspended
       2nd Return - Must replace payment, along with $50.00 fee, within one week or services for which
       the payment was made will be suspended
       3rd Return – YMCA membership privileges and services will be suspended for one year and unused
       membership fees will be refunded minus a $50.00 fee while unused program fees will not be

                               Safety and Security
We make safety and security a top priority. For this reason, a Risk Management Committee comprised of
board, staff and volunteer experts exists. With a focus on training and prevention, the committee
reviews policies and procedures and makes recommendations to minimize any potential for harm to a
member, visitor or staff person and provide for the security of the YMCA’s property. Staff frequently
collaborates with the Mountain Lakes Police and Fire Departments on matters of procedure and best
practices and other issues of concern. As a member, we ask that you accept the responsibility of
reporting anything that you feel could be a potential risk. We also welcome and give consideration to
suggestions through surveys and the member concern box in the lobby.

Informed Consent
The American Medical Association recommends that any person taking part in strenuous physical
activities consult their physician prior to participation. Participation in YMCA activities is at the
member’s own risk.

Members and their guests participate in YMCA-sponsored programs at their own risk. If you do have an
incident/accident, please report it to the nearest staff member immediately. An incident/accident
report will be filled out. Incident/accident reports are for YMCA use only.

Security of Personal Belongings
All members and their guests are advised to lock their belongings in a locker while they visit the YMCA.
We encourage all members to avoid bringing valuables to the YMCA. Be advised that a locked locker is
not a deterrent to some thieves. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please
report any loss to the Member Services Desk.

Security Cameras
Be advised that security cameras are located throughout the facility (not in locker rooms or bathrooms)
and parking lot.

Parking/Traffic Safety
The YMCA parking lot is for use only by those attending or making use of YMCA facilities and programs
or YMCA approved activities. Everyone is expected to obey all traffic, speed and parking markings and
signs throughout the parking lot. Active pick-up and drop-off is permitted in front of the YMCA but only
from the exit lane and only from the passenger side of the vehicle. Other stopping or standing at the
curb is not permitted. During Summer Day Camp and other unusually heavy traffic times, drivers are to
heed the direction of any staff who may be positioned in the parking lot. Those parking in handicapped
designated parking spaces must display authorization on license plate, mirror or dashboard placard.
Unauthorized use of handicapped parking spaces will risk loss of membership and fines by Mountain Lakes
Police Department.

Building Evacuation
In case of a fire or other major emergency requiring evacuation of the building, everyone is expected to
exit the building via the route posted in the room. Everyone is to proceed across the rear parking lot to
the McCrudden Pavilion and await further instruction by staff. Because emergency vehicles will be
arriving, no vehicles will be permitted to exit or enter the parking lot until directed by staff.

Several times per year, evacuation drills will be staged to aid in staff training. Drills include full
response by local authorities. While notice of an upcoming drill will be posted, the exact date and time
will be unannounced in order to properly evaluate response readiness. Anyone failing to exit the building
or heed direction of staff during an emergency situation (whether real or a drill) will risk loss of
membership and be subject to fines by Mountain Lakes Police and Fire Departments.

Emergency Exits
Exits not designated for use in the “Building Access” section on page 6 are alarmed and are for use during
emergency situations only. Any unauthorized use of an emergency exit could be cause for immediate
termination of membership
First Aid/CPR/AED’s
During all hours of building operation, at least one staff on duty (usually more) is certified in first aid,
cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). First
Aid kits are located in each department and at the Member Services Desk. AED’s are located in the Pool
area and the Health & Fitness Training Center.

Left Child
Any child/children age 14 or under remaining in the YMCA and not picked up by building closing time will
not be permitted to leave the YMCA premises without adult supervision. Staff will attempt to reach
parent or guardian or emergency contact on record. If all attempts fail and time is more than 15 minutes
past closing, the child/children will be released into the care of Mountain Lakes Police and parents may be
subject to action by the Division of Youth and Family Services.

Use of photographic equipment, still or video, including cell phones with photographic capabilities, is
prohibited unless approved by a YMCA Director.

                          Member Communications
The following methods are used to communicate information to you that is pertinent to your benefits and

New Member Orientation
New Member Orientations are available by appointment and are a great opportunity to learn everything
you need to know to enjoy the Y to the fullest. Come and spend an hour or so with the Member Services
Director and find out about:

   •   your membership benefits
   •   our professional staff
   •   our member-based committee structure
   •   facility and program schedules

Orientations conclude with a complete tour of the facilities, so if you’ve never had the chance to see all
that is available to you, need a refresher or just have questions, contact the Member Services Director
for an appointment.

Pool and Gymnasium Schedules
The Pool and Gymnasium schedules must change based upon programming needs. Throughout the year
there are 6 program session schedules (usually 7 weeks), along with several 1 or 2 week interim schedules.
New schedules for these areas will be available in the lobby and on our website no less than 1 week prior
to going into effect.

Member Newsletter
Published regularly, this piece is sent to members only and reports on recent Y events, new staff, current
Y issues and upcoming events and dates to remember.

Program Brochure
Published 5 times per year, this is a comprehensive listing of program, facility and membership offerings.

Visit us on the web at for helpful information on program, facility and
membership offerings, as well as special events, announcements and schedules.

We use e-mail to communicate with our members and program participants regarding program
registration, closings and cancellations, holiday hours, special events and member newsletters. Please
share your e-mail address with our member services staff or send an e-mail to to have
your e-mail address added to your account. We will not share your e-mail address (or for that matter –
any of the info we have on you) with anyone, for any reason that is not directly related to LHYMCA and
we will employ a “one and we’re done” philosophy when we do use it with the intent to inform, not inundate.

We have established an Information Hotline to keep you informed. During inclement weather,
particularly the winter months, the Hotline is updated frequently to make you aware of any delays,
cancellations or closings. The Hotline number is (973) 334-0091 (printed on your membership card).

Flyer Racks
Learn more about special events by picking up a flyer from one of the flyer racks located throughout the

                               Program Information
Program Session Registration
Most programs are offered in 7-week (usually) program sessions. There are 6 program sessions per year.
(Due to extensive day camp programming most Preschool and Youth Fun and Fitness programs are not
offered during Summer session.)
                                             7 WEEKS
                           SESSION         SPANNING*
                           Winter             Jan-Feb
                           Spring I           Mar-Apr
                           Spring II          Apr-Jun
                           Summer             Jun-Aug
                           Fall I             Sep-Oct
                           Fall II            Nov-Dec

Prior to the start of a new session, new program offerings will be published in our program brochure and
on our website at listing the classes that will be available including the days,
times, age eligibility, fee (if applicable) and a description of the course. Also included are specific dates
for the upcoming session and its registration. Registrations may be done in person at the YMCA or online
and associated fees are due at time of registration.

Due to the progressive nature of many of our classes, the first day of a session registration is open only
to those who are enrolled in the previous session of programs* and their family members. Registration
opens to all other “current” members (current defined by a date noted in related program brochure) on a
first come, first served basis the following day. Registration will open to new and non-members
(membership required for most programs) as noted in brochure (usually several days later). (NOTE swim
level progress for current Youth and Preschool Aquatics participants, will be updated on child’s
membership account no later than the day before registration opens. Please check account to confirm
what level to register for in the upcoming session.)
    •   Those who are eligible and attempt to register on opening day, who are wait-listed for a desired
        class, and who are not accommodated in that type of class that session, will receive priority
        consideration for the next registration
    •   Those wait-listed on the opening day of registration who are notified of an opening in the class
        before the session begins must accept the opening or forfeit eligibility to receive priority
        consideration for the next registration
    •   Summer members may participate in the first day of Fall I program registration with the
        understanding that they must upgrade to annual membership if the class they desire is available

*Each year, the first day of Fall I session registration will be open to all “current” members.

Online Program Registration
We encourage everyone to take advantage of online program registration because of the convenience it
offers, however, online registration may not be for everyone. Here are some things to consider before
you decide:

   •   Will you have access to a computer during the day and time that you are eligible to register
   •   In-person and online program registration will be happening simultaneously
   •   If you have a credit on your account that you wish to apply toward your program registration
       fee(s) you must register in person
   •   If you receive financial aid for programs you must register in person

If you are considering online registration you will want to complete the “I’m Ready for Online
Registration” checklist, available on our website

Membership Has Its Privileges
Though most programs we offer require membership, there is a handful that do not. For these programs,
YMCA members will have first opportunity to register ahead of non-members.

Special Event/Seasonal Programs
Throughout the year a variety of special events and seasonal programs take place that do not follow the
same beginning and ending dates as our standard program sessions. These include: Summer Day Camp,
Swim Team, Youth Soccer/Basketball Leagues, Childcare, Kids Club, Adventure Guides and numerous 1-
day events. These special programs usually have separate dates and guidelines for registration that will
be noted within the program description in the brochure.

Program Cancellations
We will make every effort to run session programs as scheduled. In the event that we are forced to
cancel a program due to uncontrollable factors such as weather, power outages, etc., no refunds will be
given. If a program is cancelled due to lack of enrollment, the YMCA will credit or refund your program
fee in full.

Withdrawing from a Program
If you must withdraw from a program, you must notify the appropriate director before the first day of
the session, not the first day of the class, in order to receive a full refund or credit. On or after the
first day of the session, program fees are non-refundable. Withdrawals due to a medical reason,
documented by a physician, will be eligible for a credit. Credit amount will be a prorated portion of the
program fee paid, based on the date referenced on the doctor’s note. We ask that credit requests be
made as soon as possible, and we reserve the right to deny any request made more than one session after
the relevant session. Those who must withdraw due to medical reasons will be considered eligible for
preliminary registration in the next session that they are able to participate in. Those withdrawing for
other reasons will not be eligible for preliminary registration in the next session unless the participant or
a family member is enrolled in another class.

Program Participant Special Medical Needs/Allergies
Serious or life threatening pre-existing medical conditions should be communicated to the program
director. Completion of a medical action plan, specific to the participant, may be required depending on
the severity of the condition.

Parent/Child Programs
For member only programs that require a parent or guardian to participate with the child, only the child
is required to maintain a membership.

                          Be a YMCA Contributor
Your YMCA is a non-profit charitable organization and has a 501(3)(c) status. You can help support the Y
in two ways.

Annual Giving Campaign
Every year during the spring, the Y conducts an Annual Giving Campaign to support our wide range of
community programs and services but primarily to support youth financial aid scholarships for childcare,
after school care, and summer day camp. These dollars provide financial assistance to those in our service
area who are less fortunate for memberships and the above-mentioned programs. The goal of this yearly
campaign known as Give a Kid the Y, is to ensure that no child is ever turned away from the Y because of
financial hardship. All who come here have the same opportunities regardless of ability to pay. After all,
doesn’t every child deserve the Y?

Endowment Fund
You may name the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA as the beneficiary of a planned gift or bequest of any size
through a will, trust, or other deferred gift. By making a future gift to the Y’s Endowment Fund, you can
minimize current and future taxes while preserving your estate and satisfying personal needs and goals.
For further information, contact the Y’s Financial Development Director. You may also consult with your
financial planner or attorney.

Lakeland Hills Family YM

CA Building Floor Plan

To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, members and their guests are expected to conduct
themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the YMCA character values.

All issues involving inappropriate conduct - member to member, member to staff, member to equipment -
will be documented by staff on duty via an “Incident Report” and followed up by the appropriate director.
Appropriate action will be taken and may include, but is not limited to, verbal and/or written warning,
membership suspension or termination without refund.

In keeping with our mission to provide a Christian atmosphere, profane or abusive language is prohibited.

Always dress for comfort and safety. In the interest of maintaining a family-friendly environment,
clothing that displays writing or graphics that are not suitable to be viewed by small children is
prohibited. Areas that have other dress requirements are noted later in this manual under the area’s
usage guidelines. Requests to wear clothing outside an area’s usage guideline description due to religious
reasons will be evaluated for safety by the department head and permission granted or denied on a case-
by-case basis. Shoes must be worn in all areas except the pool and locker rooms.

We are a smoke-free property. This includes the building and grounds.

Cell Phone Use
Use of cell phones is not permitted beyond the lobby.

Under the Influence
Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.

                                Facilities & Services
We are extremely proud of our facilities and encourage you to take advantage of all that is available to
you with your membership. If you are not familiar with a particular area, program or piece of equipment,
we can arrange for a staff member to give you a building tour, demonstrate equipment or explain a
program. The American Medical Association recommends that any person taking part in strenuous
physical activities consult their physician prior to participation. Participation in YMCA activities is at the
member’s own risk. Only plastic sports bottles are permitted in member facilities. All other food and
beverages must remain in the lobby.

Our pool is 6 lanes, 25 yards in length, with depths ranging from 4 to 12 ft. It is equipped with a diving
board, handicapped chair lift and stereo sound system. We attempt to maintain a pool temperature
within 2° of 84°. A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times.

   Usage Guidelines
   •  Two long whistle blasts signal an emergency. Move to the side of the pool and exit immediately
   •  Lifeguard is in full charge of the pool - anyone who is discourteous or disobeys the lifeguard’s
      directives will be required to leave the pool
   •  Everyone must shower before entering the pool
   •  Those with hair shoulder-length or longer must wear a bathing cap or have hair securely tied up
   •  Street shoes, gum, food or glass are not permitted on the pool deck
   •  A lined bathing suit is required - cut-off shorts or thinly worn bathing suits are not permitted
   •  Requests to wear “non-traditional” swimwear for religious or other reasons will be evaluated for
      safety by the Aquatic Director and granted permission on a case-by-case basis
   •  Starting blocks are for use during competition and class instruction only
   •  Running, roughhousing and pushing are not permitted
   •  Sitting, standing and hanging on the lane lines is not permitted
   •  Use of rafts or other inflatables is not permitted
   •  Parents are to observe lessons from the balcony
   •  Use of the handicapped chair lift is available only with the assistance of the lifeguard
   •  Diving in the shallow end of the pool is not permitted
   •  No swimmers are allowed in the diving area when the diving board is available for use
   •  Instruction by anyone other than on-duty YMCA staff is not permitted
   •  Other state bathing code rules are posted in the pool area
   •  Diving board will be available only during Recreational Swim at the discretion of the lifeguard
   •  Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time
   •  Diving is permitted only from the front of the diving board
   •  One bounce per dive
   •  Divers are to swim directly to the ladder and exit water immediately after a dive
   •  Non-swimmers are not permitted on the diving board

Because the pool hosts a variety of program and non-program uses, a time block schedule is published
each program session to let you know when it is available. Members are asked to be courteous to classes
in session. You may use the pool on a drop-in basis any time one of the following designations appears on
the schedule:

RECREATIONAL SWIM - Recreational time for any age. Bubbles (foam floats) are available for use by
    Usage Guidelines
    •  All children under the age of 7 and any non-swimmer must be within an arm’s length of an adult in
       the water
    •  All children ages 7-11 who do not use a bubble must be supervised by an adult from the water or
       the balcony
    •  Diving board will be available at the lifeguard’s discretion
    •  Lap swimming is not permitted
    •  YMCA toys & equipment (except bubbles) are not available for use during rec swim - personal pool
       toys will be permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard

LANE SWIM – Lap time for anyone 15 years and up. A selection of hand paddles, pull-buoys and
kickboards are available for use to supplement your workout. The aquatic staff maintains a “Lap Log” for
those swimmers who wish to keep a record of their distance. Simply report your laps to the guard on
duty and he/she will fill in your lap sheet. Synchronized pace clocks in each corner help you focus on
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Enter the pool in the shallow end only – via ladder or feet first at the end of a lane
   •  Lane speed is designated at follows:
          o Lanes 1 & 6 (outer most)          SLOWER
          o Lanes 2 & 5                       MEDIUM
          o Lanes 3 & 4 (inner most)          FASTER
   •  Enter the lane appropriate to your own speed after observing the performance level of swimmers
      already in the water (the lifeguard on duty can assist you if you are unsure)
   •  When entering an occupied lane, stand in the corner of the lane until the other swimmer(s) has an
      opportunity to see you
   •  2 swimmers in a lane may split the lane – each using one side of the lane or circle swim – counter
      clockwise, keeping to right
   •  3 (or more) swimmers in a lane must circle. Swimmers should swim continuously or agree to swim
      the same “work-out”, which may involve swimming specific intervals
   •  Stand in the corner of the lane while resting, when sharing a lane, to allow others to safely turn
      at the wall
   •  Pass only at the wall when sharing a lane to avoid colliding with or startling another swimmer
   •  Stretching should be done on the pool deck prior to entering a lane
   •  Lane assignments are at the ultimate discretion of the lifeguard on duty

ADULT LAP – Lap swimming time for those 19 years old and up.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Same as LANE
FAMILY LANE – Lap swimming for children 11 and under and their parents. Children must be
accompanied by an adult in the water and must not require the use of a bubble.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Same as LANE
TEEN LANE – Lap swimming for 12-14 year olds.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Same as LANE

Occasionally the pool may be closed to members due to special events. Closing notices will be posted in
advance in the pool area, locker rooms and directly on current schedule when possible. We will attempt
to have closing notices posted at least 2 weeks in advance. The available member drop-in times may
change with each program session. Schedules may be obtained in the lobby and on our website 1 week
prior to going into effect.

Our regulation-size gymnasium features a layered system hardwood floor, 6 baskets with glass
backboards and breakaway rims. It can accommodate 2 volleyball games at one time, and a floor to
ceiling divider allows 2 different activities to run simultaneously.
     Usage Guidelines
     •   Sneakers must be worn in this area at all times
     •   Full Court is defined as width of gymnasium using 2 baskets
     •   Half Court is defined as ½ width of gymnasium using 1 basket
     •   Rollerblading is not permitted
     •   Only plastic sports bottles are permitted and only during Adult Group Fitness Programs
     •   Personal radios without headphones are prohibited
     •   Those using the gymnasium must heed any direction given by the Gym Monitor or Member Service
         staff on duty
     •   Instruction by anyone other than on-duty YMCA staff is not permitted
Because the gymnasium hosts a variety of program and non-program uses, a time block schedule is
published each program session to let you know when it is available. Members are asked to be courteous
to classes in session. You may use the gymnasium on a drop-in basis any time one of the following
designations appears on the schedule:

OPEN – Recreation time for all ages.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Shooting baskets or half court games only
   •  Other activities such as catch (baseball, softball, football, Frisbee) and sports skills and drills for
      soccer, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse and others are permitted at the discretion of the gym monitor
      or Member Service staff on duty
   •  Organized games that prohibit use by individuals is not permitted

TEEN OPEN – Recreation time for those 12-18 years old.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Same as OPEN

FAMILY OPEN – Recreation time for parents and their children under 12 years old.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Same as OPEN

ADULT BASKETBALL – 5-on-5 - Full court pick-up games for 19 years and older.
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Participation is first come, first served
   •  When there are more than 10 players at the start, the first 10 to make a foul shot will split into
      2 teams of 5 and play the first game
   •  Subsequent groups of 5 to make a foul shot will form teams and will take the court to play the
      winner of the first game
   •  Game ends when one team reaches a predetermined score – this figure may change based on
      number of participants waiting to play
   •  Play will continue in a “winners stay on” fashion
   •  If more than 1 team is waiting to play, and both courts are in use, winners must leave the court
      after a previously agreed upon number of wins (usually 2 or 3)
   •  Play violations will be called by participants on an honor system.
   •  If teams can not agree on a call, it will be settled with a jump ball
   •  In the true spirit of the YMCA, courtesy should always prevail
   •  No spectators under 19 years of age are permitted
   •  Use of profane or abusive language is prohibited
TEEN BASKETBALL – Full court pick-up games for 12-18 year olds
   Usage Guidelines

ADULT VOLLEYBALL – 6-on-6 - Pick up games for 19 years and older.
  Usage Guidelines
  •   Everyone plays every game.
  •   When more than 12/24 people are present, total players shall be divided into 2/4 teams - upon a
      teams rotation, 1 additional player will enter the court and 1 player will leave the court - players
      will rotate through all 6 positions before leaving the court again
  •   Quad and doubles games are permitted only when no one else is waiting
  •   Play violations will be called by participants on an honor system
  •   If teams can not agree on a call, the play will start over
  •   In the true spirit of the YMCA, courtesy should always prevail
   •   No spectators under 19 years of age are permitted

Occasionally, the gymnasium may be closed for special events. Closing notices will be posted in advance in
the gymnasium, locker rooms and, when possible, directly on the current schedule. We will attempt to
have closing notices posted at least two weeks in advance. The available member drop-in times may
change with each program session. Schedules may be obtained in the lobby on our website 1 week prior to
going into effect.

Health & Fitness Training Center
Our Health & Fitness Training Center is among the finest, most comprehensive in North Jersey and our
staff is committed to your fitness success. We offer an equipment orientation, with the instructor on
the floor, to get you started. Orientations are by appointment and last approximately 45 minutes.
Family members are welcome to do orientations together (max 2) or separately. (You won’t be paired up
with any other members.) The Center is staffed at all times so you always have someone available to you
for information, to act as a spotter or if you just need a refresher on any of the equipment.
    Usage Guidelines
    •   Personal radios without headphones are prohibited
    •   Everyone is responsible for wiping off machines after each use (Sanitizer and paper towels are
    •   Sneakers must be worn at all times
    •   No one under the age of 12 is permitted at any time
    •   Stand clear of moving parts of machines that are in use
    •   Those 12-14 years limited to use of Teen Training Room only
    •   Instruction by anyone other than on-duty YMCA staff is not permitted

Cardio Conditioning Center
Your orientation provides you with an overview of the various types of machines in this area, as well as,
answers to any specific questions you may have. The staff will show you how the equipment turns on and
off and how the programming features work. They will also cover some basic fitness principles such as
“Target Heart Rate”, what it means and how to achieve it, along with the importance of warm up and cool
down. To keep your workout from being monotonous, we offer a wide selection of magazines and Cardio
Theater. Each machine is equipped with a Cardio Theater audio jack that accommodates most standard
headphones allowing you to tune in to your choice of programming on 6 TV or 6 commercial free music
Cybex Training Center
Our Cybex Training Center provides a safe, effective way to develop the major muscle groups of the
body. Equipment is organized by muscle group in set-training areas. Throughout these groups there are
numbered machines that represent a traditional “circuit” to assist in identifying a full body workout.
Orientation is spent reviewing select equipment in the Cybex area with our instructor. He/she will
explain the adjustment features on the machines and, while you are on the equipment, assist you in
establishing which settings are best for you. The instructor will record your settings on a chart that you
may use as a guide and/or progress chart on future visits. He/she will also instruct you in the proper
technique and use of the machine to give you the confidence to work out independently. For your
convenience, alphabetical files, pens and clipboards are on hand near the Directors Office so you don’t
have to remember to bring anything.
    Usage Guidelines
    •   Sets should be limited to 12-15 repetitions when others are waiting
    •   If performing multiple sets, please step off machines while resting between sets when others are
    •   Dropping or slamming weight stacks is considered abuse of equipment

Free Weights
   Usage Guidelines
   •  All weightlifters must rack their own weights
   •  Dropping or slamming bars, dumbbells or plates is considered abuse of equipment
   •  Bars, plates and dumbbells should not be put on upholstered parts of equipment
   •  All equipment should be returned to its original place
   •  Be safe, not sorry. Always use a spotter

Personal Training
A personal trainer can perform a fitness assessment to establish your current fitness level, as well as
develop a workout regimen that will help you meet your specific fitness goals. All of our personal trainers
are certified by nationally recognized fitness authorities. Trainers are available by appointment at an
additional fee. To arrange for personal training contact the Fitness Director or fill out the “Request for
Personal Training” packet and return it to the Director to be matched with a trainer. Packets are
available in the Health & Fitness Training Center and on our website
    Usage Guidelines
    • Before personal training sessions begin a fitness assessment is required
    • All personal training participants must sign an informed consent waiver
    • Fitness assessment and personal training participants may be required to have a medical release
        form completed and signed by his/her physician
    • Only on-duty YMCA staff personal trainers are permitted to train clients on premises. Use of
        outside personal trainers is subject to membership termination

Spinning Room
Equipped with Star Trac NXT bikes and a super-sized stereo, this soundproof room plays host to
Spinning classes 7 days a week. Specially certified instructors use visualization and motivation to make
the mind/body connection for participants of all fitness levels. Please inform the instructor upon your
first visit so they can review critical bike adjustments and safety information.
    Usage Guidelines
    •    The Spinning room is only available for use during scheduled classes
    •    Bikes can be reserved up to 30 minutes prior to class by picking up a ticket from the Health &
         Fitness floor attendant on duty. Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis.
    •    Spinning room will be opened by the Spinning coach no more than 15 minutes prior to class.
    •    No one may enter the Spinning room without the Spinning coach present
    •    Everyone must have a water bottle and a towel to participate in an Spinning class.
    •    Everyone is responsible for wiping down his/her bike after class.
    •    For safety reasons and in consideration of other participants, we reserve the right to deny
         admission to anyone arriving more than 5 minutes after class has begun.

Teen Training Room
Created just for 12-14 year olds, this room is equipped with a Cybex circuit and a selection of cardio-
conditioning machines including Expresso S2 interactive bikes. To be eligible to use this room, teens in
this age range must first attend a special orientation accompanied by a parent, as well as an individual
equipment orientation.
    Usage Guidelines
    •   Those 15 years and up may use this equipment providing no one 12-14 years is waiting.
    •   12-14 year olds must carry their card with them at all times

Kids Cardio Arcade
Created for 6-14 year olds, the Cardio Arcade is a place for kids to get moving, meet friends and have
fun with interACTIVE games including Nintendo Wii (with Wii Fit), X-er Dance and Cybex Trazer agility
    Usage Guidelines
    •   Must present membership card for admission
    •   6-11 years olds must be signed in and out by and adult
    •   Maximum stay in room is 2 hours
    •   Adults may use the arcade but only when accompanied by a kid!

Group Fitness Studio
This state-of-the-art room is specifically designed for group fitness programming. The layered-system
hardwood floor absorbs the shock of high impact activity, minimizing stress on participants’ knees and
backs. We provide all the equipment necessary to participate in each class.
    Usage Guidelines
    •   Everyone is responsible for taking out and putting away any equipment used during class.
    •   No street shoes permitted. Participants should carry sneakers and change into them after
        entering building.
    •   Only plastic sports bottles are permitted in Group Fitness Studio.
    •   For safety reasons and in consideration of other participants, we reserve the right to deny
        admission to anyone arriving more than 5 minutes after class has begun.
Programs that do not maintain regular participation of 10 persons or more may be dropped from the

General Membership Locker Rooms
Mens/Boys and Womens/Girls locker rooms are equipped with lockers, restrooms, showers, changing areas
and mirrored vanities with ample outlets for hairdryers. Members provide their own lock and towel.
    Usage Guidelines
    •  Locker room use is available to members and guests of all ages. Section designated as adult only is
       limited to use by those 19 years and up.
    •  Children are permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex only through kindergarten. Family
       changing areas are available on the pool deck for those older children accompanied by a
       parent/guardian of opposite sex who still require assistance.
    •  No food or drink is permitted in the locker room.
    •  Dressing stalls are for use while changing and showering only.
    •  Powder should be applied only in a shower stall and the excess rinsed away when finished.
    •  Others’ desire for privacy should be respected.
    •  Running, sitting on counter tops and other “horseplay” is not permitted.
    •  Handicapped designated showers, toilets and lockers are not to be used when others are available.
    •  For everyone’s safety, please report any suspicious activity to YMCA staff immediately.
    •  Loitering is not permitted in the locker room.
    •  All belongings should be stored in a locker during workout or class.
    •  Lockers are for day use only – all locks and belongings must be removed when you leave. Locks
       remaining at closing will be cut and removed along with contents. YMCA will not be responsible
       for locker contents.
    •  Everyone is encouraged to use a lock. Be advised that a locked locker is not a deterrent to some
       thieves. Members are encouraged to leave valuables at home.

   • Help preserve our earth’s precious resources and limit showers to 5 minutes.
   • Towel off in shower area before retuning to lockers.
   • Everyone must shower before entering swimming pool.

Long Term Locker Rooms
   Usage Guidelines
   •  Only those 19 years and up are eligible to obtain a locker assignment in the Long Term locker
   •  Upon check-in, a towel and a swipe access key to the Long Term locker room will be issued in
      exchange for your membership card.
   •  Long Term locker room swipe access keys are to be kept in members possession during entire
   •  Swipe access key and towel must be returned to Check-In Desk upon leaving at which time your
      membership card will be returned to you.
   •  To ensure a neat appearance at all times, all belongings must be stowed inside your locker.
   •  Adult guests (19 years and up), of the same sex, are welcome to accompany you to the Long Term
      locker room, however, due to limited locker availability, would need to share your locker. Guests
      of the opposite sex and guests under the age of 19 must use the general membership locker room
      located on the first floor. All guests must be registered at the Member Services Desk and are
      subject to the current guest fee.
   •  Long Term locker room members are responsible for reporting any locker repair needs or locks
      that do not function properly.
   •  The steam room is co-ed (men/women have access from opposite side), therefore, bathing suits
      are required at all times.
   •  Use of mentholated or other scented products in the steam room and sauna is not permitted.
      These products can cause irritation to those with sensitive eyes or skin that is intensified by the
   •  It is recommended that time spent in the steam room and sauna be limited to 10 minutes.
   •  High heat and humidity in the steam room and sauna can create increased health risks.
   •  Those with a history of medical problems should not use the steam room or sauna without
      consulting a physician.
   •  For medical requests to put account on hold, time extensions will only be granted if locker is
      surrendered during the time you were inactive. See page 7 for details.

McCrudden Pavilion & Picnic Area / Outdoor Playground
Located behind the Y, our outdoor pavilion and picnic area offers seating for over 200. It is equipped
with two over-sized grills, a bocce court and restrooms. Bocce equipment may be signed out at the
Member Services Desk. Reservations are accepted, in season, at no charge for groups by contacting the
Community Service Director. The playground offers safe challenges for children.

More than 80% of all childcare in the United States is provided by YMCAs. Lakeland Hills Family YMCA
contributes to this statistic offering the 7 classroom, state licensed, on-site, secured access, Marion
Mann Roberts Early Childhood Learning Center with full day and partial day options for preschoolers,
ages 2 ½ through Kindergarten. Learning through hands-on fun is emphasized in all classes with exposure
to age appropriate academics, yoga, Spanish, sign language, computers and music, complemented by
physical education, swimming, character development, cooking and socialization in a group setting. Full
day programming is available year ‘round and partial day programming operates September through June.
In the summer months, Kinderkamp serves those who do not require a full day program.

For school-age children our off-site Kids Club after school program, conducted in local schools, provides a
safe environment to have fun with friends and experience unique activities. Featuring sports, games,
cooking, crafts, theme days and homework/quiet time, Kids Club satisfies the needs of both working
parents who require extended school day supervision and those who simply want their children engaged in
fun activities after school. “Vacation Camp” operates for Kids Club enrollees on most school vacation
days and half-days. In the summer months, both full and half day day-camping programs operate at the Y
including Leaders InTraining and Counselor In Training programs for teens.

For your convenience we offer a babysitting service while using the facilities or participating in a
program. This service provides a safe, caring and relaxed environment for unstructured playtime at a
nominal fee. Payment may be made “as you go” at an hourly rate or you may prepay for an economical 16
hour card. Babysitting availability hours may vary throughout the year based on demand. Please consult
the program brochure or our website for current fees and hours.
    Usage Guidelines
    •   Service is provided on a first come, first served basis with a maximum of 24 children accepted -
        once the maximum has been reached a waitlist will be used.
    •   Children from 6 weeks through 11 years old may use this service
    •   We request that children who are not able to sit up on their own be brought in an infant carrier
    •   All walking children must wear shoes in babysitting
    •   All children must be signed in on the babysitting roster by an adult (19 years & up)
    •   Adult signing child in must remain in the building at all times when children are in babysitting
    •   Only bottles for babies (non-walkers) being attended to by a babysitter and sippy cups will be
        allowed. Food, candy, gum, lollipops and other drinks are not permitted
    •   Parents are encouraged to plan workouts/classes around infants’ feeding schedules - when there
        are many children, it may not be possible for the sitters to feed a baby
    •   Children not yet potty trained must be in a clean diaper upon arriving at babysitting
    •   Parents must supply extra diapers and wipes for any child not yet potty trained
    •   Label everything you bring to babysitting (bottles, diaper bags, etc.)
    •   If your child is being potty trained, please let us know – we will be happy to help in the process
    •   Toys are provided in babysitting. Please do not bring personal toys from home
    •   We reserve the right to not admit a child if we suspect he/she is ill
    •   If a child has been ill, he/she must be symptom free for 24 hours before entering babysitting
    •   If your child develops a contagious disease within 72-hours of using the babysitting service,
        please notify the Y staff
    •   We will do whatever we can to make your child’s stay in babysitting a positive one - however, if at
        any time he/she is crying or upset for more than 10 minutes, you will be asked to come
        immediately and take him/her out of babysitting for the day - as with all of our babysitting
        policies, this practice is to help your child
    •   Maximum stay for any child is 2 hours
    •   In case of a building evacuation, parents are to exit the building according to the route posted in
        the room they are in - children will be evacuated by the YMCA staff, according to emergency
    •   To ensure the safety of children in our care, we reserve the right to ask for ID upon pick-up
    •   For positive identification of children who are not able to speak, ID stickers are provided in the
        babysitting room. Adult signing child in should put child’s name on a sticker and place on child’s

Lobby / Member Services
We encourage you to take time to relax in our lobby before or after your class or workout or while
waiting for your child to finish up his/hers. Comfortable seating is available to enjoy a newspaper or
catch up on the latest programs in our brochure. Our complimentary coffee, available daily till 10 a.m., is
always fresh and hot to enjoy at the café tables. Or, choose from the selections in our vending machines,
including bottled water and sports drinks and snacks. Fresh seasonal fruit can also be purchased at the
Member Services Desk. Only plastic sports bottles are permitted in member facilities. All other food
and beverages must remain in the lobby. For your convenience, our Member Services Desk has a selection
of accessories for sale to complement your use of the Y, including Cardio Theater headphones, swim caps
and goggles, combination locks, shorts, t-shirts and sweat clothes. Towels are available for a nominal
rental fee. Please always feel comfortable sharing your comments or concerns with us by dropping a note
in the box located in the lobby sitting area.

                                        Get Involved
Volunteers are the foundation of our YMCA! Their ongoing dedication and support enables us to provide
excellent programs and services to all members of the community. Volunteerism is also a great way for
people to meet others, to develop new skills, and to put more meaning into your life.

In addition to being a great place to belong, the YMCA is a great place to work. There are more than 350
employees on staff here, the majority of whom work part-time. The diverse offerings of the Y draw
from a diverse pool of talent and expertise. Part-timers range from moms with small children to empty
nesters, moonlighting teachers to corporate climbers. While they all bring something very different to
their role in the Y – they all leave with something in common – satisfaction from serving others.

If you have an enthusiastic desire to serve people of all ages, and would enjoy working in a fun, friendly,
family oriented, smoke free environment, consider applying to one of our many departments. Applications
are always available at our Member Services Desk and on our website for any of the above roles – paid or

                                    Our Committees
Nowhere is volunteerism more evident than at the committee level. In addition to our volunteer Board,
we also have over a dozen department specific committees that help our staff evaluate and review
programs and strategies. It is through this process that we can be assured of providing our members
and the community with the best services available. Committees are comprised of two co-chairs (the
Department Director along with a member of our Board), participants from the general membership and
where appropriate, members of the community. What does it take to be a committee member? First and
foremost…interest and desire to help. Committees meet once a month throughout the year (although

generally not during the summer) for about an hour to discuss concerns in various areas of the Y, make
recommendations to staff, set goals, participate in fundraising, and generally become advocates for their
specific area. Below is a list of our committees and their statements of purpose.

Adult Fitness
Enhance the fitness development of the YMCA through practicing safety, setting goals and objectives
and recommending changes or additions when appropriate. Keep current with the latest technology and
knowledge in the fitness industry. Open up the lines of communication between Board, staff and

Promote Aquatics within and outside of the YMCA. Maintain a committee that is well rounded with
individuals from all facets of Aquatics to keep an objective overview of all programs. Make suggestions
on ways to improve the quality of our programs, activities and facility while maximizing pool usage. Act as
a liaison between members and the Aquatic Director regarding policies, procedures and programs.
Continue looking for additional resources and outlets to keep our program in the forefront of the

Board Development
To assess current Board of Governors characteristics and to identify needs to assure that the Board is
diverse in its representation of our service area as well as special interest groups. Assist in recruitment
of new Board members qualified to meet those requirements. Responsible to maintain Board of
Governor’s terms of duty.

Building & Grounds
Responsible for review of general building and grounds daily, long-term and preventative maintenance.
Make recommendations to improve facility's cleanliness and appearance. Make recommendations on
equipment repairs and replacement. Review all Building & Grounds contracts.

Supports the YMCA’s mission to provide quality childcare services to its members and to the community.
Will continually assess the quality of our center’s policies and programs and recommend adjustments and
improvements to keep the center running at the highest level of quality.

Community Service
Develop and implement family and community focused activities, programs and services. Provide
diversified enrichment programs that are educational, cultural, fun, and supportive of spirit, mind and
body. Collaborate with other outside community service organizations to develop co-programming, offer
scholarships and provide other needed services. Focus on continuous scholarship recruitment.

Financial Development
Help the Y to meet its mission. Research and identify sources for fund raising as it pertains to Annual
Giving, Endowment (planned giving), and Capital Campaigns. Make recommendations on new ways to obtain
funding. Assist in searching out sources for grants. Identify ways to recruit and cultivate new donor
prospects. Analyze yearly campaign strategies as they relate to promotion, acceptance and success.

Member Relations
Develop and communicate recommendations to YMCA staff concerning member satisfaction and
retention. Acquire information on pricing and offerings at other related facilities. Discuss and review
membership recruitment tools for YMCA visitors.

Preschool Programs
Support the YMCA's mission to provide quality programming for its members, especially families and
their children. Review and enhance existing programs and policies in the Preschool PE Department,
Babysitting Department and KinderKamp. Develop and implement new Preschool programs and special

Promotion & Marketing
Responsible to review and analyze the Association's image as it pertains to existing and prospective
members and the community at large. Discuss and offer ideas on ways to increase our exposure and
enhance our image throughout our residential and corporate service areas. Develop internal and external
promotion plans to retain existing members and recruit new members.

Risk Management
Support the YMCA’s mission to provide quality services to its members and to the community. Provide
ongoing, objective assessment of services and strive to ensure that the facilities equipment, and supplies
are safe, appropriate and meet service guidelines.

School Age Childcare
Review Camp/After School Programs to ensure that they promote and strengthen the following
developmental skills in participating children: socialization, physical and creative enhancement, decision
making, improved self-esteem and personal responsibility, leadership opportunities, exposure to positive
role models, support of academic success, community awareness, fun and overall well-being of all involved.

Super Seniors
Enhance existing and develop new programs for Senior members. Offer older adults in our community
fun, educational opportunities at the YMCA. Provide opportunities for non-member older adults to
experience YMCA programs. Discuss issues and make recommendations, as needed, to other staff and
committees on membership and programming issues affecting Senior members. Provide opportunities for
older adults to make a meaningful contribution to the community.

Swim Team Parents
Assists the YMCA and Competitive Aquatic Director in matters pertaining to the functioning of the
competitive swim team. Organizes and hosts invitational and dual meets. Raises funds to support the
program enrichment budget. Promotes the mental, social, physical and spiritual development of all swim
team members.

Youth Programs
Promote youth physical programs within as well as outside the YMCA. Make recommendations on ways to
improve the quality and growth of the youth physical programs. Make recommendations on leagues,
clinics and Youth Special Events. Review coordination and scheduling of all programs.

                                   Age Guidelines
         AREA                 5                                                                     19
                              &    6    7    8     9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   &
                              ↓                                                                     ↑

Basketball Gymnasium
                     Open     √1   √1   √1   √1   √1   √1   √1    √   √    √    √    √    √    √    √

               Teen Open                                          √   √    √    √    √    √    √

                    Family √1      √1   √1   √1   √1   √1   √1                                      √2

                     Open     √3   √3   √3   √3   √3   √3   √3    √   √    √    √    √    √    √    √

              Family Lane     √4   √4   √4   √4   √4   √4   √4                                      √2

                Teen Lane                                         √   √    √

                      Lane                                                      √    √    √    √    √

                 Adult Lap                                                                          √

Health & Fitness Training Center
           Cardio Theater                                                       √    √    √    √    √

  Cybex Training Room                                                           √    √    √    √    √

             Free Weights                                                       √    √    √    √    √

   Teen Training Center                                          √5   √5   √5   √6   √6   √6   √6   √6

 Group Fitness Classes                                                          √    √    √    √    √

Kid’s Cardio Arcade
              Open Hours           √7   √7   √7   √7   √7   √7    √   √    √    √2   √2   √2   √2   √2
       Blank denotes not permitted at any time.
       √ Permitted without restriction.
       √1 Must be supervised by an adult (19 and up) in the gymnasium.
       √2 Permitted only to participate with or supervise child.
       √3 Under age 7 and non-swimmers, must be within arm’s length of an adult in the water.
       √4 Permitted only if able to swim without the assistance of a bubble. Must be supervised
          by an adult (19 and up) in the water.
       √ Permitted only after attending Teen Training Orientation (parent must also attend).

       √6 Permitted as long as a 12-14 year old is not waiting to use equipment.
       √7 Permitted only when signed in and out by parent/adult guardian.

Lakeland Hills Family YMCA         NON-PROFIT

100 Fanny Road                        U.S.
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046      PAID
973-334-2820                       LAKELAND Y


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